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how to get a very close shave

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When it comes to getting a close shave, some guys will spend a lot of money to make their facial skin pretty soft. That’s because looking professional typically increases your chances of succeeding whether you want to meet new people or get a job promotion. Appearance is incredibly essential in today’s society for men and women alike, and that’s also true when you want a close shave.

Shaving without getting an irritated skin or ingrown hairs and cuts is possible provided you have the right tools and shaving techniques. Getting a clean shave at home can be challenging, but once you master the routine, it’ll become second nature. In this simple guide, we are going to cover all the essential steps so the next time that you use the blade against your facial skin, you will realize the results that you’re aiming for.

how to get a closer shave

What is the Perfect Shave, and Why Do Most Guys Get it So Wrong?

A perfect shave refers to an easy, smooth, and clean shave that every man strives for whenever they bring their shaver up their chin. It’s that effortless shave without any of the typical skin redness, burning sensation, and skin irritation that most men go through during the shaving routine.

The main reason why many men find this so difficult to achieve is because good shaving has currently become a forgotten art among most guys. That’s because the shaving routine has become more about the cheap, disposable shaving razors than a great and customized tool in your hands. Again, most people treat it as a mindless routine that you can rush through every morning without paying attention to it.

Dragging a disposable razor across layers of shaving gel or foam on your face is not an improvement on the shaving routine but a step backward from the past. Now that most men are paying a lot of attention to their general appearance, the trend thing when it comes to male grooming is a close wet, which is the best shave you can have.

How to Get a Close Shave Step by Step

Taking a warm shower before shaving will clean your face any accumulated dirt and also pre-soften your facial hair, making it pretty easy to get a close and smooth shave. If taking a warm shower isn’t an option before shaving, you can soak a towel in some hot water for a couple of seconds and then put it on your face while covering all the parts you would like to shave. Leave the towel on your face for one or two minutes. The warm towel on your face will soften your beard in the same way as the warm shower.

  • Build up some lather

After taking a warm shower, build up some lather in a shaving bowl using your shaving cream or soap until it accumulates.

  • Apply the lather on your face

After producing rich and non-soapy lather, begin applying it on the face. To make the best out of the lather on your face, make sure to swirl your brush across your whole face and concentrate on applying the lather against the direction of hair growth. After covering the entire face with the rich lather, make a couple of gentle strokes using your shaving brush to get an equally distributed volume of lather on your whole face.

  • Make your first pass

Take your razor and begin shaving. If you would like to get a close or smooth shave, you will begin by shaving with the grains on your initial pass. The objective is to shave as much facial hair as possible with your first pass to eliminate long facial beard. Avoid any passes using the shaving razor on un-lathered skin, particularly if you are using a straight or safety razor to prevent severe skin irritation.

  • Make your second pass

Once you finish your initial pass with the grain, you should prepare for the second pass. Gently rinse your face using some warm water to wash away any hair and lather. Begin applying lather once more using the same technique mentioned earlier in the lather application phase. If the lather in your bowl is dry already, drop some few drops of water in your shaving bowl and begin swirling again. Once your lather gets back to normal, begin applying on your face.

Start shaving across your hair growth, but you can also begin shaving against your hair growth if you have some experience in wet shaving. This second pass normally cuts most of your facial hair, giving you a closer and smooth shave. When you finish, repeat the process by rinsing your face and lathering to prepare it for your third pass.

  • Make the last pass

If your beard is not quite dense and thick, the last shaving pass may not be necessary. However, this final pass will provide you with the closest shave achievable. Start shaving once more against the grain even if you did shave against the grain in the second pass. Most often, three passes are the best if you are looking for incredible results.

  • Rinse your face

Once you finish shaving, you should rinse your face and dry it pretty well using a towel and then apply your preferred aftershave balm.

how to get a very close shave

How to Get a Close Shave with an Electric Shaver

Whether you have been using an electric shaver for a while or just a novice when it comes to electric shavers, there are various things you should keep in mind to get the most out of your shaving routine. Follow this step-by-step guide for a dry or wet shave, and you’ll achieve an ultra-groomed appearance in s short time.

If wet shaving isn’t your thing, then electric pre-shave lotion is the next big thing. Your skin should be as dry as possible to have a dry shave, but the oils of the skin and moisture can make things pretty difficult. Besides, the razor has to deal with some flat-lying hairs as well.

For a dry protective shave, start by ensuring that your beard is not very long. Too much beard length might lead to yanking, which leads to uncomfortable shave, or even skin bumps. An electric pre-shave cream will provide you with a lubrication layer, absorb the moisture, and also cause the facial hair to stand straight and stiffen up.

Utilizing a pre-shave lotion will also contribute to a smoother and closer shave. Use the electric shaver at a right-angle while moving against the direction of your hair growth, using a circular motion. That will minimize any skin irritability and reduce your shaving time as well.


If you want a wet shave, start by washing your face using some warm water and a cleanser to soften your facial hair and also get rid of any excess oil on your face.


Use a shaving cream if you are wet shaving using an electric shaver to enhance the closeness and comfort of your shave. Next, massage some foam or gel on your neck and face and leave it on for around five minutes before shaving. That will also allow the coarse lining of the beard to soften up.

Good shaving creams will soften your facial hair and provide you with lubrication, enabling the razor to cut your beard effectively and close to your skin as well. The additional comfort means that you can enjoy more strokes and pressure than usual, significantly contributing to your shave’s closeness. The lather also serves as a lubricant for your shaving blades, reducing the heat and the friction that makes the razor even more forgiving.


Always remember to use the shaving tool against hair growth. Utilize your free hand to gently pull and also tighten your skin to ensure that the facial hair is standing straight for a closer cut. Avoid using excessive pressure with the electric shaver on your facial skin, which might lead to irritability.

  • Begin with your neck

Tackle the sensitive areas such as the neck first as the shaver generates heat. Going over some more delicate parts initially will ensure that the least amount of energy used. Avoid making repeated passes on such spots. The electric shavers come with multi-direction flexible heads with various independent movements for the right level of skin contact, particularly for sensitive areas.

  • Clean the shaver

Clean your electric shaver after every shave. That’s one of the many reasons why it’s vital to opt for a waterproof electric shaver. Cleaning your shaver after use will assist in making your shaving tool last for a longer duration.

FAQs on How to Get a Close Shave

What shaving tool can provide me with the closest possible shave?

Ans:To get a closer and smoother shave, you can either use a safety razor, an electric razor, a cut-throat straight razor or a cartridge razor with multiple blades and a reasonable size gap between the blades

What number of passes should I have to get a close shave?

Ans:Generally, there’s no specific number of passes you can make to get a close and smooth shave. However, it significantly depends on how dense and thick your facial hair is and your shaving technique. Most men with normal beard growth require two or three passes to attain a close shave.

Is my shaving technique essential when I want a close shave?

Ans:The most common technique is to make your initial pass with the hair growth, the second one across the hair growth and third pass against the hair growth. However, the number of shaving passes you make is incredibly important. The way you make your passes is also important, but the way you hold your razor can change the way you shave your facial hair and the closeness you can get. Having said that, when you are using with a safety razor to shave, contingent on the angle you utilize to hold the shaving razor against your skin, it’ll give you different shaving pressure and hence, a milder or deeper shave.

How can I get a close and smooth shave without getting razor irritations?

Ans:Unless your skin is generally susceptible to irritation, some of the causes of skin irritation when you are shaving are inadequate pre-shave preparation and lack of suitable wet shaving techniques. When you finish three or two small strokes, you should rinse the razors using water to ensure that the facial hair that’s stuck on the shaving blade does not scratch your face to avoid skin irritation.

Why does a razor blade offer a closer shave when compared to an electric shaver?

Ans:Electric shavers are specifically designed for speed, portability, safety, and convenience. When it comes to safety, the blades of electric shavers are protected to avoid cutting your facial hair very deep, preventing any cuts. On the other hand, the blades of a razor are exposed, which means you can reach deeper in the skin and shave your beard closer than electric shavers.

A close shave is always possible if you follow the simple processes discussed above and if you have the right tools that match your skin type. Shaving is usually a very personal thing, and even if you implement all the recommendations and tips, you stumble upon, achieving that close and smooth shave will undoubtedly take a lot of trial and error. However, some of the techniques and tips outlined here might work for you with some little adjustments.

You should not hesitate to change some things up if you’re not satisfied with the shaving results. The safest approach is to begin small with your changes and proceed from there. But with the right shaving tools and small adjustments, you can greatly improve your results. That being said, you should look for the best shaver that meets your unique needs, as well as one that gives you a comfortable shaving experience and good results.

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