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how to wear straight leg jeans that are too long

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A good pair of jeans or denim is one of those important must-haves for every modern man’s wardrobe: classic, effortless, and pretty cool. Traversing all economic and social divides and the best go-to on casual weekends, it pays to give some consideration to all these hard-working gentlemen. In this post, we are going to look at how to wear straight leg jeans for men, the shoes that go well with them, and how to style them as well. Read on to discover how you can enhance your look using this vintage-inspired denim style.

How To Wear Straight Leg Jeans For Men’s?

A pair of straight-leg jeans refers to a type of denim that features narrow and non-tapering legs. These jeans are known as straight leg since the legs are straight. Some types of jeans become broader towards the legs’ bottom, while others become narrower. However, only straight-leg jeans have a pretty straight fit where the legs of the pants retain the same width from bottom to the top.

When you are wearing straight-leg jeans, you will realize that they normally hug your legs. That is one of the defining characteristics of straight-leg jeans. As mentioned earlier, they run pretty straight via the legs, which means they don’t become narrower, nor do they become wider towards the bottom.

Straight leg jeans can suit almost everybody. However, you should be careful not to go for wider fits because they can make you appear bigger than you are. You can go for darker colored jeans since they are more transitional when compared to other colors. It is always good to stick to simplicity, especially when styling a pair of straight leg jeans designed for men.

You can try wearing a pair of selvage or raw denim straight-leg jeans because they are not seasonal and can carry you through a wide range of styles and looks. Team your pair of jeans with just a simple and loose white T-shirt/top and a formal pair of shoes like a brogue or a loafer to enhance the look.

The best way to combine a pair of straight leg jeans is by using looser fitting layers. Double denim normally works best with layered denim jackets, knitted field jackets or denim shirts. However, even looser sweaters can also work well with a pair of straight jeans. The main secret when it comes to styling is consistent in fit to make sure the bottom matches the top. You can tone jeans to shoes and tops for a taller, sleeker and longer illusion, and also bring in a pop of color using a shirt, whimsical socks or scarf.

how to wear straight jeans mens

Are Skinny Jeans Still In Style?

Yes. Skinny jeans are always a new classic. They are designed to be fitted, such that a pair that hugs your legs ever-so-perfectly without being pretty tight is an excellent option. Trends normally come and go, but the skinny jeans will be here to stay for some time, so keep several pairs stocked in your wardrobe in addition to all the other best pairs of denim that you own, whether they are trending or not.

How Many Pairs Of Jeans Should A Man Own?

Well, it depends on the kind of jeans that you prefer. Generally, blue jeans are known as the standard when it comes to jeans, meaning you should have at least one pair. The number also depends whether you like light wash jeans or dark wash jeans. The key is always to have several pairs of quality jeans, and fashion experts recommend the three-rule when it comes to men’s denim. With a pair of blue jeans, a pair of black jeans, and gray jeans, all your bases will be covered.

Why Do Men Take Off Their Shirts?

From the biological differences point of view, the main reason why men take off their shirts might be because when you remove a top or your t-shirt by the collar, it usually creates lots of friction when the piece of cloth rubs against your front body. With ladies, that might cause discomfort because of the sensitive nature of their breasts. Besides, women have longer hair and softer skin, which will need to be taken care of, especially while pulling over a T-shirt or top lest the hair gets tangled or even disrupt the hairstyle. For men, it doesn’t seem to matter.

From the social point of view, taking off your t-shirt or top from the waist usually seems like a more effective way because there is less stretch, gentler effort, and less friction involved, which makes the cloth last longer and remain in good shape.

What Shoes Go With Straight Leg Jeans For Men?

Shoes can easily change the appearance of an outfit, which means you should tread carefully. However, it entirely depends on the outfit you intend to wear. Whether you would like to give your jeans a dapper upgrade or keep it casual, the choice of your shoes plays a vital role. Therefore, it’s essential to select your preferred shoes with intention. A straight leg pair of jeans for men can go with almost any type of shoe. This flexible outfit is a shoo-in for all occasions and everything, from the weekends worn with sneakers to the office when paired with oxfords.

A pair of straight-leg jeans is an elegant style of denim that every man should own. They normally provide a clean and minimal aesthetic but are quite far from boring. Generally, these understated jeans can be pretty exciting and are ideal for wearing with smart-casual and fashionable casual outfits. However, all you require is the right shirt and shoes, and your pair of straight-leg jeans will bring out a stylish, contemporary, and sophisticated appearance.

When selecting your shoes, you should look for styles that are relaxed and refined, such as sneakers, loafers, brogues, and boots. Each of these styles of footwear will look perfect when combined with your pair of straight-leg jeans, especially if you would like to get a luxe and laid-back appearance. Since your straight leg jeans are neither loose nor tight, you don’t have to worry about the proportions as well. Both slim and broad shoes can perfectly suit this classic style of jeans as well.

how to wear straight leg jeans that are too long

Should Jeans Be Tight When You Buy Them?

How your jeans fit you is one of the significant aspects of your new pair of denim, and it can make a big difference in your look. Besides, you don’t want to purchase a pair of straight leg jeans and later discover that they are too tight or too loose. And jeans that do not fit right will make you look extra sloppy. When you know your right size, it can be easy to select from many various fits.

  • Overall fit

Your straight-leg jeans should easily fit your waist without the need for a belt. The classic pants should fit closely to your body without being skin tight. Most men prefer having a slim taper in the legs, which assists in preventing a bell-bottom appearance.

  • Waist

When it comes to your waist, your pair of jeans should comfortably rest on your waist without the need for a belt. However, if you require a belt, then the pair of jeans is too big, and if you cannot button it up with ease, it’s too tight.

  • Butt area

When it comes to the seat or butt, your pair of jeans should hug the butt area a little bit without feeling constricting. If you cannot squat or lift your legs without feeling like your pair of jeans may rip, then it is too tight. If you can grab a part of your jeans from the butt area, it has an extra room, and that makes it baggy.

What Shoes Do You Wear With Straight Leg Jeans?

Your choice of shoes can either break or make your outfit, so it is important to get your choice right. Therefore, all men should know the ideal styles of footwear to partner with their straight leg jeans. Unfortunately, when it comes to wearing jeans, getting the best pair of shoes can be a challenge. Since jeans are usually available in a broad range of silhouettes and not all footwear will suit all denim styles. Some of the shoes you can perfectly combine with a pair of straight-leg jeans to achieve an amazing look include sneakers, loafers, brogues, and boots.

How Do You Wear Straight Leg Jeans?

A pair of straight-leg jeans is an option that can suit any guy with any body shape. Without any fitted shape or tapering to them, these pants usually go straight down from your waist to the legs. Also referred to as comfort fit jean or relaxed fit jean, these pants normally allow more room and also give you more comfortable wear when compared to the restricting skinny jeans. These jeans can suit gents who are slightly bigger around the middle or those with a stockier build. A pair of straight-leg jeans gives your body a pretty slimmer shape and also skims over the problem parts that you may have.

The monochrome appearance is slowly fading away, and one of the easiest ways to pull off a double denim look with your straight leg jeans is by having two different schemes of color that perfectly contrast each other. One of the most common combinations is a blue washed out pair of jeans and a black jacket or vice versa. Nowadays, contrasting denim is also pretty easy to do because pastel-colored jeans are becoming an extremely popular trend when it comes to the fashion market.

The best way to execute this properly is by ensuring that whatever you wear underneath brings out a pop of color. In most cases, white is usually a safe selection, but an emerald, cerulean, or grey shirt or T-shirt can also be a much better alternative. Some of the other colors you can consider are yellow, purple, limeade, and orange, among others. That can also be applied to the colors of your preferred shoes and any other accessories like scarves and gloves for further color scheme balance.

How Do You Wear Straight Leg Jeans With Boots?

A good pair of boots can be a great foundation for almost everything that life throws at you, and perhaps there’s no greater combination in the fashion sector than your favorite pair of straight legs jeans and your best boots. Together, they are two items that look much better when they are more worn-in, and with time their natural materials normally take on a unique look, and blending the two will provide you with style options throughout the year.

There is a pair of solid boots for each style preference, from ideal-for-the-office, smarter, Chelsea boots, to all-weather Derbys specifically designed to withstand a rained-soaked terrain. You can also look at the recent increase in numerous streetwear-inspired silhouettes. If you are looking for a contemporary look, you can combine your straight leg jeans with a lightweight pair of hiking boots as well. The choice of boots is endless, but the focus is virtually two-fold; function and form. You can get both with one of the above styles, and blending them with a pair of straight-leg jeans can be a doddle.

The straight-leg jeans provide a stylish option to traditional pairs of denim jeans. Regardless of the style you prefer, you should remember to select the right size of jeans for your body. That’s because you cannot always depend on the generic length and waist measurements. Besides, straight leg jeans will perfectly fit your body, which results in a high level of comfort and aesthetics. Your shoes and outfit accessories can also break or make your outfit, which means it’s important to get the selection right. You can use the useful information in this post to know the best styles of footwear to partner with your pants.

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