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how to brush beard under chin

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Recently, it seems like having a full and luscious beard is a range since the male facial hair communicates a heroic image of independence, sturdiness, and willingness to do many things. However, you need to take good care of your beards and keep the underneath skin moisturized to achieve a healthy and impressive look. First, ensure that you are combing it rightly, and you will need to do it every morning. Here is a guide to provide some insight on how to maintain your chin beards to bring out that masculinity and mature perspective.

How To Comb Beard Under The Chin?

As your chin beard becomes longer, the hairs are more likely to tangle, and a comb may be your only remedy. Maintaining a truly epic beard isn’t as simple as shaving, and you need to follow this step to step guideline daily. First, wash your beards during a shower and avoid any soap that may dry out on the chin hair since this can damage your beards. Dry them with a clean towel and avoid combing when wet since this can result in hair loss, and you don’t want that! Note that there is a higher possibility that the hair under your chin might jag making it painful and a bit irritating if accidentally pulled. Therefore, you need to drench your comb with beard oil to ensure that your chin hair stays moisturized to eliminate hair breakage, reduce itchiness, and promote healthier and fuller beards.

Do strokes upward, beginning beneath the hair while coming upwards and outwards to separate all the hair so that it appears fuller. After achieving the desired fluff, once your beard feels silky soft and woolly, you can now reverse your stroke direction to comb your beard to the style you need and do it carefully to avoid snags. Work the stroke within an inch distance from your chin’s edge to the base. Remember that you need to dedicate two to three minutes to the combing routine to detangle your chin hair thoroughly.

how to brush beard under chin

Do You Comb Your Beard Up Or Down?

To determine the right direction to comb your chin hair, you need to understand your face shape. If you have a square-shaped look, then you may need to try out the downward stroke to achieve a fuller appearance on the chin with smaller sides, which gives your edges a rounder outlook. For those with a round face, a downward stroke will provide you with a fuller look, ideal length, and short edge, creating an impression of a less round face. Luckily, for those with oval face shape, you can use any style, combing downward makes your chin beard appear lengthier while combing it ups gives it a more comprehensive look. However, it would be best if you still maintain a downward stroke unless if you have long beards, and you need to give than a fuller appearance.

For those with a rectangular face, try out an upward stroke to provide a fuller look at the side parts of your beards and achieve shorter chin hair length, which gives you an oval look bringing out precise curves and edges. For the men with a weak chin, you can comb your beard forward and upward to add length, volume, bulk, and support to the fore beard. The straight and downward stroke suits those with short well maintained beards, making it neat, sharp and sleek. You may find yourself using a mixture of the above since everyone’s beard anatomy is different. However, combing your hair against its grain can result in an untidy and patchy appearance.

Why Does My Beard Curl Under My Chin?

The obvious answer could be your genetics since depending on your DNA, your hair follicles can either grow curvy or straight. Asymmetrical follicles grow oval-shaped hair strands that will grow curly as it increases in length. Additionally, your diet can affect the type of keratin and collagen in your beard follicles, which subsequently affect your chin hair curliness. It also depends on the ratio of zinc to copper in your body, and if you have too much zinc than copper, then your beard might curl more easily. Another common reason is hair dryness, especially when you wash your chin hair with harsh shampoos that loot the hair of natural oils, then it gets dry, damaged, stiffens, and curled.

The length of your facial hair also affects its curliness as a hair strand grows longer, it burdens the shaft bottom thus topples over. Additionally, when you let a lot of dirt clog into your beards, it makes it harder to comb, resulting in a rough and curly chin hair. If you want to maintain healthy facial hair, give more attention to your hygiene. Dehydration can lead to dry skin and hair, resulting in curls; therefore, ensure that you take enough water daily to moisturize your facial hair.

Does Combing Your Beard Help It Grow?

Irrespective of your facial hair type, combing it will help it grow fuller, thicker, and longer. Combing your beards helps to prevent ingrown hair and ensure that it extends in the right direction so that you avoid unsightly and painful spots. It aligns your hair perfectly with your face to give you a fuller appearance. When you comb your beard, you train different hair strands to grow in various directions, giving you a manly and fuller appearance.

While grooming, you need to use some beard oil to moisturize your skin and bring out a healthy appearance. As you comb it with the oil on, the comb distributes the product in areas that need it most, bringing out an even beard growth. If you have lousy beard genes, the only way you can achieve a desirable look is by combing it often in a particular style to train it to grow in that direction. If you have stubborn curls, combing your hair will help your beards grow outwards, gaining substantial length and weight to settle down the curves. Working on a constant face hair combing routine will bring about a manly beard to command full attention.

which way to comb beard under chin

How Often Should I Comb My Beard?

Combing your beards is a vital step in your grooming routine to keep your facial hair healthy and neat. Although it has massive benefits doing it once a day could be enough since over combing may damage your beard. However, every man is different, and varying factors like style, texture, and length can affect your beard combing patterns. If you choose to grow longer beards, you require sophisticated grooming, a quick daily comb will help keep your beards neat, but you may need touch-ups throughout the day to maintain a great look.

Your hair texture plays a crucial role in determining your combing frequency. If you have straight beards, they appear thinner and can keep long before tangling, and thus combing them once is enough. For the softer beard hair, groom them gently since they are prone to breakage, therefore, minimize your combing intervals. For the curlier and thicker beards, you may need to comb them several times throughout the day to keep them in place. Weather is another determinant, during cold seasons, your beard frizzes up and curls easily and you need to comb them often but gently since the hair gets sensitive and can easily fall off. If your beards are starting grooming once in a while, can work, but once you get past the initial growth phase, you can comb more often to keep them clean.

Is It Better To Comb Or Brush Beard?

When you finally decide to grow beards, you may find straightening easier until you get to three months beard growth. Depending on the growth stage, you can determine whether you need to brush or comb your facial hair. For a well-kept or close trimmed beard, you might not see the need to work on it, but a three-inch will need daily grooming.

For short beards, a brush will be suitable since it reaches the skin and pulls away any dead cells taming your whiskers to get them to the preferred direction of your beard growth. It gives your beard a thicker look as the bristles lift your hair from the skin to bring out a heftier appearance. Note that a brush should groom your beard when dry to avoid causing any breakage.

Once your beard growth is about three months, and you have achieved significant growth, it’s time for a comb. Your longer beards will often require styling, and combs have better edges with a more natural control for styling purposes. A comb will be useful when applying beard oil since it distributes it evenly to all parts making them equally smooth and soft. Use a comb when trimming your beards ends with scissors to help measure and cut the right length for a uniform look. Also, a comb works better when detangling your facial hair to get rid of knots and tangles.

Should You Wash Your Beard Every Day?

For the beard lovers, washing will aid in keeping your facial hair clean. Usually, it will be best if you wash your beard at least twice a week with warm water or daily. For daily use, avoid shampoos to prevent eroding the natural oils on the skin. Beard cleaning schedules can vary from person to person due to the uniqueness in style, length, texture, and skin type. If you have long beards, wash them thoroughly in the morning and evening, but if shorter, do it once in a day.

Also, the environment you live in, whether hot or dry, influences the frequency at which you wash your beard. Dry air and cold temperatures could be unfavorable for your facial hair; thus, clean them at least twice per week with some warm water. Your lifestyle is also a determinant of how often you wash your beard. If your work environment exposes you to dirt, such as in the construction industry, then you might need to wash your facial hair daily to avoid irritation.

How Do You Wash Your Beard?

You may feel okay with your beard since you adhere to a regular shower regime, but, it takes some exceptional efforts to maintain excellent beard aesthetics and texture. First, you will need a lot of lukewarm water to open your pores, thereby increasing blood flow while removing any accumulated oils and dirt. Dampen your facial hair and apply either a liquid shampoo or solid bar beard wash based on your preferences. For solid bars, rub it into your beard for about 15 seconds and increase the time depending on your beard size. When using a shampoo, just put a small amount on your palm and gently work on your beard, add some amount if the beard is thicker.

Give your facial hair a vigorous massage to achieve a decent lather that aids in distributing the shampoo evenly. Use your fingertips in scrub motion to dig deep as it helps clean your skin to avoid acne and dryness. Leave it for some minutes to give the shampoo ample time for the ingredients to penetrate. You can then rinse your beard thoroughly with lukewarm water in massaging motion to ensure pores are open and to eliminate any left-over beard wash. Finally, dry it with a towel gently, then apply beard oil, conditioner and comb it straight.


Growing your beards is a superb decision, but more importantly, you should focus on maintaining a clean and healthy look. The chin region is a poorly understood area due to the unpredictable hair growth, which gets challenging to tame at times. Thus, it would be best if you use the above guidelines to determine what treatment and combing direction work best for your specific beard. Combing your beards detangles your facial hair, evenly distributes oil to ensure perfect coverage, shapes your beards into the desired style, and brings out a fuller appearance. However, a combination of brushing and combing brings out excellent results and a healthy look.

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