How Long Do Electric Shavers Last?




how long do mens electric shavers last

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Electric shavers are conventional products known to help men get rid of their facial hair. The lifespan of these electric shavers much depends on several factors. Some of these include the quality of the shaver material. The best-quality shaver brands are known to be from various manufacturers in the market. Some brands last for a period of three, while the average ones go for up to five years, others for more than ten years. These years are a guarantee of shaver’s durability and excellent operation. This article will help you, gunner, much about electric shaver’s lifespan.

How Long Do Electric Shavers Last? 

Every electric razor user desires to purchase an electric shaver that will serve for long. However, buying a shaver from a high rated brand is almost a guarantee that the product will remain in service for long. Most brands are known to produce shavers that best suits the potential buyers in the market. The high-quality electric shavers commonly last for a period of five to ten years. The important thing is for the user to exercise diligence and take good care of the shaver. Some go for more than ten years while in operation. Besides, those who mishandle it and fail to offer the necessary maintenance may have theirs not lasting for more than several months.

how long do mens electric shavers last

It implies that on top of the electric shaver brand, being mindful and undertaking various maintenance practices to the device prolongs its lifespan. There are basic practices that one should make a habit before and after every shave. Also, the varying length of the hair that the shaver is to cut somehow determines its longevity. People with long hair to shave often find themselves buying the shavers more than their counterparts with short hairs. Therefore, it is advisable to first trim your beards or hairs before using the shaver to promote its lifespan.

When buying the electric shavers, the vendors will always offer what you ask for, and the cash you wish to spend. People who often don’t like spending much on such petty gadgets get themselves in a situation of visiting the shops more frequently. They end up paying more than others who went for one that costs higher. The initial cost may appear unpleasant, but the maintenance and durability of the product save you more of your money in the long term. Most good shavers have a high price tag. The cheap and more affordable shavers are commonly cheaply made too and come with an unattractive warranty. Therefore, if it pleases you, consider paying more and having your electric shaver for many years.

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What Is The Best Way To Shave With An Electric Razor?

The best way to shave with an electric razor involves a set of procedures. There are various practices that one should do before the actual shave to ensure that you get the most elegant cut. Below is a collection of these activities.

  1. Preparation of the Face

Among the leading factors that help you in getting an exceptional shave using electric shavers is taking time for the preparation of your face. Most people who have followed this practice have realized that it is not the same when you hurriedly shave without adequate face preparation. You should begin by having a good face wash, which helps you in cleaning the dead skin, oils, and dirt. This thorough washing is also helpful in opening your skin pores. You should use some warm water to also help in softening your facial hair to help the shaver give you a closer and finer shave.

  1. Go Against your Hair Grain

You may have heard that one should always use the shaver along the grain, but the vice versa is what happens with the electric shavers. Shaving against the grain helps in cutting your face hairs at the deepest root from the base of your skin. It offers some better results. For them that are not sure the direction of their hair grain, you should use your hand to rub across your entire face. The grain direction offers a smooth feeling while moving against the grain leaves a rough feeling on your hand. Such a simple procedure will also contribute to ensuring you get a close shave.

  1. Use One Hand to Shave while the Other Pulls Your Skin Tight

The use of electric shaver is not a default assurance of getting your desired closest shave. It is highly advisable to use one hand in holding your electric razor while the other tightens your skin as you shave. Doing so is helpful for it makes the face hairs stand straight. It also helps in protecting you from pulling the hairs instead of having the razor cut the. The practice also lowers the chances of having skin cuts as the shaver moves over the loose skin.

  1. Use Proper Shaving Angle

The way you hold your shaver determines the outcome you will get. Always ensure that you have the shaver at the right grip and angle. This shaving angle determines the skin contact of the shaver, where the right angle achieves maximum skin contact. It is a way of ensuring you get a quicker and thorough shave.

  1. Adhere to Proper Shaving Strokes

The shaving process is determined by the type of shaver you are using. Rotary shavers require you to move them in small but circular motions. Foil shavers need you to shave in back and forward or down and up movements. The right approach determines the durability, fineness of the job, and the effects on your skin.

  1. Avoiding the Burns

It is a common challenge with most shavers to overheat after a short time of use or even before you are done. Therefore, it is highly advisable to ensure that you start your shave from highly sensitive and irritable regions such as the neck area. Then, finish with the less susceptible rest areas.

Is It Better To Shave Wet Or Dry With An Electric Razor?

Many people who shave are often confused about whether to have their hair cut wet or dry. However, the difference is the level at which the electric razor cuts the hairs. You can make your judgment from the description below.

A Closer Shave during Wet Shaving

Wet shaving is found to result in a closer shave as compared to dry shaving. You can quickly notice the difference in the razor cut by the smoother feeling and that it takes longer for the hairs to grow back. Though, when the hairs are growing again, they often cause irritation and itching effect. The main reason is due to the direct contact of the razor and the skin, which creates a scratchy impact that may cause dryness as well as irritation.

Less Irritation during Dry Shaving

Dry shave with an electric razor cuts the dry and tough hairs way above the body’s skin. It doesn’t produce a close shave, yet some men argue that it helps in reducing irritation. There is a minimal chance of abrasion as the brain does not touch the skin. The hairs underside is not irritating during their growing back.

Wet Versus Dry Shaving

An individual best decides on whether to opt for a wet or a dry shave. One has to look at the benefits and shortcomings of either and choose one that feels favorable. Those who get much irritation after a wet shave could be their solution is having a dry shave. Also, those who value a close shave might have to stick to wet shaving.

How Do You Shave With An Electric Razor Without Irritation?

Various factors are known to cause when shaving. More so, every person is susceptible to rashes and irritating after the shave. Such discomforts are easily eliminated by avoiding things that irritate as outlined below:

  • Avoid the use of blunt blade or old shaver
  • Make it a habit to apply shaving cream, soap or other lubricants
  • Shave in the recommended direction, angle of the grain
  • Start with areas susceptible to irritation before the shaver becomes hot
  • Avoid using lotions that cause skin irritation
  • Don’t spend extended time shaving a single region
  • Take your time to cut and treat your skin

Should I Wash My Face Before Shaving With Electric Razor?

You should take enough time to prepare your face before a shave involves thorough washing. However, most people believe that shaving should come before showering. They argue that one should get rid of the hairs and then get in for a shower. However, shaving stiff and dry hairs do not offer an excellent shave and often irritates the skin. Open pores and soft hair helps in the enhancement of the hair. Clogged pores with dirt and oil are spread and caused skin damages. Therefore, it is vital to follow this simple procedure in advance.

  • Thoroughly wash your face to get rid of dirt and oils build-up. It helps prevent common irritations.
  • Hold a washcloth wet with warm water for approximately three minutes. Such a process helps in raising your hair for a more comfortable cut and smooth strokes.

After a proper process of shaving, you are free to jump in for a shower.

Can I Use Pre Shave Oil With Electric Razor?

The use of pre-shave oils when preparing for an electric razor shave helps in ensuring the skin is protected with a thin layer of shavers covering. Most of these pre-shave oils are a combination of several other oils. The commonly used ones are plants sourced. The oil is applied before lathering by a smooth massage over the moist skin after a thorough wash using warm water. It keeps your skin well-moisturized, supple, and plump through penetration and holding of water. The oil also lowers the risk of having irritation and cuts during the shaving time. It is a perfect lubricant between the electric razor and your skin. It also straightens the hair follicles for a smoother shave free of pulling risks.

Do Electric Shavers Give Close Shave?

Electric shavers are excellent in offering close shaves, though not the best. However, it doesn’t mean that one will view the stubbles after you shave. You are likely to have a rough feeling after some hours of the shave, but web blades may take longer to get the feel. Therefore, ensure you properly rinse your shaver with running tap water to clean all the blades. Then, oil them as part of the maintenance process. These ways help in ensuring that you have a closer shave using either the electric or the cartridge razors.

How Do You Shave With A Foil Shaver?

Foil electric shavers come with straight heads that utilize oscillating blades, also referred to as cutters, underneath a ‘foil’ to trim hair. Foil usually refers to the ultra-thin layer of metal that is holed to create a specific mesh pattern that quickly covers the cutters. This foil captures your hair using its holes and cuts it close to your skin, offering you a close shave. Here is a stepwise guide to shaving with a foil shaver.

  1. Preparation

Apply pre-shave to your skin to protect your skin from the cutting blade. It also allows the head of the shaver to glide against all the contours of the face easily. That prevents razor burns and skin irritations.

  1. Shaving

Move your shaver in short and slow strokes. The movements should be left to right or up and down in straight lines. Start with the sensitive areas first like the neck, while holding your electric razor at a right angle to your skin. That maximizes contact between your skin and the surface area of the foil.

  1. Post Shave Aftercare

Again, this isn’t essential, but it can significantly improve the quality of your shave and the condition of your skin. When you finish shaving, rinse your face using cold water to help tighten the hair follicles and pores. Apply a moisturizer or post-shave balm to rehydrate your skin to keep it looking healthy and fresh.

  1. Cleaning

After moisturizing your face, rinse the foil head or put the electric razor in the self-cleaning system that comes with it. Always clean your shaver after every shaving routine to keep it free of bacteria, working at high performance, and also maintain the foil heads for an extended period.

Shaving is usually a personal issue, and even if you use all the recommendations and tips you find on the internet, getting a smooth, close shave using an electric razor will take a lot of trial and error. You can use some of the techniques and tips that we have outlined in this post to get a clean shave. However, do not be afraid to change some things up if you’re not satisfied with your results. The best and safest approach is to start small when it comes to the changes and then build your techniques from there.

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