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how to know if you did look good with a shaved head

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Maybe now is the time to get a shaved head! Who knows you might look great. There might be a variety of questions on your mind regarding the shaved head but your first concern might be whether it would suit you or not!

In any case, there is no harm in trying! After all, you would get your precious hair back plus, if you are staying home most of the time who’s there to complain, right?

Read on for more information on a variety of questions and the possible answers!

How To Look Good With A Shaved Head?

If you wonder, “how to look good with a shaved head?” then you might be considering the shaved or bald look for the very first time in your life. Now, it could be because you want to try this look or it could also be because your hair might be thinning. In any case, it’s a good idea to learn how to rock a shaved head and look great!

Consider the following:

Be confident! No matter what, you just have to wear confidence with style and that’s the one thing that makes you look great with or without hair.

Grow a beard if you like! A beard with a shaved head is something you might have spotted many times. But have you thought how it would look on you? It might make you look great! Just think about it.

Wear the right clothes. Select the right colors that go with your skin tone. Make sure you are trying your best to select the best! If you chose the right clothes, it can make you look great plus you should also wear the sunglasses that go with the shape of your face. Try to learn what suits you best.

You can ask your friends or family members for tricks or tips to look great with a shaved head. If there is someone in the family who is great with styling, you can definitely ask for advice. Plus, you can advantage of social media and ask for suggestions. Moreover, there are tons of articles, images, and tutorials available online that can help you with everything.

how to know if you did look good with a shaved head

What Do You Wear With A Shaved Head?

If you are thinking, “what do you wear with a shaved head?” especially when you are planning to go bald for the season then you should keep the following tips in mind:

Try to find the latest trends. Search for information online or find the ads with a bald man. Maybe follow the bald celebrities and see what fashion style they are following.

Make sure whatever you are wearing makes you comfortable. Your comfort level should be above everything else!

Depending on your skin tone, select the clothing! If you select the wrong tones it might make you look dull and boring.

Always adopt the fashion style that is according to your age. It would be best to do a little research before you go for the final decision! Plus, ask someone to guide you if you have no idea what to wear and what to avoid.

If possible, you can even hire a stylist for yourself who can guide you better when it comes to wearing the right kind of clothes with a shaved head. Plus, there is no harm in having an extra set of eyes look for you! Styling and grooming can help you look better especially if you have no idea what to do and how to carry yourself better. Plus, there is tons of information available online for your help and inspiration.

It all comes down to how you are carrying yourself. If you know the right way to present yourself in the public, you are good to go! Just be confident in your skin and try your best to select the best fashion styles out there.

What A Shaved Head Say About You?

If you think, “what a shaved head says about you?” then you might be thinking to go ahead and try this new look. Well, don’t worry as it might mean different things.

For example, your shaved head might make you look more attractive as it might suit you better. It can also show dominance and power. Basically, it would be about how you are carrying yourself in the public.

Let’s say if someone has thinning hair and is complaining about it then it might show your personality as weak since you would be constantly complaining. On the other hand, if you embrace the situation and wear the shaved head with confidence then it would be a different story.

However, if you want to show dominance and power then you can also go for a shaved head as depending on your features, it might make you look more dominant and attractive.

Are Shaved Heads Attractive?

If you think, “are shaved heads attractive?” then you are not the only person considering this particular question. In fact, if you do a simple search online, you would know that this question is quite common but people want to know whether women find shaved heads attractive.

It would be interesting to note that some scientific research considers the bald man as dominant. But it is important for you to keep in mind that you have to consider different factors.

It is possible that a person could be shaving head because of thinning hair. There could be many reasons but generally, if a person already has dominant features, a shaved head can also add attractiveness to it. Everybody can have an opinion and so do you! So if you think that people with shaved heads are attractive and you want to go ahead and try the look, why not! Plus, during such a time when a barber is hard to access it’s not a bad idea and you would experiment yourself whether it’s true or not.

So if you are thinking to try such a style or if someone you know is thinking to go ahead and shave their head, make sure you take care of your scalp and use the right products. Make sure you are taking care of the skin of your head and not using harsh chemicals especially if you want to grow your hair back and are looking for a different hairstyle once the barbers are open and ready to provide haircuts in a safe manner. Meanwhile, you can browse the internet and find inspiration.

Are Shaved Heads Intimidating?

If you think, “are shaved heads intimidating?” you might be getting the idea from watching a variety of movies or dramas where you might be observing people with shaved heads as quite intimidating.

You can find information pertaining to shaved heads and classifying such shaved heads powerful. It also depends on your personal perception and observation and what you think counts a lot! You can find research that would show that guys with shaved heads might seem tougher.

In the past, the bald lifestyle was not that common. People who would go to jail had shaved heads as it can prevent the spread of lice. Plus, you can also say that whatever style gets common over the years, media is playing an active role in making the perception popular to some extent. If you are constantly bombarded with a certain view that shows bald guys as tough or attractive, there are chances you might like the idea and might even grow around this notion.

Do Bald Guys Have More Testosterone?

If you think, “do bald guys have more testosterone?” then you are not the only one thinking like this! In fact, it is a common belief. Testosterone is available in your body in a variety of forms. One such form is Dihydrotestosterone abbreviated as DHT.

But your genes and sensitivity level of hair follicles play an integral role. So if your hair follicles are sensitive then even a small amount of this particular hormone can cause hair loss. However, it is important for you to keep in mind that it would be quite tough for you to know the actual cause. It is always better to consult a doctor rather than relying on information available online.

Many people would believe whatever is being said or whatever they hear! Usually, it’s best to do thorough research before forming an opinion. If something is being said or believed, try to find the logic or scientific evidence behind it rather than just trusting the said information blindly. You might also hear that low testosterone can cause hair loss in men. Thus, don’t fall for such common beliefs but rather do thorough research yourself.

Why Do Bald Guys Grow Beards?

If you think, “why do bald guys grow beards?” then you are not alone since many people would share the same observation as you. It appears as if people notice the correlation. There could be a variety of reasons such as:

A bald buy might grow a beard to look attractive.

If a person has hair loss, growing a beard can make him look more prominent as a beard is a masculine feature.

If you have a double chin, the rightly trimmed beard can give your face a different look! It can be one of the reasons to grow a beard.

Which Oil Is Best For Shaved Head?

If you wonder, “which oil is best for shaved head?” then you might find a variety of such products by a simple search on the internet. However, it is always a good idea to search for the most suitable product available out there on the market.

First, you have to see why are you trying to get the oil for your shaved head. For example, do you want to care for the head or are you trying to make your new hair healthy or is there a patch that you want to treat.

There are different oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, and many more. If you don’t have an underlying skin condition you can do a patch test and try the oil of your choice. But if there is a skin concern, it would be best to ask your doctor for a recommendation.

If you have an itchy scalp, you can try using coconut oil on your scalp. Depending on your needs, you can select the oil for your scalp. Plus, there are different brands available out there on the market that would be selling the oils and some of these would claim of hair growth. If you plan on buying such an oil, always do thorough research before making a final purchase decision. Check the reviews left by previous buyers to get an idea of the performance of the product.

Why Do Prisoners Get Their Heads Shaved?

If you wonder, “why do prisoners get their heads shaved?” then there could be many reasons. For example, it is possible that they would be shaving the head to stop the spread of lice.

In the past, it was a form of punishment as well. You might have seen a variety of series or movies that might give you the idea of shaved heads of the prisoners.


Looking good with a shaved head might be easier now since there are a variety of tips, tricks, and information available online. You can search for tutorials, celebrities, and so much more! You can find the clothes that can make you look great plus, it’s easy to find inspiration nowadays. Plus, if you find it tough to select the best style for yourself, you can even hire a stylist to guide you better. It is always better to have an extra set of eyes to guide you for the better.

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