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how to get rid of razor bumps on neck fast

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After each shave, it is not uncommon for razor bumps to arise. Razor bumps are basically small protrusions on the skin from which hair has been shaved. If and when these bumps are left to persist, it is not uncommon for the affected area to develop some ghastly appearances.

You want to know more about the razor bumps to be able to handle the issues accordingly. That is the insight we have come in to provide. Our discussions here shall revolve around how to get rid of razor bumps on neck. We shall examine everything you need to know about the menace and how to tackle it.

how to get rid of razor bumps on neck fast

What is a Razor Bump?

As the name suggests, a razor bump is a protrusion on your skin which is mainly brought about by a razor when the skin is shaved. The protrusion arises after when shaved hair is re-growing and is normally characterized by ghastly appearances, darker spots, and small tiny black patches.

This issue arises mainly when your hair curls back in the area that surrounds the pores of the skins. Your body will usually treat these curls much like it may do to a foreign skin. If and when this happens, the body triggers an immune response which is what brings about those undesirable appearances.

You will usually feel itchy, unconfident, and generally uncomfortable with these bumps on your skins. In some rare and extreme circumstances, you will usually experience some inflammations and redness on the portions of the affected skin. If left unattended, this menace may leave your skin permanently charred and compromised.

Common Causes of Razor Bumps on Necks

Harmful Razors

The kind of razor you use has a bearing on the emergence of this skin condition. Those cartridge razors that bear double edges are by far the worst culprits. They do prickle the hair in such a way as to hinder its re-growth after a shaving escapade. You want to tone down your use of the same.

Poor Shaving Patterns

How you shave your hair also plays a role in the emergence of this issue. Many people do pass the razor in direction and follow a completely different direction while making the second pass. In this way, your hair curls inwards, a condition called in-growing. You should hence adopt a smooth and consistent shaving pattern.

Nature of Skin

Skins come in various kinds, shapes, and patterns. Some are oily, others are normal, yet others are dry. Further to that, some skins are sensitive, yet others are pretty resilient to any roughness. These differences yet again play out when shaving. The sensitive skins, in particular, are more prone to this menace.

Moisture Content of your Skin

We have already pointed out that skins come in diverse shades and forms. One key metric which distinguishes one skin from another is the moisture content. Skins that have limited moisture contents are largely vulnerable to this problem than those with normal to high moisture contents, and so on.


Germs also have a say on the possibility of this issue emerging or not. A razor that is infested with germs is more likely to yield this problem compared to that which does not. It is hence a good idea to wash and disinfect your razor thoroughly before and after use.

Bluntness of the Blade

How sharp or blunt the razor you use also contributes to this issue. A blunt razor does not enjoy smooth contacts with the surface of the skin. It is hence more likely to trigger the emergence of bumps after a shave. Be sure hence to maintain yours in the sharpest forms and shapes at all times.

No Aftershave

If after shaving you do not apply an aftershave, you are more in danger of sustaining this issue. The aftershave indeed has some cooling, soothing and calming effects on your skin. When applied in a timely manner, it goes a long way in stifling the emergence of the problem.

how to get rid of razor bumps on neck overnight

Tips to Prevent Razor Bumps

Tip I: Always use a sharp razor to cut your hair

When shaving, always insist on a sharp razor. The blunt razors, as we have stated, have the tendency to inflict this problem much more than the sharper one.

Tip II: Space your shavings regularly

It is not advisable to shave haphazardly. In fact, you should not only space your shavings regularly but also maintain a 3-day interval if necessary.

Tip III: Shave along the grain

We have already explained how going against the grain is more dangerous to you. With regard to this, you have to always see to it that you shave along the grains.

Tip IV: Apply the cream after your shaving

After you are through with shaving your head, you should always apply some cream. This is to make the area soft and smooth enough to prevent the stated danger from arising.

Tip V: Moisturize and hydrate your skin

Lastly, you also want to moisturize and hydrate the skin. Doing this will maintain it in a state of softness, tenderness, and rich quality indeed.

How to Prep Your Skin Before Shaving to Prevent Razor Bumps

Take some Hot Bath

Start off by taking some hot baths. This does two things at a time. For one, it opens the sweat pores to allow the smooth discharge of sweat and other skin discharges. In this way, it prevents the issue of razor bumps from arising. Hot water also softens the skin to make it look healthier.

Exfoliate your Skin accordingly

It is also a good idea to exfoliate your skin. Exfoliation entails the elimination of dirt that is fixed and hardened onto the skin. It also gets rid of dead skin to reveal a layer of healthy and lively skin. You have the facial scrubs for your use with regard to this.

Sterilize the Blade

Blades that contain germs are also highly likely to give rise to this issue. It is because of this that you want to sterilize yours. Use the methylated spirit to do the job. The spirit will normally kill the germs and leave behind some sparklingly clean outcomes, on the whole.

Lubricate the Blade

To ensure that the blades cut smoothly and well, you have to lubricate the moving parts. Use a lubricator like a grease or oil to do the job. Do the same to your skin as well. The coconut oil and other natural variants will most definitely come in handy.

Rinse your Chin thoroughly after a Shave

Immediately after a shave but before calling it a day, you have to see to it that you rinse your chin thoroughly. Use shaving cream to do the job. This item will not only make your skin softer but also hasten the healing of any wounds which the razors may have inflicted.

Improve your shaving Techniques

As a long term measure, you have to improve your shaving techniques as well. Of utmost importance is the fact that you ought not to shave across the grains. Rather, you should do so along the grains. Refrain from pressing the shaver too hard on your skin as this is more likely to worsen the problem.

How to Heal Razor Bumps on Necks

In the unlikely event that the razor bumps do arise, you have to heal them. To do so, you have to follow some due processes. In this segment of our guide and discussions, we shall look into how to go about the issue. Follow these tips to actualize the goal:

Tip I: Do not scratch the bumps

First and foremost, do not scratch the bumps. The temptation to do so will nevertheless be rife. Scratching your skin is a sure way of spreading or worsening the menace. Just leave it intact and let it mature to its fullest form and stature.

Tip II: Wait for the bumps to vanish before shaving

If you have to shave again, you are advised to wait for the bumps to vanish before setting out. This should take around 3-4 weeks from a previous shave. The aim of this wait is to make your skin healthier, restored, and appropriately prepared for any further task of shaving.

Tip III: Consult a dermatologist

If symptoms persist, you will definitely have to consult a dermatologist. Let him examine your skin to find out the most appropriate medication for your course. He will most likely prescribe oral antibiotics, topical steroids, and antifungal topical creams.

Home Remedies for Treating Razor Bumps on Neck

Baking Soda

Baking soda, though primarily meant for baking pastries and cakes, is also a home remedy for many skin issues. To combat the razor bump, you have the options of a paste or a baking soda bath. Simply apply generous amounts of the paste on the affected portion of your skin, and that is it!


We all know that aspirin is meant to cure headaches, migraines, and excessive pains. What we do not know is that it also doubles up as a skincare product. That is because it possesses excellent anti-inflammatory properties. To leverage its power, apply small portions on the skin and rinse quickly.

Aloe Vera

Of all the natural remedies, the Aloe Vera stands out as the most reliable. It does bring about many benefits. These include moisturizing and hydrating your skin, cooling it off, and soothing any inflammations, to mention but a few! What’s more? You may choose the juice or the gel.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is packed with tons of healing properties and effects. This derives from its acidic contents which stifle the growth and proliferation of bacteria. It also disinfects the skin pores to leave behind an environment that is completely clean and free of germs. Soak some cotton ball into the juice and apply it on your skin.

Essential Oil with Carrier Oil

You may also wish to attempt a couple of essential oils. Some of the best ones for your consideration ought to be avocado oil, chamomile oil, lemongrass oil, coconut oil, and Lavender oil. They not only lessen the severity of the bumps but also nourish and hydrate your skin altogether.

Oatmeal Bath

Though used mostly as a source of starch, the oatmeal may also serve to make your skin better and healthier. It does contain a copious amount of antioxidants which play a vital role in combating redness, inflammations, and a host of skin conditions. You have to use it alongside lukewarm water for the best results.

Tea Tree Oil and Black Tea

Razor bumps are ordinarily too painful. Your first priority should be to suppress the pain which they bring about. Both the tea tree oil and black tea have astringent properties. They are hence more likely to yield you instant relief from itchiness, rashes, and other discomforts that arise while shaving.

Salt and Sugar

You do not have to acquire paracetamol to be able to suppress pain and inflammations. You have the salt and the sugar for your consideration. They have the same pain-relief properties and are hence well able to do the trick. Be sparing in your application and use though…

Cucumber Mask

Cucumber is loaded with tons of skin-friendly vitamins like Vitamin E and Potassium. Moreover, it also possesses excellent hydration properties. By applying it on your skin, you get to make it healthier, shinier, and suppler. To achieve the best results, see to it that you maintain some consistency.

Raw Milk

Raw milk is an excellent skin cleanser and toner. To make the most of this vital ingredient, you have to apply generous amounts on your face. Allow the milk to sit for some time before washing it off. In the meantime, the milk will deepen its reach and leave your skin healthier and shinier.

Corn Starch

Like the oatmeal above, the corn is a wonderful source of starch. It, however, doubles up as a good toner and cleanser of your skin. Use it to reduce the razor bumps, redness, inflammations, and soreness. Only be sure to apply generous amounts on your skin and give it sufficient time to settle.

Baby Powder

Baby powders are great skincare tools indeed. They soften the skin and shield the same from the dangers of cracking or bursting forth. To make good use of this product, apply a generous amount on the portion of the skin that is affected. Spread it out completely and uniformly.


Honey is generally packed with a host of antibacterial properties. You should apply some organic honey on your skin to reverse and stem down the harmful effects of the razor bumps. Wash the honey off using cold water after it has dried. Leaving it on your skin may bring about undesirable consequences.

Having belabored the subject matter of how to get rid of razor bumps on neck, we now pass the ball to you. We ask that you read our explanations in greater detail twice or thrice. Then, mirror the explanations with your own aspirations and desires.

In this way, it will be possible for you to internalize them and know how well to put them in practice. Have you really found our explanations insightful? We always care to listen to the concerns of the readers of our posts. Feel free to share any of your concerns with us. Best of luck in your subsequent beard shaving!

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