How to Stop White Hair in Beard




How to Stop White Hair in Beard

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In order to have a great beard, you should learn how to take care of it using the necessary beard oils. If you don’t want your beard hair turning gray earlier, make sure that you observe diet and be stress-free.

Avoid using products meant for the hair on you,r head on your beards because it is wrong, a lot of people tend to take much of their time maintaining their hair and not beards. Do not expect a glowing beard if you have no time keeping it.

We are going to look at various causes of grey beard hair and how it can be reversed, this article majors on how to maintain beards to prevent early development of beard and grey hair. A lot of your questions concerning gray and white beards have been answered below and I hope the article helps you.

How to Stop White Hair in Beard

How to Stop White Hair in Beard

White beard hair is common nowadays and it is because of various lifestyles. A white beard is not always due to old age, most of the time, it is because of genes and so many other things. However, some people do not love the white hair on their beard and they are trying as much as possible to get rid of the white hair through dying, which does not take long before it is seen again.

Lack of proper care and poor diet can lead to white hair in beards, there are a few ways of preventing the white hair from increasing and in some cases, the white hair can even be reversed.

Home Remedies for White Hair

  • Apply ground almonds on you beard it prevents formation of white hair
  • Eat Amla it helps keep away the white hair
  • Apply black tea and coffee on your beard
  • Rinse beard hair with rice water this helps in delaying the onset of white hair
  • Apply mustard oil at least twice per week
  • Make sure you consume a diet rich in copper and vitamin B
  • Your genes could be a major cause of the white hair, if that is the case, then there is very little you can do abou it.

How Do You Get Rid of White Beard Hair Naturally?

People in their early 20’s find it hard to work around with a white beard. It is common nowadays and one of the major causes of premature white beard are the genes. White beard can also be caused by lifestyle and poor observation of diet.

When you realize white beard at a younger age, you should not panic because a lot of people have gone through the same thing and the good news is you can get rid of the white hair naturally.

Causes of White Beard

  • Bad smoking habits
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Lack of melanin in the body
  • Pollution
  • Stressful life
  • Genetics
  • Using harsh beard products

After finding out what causes white hair in beards, the big question comes here, is there a possible way of getting rid of white hair permanently? The answer is yes, white hair can be converted to black permanently through the following ways.

Apply Ayurvedic Natural Treatment

Can Grey Beard Be Reversed Naturally?

Grey beard is common in elderly men but a study has shown that it is caused by stress. However, greying can be reversed but only in hair that turned grey recently. Scientists believe that reducing stress could prevent growth of grey hair. Gray hair caused by aging cannot turn black naturally but grey hair that originates from vitamin deficiency, discoloration, pollution, nutrition and stress can turn black and that is if it’s taken care if properly.

Home Remedies of Reversing Grey Hair to Black

  • Avoid overstressing
  • Apply a mixture of lemon and coconut juice
  • Apply onion juice
  • Eat healthy foods

By following the above tips, your beard can be reversed from grey to black in no time, its all about taking care of your beard and eating healthy foods. It is normal to have a premature graying of beard but it can be avoided if you do the right thing.

can grey hair be turned black naturally

A lot of people do not even realize that they have grey hair on the beards because of stress. You need to try as much as possible to avoid stress it does not only affect your daily activities but also causes in your body.

Does Stress Cause Grey Hair?

Grey hair always occurs due to old age but a bigger percentage of premature graying is caused by stress, scientists have proven that. A lot f young people with grey hair got it from stress and genetics this two are the major cause of grey hair at a young age.

How Stress Causes Grey Hair

Stress affects stem cells, which are responsible for hair regeneration.

In order to prevent the growth of premature grey hair it is advisable that you stay healthy, observe your diet, take good care of your hair and, most importantly is avoid stress. We all are stressed at some point in life but it should not be too much. Learn how to manage stress if you want to remain healthy and your black hair intact.

Grey hair at old age is fine, as you age, pigment cells start to die and without the pigment, new hair starts to grow lighter taking a shade of gray, silver and white color. It is not possible to reverse grey hair that occurred due to old age.

Don’t let stress take over you, remember to always take care of yourself be happy because being happy and avoiding stress leads to a great life ahead.

Which Oil is Best for White Beard?

Whether white or not, a beard should be well taken care of if you want a great glowing beard ensure that you use the right products. You should use different beard oils on black and white beards and for this case, let’s look at the various types of oil best for white beards.

Almond and Thyme growth oil

White beard can be well maintained with this oil, the oil promotes beard growth, hair strengthening, anti-hair fall and is suitable for thin hair.

L’AStand India beard oil

This beard oil is meant for men with white beard and is suitable for all hair types, thin hair, damaged hair, dull hair and dry hair.


  • Stress relief
  • Split ends
  • Hair strengthening
  • Anti-dandruff
  • Shine and anti-hair fall

Beard Essentials Hair Oil

This beard oil is fantastic and can be used in any type of hair apart from beards. It helps thicken hair and strengthens hair as well.

You need to use this beard oils on white hair because it is great and does a wonderful job. It is cheap and anyone can afford it.

How Can I Color My Beard with Skin Coloring?

Coloring a beard is tough and you need to do a lot of practice before doing it. It is difficult for beginners the dye tends to drip and if you don’t clean it immediately, it will leave behind marks that do not GI away easily. Every man should maintain his beard because a well-maintained beard makes then look great.

Things Needed to Safely Color your Beard

  • Choosing the color
  • Beard dye
  • Apply using a proper kit
  • Steps to follow when coloring beard
  • Prepare beard and kit
  • Prepare the dye
  • Apply the dye
  • Wait for results
  • Wash the beard

As simple as that, always remember to follow all the instructions on the package. Know how long you need to wait after applying dye on your beard, how to apply the dye and how it should be applied. This guides you on doing the right thing and you will not have stains at the end of the process.

If you are a beginner, it’s good to visit a professional to help you out at least the next time you will have an idea of what to do and how to do it. When beard hair is colored well, it looks so perfect and neat.

Can I Use Hair Dye on My Beard?

Hair dye should not be used in beards because the coloring used for the hair is not the same as the one used fie beards. Your facial hair is coarser and it uses a different set of chemicals.

If you really want to use the hair dye on your beard, ensure that it contains similar ingredients, be keen because facial skin is sensitive and that is why you should read all information on the leaflet before using the product.

The difference between hair dye and beard dye is this beard dye comes with an applicator brush while hair dyes do not have. Hair dyes should not be used on a beard if you want to be on a safe side, always use the correct product for the right purpose. You might not know the kind of effect hair dye can cause to your beards.

If you do not know the kind of dye to use, visit a parlor and ask for help they will not fail to help you, don’t guess around because you might mess up everything and you are forced to trim you beard

Can B12 Reverse Gray Hair?

Lack of b12 causes premature gray hair, it is a very important vitamin not only for hair growth but also in DNA production, metabolism and energy levels. To get enough b12, you should eat foods like; cereals, meat and dairy products.

B12 can reverse gray hair so long as it’s done earlier, hair that has lasted for a while cannot be reversed. Apart from b12, folic acid and pantothenic acid helps in reversal of gray hair by taking hair back to its original color which is black.

If you try this and there is no change then talk to your doctor, he will help you know why the gray hair is showing up with the kind of problems that may cause early graying. The earlier you address the issue the better, eat well-balanced food. Observe your diet meals you take should be rich in hair vitamins such as potatoes, vegetable oils, kiwi, strawberries, citrus fruits, dried beans, fish, raw seeds, green peppers, chicken, turkey and milk.

Men value bead hair and a well-groomed beard hair brings out a perfect look in a man, in order to achieve that great look, you should take a lot of time maintaining your beard and not only focusing on the hair in your head. You have to spend some amount in buying beard oils or else your hard work will bear no fruits.

A man who is concerned of his beards should know how to stop white hair in beards in case it appears, how to get rid of white beard hair naturally, oils best for white beard, whether gray hair can be reversed naturally, know that stress causes grey hair, if b12 reverses gray hair, how to color his beard without skin coloring and so many other things.

As a man, you need to know all these things because you never know when white or gray hair is going to appear on your beard. You should be ready just in case it happens you know what’s required of you. Love your beards the same way you do with hair on your head, the more you maintain your beard the better.

Maintaining a beard is so simple all men should try keeping their beards unshaved but neat, there is nothing to worry about so long as you have the right beard products, you are good to go. And if you have ever tried to grow a beard without success, it is high time you try it again.

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