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Taking care of your beard is very important; you can’t decide to grow a beard that you can’t maintain. A beard should be cleaned, moisturized, trimmed, and taken care of just like the hair on your head.

When growing a beard for the first time, it could be so challenging, but with the time you’ll get used to. Before deciding to grow a beard, even if it’s short, it’s good to know the kind of beard style that suits your face. Growing beard needs patience; the biggest obstacle between you and a good beard is time. Some people love beards, but they do not know how to start or what to do, but with this article, you’ll learn a lot about beard hair.

why does my beard hurt so much

Why Does My Beard Hurt?

Most men, especially those who are growing a beard for the first time, are wondering why it hurts and itches at the same time, they may end up shaving because they think it’s too uncomfortable, but that’s normal, especially if you don’t take good care of them. Let’s look at some causes of a hurting beard.

Beard dandruff

It is one of the reasons, beards also develop dandruff, and this is something that should be addressed quickly when you notice dandruff on your beard you should do the necessary trim, clean and apply beard oil. Dandruff might occur because of; oil and debris build-up or dry skin.

In growing facial hair

At most, everyone has had such hair, and you know how it hurts, this problem is common, especially when a beard is still young and growing. It occurs when the skin is not well maintained or accidentally; whenever you develop them, you just need to remove them using tweezers squeezing it out can worsen the situation.

Oil and debris build up on the skin

This is a problem that can be controlled only by cleaning the skin well, insufficient cleaning causes buildup of unwanted materials on the skin. To avoid that, simply clean your beard well using a beard shampoo.

Skipping the use of beard oil

If you don’t oil your beard regularly, you’ll end up with a shaggy hurting itchy beard; this is one mistake that most men do. They assume that beard oil is not necessary, not knowing that beard oil moisturizes skin and beard hair, making them soft. It prevents unnecessary itching hence making your beard look pleasant.

Dry skin under the beard

It’s one of the main causes of a hurting beard, but it can be avoided easily. A reason for having dry skin under the beard is due to improper care, for example, using strong shampoos. If you have dry skin, you should be careful about the kind of products you are using on your beard.

Growing new beard

When a new beard is growing, it’s always itchy and hurts to some extent, which is normal and gets over with time. Don’t shave your beard simply because it’s itchy, give it time to grow and take good care of it.

why does my beard hurt when i touch it

How Do I Stop My Beard From Hurting?

There are several ways to stop your beard from hurting. The only method of stopping your beard from hurting is observing good hygiene and cleanliness. Here are some other ways.

Condition your beard

It should always be conditioned with the right oil to avoid it from becoming dry. Conditioning makes hair soft, and this product is found almost everywhere; some of the recommended oils for a beard are; jojoba and argan oils.

Avoid using harsh chemicals

When shaving or trimming a beard, try using natural products and not harsh ones that can cause itching or hurting to your skin. Use the right shampoo on your beard; avoid using any other product that is not meant for a beard.

Brushing hair gently

Before brushing your beard hair, ensure that it’s soft, clean your beard, and don’t use a lot of force when brushing. Hair should be moisturized because brushing or combing dry hair hurts.

Wash your beard daily

Washing a beard should be a daily routine if you are serious about growing a wonderful and healthy beard. Cleaning helps get rid of dandruff and makes hair look soft and glowing.

Trim and brush your hair

Trimming is also important when it comes to hygiene; hair should be trimmed and brushes all the time, especially after a shower or after cleaning a beard. If you don’t trim nor brush your beard all the time, hairs will tangle each other forming patches, and the next time you try brushing, it will obviously hurt.

Keep your face clean

Cleaning your beard and face regularly prevents dirt and bacteria from building up. Clean your beard and face regularly using cleanser and warm water. Dirt and bacteria cause itching, and sometimes the beard hurts.

Why Does My Beard Itch?

There are several reasons why someone can have an itchy beard, one general reason being poor hygiene. Your beard has no difference with the hair on your head; a beard should be properly cleaned and maintained. Dirt, sweat, and grime can block skin pores leading to irritation and itching.

Beard itch can have so many causes including, ingrown hairs, dry skin, use of harsh products, and acne breakouts. These are the most common causes of itchy beards, and they can only be avoided by observing good hygiene all the time.

Sometimes itching can be caused by a much deeper issue such as fungal or bacterial infection; when it comes to such, you need to visit a specialist to help you out. Growing hair also itches a lot; it’s normal for your beard to itch when it’s young and growing that shouldn’t worry you to the extent of shaving because it will only take some time before it’s over.

It’s common for the hair on your face to get itchy whether you are growing it for the first time or have been growing it for years, beard itching can be annoying sometimes. Another cause of itchy beard is dry skin. Dry skin occurs when you wash your skin every time with hot water, shampoos and soaps wash off the natural oils, making your skin dry, leading to an itchy beard.

Why Is Beard So Hard?

Having a hard beard is something that a lot of men are going through; this can be avoided in so many ways. Most people with hard beards are wondering why it is so; the answer is the results of a good beard is determined by how you maintain it.

When you don’t wash your beard regularly, it becomes hard, shaggy, itchy, and painful when combing. You’ve decided to grow a beard, why is it becoming so difficult to take care of it? If you can manage the hair on your head, why not the beard? You need to clean your beard well, and with the right shampoo, doing that makes beard hair soft and clean.

Your beard should be moisturized, and this is by applying beard oil on the beard every time you wash it. If you don’t apply oil on your beard, it becomes hard; if you’re serious about growing a beard, then you need to invest in some beard oil.

Not brushing a beard can be another cause of a hard beard. In order to keep your beard neat and tidy, you need to brush it. In addition to that, brushing helps distribute beard oil all over your facial hair and can help get rid of unsightly beard dandruff.

Folliculitis can be another cause, and this happens when hair follicles are inflamed. Inflammation is caused by parasites, fungi, viruses, and infection from bacteria. This condition is related to ingrown hair; inflamed follicles usually look red, tender, and very painful when touched.


After shaving your beard, a sharp edge is left at the end of each hair follicle. When the hair grows out, the sharp edges scratch the hair follicle causing the beard to itch.

Does Beard Hair Get Softer?

It only gets softer if taken care of; beard hair should be soft all the time because a soft beard looks neat. If a beard is left to fend for itself, it will be terrible; every person who grows a beard should know that for proper maintenance, he’s needed to soften his fuzz. And here are some ways of softening.

Wash, rinse, and repeat this is a required process for every beard grower. Wash every time to not only clean your hair but also soften it. While cleaning hair, you need to use aloe juice and peppermint oil because it softens and hydrates hair.

Conditioning your beard makes hair soft; washing a beard with water only can make your hair course because water is hard and alkalized. Condition your hair after every wash, the best conditioner to be used should be; Murdock London’s since it has a balanced pH, and apart from softening hair, it can also make hair strands strong and reduce breakage.

How Can I Relax My Beard Hair?

Growing and maintains beard hair can be a bit difficult; some spots can grow faster than others. You can be annoyed by how messy your beard can be, even after trying shampooing, conditioning, and moisturizing. Most of us know how to soften hair, clean, and moisturize, but there is a big problem when it comes to relaxing a beard.

To relax your beard, use coconut oil because it’s known to be the best in relaxing what you need to do is; take a little amount of coconut oil and gently massage it on your beard after 20 minutes rinse, shampoo and condition your beard after doing that you’ll find out that your beard is relaxed as per your expectation.

Relaxed hair gives your beard a more uniformed look when it comes to length and thickness; it adds shine on hair and provides Avery delicious smell. If you want to make your beard relaxed, use coconut oil. Use it every two or three days, and leave it for a while, the more the coconut oil is left on the hair, the better the effects.

Why Does My Mustache Hurt When I Touch It?

This is normal and is likely to occur because tiny hairs grow in the mustache, and they become detached from the root by movement or contact. This hair does not easily fall out because they are in the skin hence irritating the skin and follicles, causing a very sharp pain when touched.

To get rid of this hair, you need to pull them out using tweezers; after plucking them, the pain should stop immediately, and if not, it means that there is another condition or maybe you didn’t, do it the right way. Mustache pain can also be because of dryness, and beard oil helps with this problem, the hair is so coarse and very painful but shows no bump or discoloration.

To soften the mustache, you need to thoroughly wash your beard with shampoo, apply beard oil, and use a mustache brush to style and distribute your beard.

Deciding to grow a beard could be very easy, but maintaining it can be hard. There are some things you need to know about beards, know why beards sometimes hurt and how to stop it from hurting, why a beard itches, why a beard can be so hard, whether beard hair can become soft, why a mustache hurts and how to relax beard hair. These are just a few things you should know, but there is still a lot about beards.

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