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how much beard oil to use daily

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Keeping and maintaining beards has become one of the trendiest practices in the world today. Initially, people used to grow beards casually without necessarily attaching meaning to it. They used to develop their beards to satisfy their curiosity while others did that to find out the extent to which beards can grow. Nowadays, things are different and people grow beards out of purpose. People intend to grow their beards to ensure that it suits their style. Some exceptionally develop their beards so that they can stand out in a group of friends.

Beard oil has been at the forefront to boost the development of beards. They nourish and provide beards with essential ingredients to foster their growth. Beard oil is a natural product that moisturizes your beards and makes sure that they are soft and very fresh. Generally, this crucial oil plays a key role to improve the appearance, feel and keep the beards healthy. For you to get maximum benefits from beard oils, you are required to understand the amount you need to apply to your beards. It is also good to know how to use it and the beard style you are dealing with. All these will guide you to value the worthiness of your beard oil and its significance.

how much beard oil to use daily

How Much Beard Oil to Use Based On Beard Length

The truth is the amount of beard oil to use always from one individual to another. This one usually depends on your experience with beard oil.

Beard oil is a unique beard conditioner that is usually used to maintain facial hair. They are used regularly on the hair face to keep them hydrated, soft and attractive. Beard oil contains natural ingredients such as Carrier oils, Vitamins, and Essential oils. They moisturize the skin and nourish your hair root. This helps the skin to fight beard dandruff; it also ensures that your skin can soothe irritation and itchiness.

The length of your beards will always determine the number of beard oils you will use. Long beards usually use more beard oils while shorter beards use less. You need to apply the right amount to your beards to ensure that the hair follicles are well opened to enhance beard growth.

How Much Beard Oil to Use Based On Beard Style

Your preference always plays a crucial part in determining the amount of beard oil you will use for your beards. This involves your hygiene, beard length, and skin condition. Individuals who are exposed to skin dryness will frequently find themselves applying more beard oil to their beards.

The stage of beard growth also influences how you will use beard oil in your beards. Beard oil needs to be applied to the skin the time you decide to develop your beards. The following beard styles will showcase the amount of beard oil needed for each one of them.

The Bandholz

This beard style is normally appropriated for people with oblong, oval and triangular face shapes. For you to experience better results here, you need to avoid applying excess beards oil to your facial hair for the 1st four months. This period will ensure that your beard grows to the right length; patchy and unkempt.

During this period, you will have to regularly apply at least two beard oil drops to your beards immediately after you have showered. After four months, you can now begin to increase the amount of beard oil you applied to your beards just after brushing and washing your beards. You can try to apply beard oil at least two times a day after seven months. When you realize that your bead style has been formed properly, you can now decide to apply your beards with beard oil three times daily. This will help you groom it for long.

The Balbo

It requires a small application of beard oil. You can apply beard oil once in a day when you have this beard style. This will guarantee your beards; good shape and excellent health to your skin. Make sure you apply beard oil to the skin after bathing to boost its efficiency on the skin and hair.

A Full Beard

Full beard allows you to apply beard oil to your hair any time you want. When you apply it regularly, this ensures that there is optimal hair’s natural oil production. It also boosts effective hair growth on the skin. You can comfortably use at least two drops of beard oil daily on your beards but there are times you consistently want your skin to be soothed. You can find yourself using fifteen drops daily.

Normal Beard

A normal beard should be supplied with about five beard oils drops, for a minimum of two times daily. You need to apply the beard oil after showering. This will boost the growth of your beards and it will also deliver attractive feels and looks to your beards.

Long Stubble

This beard style will require you to apply beard oil to your beards regularly. This will help you soothe your skin and also prevent itchiness or dryness of your hair on the skin. With long stubble, you will have to apply at least 2 beard oil drops. This will help you solve skin challenges or frustrations.

How Much Beard Oil to Use

How To Use Beard Oil

Beard oil is crucial natural oil that can help nourish your beards with the right nutrients from essential oils and carrier oils. The appropriate amount of beard oil will ensure that your beard stays soft, hydrated while at the same time eliminating skin problems like minimizing split ends and eliminating itching. It generally ensures that your beards look sharp all the time.

The following are important steps that provide you with a clear guideline on how to use your beard oil on the beards.

Part One: Applying the appropriate beard oil amount

In this step, you are encouraged to do the following.

  • Use about 7 beard oil drops depending on your experience with the beard oil

It is good to use the amount of beard oil that favors your beards. Just ensure that you don’t use more or less because either will harm your beards. Your experience with beard oil will always guide you to use the amount that fits your needs. Always be keen with your beard oil history, if your schedule doesn’t suit you, it is advisable to adjust your amounts.

For a beard growth that has grown for one month, it is essential to use three to four drops of beard oil daily on your beards. The beard which has developed for about three months needs to be supplied with four to six drops of beard oil daily. For a beard that has grown for twelve months, you can conveniently apply six to ten beard oil drops daily to soften your beards. A beard that has developed for over a year should be given ten or more drops of beard oil where necessary.

  • Shorter beards should be applied with beard oil in every two days

Shorter beards usually require less beard oil as compared to long beards. When an application is done after every two days, be assured that it can serve your needs well. This condition also works well for people who stay in a humid climate. When you are in a humid climate, your skin becomes less dry and therefore you consequently require less beard oil to be applied to your beards. When you realize that your routine doesn’t suit you, it is important to change it a bit to ensure that you get the desires of your heart.

  • It is crucial to apply beard oil on your beards regularly if you are living in a dry climate

Dry climate usually dries out individuals’ beards. Therefore, it is advisable to frequently apply natural oil like beard oil to your beards to keep it soft. When you realize that the regular application of beard oil is making your beard very oily, it will be good to reduce the amount by a small amount. Always prioritize the amount that fits your beards.

Part Two: Application of the Beard Oil

Here, you are informed to conduct the following.

  • Bathe and then dry the beard prior to the application of beard oil

It is often vital to supply beard oil to your beards immediately after you have showered. This is because at this point the facial hairs are often clean and soft. Beard oils open hair follicle pores and this ensures oil is absorbed quickly into the roots of the hair. Thereafter, you need to dry your beards so that the beard oil fails to be absorbed into the skin and the hair. You should also avoid using a hairdryer because they can easily destroy hair follicles of your skin.

  • Put the right beard oil amount on the palm

You need to squeeze beard oil on the palm that can be applied effectively to your beards. Ensure it stays well so that you can have an easy time when applying to the beards. Where you fill it is not enough, you are encouraged to add extra to suit you.

  • Ensure there is even distribution of beard oil on your fingers and the palm

You need to make sure that your hands are closed well together to allow beard oil to settle on the palm. Thereafter, you have to bring your finger a bit low to rub the oil against your palm. When it covers your palm, you rub it on the surface and then apply it to your beards.

For an effective application, you need to ensure that hand palms rub or apply beard oil well the beard sides. You should use drag your left palm to rub the right beard side and the right palm should rub your left beard side. Do the exercise several times to boost the beard oil application on your beards.

  • Drag fingers on your beards

You need to close your fingers together as you drag them on your jawline to ensure that the beard oil is distributed evenly on the beards. It is good to drag them on the front of the beards. You have to do the process repeatedly.

  • Place your fingers up via the bottom part of the beard

You have to place your fingers on the lowest section of your beards to embrace the absorption of beard oil on your beard. The exercise needs to be taken severally to get maximum results.

You need to cover your mustache facial hair using fingertips when you apply beard oil. This helps to hold your beards closely hence making oils to be supplied fast.

Part Three: Combing the Beard

This is a crucial step where you need to conduct the following.

  • Buy a beard comb made from wood for quality results

Wood is a consistent material that is not easy to destroy. You can also try cellulose acetate beard comb to improve your results.

  • Comb your beards from the lower part up to the top
  • Don’t comb your beards more than three times in a day.

Beards are important features in men. When groomed properly, they ensure that owners are attractive and catchy. Therefore people who aspire to develop classy beards must invest heavily  to maintain their high standard when it comes to smartness. You should embrace products like beard oils to accomplish your objectives.

Take some time and study beard oil well. Focus on how to use it plus the ingredients that come with it. You should also learn strategies on how to use it and know your beard style and its length to determine the amount you need to use to get better results. You are recommended to use the above tips to get maximum results with beard oils.

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