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How Long Does It Take For A Man To Regret Losing You

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Relationships require both members to be committed and responsible, for it to last, you need to trust each other. Even if talking about your past life helps, go for it. Keep in mind that you need to be focused and serious.

Do Men Regret Losing A Good Woman

What Does It Mean When A Guy Talks About His Past Relationship?

You must be wondering why your guy talks about his past relationship all the time, you shouldn’t worry because it doesn’t mean that he wants her ex back.

If your current boyfriend talks negatively about his past relationship, he may not be a good person to date or have a relationship with. You do not want someone who will talk negatively about you if you happen to break up.

There are so many reasons why he talks about his past relationship, and some of these reasons are as follows;

You remind him of his ex

After a breakup, someone might decide to look for qualities of their ex in someone else. So if your guy is talking about her all the time could be because you share similarities with your ex.

Talking about her does not mean she wants her back, it is just that you share interests and similarities with her ex-girlfriend.

His ex-played an important role in his life

He talks about his past with a certain girl because that girl might have played a significant role in his life, she was his first love, or she was present at a certain event that was important to him.

He wants you to trust him

If you want someone to trust you, reveal some secrets about you. This could be one reason why your man is telling you about his past, you might think that the information is not but one way to make him feel trusted is by telling him about your past relationship.

He wants you to up your game

A guy might bring up such a discussion for you to change on some particular areas that do not please him for instance, he might be interested in something you don’t like, and to make you change your mind, he will talk about how her ex loved that particular thing and how fun it was.

The guy wants to know your secrets

Your boyfriend might want to know much about your past, but you aren’t the type of person who opens up, so what he does is make you talk by being open.

He is happy to have you in his life

It is such a relief to have someone who cares and better than your ex, especially if your relationship was toxic. Your boyfriend talks about his past because he appreciates the things you do and compares you with his ex.

He might have been missing a lot from his ex. To make him happier, use this information to make things perfect.

Might be testing you

Do not be negative all the time, your man would want to test you to see how you react when jealous. So if he talks about his ex all the time to make you jealous, talk about it if it’s affecting you in some way.

Doesn’t want to make the same mistakes

People make mistakes in relationships, and that’s normal, but they can be avoided. Don’t judge your man when he talks about his mistakes in the past relationships you also made some. He’s telling you about them because he doesn’t want to repeat the same thing again.

Has unresolved issues

It could be your boyfriend is not over your ex, to end the relationship, he tries to piss you off by talking about her. Or they want you to be on the same page with them by sharing everything with you.

Is Talking About Past Relationships Healthy?

Yes, it’s good to talk about your past relationship to not repeat what happened the last time. Some people do not prefer talking about it, and that’s okay if your partner is willing.

Gives your partner an insight into who you are

Talking about your past relationship helps you know about your past struggles and how you grew into today’s strong person. Past relationships can help you find out something important about yourself that you might not have seen during those days.

Tough situations can help strengthen your character, when you talk about something, your partner will try to understand and help you about something challenging for you to handle. Do not always be negative when someone talks about their past it could be one way to share their experiences.

Builds trust and encourages open communication

A certain psychological association encourages people who have been heartbroken before to stay optimistic and continue talking about their exes. It’s good to get rid of all emotions from the past relationship before getting into new ones, but the ability to be free with your partner is important.

Do not hide part of yourself, be free to share with your new partner some challenges you’ve been through and things you’ve learned. It’s not about sharing how the sex life in your past relationship was but some other important stuff.

Talk about how the relationship was, what happened, what you’ve learned, and where you are now. Not all people are the same, so gauge your partner if he’s too curious and uncomfortable about it, stop talking about your past life.

How Long Does It Take For A Man To Regret Losing You

How Do You Tell If A Guy Is Serious About A Relationship?

It’s hard to differentiate between someone serious and one who is not, you need to be keen before you get into a relationship with someone. You don’t want to be heartbroken by someone you loved and trusted the most.

However, you should at least have an idea of who is serious and who is not because you need to have someone who is not just there to mess with your life. Make yourself a priority by dating the right person, remember that you want to be loved back the way you love them.

If you have found someone you feel can make a better half, be patient and observe, if he does the following things, then that is the guy.

Signs to Know Your Better Half

You’ve met his friends or family

When a man is serious about you, he will introduce you to his family and friends just as a way to let you into his life. This kind of man is committed and ready to invest in the relationship.

If someone is serious about you, he won’t bother to introduce you to anyone because when you are only having fun, you don’t need to let your partner see the other side of you. So if a guy lets you in his life, he is serious and proud to be with you.

Makes you feel considered

He wants to make you feel special by making you part of his, and that doesn’t mean that everything he does should revolve around you, but instead, you should notice that he factors you into most of his things.

He makes plans with you

A man who is not serious does not include you in his plans but the one who loves and wants to spend a life with you. It might take some time before this guy starts to make plans with you because he is taking time to learn if you are genuine, and once you show some seriousness, this guy becomes comfortable with you and wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

Makes an effort to see you

A serious guy will always make an effort to see you no matter how helps up he is, it might be different when dating and still learning about each other, and when this stage is over, and both of you are comfortable around each other, he chooses to spend most of his time with you to show his seriousness to you.

He’s seen the real you and is still there

Most of the time, no one shows their true colors during dating time, things get more real when both of you get used to each other. He might see you in your worst situation but still chooses to stay, that’s a great guy for you.


A serious guy apologizes when he wrongs, and that’s another of showing that he cares. But don’t expect a man to apologize all the time for no good reason. He will likely not argue if you have an argument, and some walk away when they can’t handle the situation.

If your guy admits and apologizes for his mistakes, don’t let him go he cares and is serious because he is ready to do anything for the relationship to work.

Committed to you

Commitment doesn’t mean he has to post you pictures everywhere telling everyone about his relationship. That might work for some people, but that doesn’t show how someone is serious about you.

If all his friends or family members know about you, he could be serious about you and has plans to have a future with you.

He listens

Listening is important, and there is a difference between listening and hearing. If your man pays attention to you, remembers small things, and even referring back to what you talked about in the past, that person is a good guy.

How Do You Tell If He Still Loves His Ex?

Hasn’t removed her pictures from social media

If your boyfriend still has pictures of his ex on social media and when you inquire to know why he makes excuses like it will look rude or he is just a friend now.

If you catch him looking at those pictures most of the time, that means he misses her ex, make a decision and leave when it’s too early.

He still talks to her

A guy who is not over his ex tends to talk to her all the time, even if the relationship ended a while ago. It’s okay for them to talk but just as friends, but you should be curious if he calls and texts her whenever you are not around.

If the conversation doesn’t seem to end, it’s clear he still has feelings for that particular girl, being friends with his ex is fine so long as he doesn’t hide it from you.

Stalks her online

If he acts suspicious when you go near him while he is using his phone and you realize he was stalking his ex, then he misses her. If he doesn’t want to get over his ex, he should get back to her or set boundaries.

Forgets and calls you by her exes name

If your boyfriend calls you by her name, don’t take it for granted because she is still in his mind, and you are just there for fun. If it happens more than once, think about your position in this relationship.

What Should I Do If My Boyfriend Still Has Feelings For His Ex?

If your boyfriend is not over his ex, you need to think about your future and ask yourself if you can handle all that pressure. Of course, it hurts to see your boyfriend with his ex all the time, even if they don’t meet.

It’s important to try your luck somewhere else, you deserve a man who loves you and is proud of you. It’s better to quit the relationship before the emotions become too much.

Relationships are not easy to handle, but once you know the following things, nothing will bother you, before getting into a new relationship, know if it’s good to talk about past relationships, what it means when a guy talks about his ex, and what to if he still has feet for his ex.

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