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should guys shave their legs and arms

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Most men wonder if they should shave their legs or not. They are many men that shave their legs. For instance, most athletes, such as swimmers and bikers, shave their legs for comfort and performance reasons.  Most bodybuilders shave their legs to give the muscles a special appearance.

The decision of whether to shave your legs or not comes down to your preference. Although most men have begun shaving their legs, there are still some uncertainties and stigmas that remain. Even experienced manscapers find it hard to shave their legs. Some misconceptions may make men fear to shave the leg hairs.

Men grooming has become popular in recent times. The good thing is that the hair grows back. Therefore, you can shave your legs and if you don’t like it, don’t do it again. Nothing should stop you from shaving your legs if you don’t like hairy legs. Moreover, smooth legs are more appealing.

should guys shave their legs and arms

Reasons Guys Shave their Legs Hair

They are many different reasons why men shave their legs. Below are reasons why guys prefer to shave their legs.

Personal Preference

Some men don’t like having bushy legs, and they prefer shaving their legs. Men have started to agree that full-body grooming is necessary, unlike the past where men were only supposed to groom their hair and beards.

The color, texture, and the amount of hair can push men to shave their legs. For instance, men may decide to shave if they have incredibly hairy legs or if the hair is rough.


Men who work or spend their time outdoors where temperatures can be extremely high may be forced to trim their legs. This is common in men who work while wearing pants, such as railroad crews and construction workers.

Hairs absorb the sweat produced by the glands. Therefore, having leg hair may reduce the cooling effect of sweat. Some may suffer from chaffing when working in hot climates. Hair can worsen chafing.


Some men can dig deep into their pockets to get a classy tattoo.  Therefore, they may want to show off their tattoos. Tattoo artists need to shave the area before they put ink on their legs. Also, hair growth may be itchy during the healing process of a tattoo.

Working around flammable materials

Hair is very flammable, and working near flammable materials can be hazardous. Human hairs melt when expose them to heat. Melted hair can stick to the skin, causing itchiness and irritation. Also, body hairs increase the chances of being burnt. Therefore, men are required to shave their legs as a safety precaution.

Health reasons

Some medical conditions may force men to shave their legs. You will have to shave your legs if you are going for surgery. Some skin conditions require you to have smooth legs for treatment.

It feels good

Having smooth legs may make you feel fresh and clean. You will feel different if you put effort on grooming your legs. Trimmed legs can be associated with being clean.


Male models trim their legs, especially those that participate in androgynous campaigns. This is because leg hairs can distract what they are selling.

should guys shave their legs if they want to wear shorts

Reasons Why Men Don’t Shave their Leg Hair

Shaving your legs is a lot of work

Legs have a large skin surface than your face. Therefore, it may take effort and time to finish shaving your legs. Nobody wants extra work. Some men say that it may take 2 hours to shave leg hairs. It can be easy if you practice and use the right razors.

It’s expensive

The skin surface area of legs is large. Therefore, you will need several razors to finish the job. You will need to change the blades frequently to avoid razor rash and ingrown hairs. It’s more expensive if you opt to visit a professional leg groomer. Treatment can cost you a hundred bucks. Waxing at home is unpleasant and costly too.

It’s painful

Shaving and waxing can be painful, especially if you have ingrown hair. Since shaving is costly, some people may decide to use old razors. This can lead to infected cuts. Ensure that you use new blades when shaving your legs.

Leg hairs itch when growing back

You should be ready to experience itchiness if you decide to shave your leg hairs. The itch is similar to that experienced when growing facial hair. Leg hairs may cause irritations when they become a bit longer. You may feel uncomfortable as you walk due the bristles rubbing against the other leg.

People think it’s weird to shave leg hair

Studies have shown that a high percentage of people say that it’s weird for men to shave their legs. Half of the women say that men should shave their legs. However, you can still shave your legs if you don’t care about what people think.

How to Shave a Guy’s Leg Hair

Many men shave their legs for several reasons. Some men will do it for fun, others will take this exercise as a challenge, while some would want to maintain their cleanliness. In general, most guys trim and shave their legs to look clean and neat. For you to get the best results while shaving, you need to ensure that you follow the right procedures. This will allow you to accomplish your goals appropriately and to a great extent improve your personality.

It is always important to put more concentration when shaving. This will allow you to prevent a wide range of mistakes while shaving your legs. It will also enable you to focus on proper practices and this will ensure that your legs feel smooth, silky and clean. The following steps serve as a guidance to acquire perfect shave on your legs.

Disinfect or Treat Your Razor Blade

Before you start the process of shaving, you will have to ensure that you eliminate any kind of bacteria, germs, virus or fungi that might be available on your razor. You are encouraged to disinfect your razor with rubbing ethanol or alcohol. For those who would want to use a manual razor blade that has a cartridge, you are advised to pour alcohol on the tip of the cartridge. For those using an electric groomer, you have to take a step further and place ethanol on a piece of a cotton swab or cloth and then you dab it on the razor and comb. You need to begin this exercise with a brand new razor blade for you to shave your legs quickly and perfectly.

You Need To Trim the Hair of Your Legs to Be Short

This step is important as it allows the user to have clear background for shaving their legs. The step ensures that long hairs are prevented from clogging up in the razor. If your hair remains long then the entire process will be inconvenient.

Most industries have developed body groomers that have skin guard attachment. It appears like a comb and its purpose is usually to trim your hair short. A manual razor blade can also help you get a perfectly close shave on your legs.

Get Inside Your Shower Or Bathtub

A bathtub or shower will always offer you a convenient environment for shaving and cleaning your legs. This is because the two places give users easy clean-up after the process of shaving.

For those who would want to use a manual razor, you are encouraged to use a bathtub that has a lot of water on it and then you immerse inside the water. You need to ensure that the water solution has enough shaving cream to provide adequate lather that will help you shave quickly.

If you intend to use electric body groomer, you are advised to make good use of a wide and shallow water bowl in the shower so that you can easily clan-up your razor.

Apply Body Powder or Shaving Gel

Shaving gel usually plays an important role during the shaving process in your legs, especially when using a manual razor blade. You will have to apply it in a small region within your leg as you begin to shave. The challenge of applying too much of it in your legs is that it will begin to dry even before you shave other areas. It is essential to shave in sections because you will make good use of shaving gel.

For electric shavers, you are encouraged to apply body powder on regions of your legs before you begin to shave. The body powder serves as a dry lubricant.

Start Shaving

If you purpose to use a manual razor blade, you will have to begin shaving your legs in sections as you rinse your razor blade after you finish shaving small strokes. When your razor blade is free of gel and hair, you will get the closest and best shave on your legs.

For electric shavers, you begin shaving your legs immediately because more hair on your legs may lead to clogging up of your machine. You also need to frequently open its razor head and try to empty the hairs that you have shaved. This one needs to be done frequently so that the clogged hairs can be eliminated to prevent slowing down the performance of the razor blade of your electric machine. For you to achieve the closest shave of your legs, it is crucial to shave in the opposite direction of your leg’s hair growth.

Rinse and Dry Off

After shaving the long hairs from your legs, you need to rinse off either body powder, shaving gel or any stray of hairs. More water is required to rinse your legs properly so that you can feel, smooth and clean.

Once you have finished up rinsing off your legs, you are encouraged to use a clean piece of cloth, for instance, a towel to dry off your legs. It is important to use a brand new towel to prevent being infected with bacteria.

Apply Antiseptic

Antiseptic is important in shaving because it helps the user to avoid ingrown hairs, razor blade burns and skin irritation. It also destroys any bacteria available and also assists to close the pores of your skin on your legs. You have to do this frequently until the time your hair grow properly to avoid irritation of your skin.

Apply Moisturizer

Moisturizer is a crucial element that is required to be applied on your legs after shaving especially when your legs appear itchy or dry. Moisturizer will help you calm the skin of your body on your legs. It also soothes irritated skin. A good example is a Eucerine Cream.

Apply Self-Tanner

Tan helps users to regain their original skin status on their legs after shaving. This normally happens to those people who have either naturally fair skin or Caucasian skin. Failure to remove dark hair from their skin makes them appear pasty and white. Self-tanner helps to solve this challenge.

As much as some people may think that shaving your legs is weird, there are some benefits of doing it. All you need to do is to ensure that you do it properly. Follow the procedure above to prevent itchiness and irritations. You don’t have to keep up with hairy legs because someone finds it weird. Do what you feel is right for you. Note that clean and smooth legs are more appealing than bushy legs. Also, it’s hard for people to notice that you have shaved your legs.

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