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best shaving kit bag for men

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For far too long, men have relied on shaving foam and safety razor only to keep their beards short. However, there is a shift in the trend in modern times. These days, we do have the shaving kits. The kits contain more accessories and are definitely more effective in getting rid of excess hair.

Their use is a lot more convenient than the two items we have touched on. That is because each component handles unique tasks and thoroughly for that matter. It is also impossible for you to obtain long-lasting impacts without the use of a comprehensive kit.

best shaving kit bag for men

You definitely need some guidance to be able to make the right purchasing decision. We understand this fact only too well. That is why we have stepped in voluntarily to help you make the right choice. Read the discussions hereunder for more insight on the subject.

Pros and Cons of Buying Shaving Kits Compared to Buying Every Item Individually 


Limited Hassles

By purchasing a kit rather than individual items, you stand to enjoy some limited hassles. You do not have to leave your hair halfway to look for other items to complete it.

Overall Cheaper

It is no secret that bulk purchases are cheaper than individual ones. Your choice of the shaving kit is hence a suitable way of cutting down your shaving costs.

Saves Time

With all the items you require for shaving in your hands, you need not waste time while shaving. Instead, you spend the little time you have to do the best job possible.

Yields Better Outcomes

Definitely, a kit brings about better outcomes. That is because you get to handle individual chores as exactly as you would naturally have to.

Great for gifts

You may also use the shaving kit as a gift to your man. The items that constitute the kit are on the whole quite elegant to behold.

best shaving kit for men



A kit is generally bulkier to carry around compared to individual shaving items. You will confront some inconveniences as you travel around with yours.

Likelihoods of Redundancy

It may not always be that you will find all the items in the kit relevant to your shaving needs. This means that the chances of some items being redundant are just too high.

Requires some Expertise

You definitely require some expertise to handle and operate some items in a typical shaving kit. Your lack of such expertise may hence disparage you significantly.

What is in a Shaving Kit?

Aftershave Balm

To protect your skin from developing rashes, you want to apply an aftershave balm. This one overlays the shaved skin and shields it from direct contact with germs and other harmful external agents. It also speeds up the rate of healing after a shave.

Shaving Cream, Gel or Foam

Most shaving kits comprise the cream, gel, and foam, at the same time. This gives you room and freedom to select the exact one which closely mirrors your unique expectations. These items definitely make for some gentler and perfect skin outcomes.

Pre-shave Treatment

Before shaving, you must definitely prepare your skin for the subsequent role. You will find the pre-shave treatment a nice and worthy purchase indeed. Its role in preparing the skin for the shaving cannot at all be underestimated.


This forms the core of the entire shaving process. It is the razor that actually does the cutting of the hair into finer particles. Needless to say, the razor has to be sharp and preferably multiple in number.

Shaving Brush

After you are through with your shaving and before applying the aftershave, you must definitely get rid of the hair debris. You will employ the shaving brush for this role. It eliminates the minute chuff and debris well.

Lathering Products

Lastly, you will also want to lather your skin in preparation for the actual shaving. Yet again, you will find the lathering products handy at such times. They clean and raise the strands of hair to make them easier to cut through later.

Best Shaving Kits for Men

#1: Van der Hagen Luxury Shaving Kit

You need not necessarily go to a high-end barber shop and spend too much of your money to be able to accrue luxurious shaving outcomes. This kit is available for your luxurious shaving outcomes. This is mainly because of its luxurious lather which prepared and conditions your skin for smooth and close shaves.

As part of its luxurious shaving outcomes, this kit also lubricates your skin in such a way as to prevent razor burns, diminish nicks and cuts. All these are provided in a package that is way cheaper than those of your ordinary high-end barber shops.


• Boar bristle brush

• Best-selling luxury shave soap

• Acrylic brush stand

• Apothecary Mug

#2: Merkur Futur 4-piece Shaving Set

Looking to generate some styles as you shave your beard? Look no further than this particular set. It is indeed equipped with many tools and features intended for the same. Specifically, the fact that you may alter the angles of shaves is what makes it capable of doing just that.

Generally, also, the blades bring about some truly close shaves. They subsequently leave behind almost no hair strands and hence make your outcomes truly awesome. Given its beautiful appearance, you may also use the set to add some aesthetics to your room.


• Frosted glass shaving bowl

• Silvertip badger brushes

• Merkur Futur adjustable razor

• Satin-finished chrome shaving stand

#3: Parker 29R Safety Razor Shaver Set

Looking to surprise your male loved one this coming holiday? Think of this kit. It is beautifully crafted and is hence a great gift choice. This does not mean though that it cannot perform the standard chores as expected. Indeed, the kit is still a reliable companion for everything shaving.

Most of its cutting mechanisms are made of stainless steel. As such, they are firm, strong, durable, and very sharp. For this reason, they are more likely to yield you reliable shaving outcomes, all factors considered.


• Deluxe Black Badger bristle brush

• Chrome handle

• Stainless steel stand

• Silver-colored theme

• Chrome Plating

• Twist-to-open butterfly head

• Extra-long 100% black badger bristles

#4: Parker 96R Shaving Kit

Are you a frequent and regular shaver? If you are, this is the kit you have been looking for. On the whole, the kit is strong and durable. It is subsequently capable of enduring the most strenuous of circumstances of use. The company that makes it is also reputable for excellent customer service.

Over and above shaving your beard, this kit can also do a good job of enhancing the aesthetics of your toilet. This is mainly because of its chrome finishing which is truly great to behold.


• Parker 96R butterfly open safety razor

• C2PGSS chrome shave stand

• Pure badger brush

• Deluxe 100% pure badger bristle brush

• Black and chrome handle

#5: Merkur Shaving Kit

If you operate on ordinarily squeezed schedules, you want a comprehensive package. This Merkur shaving kit is manufactured for persons of your kinds. In all, it contains all those items and gears which you shall usually have to use for your shaving. These individual items also stand apart from the others.

They are durable, are accommodative of many relevant gears and are devoid of any synthetic preservatives. What’s more? The entire package is usable by both men and women alike. This makes the package great for whole family use.


• Chrome-plated safety razor

• Bowl

• Shaving soap

• Badger brush

• Stand for brush and razor

• 21 mm chrome handle

#6: Jack Black No. 2 Bump-free Shave System

Sometimes it is never enough to shave your hair only. You usually want to go ahead and eliminate those unsightly marks which arise after shaving. This is the kit to look up to. Other than that, it also conceals cuts and gets rid of any bumps. It has some unique parts and components.

Together, these features and items enable it to perform feats which are way beyond the scope of your ordinary shaving kit.


• Non-slip razor handle

• 2 replacement cartridges

• Daily face cleaner

• 5-blade stainless steel razor

• Supreme cream triple cushion

Beard lube conditioning shave

• Bump fix razor and ingrown solution

#7: Baxter of California Shave 1.2.3 Kit

This shaving kit is so called because it comprises the three most essential items for a perfect shaving outcome. The kit goes beyond merely getting rid of unwanted hair off your beard skin. It also exudes some luxury and comfort in so doing. This stems mainly from its healing and soothing powers.

Though great for almost all kinds of shaving outcomes, this kit is particularly suited for those close wet shaves. Its blades do not cut your skin.


• Hair shave brush

• Badger brush

• Aftershave Balm

Shaving cream

• Sharp razor

#8: The Art of Shaving Full-Size Kit

As the name suggests, this kit is truly optimized for perfect shaves. That is because it contains all those items which may yield you the most desirable of outcomes. Further to merely getting rid of some unwanted hair off your beard, this kit also prepares your skin for the same.

For instance, it lathers, cleans, and moisturizes your skin as well. You are hence less likely to sustain those issues and problems which any other kinds of users do.


• After-shave balm

• 100% badger brush

Shaving cream

• Pre-shave oil

• Moisturizing lotion

#9: Gentleman Jon Complete Wet Shave Kit

Though pricey, this kit is perhaps the most comprehensive one on the market today. That is because it contains almost all items you would naturally want to find in a kit of this kind. You will find it suited for your use if you experience faster beard growth rates. The same applies to you if you shave frequently.

Other than merely trimming your hairs, this kit also slows down irritations and other undesirable issues which your beard may sustain. It also has some items which are lacking in most other kits of its kinds.


• Badger hair shave

• Safety razor

• Sandalwood shave soap

• Stainless steel shave bowl

• Alum block

#10: Bevel Shave System – Starter Kit

It is not uncommon for you to sustain some nasty razor bumps in the course of shaving your beards. Given the ghastly nature of these bumps, you want to avoid them completely. This Bevel shaving system is designed to help achieve that very role. It contains all the items and products that prevent this very eventuality.

Key among these are the priming oil, Aloe Vera and the triple action badger brush. These not only make for close shaves but also retain your moisture levels throughout the shaving session.


• Priming oil

• Safety razor

• Restoration balm

• Badger shave brush

• Shave cream

Learning about the shaving kits for men in and of itself is not enough. You have to surely make a purchase of at least one of them. It is in light of this that we now urge you to consider purchasing at least one we have identified and explained above.

To find the right one, consider your own expertise, expectations, and the unique circumstances which each kit is designed to tackle. In some instances, you might also have to bring in some technical expert to help you in going about the issue.

Do not wait till you need to shave your beard before purchasing one. That is because the kit may also apply and handle your pubic hair and other general grooming tasks? When do you plan to set out in purchasing your shaving kit? Let us know in the comment’s section hereunder!

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