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If you have been having doubts about braiding your beard simply because it is short and you are worried about the outcome, worry no more because a short beard can be plaited as well as long beards. You need to use the right products and maintain your beard hair well.

How To Braid A Short Beard

How To Braid A Short Beard?

There are different types of beards, the long and short beard is the most common. There are various things to consider if you want to braid a short beard.

To braid your beard, you need various products. A comb should be the first thing to have because you will need to use it to detangle the hair.

You will also need beard oils and balms, they help moisturize your hair. Beard oil makes your hair soft and prevents it from drying, dry hair can be difficult to restyle.

If your beard is short, apply wax to help put the style in place, you also need to purchase the right elastic bands, they should be tight enough to secure your beard.

There are various braided beard styles that you can opt for, one advantage of braiding a beard is that it’s simple and any style can be made out of it.

You still have to apply the same method of braiding, even on short facial hair. You can style your beard hair without washing it, after styling, apply add a little oil to make it easier to hold hair.

Chose the type of braid style that suits you, after selecting the style, choose the area of beard you want to braid. You can have a single braid or more than one. You can as well create braids from the hair on your chin or throughout your facial hair.

Is Braiding Your Beard Bad?

No, braiding a beard is not bad so long as it’s done in the right way with the right products. A lot of men nowadays prefer braiding their beards and styling rather than shaving.

Ensure that you take good care of your beard, avoid brushing, pulling, twisting and yanking beard hair whenever you are idle.

Don’t mess with your beard hair because it can weaken hair strands, create knots, and lead to uneven growth. Avoid using a fidget spanner when shampooing or moisturizing hair.

If you want to have a great beard, avoid using cheap products because they are made of harsh chemicals. Buy high-quality beard care products.

If you are planning to braid your beard, visit a pro to help you. You should not braid any style on your beard because you might be uncomfortable and want to remove the style and doing this can likely cause damage to your hair.

Does Braiding Your Hair Make It Grow?

Yes, it can help hair grow faster as it provides your hair with a stable structure. To add to that, braiding your hair reduces the number of times your hair will require brushing, which is the main cause of hair loss and breakage.

Your hair needs to be healthy for it to grow faster, the health of your hair depends on so many things. Some are styling and weather, while others are internal factors such as imbalanced diet, high-stress levels, and insufficient sleep.

Braiding hair protects your hair from coming in contact with objects and textiles that can cause friction leading to hair breakage. Apart from braiding, there are other ways of making your hair grow faster, some of the ways are;

  • Avoid tight and thin hair elastics
  • Trim your hair regularly
  • Rinse with cold water and use a microfibre towel to dry
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Brush and braid your hair before bedtime
  • Avoid using shampoos all the time
  • Apply hair masks weekly
  • Limit heat styling and color treatments
  • Sleep on bamboo, silk, or a satin pillowcase

How long does my beard need to be to braid it?

Your beard should be at least 4 inches long before braiding it. You should be able to grab three separate strands of hair for you to start braiding.

It is not a must that you wash your beard before braiding; oiling is enough, making the entire process easier.

When braiding, take an area you wish to braid, a small section of your beard. Divide the hair into three equal sizes, then lift your right or left-hand strand section over the middle strand.

Take the opposite sides section and pull it to the middle and repeat the previous steps again and again until your preferred braid style is achieved.

Braiding a beard is easy, you twist and fold over between the three strands of hair. You can become super creative with your braids and once you create a perfect french braid, you can do other styles.

Always use beard wax to secure the style, invest in a good box of suitable elastic bands that can be used to secure the braided style in place and keep your braid in at night or remove it before going to bed.

You can braid any hairstyle so long as it suits you, if you can’t braid yourself, then get someone to help you.

What Is The Most Attractive Beard Length?

If you want the perfect beard, it would be okay if you choose the right beard length when trimming. Keep in mind that how you groom your beard determines how you style and maintain your facial hair until it grows.

Genetics plays a major role when it comes to the growth and thickness of a beard. Men should learn about beard trimmer lengths together with the perfect sizes and styles.

Stubble is always the best and most attractive beard length and type. There is a research showing that women respond best to stubble type of facial hair.

It has been found out that light and heavy stubble faces are more attractive than clean-shaven and fully bearded faces. There are several reasons why stubble beards are more attractive than long beards, some of the reasons are;

Stubble beards do not mask bone structures, are seen as more hygienic than long beards, being intimate with a stubbled man is easier than with a fully bearded man, requires little maintenance and is far more versatile.

How To Plait A Short Beard

Braiding a beard is easy and can be done by everyone. However, you should plait it well if you want to come out with a great style. Remember that whatever you plait gives people an impression of who you are, so you should make it as neat as possible.

Select the portion of beard to braid

You should choose a style that suits you, the first thing you should do is selecting the area of beard you want to braid. Whether you want a single or more braid depends on you.

Separate the hairs

After choosing the area, you want to braid, separate the section using a comb. Ensure that you divide the sections into three and the equal amount of hair.

The three sections must be vertically positioned to each other and also parallel. Braiding is simple and it involves lifting the section on your left side over the middle section. You should also take the hair portion on your right to cross the middle section. Repeat the process until when a braid is formed.

Apply wax

After creating braids, ensure that you apply wax at the bottom of each braid, the wax helps secure braids in place. You can also use elastic bands on short beards.

How Do Beard Beads Stay In?

Beads look cool on beards. To place beads on your beards, you should follow a few steps to help guide you into putting them correctly so that they don’t fall off with time.

Choosing beads

There are several types and sizes of beads out there, all beads are made from different materials. When choosing a bead, ensure that you look at the size of the hole. The hole should be big enough to allow you pull some beard hairs through it.

When the hole is smaller, the hair that you are going to pull through will be fewer. You should also be able to choose colors that aren’t too bright.


You need a thread of about 60cm and a thin wire to the thread through the beads. Use at least one bead on each beard braid.

String the bead

To string the beard, you should fold the thread in half, bend the wire in half as well. After that, stick the bent end of the wire through the bead and put the string through the loop of the wire and pull it through the beard

You can also pull the thread without using a wire and that is okay so long as the string is folded over.

Beading the beard

Now that you are done with stringing the bead, it’s now time to put beads on your beard. To do that, you should wrap the loose ends of the string around your finger and hold them, then out your right hand through the loop and ensure you grab some hair with your left hand.

Once you grab the hair, slide the string off your hand and around the hair, let the bead slide down the string and then hold it with your thumb and pull the string to keep hair against the bead.

Are Beard Beads Cool?

Yes, beards beads are cool and perfect when placed correctly. You can try various types of beads on your beards, you sure will love them.

Using beard beads looks pretty cool if appropriately styled. Apart from that, it keeps your long beard neat and tidy. However, you should not use too many bright-colored beads on your beards because it will only make you look funny.

Some of the beard beads you can consider using are willbond beads, modpion beads, Qingsi Rune beads, Norse beads, love Viking beads and Scandinavian beads.

What Is A Viking Beard

What Is A Viking Beard?

Viking beards are among the most popular styles currently, this style was designed to deal with butter cold weather. You can as well grow your Viking beard by following the below steps.

Clean your beard

It is hygienic to clean your beard every day. You are not a traditional Viking, so you have no excuse of cleaning your beards.

Trim off the beard

You should always trim your beard hair because if you don’t, your beard will grow unevenly. Keep your beard style neat with regular trimming.

When trimming, always start by combing your beard, do not cut your beard when wet and always remember to cut the circumference of the throat.

Did Vikings Braid Their Beards?

Vikings did not wear braids often, they used to wear loose hair but only styled their beards and hair when going for battle. Those with long beards often braided them into multiple or single styles.

This was the only way of keeping their hair out of their face and eyes. And as a result, the beard styles became part of the Vikings style.

Beards were clearly important to Vikings, some of the surviving Viking carvings of gods and men show various types of beard styles from short, long and flowing to braided beards.

How Do You Braid A Viking Beard?

Braiding a Viking beard is easy so long as you have an idea of what to do and how to do it. You should also have some products to be used during the process. Below are the steps you should follow when braiding a Viking braid.

Separate the beard into three sections, start braiding, place the right section over the middle section, repeat the process and pinch the bottom.

To grow a great beard, you should take good care of it and always observe hygiene. If you have a shirt or a long beard, you need to know how to braid both styles.

Braiding your beard is not bad, know how to do it and know the best length you need to braid your beard hair.

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