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why do women like men with beards

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Do women prefer beards? How do women think about men with beards? Most men keep on asking themselves these two questions. While it comes down to an individual, research has shown that most men prefer men with beards. Note that ladies don’t like ungroomed beards. Grooming your facial hair is a must if you want women to like you.

Women may like rugged looks, but you must be clean. There are many reasons why women love beards. You might have noticed that many men don’t like a clean face. Nowadays, men keep different beards from long to short facial hair. Of course, some men feel uncomfortable when they shave their beards, but there is a chance that they keep beards to impress ladies.

why do some women like beards

Why Do Women Like Beards

Women like beards for different reasons. The following are some of the reasons why women like beards.

1. It’s a sign of masculinity

Beards depict men with beards to be more masculine and mature. Facial hairs can make the jawline look bigger, making them look mature. Note that women prefer women who are masculine as compared to other men. This is because beards look more attractive and give men a courageous and responsible look.

Note that men with high levels of testosterone can grow long and thick beards. Therefore, beards show that a man is masculine genetically. Studies have shown women view men with beards to be diligent and confident. Being a man is all about being confident and industrious. Being industrious means that you can handle different issues by yourself, especially those that require physical strength. A lady feels more comfortable when she has someone that can run errands like fixing the sink. Another study showed that men with beard are more sincere and generous when compared to guys with clean faces.

2. Women perceive men with beards to be patient

Let’s face it; growing a beard is not a joke. Beards take a lot of time and require close maintenance. Maybe this is the reason why other men shave their facial hairs. There are facial hairs that are easy to take care of, such as mustaches. However, a thick long and shiny beard requires patience. Beards come with their challenges such as dandruff and irritations. Some men even go ahead to shave their beards because of impatience. Therefore, a man who can grow a beard is patient. Who doesn’t like patient men?

3. Beards make guys look intimidating

Women always look up to men when it comes to protection. They want a man who can protect their offspring. Beards put men above the rest. Even other men don’t like messing with a bearded man. A beard intimidates other men. People are likely to respect a man who has thick and long facial hairs. Bearded men are regarded as alphas in society. It’s hard for hairless guys to command such respect from their peers. A clean face is usually connected to immaturity and weakness. Women perceive bearded men to be brave and strong. The sense of security will make any woman want to be close to you. It also shows that the offspring will be strong, especially if it’s male. Therefore, you should keep a beard if you want to be recognized as an alpha by other men.

4. It gives men the bad boy look

Women tend to love men bad boys over the good guys. There is a high chance that this is a psychological issue. The best way to achieve a bad boy appearance is by growing a beard. Bad boys are usually rebellious, and women like it. They want men who believe in themselves and go against the norms. Nice guys follow the prevalent norms of the society, something that ladies don’t like. Therefore, having beards may convince ladies that you have the bad boy trait, even if you are not. After all, getting a chance is the most important thing. Maybe she will like other characteristics.

5. Confidence

There are places where beards are not a popular trend. Therefore, men need the self-confidence to grow a full beard. Being different from the other guys is not easy. Most people don’t want attention and would want a quiet life. You don’t want everyone to look at you as you stroll on the streets. Only brave and courageous people can do it. Therefore, a beard depicts confidence. It also shows that a man believes in himself and is independent. Growing a beard shows that you can stand for yourself no matter what other people say. Ladies know that you can’t stand up for them if you can’t take a beating for your beliefs.

6. Beards show commitment

Getting a beard and maintaining it is a hard task that men don’t like. Of course, there is the option of shaving, which is more manageable and effortless. Having a beard shows that you understand that good things need effort and dedication. Women know that a relationship requires a commitment for it to prosper. Therefore, they tend to prefer a man who has a full beard. Note that there are a lot of men who can grow beards but can’t commit themselves.

7. Beards make men look attractive

Men preferred keeping beards in the past centuries, even after shaving tools were invented. The mind works by association and ladies will likely recall historical warriors such as the Vikings when they spot a man with beards. Note that they do so unconsciously because it’s psychological.

Also, beards make men look wise. Wise men such as monks and kings all have beards, either in the books or in the movies. Therefore, women associate beards and wisdom.

There are multiple reasons why women love beards. Beards make men stand out and are a sign of sexual maturity. Beards feel a little rough and ticklish and are the reason why girls like playing with them. Studies have proven that ladies favor older men over their age mates. Beards give men a mature and older look.

why do women like men with beards

Thoughts Women Have about Men’s Beards

Women also perceive men’s appearance just as men do. The debate that has been going around for a long time is whether women love or hate beards.

Men who have thick beards say that women think that they are more attractive than the clean face guys. Unfortunately, this debate can’t be fair since there are guys who don’t have beard growing abilities. You can’t dictate how women think about you, whether you have a beard or not.

The only way to find out how women perceive men’s beards is by asking the ladies themselves. Studies show that ladies have different thoughts regarding beards. Some like men with beards while others prefer guys with clean faces. It comes down to your personal preference in the long run. The following are women’s thoughts about men’s beards.

1. Beards getting into their mouths

Women don’t know how clean your beards are, and will think about the beards getting into their mouth when making out. No one what any other thing into their mouth apart from food. It’s even worse when hairs get into the mouth, especially when it’s not yours. Therefore, women think the unhygienic part when they see a man with a full-grown beard. Try to keep your beards clean if you want women to like you.

2. They think that men with beards are mysterious

What men don’t know is that beards cover the lower half of their face. Women usually wonder how the man can look without a beard. Actually, women love mysterious men and would want to uncover what’s beneath that beard. The fact that a beard is hiding a part of you will grab the attention of many ladies. They think that you are hiding secrets and they will want to be the ones to uncover it.

3. Men with beards are manly

Men with beard-growing abilities are masculine. Most women think that bearded men are manly and can serve and protect. Maybe this is the reason why women find beards to be very attractive. They believe that if a man can grow a beard, then he is manly.

4. Ladies wonder whether you comb it or not

Truth be told, ladies don’t love ungroomed beards. They find messy beards frustrating, and they will think if you comb your beard or not. There is a big line between a groomed and an untidy beard. This can be a massive difference in the way girls think of you. Ladies know that you can take care of yourself if you are capable of maintaining a clean beard. It’s the responsibility of a man to keep his beard. Many products in the market are designed for beards. Therefore, taking care of your beard is not an option. Men can know how hygienic you are just by looking at your beard.  They can quickly notice whether you have kempt your beards or not. They won’t like to associate with you if your beard is messy.

5. Neckbeards are gross

Some men think that neckbeards are cute. Unfortunately, women have a different opinion towards neckbeards. Women don’t like neckbeards since they think that it’s messy and unkempt. Having too much facial hair is not attractive. Girls think that neck hairs are ridiculous and will conclude that you are too lazy. Therefore, you should try to shave your neckbeards if you want girls to love you.

6. Beards look great

Most girls will melt when they see a guy a wearing a thick and full beard. They even forget about sink shavings and beard burns. It’s hard to know why beards attract ladies, although many people suggest that it’s psychological. Beards turn an average looking man into a handsome masterpiece from the movies. Beards can distract ladies, making them forget everything. Beards add several points to a man’s hotness factor. Every girl wants a man with a big and thick beard.

7. It’s terrible

Some guys don’t know how to shape their beards, something that women hate. This happens to guys who don’t have the beard-growing genes. The result is a patchy beard that looks messy and gross. Girls won’t look at you twice if you have this kind of beard. Also, it’s not a guarantee that every beard trend will fit you. However, most ladies will see how clean your beard is before they decide whether to associate with you or bolt out.

8. Beards trap food

One of the ugly truths about beards is that food can get stuck in them. Ladies can notice even a small particle on a man’s beard, and this can turn them off. Women take time to inspect your beard and will bolt out if they find anything gross. Ladies are impressed if your beard is perfect.  They will talk to you if your beard is clean. Therefore, you should be ready to clean your beard if you want ladies to like it.

The answer to whether women like beards or not is complicated. Some women like it, while others don’t like it. However, there is a high chance that ladies won’t love your beard if it’s messy. Some ladies consider men with beards to be unique. Apparently, women think that men with beards are genetically superior. These are just opinions, and you should not be worried if you have a clean face. Do what you like since we are living in a free world.


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