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best beard shampoo and conditioner

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Your beard has to be spik-and-spun all the time. Indeed, a good beard has been noted to give you the confidence you need to face your day. Then again, you have to appear well so as to interact seamlessly with the others around you.

All these calls for the utmost attention to your beards. For this to happen, you have to bring in the best beard care products. The beard oil and conditioner are two products you will find absolutely essential for this role.

We are going to examine everything which pertains to these two products. At the same time, we shall also look into how to make them work for you. Finally, we shall examine some of the top beard conditioners which the market has to offer to you as we speak.

best beard shampoo and conditioner

What is a Beard Conditioner?

A beard conditioner is an amalgamation of natural oils which is fortified with moisturizers and vitamins. It is designed to make your beard more tame, naturally soft, and smoother. Most of them lack the harsh chemicals and sulfates that characterize the hair conditioners.

Two main kinds of beard conditioners do exist. These are:

a.)  In-shower Beard Conditioners

As the name suggests, they are applicable while showering. They are used alongside soap and beard shampoo. They mostly detangle the beard in order to make it easier to manage. Some incorporate shampoos also.

b.) Leave-in Conditioner

These ones are applicable after showering rather than during the same. They may also double up as the skin balm or oil. Use them alongside your moisturizing agents to make your hair softer and easier to manage later. Like the other conditioner, it also leaves your skin glowing and smooth.

Beard Conditioner vs. Beard Oil

Though use hand in hand, these two cosmetics differ considerably. A beard conditioner is a shampoo which improves the manageability, feels, and appearance of the chin hair. It is applied after washing the beard completely.

Beard oil, on the other hand, is a cosmetic which is chiefly used to smoothen and nourish the beard. It is employed extensively to let you style your beard. When applied to your beard, it yields some shiny appearances.

Best Beard Conditioners

#1: The Gentlemen’s Premium Beard Oil

Do you abhor scents or are allergic to fragrances? This is the beard oil to choose. It is devoid of any fragrances yet is premium in the formulation. You use it to condition and soften your beard primarily. Frequent use of this product brings many potential benefits.

These include strengthening of the beard, promotion of the growth of the same, and the moisturization of the skin underneath your beard. It also prevents the hair strands from falling off.


  • Lacks any GMOs and additives
  • Devoid of any strong fragrances
  • Makes your beard feel healthier
  • Absorbs faster and deeper in the skin
  • Protects against ultraviolet radiation


  • Costs a premium
  • May disparage gentler skin
  • Too potent formulation

#2: Smooth Viking Beard Balm

If yours is extremely oily skin, you want some oil that is extremely light in the formulation. This is a good one to consider making use of. Its flagship trait is the ultra-lightweight formulation which spreads widely, easily, and deeply.

Upon application, it generates some superior hold on your hair strands. This one goes a long way in strengthening the strands completely. It also makes the beard last forever and yield some awesome looks.


    • Easier to rub on your palm and spread around
    • Expedites your styling and beauty
    • Manages some superior hold on your hair
    • Thickens and strengthens your beard
    • Enhances the growth of the hair



  • Only for oily skins
  • Traps dirt and heat
  • Potentially inflicts skin issues

#3: Beard Growth Shampoo and Conditioner Set

If you abhor synthetic or artificial stuff, this is a beard oil to prioritize. Its formulation is purely organic and lacks any harmful chemicals. Among these are biotin and tea tree oils. Then, it is most useful for invigorating the growth of facial hair.

Due to its fluid and dilute nature, it is easier to spread out. You only use a comb and moderate force to do so. This makes for excellent and expedited styling too!



  • Comparatively weak potency
  • May not tackle rough beards well
  • Unsuitable for long-term use

#4: Smooth Viking Beard Oil for Men

Does your beard also itch when fully grown? This formulation is capable of forestalling the itches over and above styling your beard. That is why you have to make it a priority in your beard care regimen.

Use it to tame those unruly beards, achieve that modern look, and make your skin softer. Given its excellent formulation, this oil will also smoothen your skin and make it appear glossier. Why not grab it to make your skin gentle?


  • Makes your skin feeling softer
  • Penetrates faster and hassle-free
  • Packed with tons of premium ingredients


  • Offers poor styling support
  • Can damage hair when used for long
  • Contains some chemicals

#5: Unscented Beard Oil for Men by the Rugged Bros

This oil also features natural and organic ingredients only. These ingredients combine to make the conditioner enhance the growth of your beard. They also allow you to groom it appropriately and with minimal effort.

It also brings along some ultimate moisturizing effects. You hence have it for your taking if yours is a dry and scaly scalp or chin. Then the oil also penetrates deeper faster to bring about the desired ends sooner.


  • Whole natural ingredients
  • Tones the skin underlying the beard
  • Free of any fragrances
  • Unlikely to trigger respiratory issues


  • Unsuitable for oily skins
  • May damage hair roots
  • Requires extreme caution to apply

#6: Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner

Hairs come in diverse shades and forms. It is necessary to match the kind of hair you have with the specific beard oil that is meant for it. This one is designed to soften coarse and rogue hairs.

Notwithstanding this awesome capability, the oil comprises only natural and organic ingredients. They are subsequently gentler, safer, and less likely to pose any serious issues on your skin or scalp. Use it to shape up your hair.


    • Softens the rogue and coarse hairs
    • Derived from natural ingredients


  • Limited to rough hair only
  • Too potent to smooth hairs
  • May inflict burns to your fingers

#7: Honest Amish – Classic Beard Oil – 2 Ounce

Sometimes it is never enough to style or condition your beard. You want to go ahead and moisturize the skin atop which the beard itself is contained. Unfortunately, not all oils can let you do this.

That is why you have to insist on one that is specially formulated for the job like this one. At its core is the Golden Jojoba, Organic Virgin Argan and a couple of premium hydrating oils. They work jointly to make your beard better.


  • Softens your beard hair strands
  • Conditions your skin as well
  • Comprises only natural ingredients
  • A very trusted brand indeed
  • Has the elegant jojoba ingredient


  • May disparage too oily skins
  • Relatively weaker potency than most oils
  • Takes too long to trickle in the hair roots

#8: Smooth Viking Beard Conditioner for Men

Have some too thick beards? Well, we advise against using any conditioner randomly. You have to choose one that is specially formulated and potent enough for the job. This one has some deep conditioning capabilities.

You will hence find it a worthy companion for such matters and circumstances of use. It also does a great job of softening those course and sometimes itchy beard hair. Being powerful, you only apply a negligible amount and spread out for maximum impacts.


  • Tackles coarse and itchy beard powerfully
  • Incredibly effective at softening beards
  • Reduces itches to the absolute minimum
  • Specially formulated in the USA
  • Allows for easy applications


  • Can damage thinner beards
  • Not so kind to the gentle skins
  • Likely to clog the sweat pores

#9: Mr. Rugged Pump Beard Oil Conditioner 1oz

In case your beard is affected by some disease or complications, the oil you choose and use has to possess curative properties. This one is designed for improving the health of your beard considerably.

It hence more likely fits that bill particularly well. The reasons underlying this ability are the existence of tea tree oil, cedarwood essential oils, Vitamin E, Argan oils, and the jojoba seed oils, to mention but a few!


  • Greatly improves the health of your beard
  • Safeguards your beard hair from harsh elements
  • Nourishes beard hair follicles
  • Easier to apply
  • Completely natural formulation


  • Limited to diseased beards
  • Too potent formulation
  • Does not support styling

#10: Fragrance-Free Beard Oil & Leave-in Conditioner

Wrappings up the list of the best beard conditioners is this Fragrance-Free Beard Oil. It is designed to undertake all your beard care chores ‘under one roof.’ This stems from its ability to tame, groom, moisturize, heal, and grow your beard.

All these are made possible by its potent formulation which is also comprehensive enough. By placing your bet on this product, you are sure to spare yourself some time and money.


  • Saves time and money
  • Leaves behind some healthy outcomes
  • Enhances the grooming of your mustache
  • Soaks in the hair follicle quickly
  • Tames unruly hair


  • Takes long to spread out
  • Yields short-lasting outcomes
  • Lacks any curative abilities

What to Look For When Buying a Beard Conditioner

To find the right beard conditioner, you have to care for a number of factors and issues. Below are the top things you must put into consideration as you make a necessary find:


Your topmost concern should be the formulation of the conditioner of your choice. A good conditioner has to contain safe and gentle ingredients. If possible, those ingredients have to be completely natural. This is to spare your body of any harms and possible skin burns.


If you love fragrances, you may choose that product which contains them. Even then, they have to be strictly natural. Generally, though, you are advised against using conditioners that have fragrances. They have the potential to inflict respiratory tract infections and allergic reactions.

Hydration Capability

To save yourself some time and money, you want a conditioner that also possesses hydration capacity. You do not want to purchase numerous cosmetics and body care products which will clutter your room. Some of the best ingredients which might guarantee this are the Sweet Almond oil, Argan Oil, and Jojoba oil.

Skin Type

Skins differ in types, depths, texture, and moisture contents. The normal, dry, and oily, are the major skin types. It is necessary hence that you take care of this fact as you search for the right conditioner. Be sure to match the conditioner you have in mind with the skin type.

best beard shampoos and conditioners

Advantages of Using Beard Conditioning

Detangles any Mess

Just like your normal body hair, your beard too can entangle. This makes it difficult for you to comb or style your beard as need be. The beard conditioning comes in to detangle the mess to let you comb and style it smoothly.

Soothes the Itchiness

Some conditioners are formulated to soothe any itchiness as they arise. In this way, they prevent those pains and discomforts which are bound to arise with such. Be sure though that the one you pick is safe for your skin.

Softens the Beard

Some beards are too thick and ugly. To be able to comb and style them, you have to ‘tame’ them first and foremost. Yet again, you will make do with these beard conditioners.

Hydrates the Skin and Beard

Finally, the conditioners also hydrate the skin which lies beneath the beard itself. In this way, they replenish the lost moisture which leaves your skin dry and ghastly. This also prolongs the life of the skin as a whole.

We have done our part by explaining all that you may have to know to be able to make a good purchasing decision. We are now truly confident that you have the insight you need to play this role well.

Simply skim the list we have provided above to identify the specific product you might find handy for your cause. A good conditioner has to be appropriately formulated for your unique need. Then again you have to factor your own financial resources.

The best time to make a purchase is the end month and peak sales seasons. Retailers, in their attempt to lure clients, will often reduce the prices of these items. This means you will spend less, comparatively to purchase them at such times. We wish you the best of luck in the process!

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