How to Take Smell Out of Clothes Without Washing




How to Take Smell Out of Clothes Without Washing

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Remove all dirt and dry particles from the clothes by brushing them off. Make a mixture of equal amounts of water, vinegar, and baking soda. Put your clothes in a cauldron or any other container large enough to hold them easily. Pour this mixture over the dirty clothes and mix it well with your hands. Let the clothes soak for about 20 minutes. Pour out this mixture. Repeat steps 2 to 6 until there are no more baking soda particles in the solution. Wash clothes using your usual method.

How to Take Smell Out of Clothes Without Washing

How to Take Smell Out of Clothes Without Washing

Leave them hanging overnight

Instead of putting the clothes in hot water, hang them outside to dry. This method can remove any smell from your clothes and leave them smelling fresh and nice when they are hung indoors again. The normal process will mask the smell with a stronger scent that is not healthy for the skin.

Spray with vodka

Take a spray bottle and pour some vodka into it. Shake well to mix the two ingredients. Spray this onto the clothes you want to get rid of an odor from. The vodka will act like deodorant and leave your clothes smelling fresh again after they are hung out to dry.

Salt the clothes

For those who have just washed their clothes and want to remove a bad smell from them without using any chemical products, salt is one of your best options. Take as much as you need depending on the size of your load and put it into a bucket or cauldron large enough for all your clothes to fit in. Pour hot water over it. Let the clothes soak for about an hour before rinsing them off and putting them out to air dry. The smell will be gone when they have hung up indoors again.

Spray with white vinegar

Take a spray bottle and fill it with water. Add in just a little white vinegar to this mixture and shake well. Spray the clothes with this solution and give them some time to dry before you hang them up indoors again.

Use baking soda

After washing your clothes, add one cup of baking soda into the final rinse cycle while laundering your clothes. This method will break up any clumps in the fabric and give it a fresh scent when hung indoors again.

Use borax

Borax is another household item that can be used to remove odor from clothes without washing them in hot water. Take one cup of Borax and add it to your regular laundry cycle. The clothes will come out smelling fresh and clean without washing them in hot water again.

Spray with lemon juice

Lemon juice contains enzymes that will remove any bad smell from your clothes and prevent this bad odor from forming again. Mix lemon juice and water and put it into a spray bottle to use as you need it. Spray the solution onto your clothes after washing them and hang them indoors to dry. The normal air-drying clothes will completely dry them, but the smell will not disappear. Hang your clothes indoors overnight to have a fresh-smelling wardrobe for tomorrow.

Steam your garments

Steam your garments while ironing them to get rid of any bad smell. Take a clean cloth and cover the full length of your ironing board with it before you place the clothes onto this surface. Turn on your iron and hover it above the garment without directly touching it. Move it back and forth over the clothing by at least 6 inches before repeating this process on another side of the garment.

Hang them outdoors to dry

Hang your clothes outside on a line to remove bad odors from them without having to use any products that are harmful to your skin or the environment. There are no chemicals involved in this option, so it is the safest way to get rid of an odor from your clothes.

Freeze ’em up!

Place the clothing you want to get rid of an odor into a plastic bag and place it in your freezer. This will remove any bad smell from the clothes without laundering them again if you do not want to do. Take one piece at a time out of the freezer when you need them again and put them back in to keep them fresh in between uses.

Dryer sheets

Toss some dryer sheets into your clothes dryer before you make a load of laundry. This will leave a fresh scent on the clothing and remove any bad odors from them without using chemical-based products that can harm your skin or the environment.


Pick large enough pieces of newspaper to take the place of your clothes inside your clothes dryer. Tie them into small bundles and toss one into the dryer with each load you run, or just put in a few before you start the cycle. The paper will absorb any bad smells present on the clothes, which allows them to smell fresh again when they are hung indoors again.

Steam it

If you have a garment steamer, take this machine to your garments that are stained or smelly. You can put them on steam for about 1-2 minutes before hanging them indoors again. The heat from the garment steamer will get rid of any bad odor without using harmful chemicals to do so.

how to remove musty smell from clothes without washing

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I use bleach?

Bleach is great for removing stains on clothes, but it can also remove the color of your garments. If you are looking to remove only the bad smell from your clothes, then other methods will not damage or fade them if this is an important factor when dealing with clothing.

What is White Vinegar?

White vinegar is a versatile product that can also be used on your hair to make it look shiny and smell great. It is safe to use around pets and children without worrying about any harmful effects taking place. While there are no products specifically designed for this purpose, you can still benefit from using white vinegar when you have odor problems with your clothing.


If you are looking for a way to remove an unpleasant smell from your clothes that is not harsh on your skin or the environment, then using one of these methods will work great. Try all seven out if you have various types of clothing that need to be dealt with independently. These are low-cost options for getting rid of bad odors from your clothes and allowing them to smell fresh again without having to go through a full-length cycle of the washer.

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