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Getting a clean and a good shave can be quite challenging when using the wrong kind of razor blades. You need a quality brand that provides sharp blades along with lots of safety features. Consistency and longevity are the key elements that will give you a comfortable shave each time, and you can only find these in quality double-edged razor blades.

Safety razor blades are a blend of straight razors and disposable ones. They are quite popular among many men due to the professional shave they offer. While they are popular, however, not all of them are worthy of your consideration. Each one differs in one way or another, bringing different results for each gentleman. In this post, we’ll look and the best double edge razor blades, factors to consider when making your purchase and how to maintain your shaving blades.

best double edge razor blades for sensitive skin

Best Double Edge Razor Blades Reviews

Are you looking for a suitable razor blade that will provide you with a close and comfortable shave from time to time with less irritation? Here are some of the best double-edged razor blades you can find on the market.

  1. Feather Double Edge Razor Blades

Feather Stainless razor blade is one of the sharpest razor blades that you can purchase for your double-edged safety razor. Even the most seasoned shavers that use a Feather Hi-Stainless blade every day might accidentally nick or cut themselves due to the incredibly sharp edge. Since the edge is very sharp on this razor blade, it is better suited for men who know the contours of their face extremely well and the highly experienced when it comes to wet shaving.

Due to the unforgiving nature of the Feather razor blade, ensure that you have your alum block or styptic pencil handy especially when giving these razor blades a try for the first time. Lastly, with the thin edge on this razor blade, on average, you should expect to swap out your blade once every 4 or 3 shaves since there might be tiny chips that build up along the edge that can lead to discomfort.

  1. Astra Platinum Double Edge Safety Blades

Manufactured in Russia, the Astra Platinum razor blades are among the most popular blades among most men who shave using a double-edged safety razor. Their cost-efficient price point makes them easy on your budget but a close and fine shave for many men.

When it comes to performance, these razor blades are a bit smoother but not sharper. If you are coming from a background of using a sharper blade and you occasionally nick or cut yourself, then Astra’s blades have slightly smoother edges that will keep nicks and cuts at bay.

Within the box of safety razors, you will realize that each razor blade is wrapped using a waxed paper to provide enough protection from incidental cuts and nicks when loading your blade.

Since the razor blades are wrapped in papers and not placed in self-disposal kits, you should buy some razor blades disposal cases when making your purchase. Generally, the Astra Platinum blade is a great razor blade and is usually recommended by many people in the wet shaving community for gentlemen at all skill levels.

  1. Derby Extra Double Edge Blades

Derby safety razor blade is one of the most popular blades used by many beginners because they offer a pretty smooth shave. Manufactured in Turkey, the Derby Extra blades are among the cheapest blades on the market. Their rock bottom buying price makes them incredibly attractive for guys who are still exploring the shaving world and everything it has to offer.

However, due to their popularity among beginners everywhere sometimes it gives them an unwarranted bad reputation. That’s because beginners are still learning all the contours found on their faces and perfecting the wet shaving technique at the same time. That means that they are naturally susceptible to general irritation and nicks.

While with any safety razor blade it’s pretty much a ‘your mileage might vary’ scenario, these razor blades are definitely worth your consideration. They are softer, have a rounded blade, are extremely cheap and incredibly forgiving for beginners. Therefore, before you give a bad review about these blades, ensure that you have a perfect shaving technique.

  1. KAI Stainless Steel Blades

Manufactured in Japan, KAI Stainless Steel blade is both an incredibly expensive blade which is significantly higher than Astra’s blade price and the highly recommended Feather as well. Apart from this razor blade commanding a higher price tag when compared to the other quality blades you find on the market, KAI blades are designed from one of the famous Japanese cutlery manufacturers.

The significant thing about the KAI razor blades is that most men who might want the sharpness offered by the Feather blades but find the regular nicks incredibly irritating are more likely to prefer them as they tend to carry a slightly smooth edge to the blades.

While this razor blade might not be suitable for extremely thick beard, due to pronounced pulling and tugging on the roots when passed, most men say that this razor blade performs pretty well on their facial hair. In short, KAI razor blade is a substantial investment for blades and is a great selection for enthusiasts who are looking to try out some new shaving techniques.

  1. Wilkinson Sword Classic Safety Razor Blades

Wilkinson Sword razor blade is a terrific razor blade that features a three-step coating process that allows for a close and smooth shave. Apart from the stainless steel edges of these blades from Wilkinson, you will also find a ceramic coating that helps to extend durability, chromium that assists in warding off corrosion and a coating of PTFE to help reduce irritation.

The Wilkinson razor blades are usually liked and preferred by beginners with a fairly average whisker width because of their relatively smooth edges although the name implies otherwise. The other great aspect of these razor blades is that their price range is in line with other safety razors in the market. You should expect to get about one week worth of fine shaves with each razor blade before replacement.

  1. Shark Super Stainless Double Edge Blades

If you’re an experienced double-edged safety razor enthusiast looking for an incredibly sharp razor blade on a budget, then the Shark Super razor blades are likely to be your best option. Made in Egypt, the Shark Super blades compete with the Feather blades in the sharpness classification, which will offer you a pretty aggressive shave from time to time.

These blades are best suited for the experienced wet shavers, meaning that if you are not on the top of the game, you are more likely going to cut or nick yourself due to the sharpness of the edges. Therefore, it’s critical to have your alum block and styptic pencil with you before giving this razor blade a try.

When it comes to the cost, this razor blade is affordable, and you should expect it to effectively cut through the coarse hairs and also last you around four shaves before replacing it with a new one.

What to Consider When Buying Razor Blades

One of the initial steps in your shaving routine is to select your safety razors if you are going to shave with safety razors.   These razor blades come from various manufacturers across the world. However, they differ in the production and design, making it a necessity that any shaver will have to select a particular brand and stick to it. Here are some things to consider when buying razor blades:

  • Sharpness

A sharp blade means a close shave, but sharper blades can also raise your risk of cuts and nick if you don’t have enough experience with safety razors. However, sharp blades enable you to make lesser passes over your skin when shaving.

  • Your hair type

It’s important to consider your type of facial hair when selecting safety razor blades because everyone’s hair is different. In general, the coarser the hair, the sharper the blade will be. Again, if your facial hair is long, then a sharper blade is the best.

  • Level of skill

Although the learning curve for becoming skillful with a safety razor is not as steep when compared to a straight razor blade, it can still take time to get used to it if you are new to shaving, or you are used to shaving using a cartridge razor. That said, it’s good to start with less aggressive razor blades as you get used to safety razor shaving.

best double edge razors blades

Tips to Get the Best Shave with Double Edge Razor Blades

Double-edge shaving is a bit different than using cartridge razors on your face. To enjoy the experience, here are some useful tips to give you the best shave with double-edged razor blades.

  • Prepare your skin

You can prepare your facial skin for a wet shave by using a facial scrub at least twice a week. Exfoliating will help you get rid of any dead skin cells, free ingrown hairs, deep clean pores, and also allow for a closer shave.

  • Allow the razor to do the work

Using the weight of the safety razors, not physical force, take some gentle and consistent strokes. Also, make sure that you shave in the same direction your beard is growing.

  • Rinse the blades after every swipe

All double-edged razors use only one blade, and they usually clog pretty easily. To avoid making repeated passes over a particular area, you should always follow the grain of the beard.

  • Hold your razor at an angle of 30 degrees

To get comfortable when using double-edged razors, you should begin by holding your razor at a 90-degree angle against your skin and tilt it down gradually until your blade makes contact with the facial hair.

  • Stretch your skin

By pulling the skin, your hair will stand up more, allowing your blades to make passes more easily. It’ll also smooth out any blemishes on the face, and the blade can make more consistent contacts with your skin, reducing the risks of cuts and nicks.

  • Rinse and treat

Rinse your face with cold water and treat any cuts, nicks, and shaving irritations. You can follow that with some moisturizing and alcohol-free post-shaving lotion or balm.

Maintenance Tips for Double Edge Razor Blades

Whether you are using vinegar, denim, or adding some wrinkles to the cleaning procedure, your face will not be clearer, and your razor blades will never be cleaner. Here are some easy tips to help you keep your blades clean.

Soaking the razors for a few minutes in a solution of white vinegar and water loosens grime on the blade, and the razor head too.

  • The denim tip

To keep your blade clean and sharp, place a pair of old jeans on a flat area and move your razor away from you eight to ten times. Repeat it on another part, and your blade will be sharpened and cleaned.

  • Store blades uprightly

Vertically storing your blades will allow the water to drip from the blades easily instead of building up beneath the razor, which promotes the growth of bacteria.

  • Cover your blades

Air drying your blade is important but covering the blades after drying keeps them clean.

  • Keep the blades away from humidity

Utilize the bathroom fan every time you shower to assist in removing humidity and moisture from the room. Humidity accelerates corrosion of the blades and other problems.

Shaving with safety razors can be pretty rewarding. Besides, a smooth and easy shave, which leaves your skin feeling and looking great is easily achieved simply by following all the tips discussed above. Remember, if you’re looking to avoid nicks and cuts when shaving using a safety razor, ensure to use a new razor blade. By knowing the right way to shave, as well as why and how a safety razor works well, you will quickly switch from traditional cartridge razors to safety razors for good.

While the double-edged safety razor’s size, weight, and exposure of the blade can all have a significant impact on a blade’s performance, the main determining factor on whether your shave is comfortable and close will boil down to the right razor blade that compliments your regimen, skin, whiskers, and hardware. By selecting any of the best double-edged razors discussed above, you will enjoy a closer and better shave as well as a clearer skin.

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