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How you shave usually matters more than how regularly you shave your body hair, and it also impacts on the lifespan of your razor blades. There’s no set schedule on how regularly you should shave, but you can learn how to set a suitable shaving routine and frequency. Shaving frequency is completely up to you, regardless of whether that is every once in a while or every day. If you shave frequently, your blades will wear out fast, meaning you need to change them for good results. Changing your blades have a load of reasons that many people may underestimate, but they are helpful in that new blades will give you a clean and healthy shave when compared to dull razors. Here are few guidelines on how often you should change your razor blades to make the experience better.

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How Often Should You Change Your Razor Blades for Men?

If money wasn’t a consideration, we could use a new blade each time we shaved. At the same time, you don’t want to feel like you cutting with a piece of blunt object. The best sign that’s it time for a new blade is dullness. If your razor blade pulls of your hair, feels rough on your skin or you experience skin irritation than before shave. How frequently you need to change your module depends on the many times that you shave.

You should also change your razor blade after three to six shaves if you have coarser hair. That’s because coarse hair causes damage to the edges of a razor blade to a higher degree when compared to beautiful hair. Remember that a less sharp smooth blade gives you an un-proportional shave, which can also irritate your skin, leading to razor bumps.

Another factor to consider is the manufacturer’s date. They give a timeline of five weeks on which you can dispose of your blade because after that duration it will not give good results. If you want a smooth shave, you should consider using a new module because they are the best. If you don’t mind spending your money, you can always replace them regularly to have a clean shave. Also, avoid buying cheap razor blades for extended use because they are only good for a few shaves

How Many Shaves Will My Razor Last For?

Different types of razor blades exist in the market, for example, the cartridge razor, which comes with an ejectable head. It allows you to keep the handle but replace the edge, and it allows you to shave up to 30 times before you renew it. Most modern razors are designed to last for five to ten shaves, but you should change your blades whenever you feel dull and uncomfortable. However, that depends on your tolerance and how well you take care of your modules. Each time you shave, the front part of your blade becomes dull, which reduces its capability to provide a smooth shave.

As the blade becomes blunt, they will start to pull your facial hair, instead of cutting straight through them, which can result in pain. Again, women should also dispose of their blades after using them severally, because they will have been exposed to some bacteria, which can eventually cause some diseases. The first sign of rusting or dull blades means it’s time to dispose of them. While every shave system is different, one of the basic rules to prolong the life of your shaving blades is to dust and clean them. You can also sharpen them since sharpeners use high friction silicon to refresh your blades and keep them sharp up to six times longer.

How Does a Razor Blade Become Blunt?

It’s generally accepted that blades get blunt after coming into contact with your body hair. But this is not the reason that happens. Shaving blades lose their sharpness because the razor edges are so much thin, which makes them react with water, air, and oxygen. When this kind of reaction occurs, it usually leads to dullness.

A razor blade becomes blunt after use. But the water that’s in the shaves causes’ oxidation. Hence making it dull meaning, it has to be replaced. The degradation in edge quality occurs as you shave. In general, a blade will last for the entire shave. But in men, some brands of the blade get only one shave from the blade, but this depends on the thickness and toughness of their beards. However, most blades get blunt after four to six shaves.

Disposable blades are made with cheap slim silver metal that will hold a razor edge for two uses. Therefore, you can’t sharpen them for they are fixed with cheap plastic, which makes water, soap, and beards stabber the sides of the cheap blades, making them blunt.

how often should you change your safety razor blade

How Can I Make My Razor Blade Last Longer?

There’s nothing that gives you a good feeling than getting a close shave. However, this comes with a price, especially if your blades are not properly taken care of and kept in good shape. You can adopt the few tips outlined below to make the most out of your shaving blades.

Store your blades in a cool, dry place

Humidity can rust razors, so ensure that you keep them in a cool and dry place. The worst thing you can do is keep your razor in a wet moist place with blades facing down in soapy water. Otherwise, the blades will rust and eventually increase the risk of infections. So, ensure that you dry your razor after shaving and hang them outside.

Prepare the shaving area properly

Preparing the place you are shaving well can do wonders in making your blades last. Placing a hot towel on the parts of the body you are shaving will soften your body and even open the poles. By doing this, the weakness of the wiry hair will make the blade lasts longer. You should also invest in your favorite shaving cream and a brush. With a shave brush, you will end up using less shaving cream, and the two will increase the life span of your razor blades.

Give your body a shaving break

If you’ve sensitive skin, give your body a shaving break. Taking a break in between shaves will benefit your skin and save you money as well.

Clean your razors after use

Salts from your skin will destroy the edges of your razors, causing it to dull pretty fast. Don’t just rinse your blades scrub them a few times to remove any unwanted hair and dead skin, before rinsing them severally.

How Can I Avoid Skin Irritation After Shaving?

Razor burns and itching are both common side effects of shaving. The good thing is you can stop all this irritation by following the tips discussed below.

Use shaving cream

Lubricating your skin is necessary when shaving. Don’t just use some water and soap to apply the shaving cream. Again, if you decide to shave the area twice, consider reapplying your shaving cream.

Rinse your skin with cold water

Warm water will always open your skin poles, but cold water usually seals them off. After using cold water, remember to rinse and gently dry the skin with a clean towel.

Use the right products

Using a blunt edge only irritates the skin, which chips away from the surface. Get a new razor blade, and you can use it a couple of times before replacing it.

Shave in the direction of your hair growth

Using razor blades that go down, applying a lot of pressure against the grain of your hairs only leads to skin irritation and bumps. Always shave against the grains to allow for a close shave.

Stop cutting

Not shaving allows your hair to grow. You can try it for some time even though it’s not a long-term solution. The less you shave, the fewer chances of irritation you will experience. A few days will allow the skin to heal itself.

When Should I Shave?

How often you shave is a personal decision, but if you prefer clean-shaven skin or slightly grown hair, you should pay attention to how your hair grows and the reaction of your skin after shaving. You don’t need to cut every day, but it also depends on the area of the body. For instance, armpit hair grows faster than facial hair, which means you need to shave your underarms more often to maintain a clean shave. Again, cutting according to the best practices, will also give you a closer shave, which will last longer, preventing irritation and nicks, as well as reducing the risk of skin infections.

Is There a Limitation on How Often I Should Shave?

In general, how often you shave can significantly depend on your genes. It’s highly recommended for four to three days, but there are a few factors that can limit you. If you’ve got a wound sore or a skin rash, you should avoid shaving until your skin heals completely. Also, if you’ve sensitive skin, you are at risk of skin infections. If you have some razor burns or ingrown hairs, you should also wait until your skin clears for you to shave to reduce further irritations. Shaving correctly assists in safeguarding your skin from irritation, but remember that the shaving method will always depend on where you are shaving.

Sharpening a Razor Blade

Buying a razor blade can be costly, but if your razor blade lasts for a few months and it gets blunt, here is a simple method you can use to sharpen the razor blades.

  • Hold your razor blade in your right hand as you would do when shaving and place it down on a pair of jeans.
  • Firmly swipe it across the jeans in the opposite direction in the same way you do while shaving and repeat this 10 to 20 times facing the same direction.
  • Switch your hands and do the same, but don’t use too much pressure to avoid causing damage to the edge of the blades.
  • Dry your razor using a clean cloth and then rub alcohol in the blade. To make your blade last long, shake it dry and store it in a cool, clean place for future use.

Changing your blades is one of the most crucial things you need to do to have greater shaving results.  Hair removal is a part of your life, and it does not have to cost much. As we have seen earlier, you don’t have to change your blades every day, which means it’s a sustainable process. For you to sustain clean and healthy skin, you should clean your blades regularly and follow the guideline outlined above on how to take care of your blades.  There are no set number of uses, after which you need to change your razor, but if you shave every day, your razors will wear down pretty fast. In general, it’s recommended to shave three to four days if you need a clean shave. However, if you would like your hair to grow, stop shaving but keep your hair clean and neat. If you follow the information given above, your journey will be smooth, safe, and comfortable, leading to a healthy and fulfilling life.

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