How to Know If You Can Grow a Beard




how to know if you can grow a beard or not

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When men grow, they usually grow beards at some point in life. Beard is a unique feature that makes men distinct from their women counterparts. Most men develop beards at different stages of their lives and the truth is first beards grow at a different time.

Testosterone hormone in men is normally responsible for providing men with their extraordinary characteristics which are a bit different from women. Testosterone gives men the ability to produce more hair in their bodies. Mature men who fail to develop facial hair should know that testosterone levels in their bodies are low. But this doesn’t mean they should get worried, maybe they just need to buy time to fix their issues. Equally important, some women have hairy bodies although they are very few globally. This means that their ovaries produce less estrogen leading to more testosterone hormone production in their bodies. Nonetheless, facial hair or hairy body is a common feature associated with the male gender.

Most men normally begin to see the first beard on the mustache at the age of sixteen to about twenty. Their mustache hairs usually grow very fast because their testosterone level is ever encouraging. Other hair usually grows on face sides and their chin. Facial hair sign is often an exciting experience for growing teenagers.

how to know if you can grow a beard or not

How To Know If You Can Grow A Beard

As men grow, most of them usually have a great desire to have beards. Their mentality drives them to affirm that, as you age you need to have adequate beards on the face to be a man. The majority of men think that when they develop beards, people will consider them mature and very serious. Some believe that beards allow them to pull aggressiveness in a group of other men to showcase their masculinity.

Men need to appreciate the fact that, people are different and therefore as much as studies show that testosterone hormone are responsible for the growth of facial hair; it has less influence compared to genetics. The truth is all men have testosterone hormones, but that doesn’t necessarily justify that all men should have beards.

Nature provides several reasons as to why some men fail to possess beards. You need to pay attention to your family history and find out their beards pattern. If most of your family members have a huge tendency of growing thicker and denser beards, then there is a high chance you will develop dark-grown hairs on your face in the future. However, if you notice the opposite in your family traits, expect to grow either less or no hair. Don’t put your expectations high before looking at what nature offers at your existence.

Note that, there are factors that can be a guideline to determine whether you can grow beards. Don’t just focus on your diet because it might give you a false impression. The things you need to put into account include the following.


At no point can the effect of genetics be ignored when it comes to the growth of beards. Genes play an essential role in this area. These personalized molecules transmit key information (from one generation to the next) within human beings that consequently determine how your appearance will be when you grow old.

Initially, people used to think that mothers and fathers determine the amount of hair their son will have. After thorough experiments and science studies, research shows that beards are influenced by random alleles and genes sequence in people. It has reached a point where it is not even easy to determine whether your parents played a role in the growth of your beards. All the credits of beards growth are attributed to random genes sequence.

Healthy Habits

Your lifestyle habits will often influence how your beards grow. The amount of time you allocate your body to either rest or sleep affects beards’ growth. Your diet is also another thing that you need to put into account. Not to forget, your exercise routine is also a crucial determinant of how your long hair will look and grow.

For you to get enough beards, you are encouraged to embrace the 3 habits without being coerced. Make it a routine to ensure that your body gets enough rest for proper functioning. Additionally, you need to focus on giving your body adequate nutrients to promote hair growth on the face. A proper diet also makes sure that your body receives reliable energy to boost beards growth.

Eating healthily usually nourish the body and gives it important minerals and vitamins for metabolic reaction and also hair growth. Importantly, exercise skyrockets the levels of DHT in your body to boost the growth of fuller and thicker beards. Adequate sleep, on the other hand, ensures that the hair follicles restructure and regroup. They, later on, they come strong and embrace efficient hair growth than before.


When men reach puberty stage, most of them begin to develop facial hair. Honestly, men are different but most sprout their facial hair at the age of 18 years. Their genes and hormones are active to enhance the quick growth of their beards at this age.

At the age of thirty years, which is always considered as prime-age, men usually develop thick and dark beards. Their beards become visible and they can even establish a beard style. Beards come with age, therefore you need to be patient and eat well to boost your hair growth as you grow old.

How to Know If You Can Grow a Beard

Signs You Can Grow A Beard

Having a beard is one of the most exciting experiences that a growing teenager would never want to lack. As a man, you need to have some physical signals that give you a clear picture that at one point you will grow beards.

The following signs are a clear indication that you can comfortably develop beards in the future.

Bearded Ancestors

It is important to create time to study the physical appearance of your ancestors. Look at their faces and identify whether they have facial hair. If you realize that your family traits show that a member had facial hair either your grandpa, your dad or dad to your mother, then expect nothing short of the same occurrence to your face. You will have beards just like them. This question of old age will give you a direct signal that soon enough you will develop beards like a man.

Reports and studies show that Native Americans, Mexicans, and Chinese usually develop less facial hair compared to their counterparts in Africa and Western Europe. Therefore, if one of your family members roots from the three regions of the world, then be sure to grow fewer beards.

Hairy Body

Your body speaks much about your well being. It is good to do some body check to find out whether you have traces of hair. If any part of your body is hairy, for instance, legs, chest or lower abdomen then that is an illustration that you will grow some beards on the face. The body parts will also give you a hint on the beard quality in the future.

You should also cross-check the rate at which hair grows on the rest of your body parts. For instance, if it’s the head, you need to find out the time your hair grows up again once you shave them. This will always influence how you will develop your beards. You also need to consider other factors like exercise, sleep, diet among others to enhance your hair growth on the face.

Find out whether you developed some hair during puberty stage

Teen days will always give you the appropriate direction on whether you have a chance to grow fuller and thicker beards. When you also reach the puberty stage early, there is the possibility to have consistent hair growth on your face.

The unfortunate thing always comes when you failed to have hair at the puberty stage. This is a clear sign that in the future you would probably have few hairs or being hairless at all.

Living a healthy lifestyle

You need to keep your daily routine in check if you intend to grow some beards in the future. Check the type of meals you consume on a daily basis. When you make it a habit or a routine to eat food such as seafood, fruits, and veggies, be sure that you are on the right track to grow beards haphazardly.

Foods that have omega-3 acids, oysters, avocado and protein usually help the user to be healthier hence proper hair growth. It is crucial to also exercise so that you can improve testosterone hormone levels in the body. This will have a positive impact on beards growth. Testosterone hormone helps hair follicles to restructure and regroup for efficient hair growth.


Never look down upon this attribute of patience. It normally plays a critical part in determining beards’ growth in men. At least buy more time and exercise a lot of patience when you purpose your facial hair to grow. Don’t get scared when your peers have beards and you lack. People are different genetically and therefore you have to be patient enough to ensure that when the right time comes, you will also be smiling because your hidden beards will be there waiting for you. Even when you are experiencing skin challenges such as itching and irritation just relax during that hard phase and you will get promising results.

Stress-free or Chillaxed AF

Stress is a very bad feeling that can generate unhealthy things for your well being. When you worry a lot, there are so many things that can be affected in your body. Stress leads to loss of appetite, inadequate sleep, low sex drive and above all poor beard growth.

Studies show that individuals who face stress are often subject to loss of hair. Their testosterone level is ever affected making them ineffective to produce hair growth. People who stress much have a higher chance of developing an unhealthy beard.

The moment you train yourself to manage stress or even receiving professional counseling on matters to do with stress, be sure to get improved hair growth. Stress-free people develop healthy, fuller and thicker beards.

Always be kind to yourself and ensure that you practice ways of reducing depression, anxiety levels, fear, and stress. You will reap big as far as beard growth is concerned.

Every young person wants to grow beards at some level in his life. It makes you value your gender. Beards make you have an extraordinary feeling that you have now grown. It looks and behaves like a rite of passage for men. Young men are always anxious to grow beards because it generates an exciting feeling of masculinity and maturity. Nonetheless, if you realize that your beards have delayed to show up at the puberty stage, don’t worry much, be patient enough and maybe your beards will showcase itself overtime.

The time you realize how to understand to develop your beards will be a defining moment in your life. Know your family traits, your healthy lifestyle habits and possibly the right age to grow beards. You also need time to do a check-up of the beards’ growth signs. They will give you a clear guideline on what to expect in beard growth. The above tips should be practiced to reap big in beard growth.

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