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how to use a safety razor on legs an old fashioned

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When it comes to safety razors, you will find that they are making a resurgence. Women are finding that it can be frustrating to use the other type of razors. It can lead to a lot of waste and expense. Now, the old fashioned way of shaving men’s faces is making its way to women’s legs. These razors do have a lot of advantages. In the following article, we will explore what exactly makes the safety razor such a safe bet. You will learn why people have been talking about the safety razor again. Finally, you will be able to list for yourself a comprehensive set of details as to why the safety razor is indeed better than conventional razors for shaving legs.

Why Would I Shave my Legs with a Safety Razor?

When it comes to shaving your legs with a safety razor, there are some very good reasons why you would choose it. For one, these razors save a lot of waste. You will not be contributing to the toxic amount of plastic waste that is going into our landfills. Today, global warming is a hot topic. Every time you manufacture products, you are putting a lot of carbon dioxide into the air. This contributes to the global temperature crisis. Additionally, the plastic almost always ends up in places it shouldn’t, like the oceans. Couple this with the fact that people don’t often safely dispose of razors, and you have a lot to worry about. The safety razor is an investment that you can keep for a lifetime. You can buy this metal accessory and feel confident that you will be keeping it forever.

how to use a safety razor on legs an old fashioned

You will also find that you save money with the safety razor. You probably don’t like going to Costco and having to buy a razor for $20, and then finding that a small pack of replacement cartridges cost $20 as well. These costs can really add up.

Finally, think about your legs. You probably know that you don’t get the greatest shave with a conventional razor. Even if you use shaving cream, you might have to go over parts several times to get all the hair. This can lead to razor burns and bumps. You might even cut yourself if you are using a new blade. A safety razor gives a cleaner shave, so you are not going over and over the same area.

Benefits of Shaving Legs

Women used to wear nylons or tights to conceal their legs. It was a way of looking nice without having to do anything else other than don the stockings. However, in World War 2, there came to be a shortage of nylon. Women began to shave their legs to look better as a result. Also, the fashion morays of the time changed. That meant that women would be wearing racier outfits. As they showed more skin and specifically more leg, they wanted to look sexy. This, of course, meant shaving away all the unwanted body hair.

When it comes to sports like swimming, even men shave their legs. They can reduce their times by getting rid of the resistance that all that body hair is giving them in the water.

how to use a safety razor on legs before throwing it away

How is shaving my legs with a safety razor different than cartridge razors?

Shaving your legs with a safety razor might be a slightly different process. The pivot heads and protective barriers of normal razors can actually pull at the skin more. It actually leads to more skin injuries and irritation than before. The safety razor will not have these features, so the process will be different.

When you use a safety razor, make sure that you hold it at 30 degrees relative to the skin. Make sure that you clean the razor often. This means that your strokes should be short and intentional. This will lead to a clean shave. When you wash out the blade, some people prefer to have a bathtub full of water or a sink full. This will give you something to wash your blade in.

Finally, do not press down hard on the blade. It is already sharp enough. Obviously, if you start to press too hard, you will get those inevitable knicks. Just give yourself the time in the morning or whenever you shave to be patient. If you take your time and use light, intentional strokes, you will get the best results.

Always make sure that you have lathered the area with soap or shaving cream. Sometimes with conventional razors, you will notice that you take second passes without worrying about whether the area has any cream. This will not work for the safety razor. With the safety razor, you must always have shaving cream or soap on the area, even if you are going at it for another time.

How Long do Safety Razor Blades Last?

You may be wondering how often you need to change the razor on the safety blade. It depends of course on how thick your hair is and how much hair you shave off. For example, some women and men go for the upper thighs, and others find they do not need to shave this area. Generally, though, you will find that you need to change the razor around once a week. A double-edged safety razor blade will cost around 9 cents to 30 cents per blade. As you can see, this is a lot less than the blades you are used to for conventional razors, even though you will change those less frequently.

Is it More Time Consuming to Shave with a Safety Razor?

You might be convinced about the cost and environmental savings of a safety razor, but still, be unsure about how long this process will take you. You will actually find that you save yourself some time with the safety razor. You will not have to do as many double and triple passes to get a smooth area. You also will not get the razor burn you do from other razors, which will save you time in the drug store trying to find creams for razor burn and bandaids for your cuts.

How to Use a Safety Razor on Legs

When it comes to the safety razor, it may be a bit like learning how to ride a bike. You may have had trikes and other types of substitutes before, but a two-wheeler really is different than a three-wheeler. You will have to get your bearings a bit, but once you get there, you will be flying in no time.

The most important part of this type of shaving is getting your skin ready. You will want to have a bath or a shower beforehand. Soaking in a hot bath will be even better than a shower for this type of shaving. The goal is that you want to make your skin soft. The advantage too of using a bath is that you can remain in it when you are shaving. You will get a better shave this way as well. For beginners, sitting down and using the safety razor might be easier than standing. It can be awkward to have to bend at every turn of the razor.

Next, make sure you get out the appropriate shaving cream or soap that you want to use. You will want to use something with a real lather. There are brushes that you can get to apply the soap to the skin. Men used to use these in the past because you really do get a better lather. You can use these brushes to get a good lather going. Make sure you apply the cream or soap liberally to the area that you want to shave. You may want to let out some of the bathwater so that you are not washing off your shave cream. You don’t want to ever use a safety razor on skin that just has water on it, as the blade needs the soap to avoid cutting into the skin. You want a lubricated gliding surface when you perform this action.

You will want to now adjust the angle you are holding the blade at. When you look at the blade, it is at a 90-degree angle. The stick and the blade are position perpendicular to one another. When you are shaving, you will want a 30 degree to 45-degree angle. It might be easier for you to just estimate a 45-degree angle, so you can go for this instead of worrying about what 30 degrees looks like. You will see the stick pointing 45 degrees in the air to your skin. This will be an indicator that you are holding the razor exactly right.

Finally, make sure you hold the razor tightly. You need a firm grip that isn’t slippery. You can wash the soap off your hands and dry them with a towel before gripping the blade. Also, make sure that your razor is dry and there is no soap on it. You can keep the towel close by if you need to wipe off your hands or the stick. Ultimately, you will need a bit of dexterity when you are performing this action. This process involves soap and water, so, naturally, you will get your hands wet and slippery again. Always be conscious though of how this is affecting your grip. The blade in a double-edged safety razor is a lot sharper, so you cannot really afford any slip up’s. This is why men in days of old were always teaching their sons to keep a steady hand. There are no inbuilt protective measures in a safety razor, so your hand has to be the thing that is working to protect your skin.

Again, you will want to take short strokes with the razor. Always clean the razor in the water before doing another pass. Re-lather any areas that need more soap or cream before ever going over them again with a safety razor. Once you are done shaving, just rinse the area with pure water. Then, take your towel and pat it dry. The patting action is important. Your skin has been exfoliated, and you want to prevent any rubbing with a towel. Any additional pressure can just lead to irritation. You should apply a moisturizing lotion to the skin after this type of shave to prevent dry skin.

When it comes to the safety razor, a lot can be said. It’s a great tool that is old-fashioned. Sometimes though, the old ways really were the best ways. You can not only save money with this type of tool, but you can save yourself from the unsightly results of modern razors. Men never want to go to work with razor burn, so this is why these safety razors worked so well for them. They also had a baby-smooth face with this type of razor.

People that really want their legs to look fashion runway ready will enjoy this type of shave. By following the tips above, you will ensure that you do it all correctly. The result will be a simply gorgeous finish. All in all, you will be able to enjoy the exfoliation that this razor provides as well. It’s a nice touch for you to be able to give yourself a bit of a spa day along with just performing your regular hygiene. You will learn to love how smooth your legs feel after, and enjoy shaving just a little less than you had to with your other razors. Your friends will certainly want to hear about how you are saving the environment through your simple lifestyle alternations.

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