How to Comb a Beard




How to Comb a Beard

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Growing your beard to the length that you desire is a good thing. It makes you feel that you have accomplished something good in life. At this point, you should ensure that you groom and maintain your beards to the standards that will be admired by many. You need to make sure that your facial hair stays healthy, feels good, and appear great. For this to happen to your beards, you have to acquire the right tools to promote the smartness of your facial hair.

A high- quality comb is a crucial instrument that can help you realize your beard maintenance and grooming objectives. Make sure that the comb you purchase from a shop contains wide and small teeth to allow you to comb your facial hair with ease. When you begin combing your beards, it is advisable to start from the bottom of your facial hair as you move upward. This will help you to separate the hairs properly and also make your beards to look fluffier.How to Comb a Beard Proper combing of beards makes you attractive and also proves that you mean well when it comes to beard grooming and protection. Therefore, it will be good to learn techniques of combing the beards to get your preferred results.


How to Properly Comb a Beard?

Combing of the beard is a crucial exercise that should be handled with seriousness and cautiousness. This process is key in the growth and development of beards because it distances hair far from the mouth, stops ingrown hairs, and possibly make comb appear like a complete cleaner.

The tool type you use to comb your beards will always be determined with the length of your beards and the period you have used to develop it. If you have just developed it for a minimum of three months, it is advisable to use a beard brush to shape and straighten it. For those that have developed their beards for over three months, their beards are often long, thick, and full. Therefore, you can comfortably use a proper comb to make your beards healthier.

The following steps are vital in showing how you can comb your facial hair.

Method One: Shorts Beards should be combed with Beard Brush

In this part, you need to conduct the following practices.

  • Obtain a beard brush that natural-bristle to employ it on the beards.

Here you will use bristle brushes designed from natural bristles that are sebum of spread. Sebum is natural oil that hair and human body produce, it usually allows your beards to stay soft and healthy. The natural bristles assist in getting rid of the dead skin hence help to fight beardruff that can arise.

It is your responsibility to identify a natural brush designed from a horse or brush to help you clean your beard in the most convenient way possible. Good brushes plus synthetic brushes can be accessed from the internet platforms; they are often available.

  • Place beard oil on your natural bristle brushes

Beard oil is a significant resource that helps people to strengthen and moisturize their beards. You need to hold your brush well so that your bristles can face in the upward direction for you to apply beard oil on them effectively. You should use the available dropper to conveniently supply a few drops of beard oil to the bristles. The moment you begin to use your brush, the beard oil will consequently spread and it will reach your facial hair effectively. Beard oil can be purchased through online platforms; you are encouraged to apply it at least once or twice daily to get outstanding results.

  • Brush your facial hair against the direction of your hair grain

You need to ensure that you put a gentle pressure as you focus on brushing your hair against the direction of its grain. Start brushing with short strokes, right from the cheek as you head towards the jawline. Ensure that your beard is brushed when it is dry to allow beard oil to penetrate through your facial skin.

  • Wash brush bristles once you are through with it

Place your bristle brush on a downward position and tap it back to help you remove dead hairs or skin. Use comb or fingers via your bristles to remove particles that are stuck in them. You can now use a clean rag or paper towel when you through to wipe residue from beard oil used previously.

how to comb a growing beard

Method Two: Combing Your Long Beards

Here, it is advisable to do the following.

  • Select beard comb with narrow and wide gaps in its teeth

Beard combs usually have narrow teeth and wider teeth for fine and coarse hair respectively. Their teeth often have blunt ends so that they don’t remain in the hair or beards. Identify a facial hair comb designed from rubber or wood because they fit conveniently.

  • Rub four beard oil drops into the beards

Beard oil help people to moisturize their facial hair and allows you to comb easily. Put some few beard oil on the palm and rub it to your beard. Work from its tip for you to supply the oil evenly. Beard oil can be purchased online. You should often avoid putting oil in a wet beard to enhance its absorption to your facial skin and hair.

  • Begin to comb your beards from bottom to up far from the face to allow it to fluff out
  • You can pull your comb from your beard when it fails to function properly
  • Comb your facial hair downwards as you style and shape it
  • Comb your mustache from lips center to get a favorable style
  • Prioritize to clean your comb once you complete combing your beards.

Materials of Beard Combs

Materials often used to design facial hair combs are produced by hand and usually vary from time to time. The materials used to make combs are not limited to cellulose acetate, metal, and wood.

  • Wood

It is the best choice and common material for making a beard comb. It comes with several unmatched benefits. Wooden materials appear great because a majority of them are cautiously hand-crafted. Wood materials width teeth comb gap varies from one product to the next because the width teeth are determined with the facial hair you purpose to comb it with.

Most wooden combs are hand-cut and this is attributed to the fact that it will help users avoid rough edges. The comb edges are not smooth and therefore they tug and pull your facial hair leading to destruction. Most wooden combs lack waterproof properties. Always look for a quality wooden comb.

  • Metal

Metal combs are very risky, their edges are usually rough and they can consequently destroy the facial hair follicles when not handled properly. Additionally, metal combs can cause static of the beard and friction. Be cautious not to use it because of its unbearable effects.

  • Cellulose Acetate

Experts consider this material as the best resource for beard combs. They are easy and simple to wash. They are effective, reliable and fail to create friction of the beard and static.

What Type of Comb?

When you intend to maintain and groom your beard using a comb, you should be ready to purchase a high-quality comb that can comfortably give excellent results. Don’t focus on having cheap comb because some of them can generate negative results.

You are encouraged to often use a reliable comb that is specifically meant for combing beards and not anything else. You need to know that there exist three differences between beard combs and standard comb. The differences are always exhibited in their production process, their narrow and teeth width, and also the material used to design the combs.

  • Regular Combs

They are also called standard or simple combs. Most of them come at affordable prices, designed on the big press which usually stamps the regular combs out of the mold. They contain several microscopic edges that are jagged along with its tooth. This is feature is inappropriate for combing facial hair.

Standard combs are not the best choice for combing facial hair because once they are in your beards; they can damage your hair follicles. This consequently leads to the static of the beards, split ends, friction, and breakage. For you to deal with the issue of split ends you need to cut off the beard tip and could be costly. Simple combs can generate several stray hairs; their teeth also break very easily.

  • Specialized Beard Combs

These are special combs designed specifically to comb facial hair. Most of them are either horn combs or wooden combs. They are normally strong, durable and reliable as compared to their counterparts’ standard combs.

Their teeth are outstanding, polished and they eradicate jagged edges in your beards hence generating a soft combing experience. Its teeth are strong enough to comb your facial hair consistently without breaking. They are also convenient to comb coarse hairs without bending; their teeth also contain a narrow gap making it easy to glide via your coarse facial hair well. Some also have more space in their teeth to glide effortlessly in your coarse and thick beards.

It is always important to choose a beard comb that will serve your needs well, your preference and beard length will play a key role in determining the type of comb you will use to comb your facial hair.

How Often Should I Comb My Beard?

You must ensure that you brush your facial hair gently so that you don’t risk damaging your facial skin, beards and hair follicles. Too much combing can harm very sensitive parts of the skin and so you need to be extra cautious and careful. You should comb your facial hair at least two times daily or for a maximum of three times. Make it a routine so that you find it easy to maintain your schedule. This will help your beards to feel nice and healthy.

FAQs on How to Comb A Beard

The most common questions asked on how to comb facial hair include the following.

  • Which is the safest, brushing or combing your facial hair?

The truth is combing is a safer method to groom your beards than brushing. Combing allows users to maintain the natural texture of the beards. It ensures that you avoid split ends that can harm your hair.

  • What direction should you take when combing your beard?

You are advised to often comb your beard from up going down. It is important for the process of detangling.

  • Why do painful sensations occur in the beard at times?

Beard hurt can be caused by several factors; most people feel pain when they lost natural oil in their beard.

Diligence is usually required when combing the facial hair. The grooming system has routines and therefore you need to follow the schedule closely to get promising outcomes. Where necessary, you have to access excellent combing tools for you to avoid experiencing breakages, split ends, beard static and friction, ingrown hairs and losing natural oil in your beard. It is your role to ensure that before combing your facial hair, make sure that your facial hair is long and mature enough for it to have a better look. It is inadvisable to comb a beard that has just developed for less than 3 months.

Proper combing requires you to know the comb-type to use, therefore don’t use poor combs and think that you can get desired objectives. Learn the best techniques to comb your beards and follow them well. This will allow you to use less effort when combing and consequently deliver efficient results. You are recommended to observe the aforementioned tips to comb your facial hair well.

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