How To Remove Oil From The Face During The Day




how to remove excess oil from face during the day

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Shine is a gorgeous thing on your nails, lips and hair. However, shine on your skin can get tricky because the skin produces oil to moisturize itself and also to protect itself against dirt. The sebaceous glands under your skin produce the oil. In addition, the activity of these glands depends on hormones, underlying conditions and externally applied ingredients. A negative change in those factors will result in an overabundance of oil on your skin. Although oil production varies from one person to another, everyone can still benefit greatly after taking certain measures for healthier facial skin. Enjoy the read to understand how to remove excess oil from your face.

How To Remove Oil From The Face During The Day?

Facial oil comes about when sebaceous glands under your skin produce too much sebum. Sebum is the oily substance that hydrates your skin and protects it. Thus, sebum is crucial for healthy skin but too much of it leads to oily skin, acne and clogged pores. Managing oily facial skin requires you to make regular skincare a habit or even adjusting your current skincare routine.

Firstly, the fact that different skins produce oil differently makes it important for you to understand some of the symptoms of oily facial skin without using strong prescribed drugs. These symptoms include: A greasy or shiny facial appearance, persistent pimples on your face, very large clogged pores on your skin and the skin looks rough or thick.

If you have an oily face then you will have trouble finding makeup that can suit your skin. Also, genetics may play a great role in how oily your face becomes. Method one contains six ways in which you can remove excess facial oil which is definitely problematic:

how to remove oil from face naturally in one day

Wash regularly

washing regularly with warm water and a de-scented soap can greatly reduce the amount of oil on your face. The following quick fixes are recommended to you when washing your face: use warm water and gentle soap, avoid soaps which irritates or dries out your skin, avoid rough washcloths as added friction may stimulate your skin to produce more oil. If washing is not effective then you are recommended to use prescribed acne care treatment products as they contain acids that are necessary to tackle oily skin.

Use a toner

Astringent toners that contain alcohol as one of the ingredients tend to dry out the skin. However, natural astringents like witch hazel will work out the best for you as they have skin-soothing properties. Note that Witch hazel has a very high tannin content which makes it an anti-inflammatory and a natural astringent to soothe your facial skin.

Pat the face dry

Use a soft towel to pat your skin dry after washing and using toner. You should do this with care and don’t use a rough washcloth as it will stimulate the production of more sebum.

Use blotting papers and medicated pads

These particular pads are designed as absorbent papers that absorbs oil from your skin. However, blotting papers won’t treat the sebum production in your skin but you can use them to lift excess facial oil throughout the day and as a result you will appear less shiny. They also contain glycolic acid which cleans the skin and pores thus removing excess oil from your face.

Use a facial mask

Some facial masks may turn out to be beneficial for treating oily skin as they contain certain ingredients necessary to absorb excess oils such as:

Clay mask. A clay mask contains minerals like bentonite which help to reduce skin shininess by absorbing oils.

Honey mask. Honey has antiseptic and antibacterial quantities thus a ten minutes honey mask on your face will keep your skin soft and may reduce oil on your skin.

Oatmeal mask. This very mask contains colloidal oatmeal which cleanses the skin.

Apply moisturizers

Most people fear moisturizers as they think that their face will look greasier. However, making use of the right moisturizers will amazingly benefit your oily face. If your skin is very oily then an oil-free moisturizer like aloe vera will work the best for you.

Method 2 includes keeping your face from getting oily through washing your face less often, removing your make up every night and not using dry products. In addition, you should watch your diet because what you eat can play a major role in the development of excess oils on your face.

how to remove excess oil from face during the day

What Foods Cause Oily Skin?

Maybe you constantly struggle with oily skin! You have thought about using homemade masks and oil-control products but is that really enough? Well, you may do every possible thing to remove oils from your face but you should know that there are very many things that lead to oily skin. These factors include your hormones, genes and the surrounding environment. In general, anything that impacts your skin condition attributes to your oily skin.

Your diet also affects greatly your skin condition. Poor dietary choices can worsen your skin condition. For instance, when you eat healthy foods your skin becomes shiny whilst if you consume junk foods, then your skin looks dull. You need to be very cautious about what you include in your diet. Below are 5 foods that make your skin oily.

  • Dairy products. There are good for health but not for your skin because they contain a lot of hormones that can clog your skin pores making it oily. Instead of dairy products try soy milk.
  • Fried foods. They taste great but they can cause harm to your skin because they contain too much omega 6 fatty acids which cause oil buildup.
  • Salty foods. For taste, salt is important but too much of it can cause skin dehydration. Eat moderate quantities of salt to maintain an oil-free skin.
  • Alcohol. Alcohol impacts your skin badly as it dries the skin which results in increased oil production to replace the water loss. So instead of alcohol drinks try fruit juice for an oil-free skin.
  • Sugary foods. They do not only increase your blood glucose levels but also, it’s bad for your skin as they make it oily.

It is advisable to stay hydrated, eat more vegetables and fruits and eat more white meat to reduce inflammation and oil buildup on your face.

Is Aloe Vera Good For Oily Skin?

Aloe vera has many natural astringent properties to absorb excess oil, dirt, and sebum from the skin pores. For instance, the hydrating properties of aloe vera gel rejuvenates the skin by moisturizing it without making it oily. The anti-inflammatory and cooling properties soothe the facial skin and cure pimples caused by oily skin.

Here are some Aloe vera uses for oily facial skin:

Pimples: Mix Aloe vera gel with toothpaste, then apply the paste on your pimples using a cotton pad and after one day, your pimples will be gone.

Glowing skin: Add one cup of rice flour into a bowl. Apply it over the Aloe vera and use the Aloe vera to scrub your facial skin for about 10 minutes.

Sunburn: Freeze some Aloe vera gel then use it to massage the burned area.

Treat acne and dark spots: Mask your face using Aloe vera gel for approximately 15 minutes. It will treat your dry spots together with acne on your face.

What Should I Use For Oily Skin?

Adjust your daily skincare routine as an oily skin normally requires its own array of products, so it’s advisable for you to switch to a skincare schedule suitable for oily skin type. Therefore, you can consider using toner, cleanser and moisturizer two times every day. Use an astringent every day in case your skin is very oily. Also, exfoliate one time per week. In addition, control your facial shine throughout the day by applying an oil-control base for it to absorb excess oils before proceeding to your makeup in the morning. Lastly it also important for you to consult a professional dermatologist when everything else seems not to work as doctors can prescribe topical creams. Note that these creams will cause irritation so just apply them where there are excess oils.

Other types of treatments include heat and light energy therapies which may destroy your sebaceous glands. The long-run benefits and risks of this particular method are not yet clearly known thus the most important thing to do is consult a dermatologist.

Is Rose Water Good For Oily Skin?

Absolutely yes, this is because rose water reduces excess oil, soothes dry skin, hydrates the skin deeply, smooths wrinkles and is rich in antioxidants making it suitable for all skin types.

Additionally, to helping your dry skin, rose water moisturizes your skin thus regulating the oil production level due to its hydrating property. Also, rose water turns out to be a great option to many because it deeply hydrates your skin thus increasing the water content to be more than the oil on your skin. This is exactly what your oily skin needs to keep the sebum levels balanced.

As noted, rosewater toner has an astringent property that tones the skin and lifts dirt, oil and maintains the skin’s pH balance. Moreover, due to the anti-inflammatory property, rose water greatly reduces the pimples that may appear on your skin.

Does Oily Skin Age Better?

You may be wondering what happens to aging skin. Now, as you age, your body tends to produce elastin and collagen. The two leads to wrinkles and fine lines. When you get exposed to sun and gravity, definitely your skin sags. You should understand that your skin keeps on changing as you age. It tends to be drier, thinner and more fragile as the inner layer of skin starts to thin. Also, fats beneath your chin, cheeks and nose disappear resulting in skin sag.

If you have an oily face then you’re at an added advantage compared to the others with dry skin. This is because the oil wards off the wrinkles in a better way than dry skin as they keep the skin moisturized. Then you can also use hypoallergenic moisturizers to reduce wrinkles on your face.

What Should I Eat For Oily Skin?

In order for you to protect the skin from excess oils, it’s very crucial for you to consume fiber-rich foods and all types of green vegetables as they work miracles to your skin. For instance, cucumber acts as a natural toner to soothe your skin. Citrus fruits like lemons and oranges contain vitamin C which is essential in reducing excess oils on your skin. Green vegetables are very rich in fiber which clears oils on your skin.

Knowing what not to and what to eat for you to avoid oily face will help you in the long-run. You must eat cucumber, oranges, nuts, green vegetables, grapefruits, avocados, whole grain, fish, coconut water, banana, lemon, dark chocolate, raw fruits, broccoli, lentils and pulses,

Does Exfoliating Help Oily Skin?

It is very important that you do not over-exfoliate your oily skin. This is because it can lead to skin dryness and the production of more oils. Dermatologists agree that a scrub is the best for oily skin as it breaks up impurities and when rinsing, they are washed away.

You need to understand the exfoliator basics. Firstly, always exfoliate at night for the best results. Secondly, if you exfoliate frequently, then apply moisturizers immediately after exfoliating. Lastly, if you happen to accidentally over-exfoliate, then you must give your skin some rest for about one week.

Oily skin which is linked to genetics or hormones is hard to prevent. However, for you to prevent your skin not to be oily, you have to find a daily skincare regimen that will work out the best for you. When oily skin arises, it can tempt you to hide it using makeup but this can worsen your condition. In case the symptoms get to be severe, it is important that you consult a dermatologist. Also, you can make use of the listed remedies in this article like taking a balanced diet and others and be sure of positive outcomes within no time.

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