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best mens hand lotion for dry skin

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As a man, you definitely want to maintain your hands in a state of the complete state of suppleness and moisture. This is a feat you can only achieve if you look for the best hand lotions for men. As their designation implies, these lotions are formulated with the men in mind.

They are better placed at furnishing the skin with the moisture contents and vitality they need. In particular, they block out excess sunlight that is known to cause irreparable damages to the skin. To cut you some hassles, we have seen it necessary to provide you with the guidance you need to set out.

best mens hand lotion for dry skin

Best Hand Lotion for Men

#1:  Burt’s Bees Hand Salve for Men

As a wise man, you need not wait for your skin to suffer some ill before acting. You need a slave of this kind to aid with preventing the issue from arising altogether. The salve is indeed able to expedite healing too!

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Popular Natural Products

Only popular natural products have been used as the base ingredients of this salve. With this kind of formulation, you should expect the salve to be kind to your skin. It is particularly safer for your lips.

Natural Oils

Complementing the natural products above are the natural oils. These oils have the same impacts and degrees of efficacy as artificial oils. They, however, stand taller as they are safer on average.



  • Repairs and adds softness to the skins
  • Maintains and protects the strength of the skin
  • Fits in your pockets easily and snugly
  • Prevents wounds from enlarging


  • Hs a rather limited potency
  • May not tackle tough skins easily
  • Has less lasting impacts

#2: AHAVA Hand Cream for Men

AHAVA’s mineral hand cream comes with glowing reviews because it is packed with ingredients that work in various ways to improve skin and fight dryness.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Witch Hazel

Topping the charts with regards to the many ingredients it has is the witch hazel. This one primarily plays the role of astringent that works to reduce inflammations. It hence maintains you in a good state.

Dead Sea minerals

Some copious amounts of Dead Sea minerals also exist in the lotion. These ones work hand in hand with the ginger root extracts, ginkgo Biloba, and jojoba oils to restore any broken skin to their original conditions.


  • Has a distinctive masculine scent
  • Spares your hands off the greasy streaks
  • Popular and beneficial to the men
  • Appropriately priced
  • Softens the skin as well


#3:  Brickell Hand Balm

Love nature and would want to do anything to protect it? Choose this best hand lotion for men. It is wholly made of natural and organic ingredients. These are less likely to impact your skin adversely.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Incredibly Faster Absorption 

This lotion absorbs faster when applied onto the skin. As such, it spares you from the long waits you ordinarily have to endure to be able to accrue the attendant benefits of hydration.

Sweet Peppermint Scent

After it is fully settled on your skin, the lotion exudes some sweet peppermint scent that is breathtaking to smell. The scent is also truly invigorating to the nose. Thus, it keeps you confident and luxurious.


  • Wholly made of natural ingredients
  • Available in many sizes
  • Approved by the Transport Security Administration
  • Perfect for home and office use
  • Particularly outstanding during winters


  • Delivers shallower outcomes
  • Not good for the oily skin
  • Leaves behind less lasting impacts

#4: Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer

Do your hands dry off too quickly? This is the lotion we would suggest that you pick and use. It is wholly intended for the dry and crackly skins. It does a pretty good job of restoring the lost moisture contents.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Moisturizing Effect

It primarily moisturizes the skin when applied thereon. As a matter of fact, it impacts extremely dry skins faster and more effectively. While at it, the same, it traps and retains the moisture contents for a longer time.

Reparative Effect

Over and above moisturizing your skin, this balm goes beyond to repair any brokenness therein. When used frequently, the lotion suppresses the emergence of callouses and other common skin issues.


  • Great for the manual laborer
  • Moisturizes and repairs the skins
  • Toughens your hands with time
  • Prevents your skins from drying out completely
  • Hastens the healing of cuts and bruises



#5:  Gold Bond Men’s Everyday Essentials Lotion

Operate on some squeezed schedules? You want a comprehensive and easy-to-use lotion, don’t you? Well, you have no better companion than this specific one. Why? It incorporates all the three significant effects of ideal hand lotion.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Affordable and Effective

By all accounts, the lotion is both effective and affordable. You can, as a matter of fact, employ it for tackling a myriad of problems at a time. Thus, it cuts down the hassles you would otherwise have to contend with.

Multipurpose and Versatile

Other than being affordable, the lotion also handles all skincare issues in one. It soothes, repairs, and moisturizes the skin, all at a go! On account of this, it yet again delivers to you wholesome benefits at a go!


  • Takes care of all your skincare needs ‘under one roof.’
  • Slows the pace of drying off your skin
  • Yields the required benefits in a matter of minutes
  • Repairs the skin over and above moisturizing it
  • Maintains a healthier hair color


  • Too potent for normal skins
  • Unsuitable for everyday use
  • Likely to char the skins when used too often

#6: Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

Do you travel every now and then? You want a lotion that is packaged in a travel-friendly container like this one. Other than facilitating your travels, this lotion is capable of conferring to you the wholesome benefits expected.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Glycerin-rich Hand Cream

This cream comprises plenty of glycerin that makes its applications pretty simple and ready for use. Thanks to the high glycerin level, the lotion also leaves behind longer-lasting outcomes.

Long-lasting Applicability

On the whole, this lotion is able to perform 200 applications. This is sufficient for everyday use for around two straight months. As a matter of fact, it even lasts some two straight months consecutively.


  • The brand is highly reputable
  • Offers the best value for your money
  • Provides long-lasting relief
  • Deals pretty well with chapped skin
  • Slows down the pace of dryness of the skin



  • Lacks the ability to repair any wounds

#7: O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream

Are your hands too rough? We invite you to try out this lotion out. Its formulation is such that it converts the driest and roughest skins to that of a baby. All you have to do is to apply it consistently.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Anti-aging Effects

The reason why the lotion manages this feat is that it is packed with loads of anti-aging effects. Courtesy of these effects, the lotion reverses and even slows down the pace at which the skin wears out.

Odorless and Non-greasy

Though potent, this lotion is both odorless and non-greasy. You have it for your consideration if you are the kind of person who is allergic to harsh scents and fragrances. This also yields much comfort to you.


  • Retains the skin moisture
  • Comprises sufficient levels of glycerin and water
  • Quite a popular skin-hydrating agent
  • Handles excessively dry skin with awesome reliability
  • Guards against the harmful ultraviolet radiation


    • May harm the skin if not used sparingly
    • Causes some heat sensation
    • Likely to prickle a person with sensitive skin


#8: Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer

Do you have respiratory tract issues? Could it also be that you are asthmatic? If you nodded to any of the two questions, we challenge you to attempt this particular hand lotion for men. It is formulated for those two ends.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Rich Non-greasy Formula

At its core is the rich non-greasy formula. On account of this formula, the lotion penetrates easily and faster to the skin. It hence yields the required side effects faster and readily than you would gain ordinarily.


During its makeup, the lotion is road tested for strength and vitality. It is vouched for good performance regardless of who uses it or in which circumstance it is applied. Expect it hence not to let you down while in use.


  • Manufactured by a reputable brand
  • Facilitates the healings of the hands
  • Penetrates deeper into the skin
  • Lubricates the skin to prevent it from drying
  • Shields the skin from damages that arise from ultraviolet radiation


  • Less potent and incapable of tackling drier skins
  • Yields limited returns on investments
  • Unreliable in the long run

#9: Nivea for Men Maximum Hydration Nourishing Lotion for Dry Skin

Save yourself some bit of time by choosing a comprehensive lotion of this kind. Indeed, the lotion has that distinctive capability of impacting the face, body, and hands perfectly and conveniently in one go.

Outstanding Features and Benefits


As we have already stated, this lotion is capable of impacting the face, body, and hands at the same time. By choosing it, you stand to enjoy a fair degree of convenience and more uniform impacts too!

Maximum Hydration

Of all the lotions under our crosshair, it is this one that yields the highest possible hydration effects. It does this chiefly by trapping the skin moisture and at the same time supplying higher moisture content to the skin.


  • Maintains your skin in a supple state
  • Tackles all parts of your body
  • Repairs and restores the damaged skins
  • Delivers some mild scents
  • Gives off some coolness to your body


  • Demands complex application procedures
  • May block the pores of the skin
  • Uncomfortable to use when it is too hot

#10: Vaseline for Men Hand Lotion, Extra Strength

Perhaps no other brand beats Vaseline with regards to quality skincare products. That is why it makes some sense in getting to know more about its flagship product of this kind. The mini-review here endeavors to offer support.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Skin Repair and Moisturizing Properties

With this lotion, it is possible for you to repair and moisturize your skin at the same time. Thus, it yields to you dual benefits at a time. In this way, you do not also have to struggle too much to have your way.


Compared to the other lotions, this one is on the whole very friendly to your skin. It is unlikely to pose any damages or inflict adverse side effects to your skin on the whole. Thus, it is truly dependable!


  • Reasonably priced for your use
  • Hardly disappoints, judging by past reviews
  • Does a pretty good job, all factors considered
  • Tackles all kinds of skins
  • Truly dependable in the long run


  • Makes your skin feel hotter
  • Not great for rough and dry skins
  • Likely to inflict too much sweat to you

Things to Consider When Buying Hand Lotions for Men

Ingredient Formulation

The kinds of ingredients that make the lotions up the matter a lot. A good lotion has to be made of the latest and most potent ingredients. Glycerin, shea butter, and carrier oils must never miss. They form the core of the lotions as they are the ones that make the most contribution in working on your skin.

Type of Skin

Skins come in different shades and forms. They are normal, dry, and oily respectively. It is a good thing to match the skin with the specific kind of lotion that is meant for it. That is the only way to guarantee awesome outcomes when using lotions. It also prevents unnecessary hassles.


This refers to the strength of the lotion. The most suitable lotion on the basis of this parameter has to be that one that lines up with the specific nature of your skin. Choose a very potent one for your dry and rough skins. Any other alternative would do for the normal skins.


Other than working on your skins, these lotions also bring along the added benefits of adding some fragrance to your skin and body. It hence goes that the best lotion has to be scented. Take care though that the scent is not too powerful in case you suffer from respiratory illnesses.


Lastly, be mindful of the prices also. Finding a good lotion ought not necessarily to mean digging too deep in your pocket. This can only happen if you spare some of your time to compare the prices of the many lotions that are on sale.

Our review and buying guide comes to an end here. As you may see, the manufacturers of these lotion suit them to different kinds of users and use. The challenge is to find that one that fits your needs. To be able to arrive at a viable option, you need to assess your needs appropriately.

Upon knowing your needs, you should thereafter go ahead to read through the explanations we have given out against the lotions keenly. As you do so, take great care that you match the needs you have in mind with the specific needs that each lotion is expected to tackle.

Many readers of our past posts have been unable to do a good job even after reading through our posts. Do not be part of this horrible statistic. Feel free to get to us as soon as possible to give you further support if and when you get stuck.

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