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Grooming is essential for every modern man. Grooming not only includes trimming your hair but also a close, smooth shave. Some people may prefer scruffy beards, but that’s not for the modern guy. Getting that close shave is not hard, and you can have it if you want. It all depends on the choice of your cream.

Shaving cream is one of the necessities for any bearded man. You must find the best shaving cream. It should contain ingredients that don’t dry the skin beneath or cause irritations. The lather should be rich enough to soften the skin.

Razor burns are common after you go for a shave. Fortunately, you can prevent them by using the right shaving cream. It offers hydration during the process. Shaving creams also have a sweet scent that will make you love the shave even more. They also come with unique packaging.

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History of Shaving Creams

The origin of shaving creams can be traced back to prehistoric men.  They used animal fats and water to lubricate their skin. Romans and Greeks used oil to soften the hair and lubricate the razors.

Advancements in the shaving cream industry started back in the 1700s. The ingredients were perfected to enhance their effectiveness.  Lather soaps emerged in the 1800s and were explicitly used for shaving. The soaps were designed to produce a long-lasting and stiff lather. Companies started creating creams that lathered nicely and were easy to store.

After WWII, companies started using aerosols to dispense shaving creams. You may find canned shaving creams in the market today although many manufacturers prefer dispensing the creams to their customers.

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Things to consider when buying a shaving cream

Some important factors that you should consider when purchasing a shaving cream. They include:

Your Skin Type

You should know your skin type before you go out shopping for shaving cream. Some creams may have ingredients that are harsh on some types of skin. Also, creams may clog the pores of people who have oily skin. Therefore, you should ensure that you pick a cream that is ideal for your skin type.

Cream Quality

Inexpensive creams usually contain low-quality ingredients that may have adverse effects on your skin. They may cause irritations or razor burns. Low-quality creams also affect the quality of the shave. They do not provide a smooth and close shave like the quality creams. Therefore, you should avoid the cheap creams especially if you have sensitive skin.

The Cost

Shaving creams come with different price tags. You should compare the costs of different shaving creams before you settle for one. Just like other products, high-quality creams are more expensive as compared to the low-quality ones. Your main goal should not be saving money. Check out for high-quality creams that offer value for your money. Also, go through online reviews to see what other people are saying about the product.  Go for the best product that you can get with your budget if your funds are limited.


Ensure that you check the ingredient list before you purchase a shaving cream.  The cream should have natural ingredients that are gentle on your skin. It should contain ingredients such as sandalwood, jojoba, and eucalyptus. The cream should nourish your skin and also help you have a clean shave. Also, ensure that the cream has ingredients that hydrate the skin to help you have a comfortable shave.

Best Shaving Creams

The best men’s shaving cream include the following:

Taylor Of Old Bond Street

This is the most outstanding and reliable shaving cream in the world. It is a top-quality brand that provides unique shaving results to users. It has been in the market for long and many people like it because of its herbal extracts. The outcomes that you receive from this cream after use are classy and elegant.

The cream has a simple user interface that offers consistency. It is made up of a sandalwood bowl which enhances convenience during shaving.

Most men are in love with Taylor because this product ensures that their face is smooth. This improves their personality and thus allowing them to exude more confidence when they are in a group of fellow men. In any case who doesn’t want to have a modern look? Therefore for you to achieve such kind of appearance, you only need to acquire this product soon.

Not to mention, this cream offers comfortable shave to your beards. Its lather delivers perfect cushion. This consequently makes your skin to feel smooth. Moisturization on your skin when using this product is usually enhanced by glycerin, which is a core ingredient of this brand.

The razors that this shaving cream uses are very safe, double-edged and straight. They rank among the top safety razors as far as best shaving cream is concerned. The brand ensures that your shaving is world-class as it comes with fragrances of almond, rose, coconut, lavender, lime, lemon, grapefruit and peppermint. It is the most reliable shaving cream that we have and therefore having it is a significant investment.


•    It is rich in lather which provides excellent shaving cream

•    It offers convenient shaving which is superior to its counterparts

•    It gives unique craftsmanship.


•    It is relatively expensive as compared to other shaving creams

Jack Black

For you to achieve versatility when it comes to shaving creams, this brand will automatically serve you well. It can perform a wide range of tasks simultaneously. It is a top-quality product that comes with unusual ingredients. Its Lube Conditioning offers to groom men while at the same time providing an enabling environment for shaving. This product is strange because unlike its competitors, it ensures that the skin of its users is smooth during shaving. It is easy to penetrate with this cream as it glides easily. It also allows whisker growth while at the same time giving moisture to your skin during shaving hence making it smooth.

This shaving cream is convenient for people with sensitive skin as it allows users to attain refreshment on their skin during shaving with no irritation. Besides, it is made up of essential phospholipids that enhance your skin. Other elements that make this cream include jojoba oil, macadamia oil, glycerin and crucial fatty acids. Other ingredients that are added to refresh one’s skin when using this product are not limited to menthol, eucalyptus and peppermint. Additionally, its Lube Conditioning is ever free from alcohol and other scents. It consists of vegan products, no colorant and a dermatologist tests it.

Because of its hypoallergenic properties, black men should make good use of it because of their sensitive skin that can quickly become irritated. This brand is convenient for shaving your mustache, head and sideburns.


•    It exhibits the versatility and comes with more ingredients

•    It has crucial oils that enhance your shaving

•    It is transparent and allows users to have a view of their shaving surface.


•    It is inconvenient with electric or straight razors unlike other creams


This brand comes with astonishing products that improve the grooming of men. Besides, it is budget-friendly in the market, and therefore, you can easily acquire it at an affordable price. It ensures that your skin is moisturized to offer an effective environment for shaving. It rarely makes a thick lather, and this allows you to focus on having a unique shave.

This product lacks more air pockets, and this ensures that users shave well without experiencing the wrath of irritation on their skin. It also has a fantastic formula which gives the best grooming to men. It lacks fluff or gimmicks that can generate inconvenience during shaving. It creates a thin cream layer on the user’s face so that blades can easily slide on your skin to give an outstanding shaving.

Equally important is that this cream comprises of several ingredients which include: Macadamia oil, lemon extract, olive extract, aloe among others. It also provides a subtle citrus scent, and most products of cremo usually lack paraben and majority are animal-free.

Essentials oils, aloe and other essential ingredients ensure that there is enough moisture on your skin and this reduces flaking and dryness of your skin. The cream is also convenient as it is compatible with most razor blades hence making work more accessible.


•    It is affordable and you can acquire it at a cheap price

•    Offers irritation-free and moist shaves

•    Very reliable


•    It doesn’t provide pre-shave oils

Billy Jealousy

It is a unique brand that comes with unusual ingredients. It is associated with skin conditioner, shaving cream and pre-shave oil. Additionally, it gives foamless lather with a smooth shave that is rich, clear and accurate.

One of the essential ingredients that this cream is known for is dimethicone which makes close shave easy to achieve. The cream also has silica which minimizes skin irritation and dragging of razor during shaving.

Unlike other competitors, this cream is alcohol and perfume- free. It comes with a moisturizing effect on your skin, mint fragrance and mild citrus. All these ensure your shaving is convenient and comfortable. It can rinse out fast and cannot clog your razor.


•    Not easy to irritate your skin

•    Lacks the strength to clog your razor


•    Slightly expensive


It is one of the most top quality brands that we have in the world. It comes with menthol and eucalyptus oil. These ingredients ensure that your face and skin becomes refreshed and revitalized. It also gives thick lather that safeguards your face and also provides an ideal shave that is hydrated and soft.

Furthermore, this cream is compatible with all the razor blades making it most reliable. The other ingredients that this brand encompasses include silicones, artificial colors and parabens.


•    Gives rich lather

•    Its ingredients allow your skin to feel smooth and fresh


•    It brings an artificial fragrance that has chemicals

The Art of Shaving

This shaving cream has a rich lather that protects your skin from razor burns and irritation. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin to ensure that you a comfortable skin. It leaves with healthy and smooth skin.

The ingredients include coconut oil, glycerin and other essential oils such as sandalwood. Sandalwood gives the cream a masculine fragrance that lingers for a day without fading or being overpowering. Sandalwood also has an antiseptic that heals dark spots and scars. It also has excellent anti-aging properties and also prevents inflammation.

The product is available both online and in local stores. It works with any razor and a small container can last for several months.

Shaving cream is an important grooming product for everyman. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing one. There are many shaving cream brands in the market and it can be challenging when it comes to choosing one. You have to bear in mind various factors when shopping for shaving cream. Ensure that the cream is safe for your skin. It should not contain harsh ingredients such as sulfates and parabens.

Also, ensure that the cream is of high quality. You will be assured of a rich lather that will help you have a smooth and clean shave. Also, ensure that you buy the right nose trimmer for your nose hair. A clean shave complements perfectly with a well-trimmed nose.





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