Why Does My Hair Fall Out When I Wash It?




why does my hair fall out alot when i wash it

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Hair needs to be maintained for it to grow well, take care of your hair, and make it your priority. Anytime you notice that it is falling off and you are worried, visit your doctor before it’s too late. For men, this might not be a big deal, but as for the ladies, any single hair loss gives them stress because of the love they have for hair.

Men and hair

It doesn’t mean that men do not love hair, but the chances of their hair shedding are very low, the reason being they don’t style them, no blow drying, and no colors or chemicals are used on their hair.

For your hair to stop too much shedding, you need to stop styling a lot because, in the process of styling, you might make it too tight, and this will lead to losing your hair, avoid too much heat and choose wisely the chemicals used on your hair.

why does my hair fall out alot when i wash it

Why Does My Hair Fall Out When I Wash It?

Washing hair is not the cause of its falling, everyone loses hair in the shower mostly because during the process of shedding, shampooing and massaging the hair shades away from the already loose hair strands.

If a lot of hair falls off, that doesn’t come from washing and shampooing; if you don’t wash your hair every day, you will notice that the hair loss is less than usual.

If you notice that you are losing some hair during washing, don’t worry at all because it’s normal and happens to almost everyone. Otherwise, you need to monitor it a lot as some hair loss may not be typical. If you shade 100 or so hair per day that’s abnormal, it might have happened due to damage from chemicals or too tight styling.

How Can I Prevent My Hair From Falling Out When I Wash It?

Losing hair is something that worries almost all of us, but it being something normal; we should know how to stop our hair from falling.

Wash regularly

First and foremost, hair should always be washed no matter what, but when washing, ensure that you use a mild shampoo since harsh ones cause hair to dry, causing it to break and fall quickly. Washing hair protects hair loss by keeping the scalp healthy and clean.

Coconut oil

Use coconut oil on your hair, as it prevents hair damage from grooming and light exposure. Coconut oil has lauric acid in it that helps binding protein in hair. Coconut oil may also help to improve your hair growth.

Styling hair

While styling hair, you need to be gentle enough. Tight styling pulls the hair on the root leading to hair loss/ shedding avoid such styles at any cost, also avoid heat stylers as it breaks the hair shaft.

Right materials

Treat your hair well, use the right materials on it, and you will see the results. Follow all those things required of you, and of course, your hair will even grow faster than you expected.

Why Does Hair Fall Out When I Shower?

It’s common to lose hair in the showers every time, but it should not be a lot of it. Hair loss can occur due to several reasons, ask yourself what you’ve been doing to your hair before. Have you colored it, are you on any medication? By any chance, do you have any disease? There could be so many reasons as to why you are losing hair.

If a lot of hair is lost, you should worry, but if it’s between 50-100 hairs a day that’s normal for everyone. If you’ve answered yes to above questions, it means that it could be the reason, while if you answered no, is that your hair is undergoing a growth circle. Lastly, if you wash your hair with hot water and blow-dry it, hair is damaged, and it falls off quickly. Get the right shampoo for your hair.

why does my hair fall out when i wash it and brush it

How Can I Stop My Hair From Falling Out?

It is stressing and embarrassing to see your hair falling out. Here is what you need to do, follow healthy habits, and dedicate yourself to do it for some a few months. Let’s look at some other tips that will stop hair from falling off.


Apply coconut oil on your scalp for 10 minutes massage your scalp well and make sure you apply enough of it, do this for three days and each time you use the coconut oil, ensure that you rinse the oil on your head every morning make this a daily routine and you will see the changes. Observe your sleeping time, go to bed early, and wake up early, get enough sleep always.

Don’t forget to use the right shampoo on your hair anytime you wash it, avoid too much heat and, if possible avoid regular blow dries. Don’t wash your hair daily as it makes your hair fall even worse; eat meals rich in proteins and drink water daily.

Is it normal to lose 150 hairs a day?

A normal hair loss should be between 50 to 100 hairs, but 150 are not normal. Hair shedding is a natural process, but losing hair can be scary. Hair can be lost because it’s undergoing a growth stage or maybe because of the harmful chemicals used, when the hair loss exceeds 125 hairs per day, that’s no longer shedding.

You’ve always been stressed whenever you pull your hair out, emotional stress and change in diet contributes to hair loss. Some drugs can also be a cause; both controls can also temporarily disrupt hair growth.

But never worry about it, stressing over hair loss can lead to more of it. Monitor your hair every time by simply grabbing about 40 hairs an inch away with your thumb and forefinger, count the number of hair that falls out, and if it’s more than six, something is wrong.

Be good to your hair, and it will be good too, heat styling and wrong shampoos weaken hair causing it to break off. Excessive combing can lead to increases shedding. If you feel that something is wrong, visit a dermatologist.

How do I know if am losing too much hair?

It’s not difficult to know, especially if you monitor and love your hair; whenever you comb your hair or wash it, you’ll notice the amount that falls off. Another way is when you see a lot of hair on your pillow every morning; you wake up that could be a sign that you are losing more hair than you should be.

Try pulling on it, grab your hair and run your fingers through it, if you find that you are losing more than 15 hairs that are too much but if it’s not more than eight hairs, you have nothing to worry about.

What to observe

By looking at your part, you’ll be able to tell if you are losing too much hair or not. When the part is wider than it used to be, it means that you are losing a lot of hair. It might be difficult to tell, but if you are careful, you can easily know the difference.

When there is hair all over your shower, it means that a lot of it is lost. It’s normal to see hair in your shower, but if there is too much hair than what you usually see, that could be a sign of too much hair loss.

Another test that determines how much hair you are losing is by brushing your hair from back to front and then count the number of hairs that fall; this gives you an idea of whether you are losing too much hair or not.

When brushing your hair, there is always some hair that remains in your brush, you know the amount of hair you normally loose daily but if the brush used was clean, and you notice a larger amount of hair in the brush, there is a potential that you are losing more hair.

When your ponytail becomes small, it simply means that you’ve lost hair. It might be difficult to tell but a thinner ponytail can be a sign that you might be losing too much hair.

How Much Hair Falls Is Normal In A Day?

A normal hair loss should be between 50 to 100 hairs, more than 125 hairs aren’t normal. When the body sheds more hairs every day it means that excessive hair shedding is experienced. People with long hair are able to notice when too much hair starts falling.

There are thousands of follicles in everybody’s scalp and losing only 100 hair strands a day may not make a big difference. Women lose more hair strands per day than men because of the styling, heat styling and coloring.

What Causes Hair to Fall Out Easily?

There are several things that can cause hair to fall out; increased hair loss can be as a result of stress or a health condition. Other causes are the usual ones like; excessive washing, too much brushing, heat styling and harsh hair treatment

Other potential causes of hair loss include; nutritional deficiencies, thyroid conditions and female pattern hair loss. See your doctor if you are worried about how much hair you are losing.

Can You Go Bald After 40?

Baldness starts at the age of 40, but many men go bald at the age of sixty, it takes 15 to 25 years for men to be completely baldly. This is not a fixed number, in any case, baldness is genetic, and the amount of hair fall and its type might be different from that of your parents.

Baldness can come earlier because of stress and medications. Some people began balding even after a 17-year old growth spurt. The earlier it begins, the harder it is for the person. It takes a while to accept change and that is completely normal to feel upset, but with time one gets used to it because it’s permanent anyway.

Genes from your mum can play a role in your baldness even though it’s only half the pie. These genes can also be inherited from your father. It means that it can be inherited from both father’s and mother’s side, so if there is anyone from the two families who is bald your chances of being bald are 100%.

What Foods Cause Hair Loss?

There are some foods you need to stop eating if you want to have good hair. Certain foods could be a cause of hair loss and avoiding them in your diet can be good to your hair. Let’s look at some of the foods that shouldn’t be taken regularly as it causes hair loss. We have carbonated drinks, dairy products, sugary cereals greasy foods.

If you want your hair to stop falling, take a step of removing this food from your diet. Eat food that is rich in proteins and others that are recommended for good hair growth.

By reading this article, you are able to learn several things about hair loss, when to worry, and how to manage it. As per now, you shouldn’t be worried in case of a hair loss because you’ve read and learned what to do in case it happens.

To strengthen follicles and slow hair loss, one need to get good sleep, reduce smoking, drinking. Eat food rich in proteins and your hair will grow well and look nice. You’ve known the type of foods that causes hair loss, what causes hair loss, how many hairs fall is normal in a day, how to know if you are losing too much hair, how to stop your hair from falling out and why your hair falls out when you shower.

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