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when to shave your head if going bald does it grow back

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When it comes to your hair, men tend to be more wrapped up in when to go bald than women. Women tend to want to preserve their hair. Some of them will get wigs if they need to feel that their hair is thinning too much. For men, you will find that they will choose the solution of baldness if their hair is too thin. They might even be asked to go bald by their partner. Being bald can be more aesthetically pleasing for men than just having sporadic hair. However, men will choose to go bald at varied stages.

In the following article, we will explain when it is time to throw in the towel. The advice is based on research and the opinions of hairstylists. Of course, a man needs to feel comfortable in one’s decision. The hair can be grown back if a man is not ready to take the plunge quite yet. We will explore the dynamics of what the typical time frame is for going completely bald is in the process of losing one’s hair. Finally, you will get a comprehensive guide on how to manage the in-between stages as well.

should i shave my head if i have a receding hairline

When to Shave your Head if You are Going Bald

Going bald is a result of many different factors. If you determine what is going wrong, then it may be easier for you to know if you should go bald. For one, your balding might be due to genetics. Genetics play a strong role in a person’s appearance. You may simply be genetically predestined to go bald. If this is what is going on, you will have gotten it from the X chromosome, the genes that you inherit from your mother. You can look at your mother’s biological family to see how many other men went bald. If you are going bald due to genes, you can shave your head as soon as you feel you don’t look good with the remaining hair that you have.


Another factor in going bald is hormones. Your dihydrotestosterone or DHT may be what is making you bald. If this is the case, then this hormone might be causing your hair follicles to get smaller. Unfortunately, there is no way to remedy this hormonal path. You can simply take solace in the fact half of the men in the USA are likely to be in the same plight as you by age 50 due to DHT. The same advice applies as above.


Another factor that determines hair loss is stress. You can get alopecia areata which is a fancy way of saying temporary bald patches. If you reduce your stress, your hair might grow back. The fact is, when we lose hair even to stress, there is no guarantee that you’ll get it back. However, if you begin to practice a lower stress lifestyle, you might notice your hair growing in. In this case, you might want to hold back shaving it all off.

How Long Does it Take to Go Bald Once your Hair Start Thinning?

When your hair starts to thin, you might find that you are wondering what is going on. You will want to know how much longer you can hang onto that full head of hair. While going bald can generally not be reversed, you can try to do treatments to slow down the process. Shampoos such as Nioxin help to promote healthy hair follicles. They can allow you the maximum chance that your hair will not thin.

Thinning, however, is the first step to bald. You naturally will lose hair every day, even when your hair is not thinning. However, people with thinning hair will notice that their hair will grow back thinner. This is the first step in the hair loss process. Eventually, that hair will not grow back at all.

The timeline is different for every individual. However, you can expect that full hair loss will take from 5 to 25 years. While you might not like hearing such general guidelines, you can take the time to determine why your hair is going this way in the first place. Even consulting with a doctor can help you know better what is going on with your scalp. If you really don’t want to be bald at all, your dermatologist might be able to recommend some options for you.

What Are The Best Hairstyles For A Receding Hairline?

When your hair is receding, you will still want to have a hairstyle that compliments your look. You can look at celebrities such as Dr. Phil who keep some of their hair even though they are balding. Dr. Phil has a Class Seven hair loss hairstyle. His hair can be put in such a category according to Bespoke. That is probably an obvious choice as a hairstyle, but maybe your hair is not there yet and you want to know what to do in the meantime.

The Faux Hawk or Pompadour

You can get a hairstyle such as a faux hawk or a pompadour to conceal small bald patches on the top of your head. Many young men do this. No one is the wiser to the fact that they have patches missing by the time that they have styled their hair with products.

Side Part Hairstyles

Additionally, you can get a side part style. This is the kind of hairstyle where you sweep your hair over to one side. If you want, you can have the hairstylist mark a line in your hair. This can serve to work for thin hair and draw visual attention to the bald line that you want people staring at. Older men tend to opt for a side part because it still gives them a bit of style.

Add a Fringe 

By getting bangs and wearing them down, you can successfully conceal a receding hairline. You will find that you enjoy having them as well. They can be very stylish and are great for early signs of hair loss.

The Buzz Cut

Finally, you can go for a buzz cut. Adam22 or No Jumper is a YouTube podcast celebrity who successfully pulls off this look. He still manages to have good looks without advertising his thinning hair. You might be a candidate for this as well in the mid to late stages of hair loss.

when to shave your head if going bald does it grow back

Should I Shave My Head If I Have a Receding Hairline?

If you have a receding hairline, you don’t need to shave your heard right away. You will want to go over why this is happening. Additionally, you could be a candidate for hair transplant surgery. Other men prefer wigs that stick to the part of your hair that is receding, and then just get a haircut on the sides. This can transform a man’s look. You have to decide what your hair goals are and what is right for you.

Benefits of Shaving Your Head Bald

Although you may not know it, some people like being bald. Bruce Willis certainly has found that it hasn’t hurt his career. If you have very masculine features such as a square jaw, being bald can simply accentuate your features. Additionally, you may have great eyes that are brought out when you don’t have hair.

Bald Men Can Be Models

Men without hair can still be models these days. Some men will couple their look with tattoos to give them a rugged effect. However, you can look polished and put together when you are bald. People often view a man who is bald as more masculine. This is just the effect that having less hair can have on a person’s peers. In this instance, less really is more.

Going Bald Can Make you Look Younger

Many men find too that going completely bald results in a younger appearance. Those looks with bald tops only tend to age men. They might want to hold onto their hair, but there’s a certain point where you just have to let go. It can be freeing to go bald and just recognize that this is your new style. It will save you from constantly wondering if your style is making you look old. Sometimes there is no point in keeping those very sporadic cuts. You do not do yourself any favors in the age department. Instead of really thin hair, just shave it off. You will give yourself ten years of age back in return.

Women like Men with Bald Hair

Studies have also shown that women like bald men. They view them as stronger and more confident than men with hair. It does take a certain air of sophistication to pull off the bald look. It also takes a commitment to maintaining the look. You have to be well-groomed, or you will start to get a buzz cut on certain patches of your hair. Depending on where you are in your hair loss journey, this might not be a good look on you. You will go back to feeling older too. It might even be akin to when a woman doesn’t shave her legs. It just looks that much more groomed when you make an effort with the razor in the morning.

Go Bald and Save Cash

Additionally, you will find that your pocketbook looks a whole lot healthier. If you learn to shave your head at home, you can save yourself $20 to $40, depending on where you go to get a haircut. You can use this money on a lot of better things. Also, you will not have to spend thousands on surgery. You might want to get your teeth done instead of or work on another feature that you aren’t happy with. If you’re blessed with other features, then just spend the money on a vacation or a diamond necklace for your partner. Another advantage is the cost-saving department will be saving big on shampoo and conditioner. While most men don’t use conditioner, those who had great hair in the past probably did. You probably also bought expensive styling products. These hundreds of dollars tend to add up quickly. By the time you’re finished saving on hair, you might have enough for a new car. Life is expensive, and it’s liberating to not be forking out for hair-related costs.

While baldness is aesthetic, it’s also a practical matter as well. You do need to decide on your game plan. Men these days are especially pressured to be well-groomed. It can affect your career if you don’t get haircuts. It’s considered part of hygiene as much as it is something to make you look good. A hairstylist will also be asking you questions when you go in for a cut. If you’re like most men, you will be interested in getting in and getting out. Life is busier than ever these days.

You don’t want to be sitting there going through a book. Also, the hairstylist might not even have time to give you a proper quote if you go to a cheaper salon. These salons thrive on getting their customers in and out fast. They don’t have time to coddle you. You might even find that you are frustrated if you don’t know what you want. Telling the hairstylist to just do what she or he thinks is best might not always end up in your favor. You could have a cut that is inappropriate for your career or that does not fit your lifestyle. Going bald is a big decision, and in these modern times, there are some options. You will want to determine what you will do with your thinning hair in a way that makes you happy.

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