How to Get Rid of Back Hair Permanently




how to permanently get rid of back hair

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Having a hairy back is very normal for both men and women. Nonetheless, some people usually feel like having it makes someone unattracted or less desirable. This kind of situation where certain individuals feel awkward having hairy back has been attributed to trendy fashion standards and common beauty.

For most men in the world, having hairy faces, arms or chests is usually considered more desirable as compared to one having back hair. As a result, men who find themselves have it often feel the pressure to get rid of back hair. They have their reasons to remove the hair at the back. What they don’t know is that beauty usually lies in the eyes of the beholder and therefore, men with hair back can also be attractive.

Note that, people having back hair sometimes find it difficult to withstand the effect of increased body temperature. This is normally associated with their hairy bodies. It usually makes them uneasy when the weather is very hot. However, back hair doesn’t cause health challenges, and if you possess it, you don’t require medication to eradicate it. You can just remove back hair for aesthetic reasons or for purposes of being comfortable.

how to permanently get rid of back hair

Why Do We Have Back Hair?

As earlier said, having back hair is normal if you have, you don’t need to panic. Many reasons lead to this situation. For instance, in men, the main cause of hair back is genetics. There are specific genes in them that are very sensitive to the impacts of testosterone hormone. Testosterone hormone allows the growth of back hair and it makes it more visible in men.

In women, growth of back hair (hirsutism) can be attributed to the following.

  • Disorders of Adrenal glands
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Medications
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Cushing’s syndrome

A rare disorder in both men and women called hypertrichosis can also lead to the growth of back hair. It is a rare condition and therefore if you are experiencing the effect of hypertrichosis, it is important to always consults your doctor for medication.

Do Women Like Hairy Backs?

In women, liking or hating men with hairy back usually depends on their tastes and preferences. Some like men with back hair while others prefer those men that are hairless. They claim that being hairless equates to cleanliness and smoothness of the body.

A section of women who love men with a hairy back, claim that it makes their men more desirable and attractive. It turns them on, and therefore they would prefer their men to either maintain the size of their hair back or trim them a bit.

If you are that guy whose girlfriend or wife finds it hard to live with your hair back, it is advisable to get rid of it as quickly as possible to maintain her love. It is always crucial to ask your woman whether they like it or not so that you can take the next step of action. Never worry a lot when you are in such kind of situation because you will always have an option that suits your goals effectively.

how to remove back hair by yourself

How to Get Rid Of Back Hair Permanently

Back hair can either be a blessing or a curse for certain people. If it is a nuisance for you, you don’t need to get worried because there exist a wide range of ways to get rid of them.

The means for removing hair back from your body are not limited to the following.

Back Shavers

Shaving using a razor blade is one of the most budget-friendly available, painless, and common ways of eradicating hair back from the human body. It is the easiest method to remove hair with fewer struggles. You only need to trim the back hair so that you don’t risk irritating the skin of your body. Just before you begin shaving of your back hair, it is important to equip yourself with pre-shave oil, a quality shaver machine of the back and a shaving cream. This will help you have a memorable and unforgettable shaving experience of your back hair. Alternatively, if you find a challenge in shaving yourself, you can request your wife, girlfriend or someone else to shave you. This usually happens when you are not in a position of acquiring a back shaver from a shop or online.

Laser Treatments

This is one of the best options to get rid of hair roots and hair back permanently. Laser treatments are procedural and at times need several months for the process to reach its completion. This duration and process of completion usually rely on your generic hormones, the thickness of your hair back and the amount of hair back your body has.

Note that, during this process, it is crucial to put your body from reach of sunlight for weeks after Laser Treatments. It is a systematic process that requires the right specialist so that the process cannot harm your health. Make sure you approach a qualified, certified and approved physician.

Although expensive, Laser Treatments is the most effective procedure of eradicating hair back for years when it is done properly.

Salon Waxing

Waxing is a difficult and painful option for people who purpose to remove hair back from their bodies. The most interesting thing about it is that it is an effective and quick method of removing hair. It allows users to have a hairless period of two weeks. This is because the hair from your body is eliminated from the root. It is important to approach a qualified operator so that the process can work perfectly for you. When salon waxing is done by a professional, the process is always done properly, quickly and painful less. Remember, when it is done wrongly, it leads to negative effects such as unnecessary infections, irritation of the skin, and ingrown hair.

Home Waxing

Home waxing allows the user to do the process of removing hair back at the comfort of their home. It is a budget-friendly and easy way to eliminate hair back. Nonetheless, if it is wrong, it has a high chance of causing unnecessary challenges to the user. Always pick someone credible enough to do the task for you. This way, you minimize the chances of finding yourself in a tricky situation. A good wax will serve you well. Always ensure that your temperature is standardized and you can approach your helper to apply wax to hair back in a similar direction as its growth. You will then apply strips to it as you rip the hair back off against its direction.

Cream Hair Removal

This is a great and practical option for waxing. Cream hair removal products are so many in the world market today. One can easily acquire them either online or from the shop. Once you get, you read instructions carefully and then apply the hair cream removal gently over your hairy body. You have to wait patiently for it to spread effectively in the hairy area as you wait for results. After this, you can then wipe off the hair cream removal plus the hair that it has eliminated. One sad thing about this process is that some skin of certain users can be very sensitive and therefore, the hair removal cream can have a negative effect on it. Hair Cream Removal works similarly as a razor blade. It trims hair, but it does not eliminate hair from the root. Therefore your hair will still grow in the future; you will apply the cream hair removal again and again once it grows.

Electric Trimming

This process doesn’t seem attractive when you do it by yourself. You require assistance to help you remove hair back from your body. However, if you want to do it on your own, you have nothing to worry about because certain products in the market will allow you to accomplish your goals efficiently. The products are equipped with clip, long handles and cables to help you remove hair back.

Natural Solutions

Natural solutions can play a significant role in eliminating hair back. They can also inhibit the growth of hair in the body or at the back. They don’t work immediately; you will have to wait for sometime before realizing its effects in your hairy back.

Some of the natural solutions that can help you remove hair from the back include the following.

  • The solution of scrubs and sugar waxes
  • Taking honey
  • Always take spearmint tea two times in a day to inhibit the growth of hair

Chemical depilation

This method comprises of either a cream or gel for that matter, that you place on your hairy skin. It weakens keratin in your skin hence inhibiting the growth of hair on it. It makes hair back to fall out hence being wiped easily by the user.

It is advisable to attempt applying chemical depilation on a small section of hairy skin before applying it on a larger section of your hairy body. The test has certain risks such as rashes, blisters, and chemical burns.


Shortwave radio frequencies are usually employed in this process to eliminate hair back. They are usually supplied via needles that are put directly into someone’s hair follicles. Thereafter, the hair follicles are damaged hence inhibiting the growth of new hair. The process only works well when a qualified electrologist is in charge of the procedure. Here, you need frequent check-ups by a certified physician to make the process a success.

When electrolysis is not done properly, it may result in pain and skin risks such as redness in the skin, irritation, needle infections (keloids), scarring among others. It is encouraged to always consult your doctor before trying electrolysis. The doctor will always advise you accordingly on what suits you well.

Electrolysis allows you to eradicate hair back from your hairy body effectively. It is expensive but works well for your needs.

Back hair or having a hairy back is natural. Getting rid of it is usually a choice of an individual. You can’t be coerced to remove it from your body. You have to do it at will in the right way (method). Note that, we have some means of removing hair from a hairy body that can have a negative impact on your skin. A wrong product might cause skin irritation and consequently make you uncomfortable. The period that each method will take to eliminate hair back from your body usually depends on the strength of the product or the method you used to remove them. They are those that remove hair back permanently while others get rid of them temporarily, it may be weeks or months.

The truth of the matter is that there are chemicals, natural solutions, and products that can help you remove hair back or rather inhibit their growth. If a method doesn’t work appropriate, it is important always to consult a qualified doctor to advise you accordingly. The above methods are the best ways to remove hair back from your body. Using them is a great investment.

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