Best Beard Trimmer for Short Beards




Best Beard Trimmer for Short Beards

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Short beards have a distinctive trait of being pretty close to the skin. If and when the person concerned has sensitive skin, it might be tricky to trim them. To be able to do this job, you have to bring in a trimmer that is specially designed and intended for just that.

Best Beard Trimmer for Short Beards

Wondering where to start? Well, you have indeed arrived at the right place. Our reviews and buying guide hereunder endeavors to provide the starting point you badly need for the job. We do realize how treacherous it is for anyone to kick start the exercise just like that.

Best beard trimmer for short beards

a.) Remington MB4040 Lithium-ion Powered Mustache & Stubble Trimmer

Looking for a trimmer to use repeatedly for an extended duration of time? You have no better friend than this one. It is super strong and durable. Beyond that, it also has the uncanny ability to accommodate many extras and accessories. These extend its range of functionality.

Over and above trimming your beard, this gadget is also able to impact other parts of your body. Unlike your typical trimmer, this allows for the adjustments of the length and other vital blade parameters. By virtue of the Lithium-ion battery power source, it lasts longer than many of its alternatives.


  • Lasts a prolonged duration of time
  • Negates the need for frequent recharges
  • Calls for minimal repairs and maintenance sessions
  • Attaches to many other likeminded gadgets
  • Gives the utmost peace of mind necessary for the job


  • Costs a lot to acquire and operationalize
  • Likely to catch and accumulate plenty of dirt
  • Has the potential to transmit communicable diseases

b.) Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 3500

Short on cash? Fret not! It is still possible for you to leverage the benefits of a high-quality trimmer. There is a catch, however. You must settle for one that is specially designed for that purpose. For that, we draw this one to your attention. Though cheap, it is still highly functional.

Some 20 length settings are built into the system. These simply give you the freedom and leeway to choose the cutting stature that is desirable to you. Thus you get to attain some customizable trimming experiences. A unique locking feature complements them in order to ensure your own safety.



    • Generates some perfectly good trimming outcomes
    • Its blades stay sharper for longer




  • Lacks a number of equally vital parts
  • Cannot accept any new attachments and extras
  • Unable to style and spruce your beard

c.) Conair Man I-Stubble Ultimate Flexhead Trimmer

Going by its name, this trimmer is wholly meant for the stubble. Indeed no other gadget under our review comes even close to it with regards to the fulfillment of this particular need. Its head stands apart from the other in the sense that it is uniquely floating.

Its blades bear the electrochemical formation. On account of this, they are sharper, more durable, and pretty accurate. They also follow the unique contours of your head, a fact that allows them to impact every length and breadth thereof. An ergonomically-shaped handle makes for easy trimming and reduced hassles.


  • Cuts faster and cleanly
  • Conforms to the unique contours of your head
  • Unlikely to arouse blisters and excessive pains
  • Its lengths are easier to adjust from time to time
  • Comes at an affordable cost


  • Limited to the stubble alone
  • Highly prone to water damages
  • Cannot take on thicker hair strands

d.) Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler

Want to style your hair over and above merely trimming it? This is the trimmer to go for. It does have the ability to style your hairs accordingly. This mainly stems from the highly agile nature of its head that makes the same revolve around with the slightest impulse.

Making this largely possible are some four agile blades that are all made of the super-strong stainless steel material. These blades are similarly hypoallergenic in nature. Thus they are highly unlikely to catch and accumulate plenty of germs as other blades ordinarily do. This adds some peace of mind to you.


  • Does not irritate the skin
  • Allows for finer adjustments for more precise cuts
  • Its motor and trimming mechanisms are super-efficient
  • Generates smooth and precise lines all along
  • Safe enough for use on the showers


  • Only for the trained expert to use
  • Unsuitable for quicker sharpening tasks
  • It becomes too obsolete too soon!

e.) Panasonic Milano All-in-One Trimmer

Looking for a trimmer to use in the shower or in wet conditions? This is the one to set your eyes on. In its entirety, it is highly waterproof and hence well able to work well in the most extreme damp conditions. Other than this, it also does a truly reliable job.

Its structure and construction do imbue a sense of curviness. These also go a long way in enhancing the aesthetics of your own bathrooms and interior décor. A unique set of 45° angled self-sharpening stainless steel blades exist to do the cut. They also penetrate the otherwise inaccessible areas.


  • A dial exists to adjust the various shaving parameters easily
  • Trims, styles, and sculpts your beards
  • Usable in the showers due to its waterproof nature
  • Cleans easily under the running water
  • Gets rid of excess waters easily thanks to the existing drains


  • Comes at too great a cost
  • Calls for tedious repairs and maintenance
  • Easily sustains rust and corrosion

f.) Remington All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit

Are yours some coarse beards? The ordinary trimmers will fail you. That is why you want to place your bet on this exceedingly powerful machine. It draws its power from the Lithium-ion batteries that take quite some time to deplete. Its blades are also comparatively sharper and better performing.

Overall the equipment is lighter in weight and easier to handle around. Even when you have to engage it for too long you will hardly tire or develop some abrasions. Have we also mentioned that it maneuvers out and about your scalp with absolute levels of reliability?


  • The blades are surgical and highly hygienic
  • All the parts are washable to guarantee proper hygiene
  • Useful in detached locations due to the cordless character
  • Its 65-minute run time guarantees the peace of mind needed for the job
  • Textured and contoured for proper handling


  • Likely to tire you if used longer
  • Consumes higher levels of battery power
  • Prone to damages and other elements of corrosion

g.) Braun Multi Grooming Kit MGK3980

Are you a person who is very hairy? We invite you to try your hand on this particular trimmer. It does have the ability to impact just about every other hairy part of your body. Your ears, whole body, stubble, and nose are top examples of these. These are made possible by some 9 precision styling options.

When weighed against the other styling objects, this one leaves behind some outcomes that last longer. That is because it gets as close to the base of the hair as possible. Moreover, it also allows for the ultimate precision owing to the highly agile nature of the blades.


  • 9 styling options exist for your choice
  • Avails 13 precision length settings for you to choose from
  • Its blades last a lifetime
  • Manages ultimate precision while in use
  • 100% waterproof for use in the showers


  • Requires an above-average level of expertise
  • When broken, requires hefty repairs and maintenance
  • Has to be sterilized every now and then to remain safe

h.) Wahl Peanut

Is your search for a trimmer for short beards dictated mainly by commercial elements? Well, you have no worthier bet than this one. It contains all the trappings needed for the attainment of that end. Particularly, it works well insofar as the deliverance of the sharp performance is concerned.

Outside its core functionality of trimming your short beards, this one also imbues a sense of style to your rooms and bathrooms. This is due to its characteristically elegant outward appearance. This blends with the sleek design and compact size to make your use very amazing.


  • Tames fast-growing hairs with absolute levels of accuracy
  • Travel-friendly owing to the agile and compact nature
  • Exudes excessive power levels in a miniature size
  • Unparalleled with regards to professional use
  • Delivers and manages a shaper performance indeed


  • Strictly commercial purposes
  • A simple and inexperienced user will find it confusing
  • Costly to acquire and maintain in the long run

i.) Hatteker Men’s Beard Trimmer Cordless Hair Trimmer Hair Clipper

Want to cut down your grooming times? Your best bet is on this 3-in-1 trimmer that is exclusively designed for the male user. To add to this, it is also waterproof, a fact that allows it to work well in areas that are damp or are experiencing excessive levels of precipitations.

Unlike the standard blades of the ordinary trimmers, these ones sharpen themselves. This is due to the fact that they embody the high-carbon steel makeup that is known to be sharper and tougher. With this sharpness, the blades provide higher performance and precision levels.



  • Endures and manages long-lasting durability
  • Stays sharper for longer
  • Accepts many accessories and attachments
  • Delivers awesome power output in the course of the use


  • Exclusively for the male use
  • Its blades are likely to incise your skins
  • Complicated to handle

j.) Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer

For dry shaving tasks, no other trimmer comes even close to this one. Its blades are sharp and highly responsive indeed. They are hence well able to impact even the coarsest strands of hair. But why is it able to attain this feat, you may ask? Well, it bears the close-cutting carbon-steel T-blade.

You will particularly find it useful for making outlines along the hairline. That is because it is highly responsive and agile enough to move around. To add to these, it also accepts and amplifies the smallest impulses to generate finder cutting outcomes.


  • Meets and exceeds many professional standards
  • Shaves faster even when it is too dry
  • Its contoured housing fits your hands and fingers well
  • A heavy-duty cord supplies the power you need
  • Suitable also for commercial cutting tasks



  • Falters when used on coarse hairs

Choosing the Best Beard Trimmer for Short Beards

To be able to find the most suitable beard trimmer, you have to consider a couple of issues. Below are some of the hard decisions you will have to make:

Features vs. Expertise

These pieces of equipment come at varying degrees of technical sophistication. These definitely require similarly varying degrees of technical expertise to handle. In your search for the right one, consider striking a balance between these two metrics. You definitely want to land on that you can engage conveniently.

Corded vs. Cordless

Though all of them are powered, they confer to you two main power transmission options. These are the corded and the cordless respectively. The corded versions are limited in geographical extent. Their cordless counterparts, on the other hand, give you the leeway to determine where exactly you want to make use of them.

Wet vs. Dry Shave

Do you prefer shaving dry or wet? It is imperative yet again to make a decision beforehand. That is because these shavers are for a large part intended for either role, not both at the same time. Upon finding your precise preference of use, proceed to find the one that nearly meets that role.

Motor Power

The amount of power that the motor is able to generate also comes in handy. A good trimmer has to be powerful enough to cut the various strands of hair precisely. At the same time, it should also be able to conserve the use of the electrical and battery power to bring down your operational expenses.

The texture of the Hair

The texture of your hair also determines the kind of trimmer that would be most relevant for your course. Strands that are thicker tend to require sharper blades and more powerful motors. The opposite, of course, holds for the thinner and softer strands of hair. Make your choice wisely.

Our long and laborious look into the best beard trimmer for short beards comes to an end there. We now believe you have the psychological preparedness you need to utilize these gadgets properly. As you may well have deduced, these gadgets are highly specialized.

This means that you have to carry out a further and intensive look into them before narrowing down to a specific one. This one calls for a fair assessment of your own expertise and specific needs. You want to make a choice that is better placed to handle your shaving needs with a fair degree of accuracy.

Well, what more can we add? It is indeed in your best interest to share this piece of information as far wide as can be. You definitely want as many others to enjoy the same benefits as you, don’t you? We wish you all the best in your subsequent utilization of this piece of information too!

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