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when should a boy start shaving his moustache

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Ideally, shaving is normally a rite of passage for both girls and boys as its one of those major milestones on the road towards adolescence. Different people normally refer to their cultures as well traditions to recognize this rite of passage at different ages; others tend to bring up the conversation as soon as their kids turn into puberty, others might bring up the conversation even before their kids turn into puberty. Bottom line, the answer to when you should introduce your kid to shaving is quite complex since the answers are varied, and none of them are incorrect.

Further; facial hair, pubic hair, armpit hair as well leg hair normally starts to grow during adolescence or even shortly after. Many are the times that this takes place between the age of 9-15; nonetheless, in some cases, it might occur much earlier or even at an older age. Consequently, answering the question “when should you start shaving” is more of an individualistic thing as it also depends on a number of factors; to this effect; you need not to worry since this article will ease things for you by laying out the available alternatives. 

when should a boy start shaving his moustache

At What Age Should Boys Start Shaving?

Ideally, as stated in the text above, deciding on when to introduce your child to start shaving isn’t an easy question to deal with since when it comes to boys, they normally begin their maturation process at different ages. In most cases, some boys will start experiencing growth of some hair above their lips as well chin; others may experience under their armpits or even pubes, and to this effect, it’s not quite clear when they should be introduced to shaving. In other instances, shaving can be as a trigger of peer pressure, thus forcing your son to start shaving even without any grown hair.

For starters, shaving should be an individual thing. This is to say that; since there is no specific age to which you can introduce your son to start shaving, then it should be upon them initiate it. This is to say; your son can start to shave whenever they feel they want as well once they feel the hair is uncomfortable. This is to means whenever they have any hair; then it should occur to them that they need to start shaving.

On the other hand, when it comes to the parents; they should introduce their sons to shaving way before puberty. Considering the fact that children grow differently as others may experience adolescence a bit early while others late, then it’s upon the parent and most especially the dad to introduce their son to shaving before puberty, and that can be from 8 years of age. Its normally at this time you get to bond with your son in more personal matters, thus creating an atmosphere of freeness. It’s during this time that you teach your son how to shave as well o what direction should they shave the hair towards.

what age do guys start shaving their face

When Should Girls Start Shaving Their Legs?

Whether it’s the legs or the facial hair, girls can’t wait to shave it all. Generally, leg hair grows once one hits puberty. Again, it’s important to note that girls can get in the puberty stage of different ages; some experience puberty in early stages while others in older stages and for that, there is no specific age to which you can introduce your daughter to shaving leg hair. Again, it’s also important to note that girls can really get sensitive with some things inclusive of facial, legs as well pubic hair and for that, they can start shaving their hair at a very early age immediately when they start noticing unwanted hair.

Given the above facts, girls can introduce themselves to shaving their legs hair. Again, they can also be introduced by their peers after sharing their experiences, and for that, there is no exact age to which you can introduce your daughters to start shaving their hair.

Affirmatively, as we have seen; girls tend to grow faster entering the puberty stage way before the boys, and for that as a parent you need to introduce your daughter to start shaving way before the adolescent stage and that is from the age of 6 years of age that way they will be able to know what to do once they get to that stage. Additionally, girls tend to open up more about their experiences to their moms compared to boys, and as a result, this makes it much easier for parents to talk about shaving with their daughters. Further, some parenting experts suggest that parents should introduce shaving the legs to their daughters based on the average age that girls in her school or even neighborhood begin shaving. It’s also important to note that shaving legs with some girls it’s all about growing up and not about issues to do with self-esteem and vice versa, and for that, parents need to introduce shaving legs to their daughters before puberty.

How to Talk to Your Daughter About Shaving Their Legs

Generally, when it comes to talking to your daughter about shaving their legs, it all comes down to two options, that is; they ask you how to go about it, or they just don’t ask about how to go about it. If it happens, they come to you about shaving; it’s important you make it clear to them that body hair is very normal and that shaving is completely their option. If they are for the idea of shaving, teach them how to go about it. On the other hand, if they don’t ask, they might be scared, and for that, you need to initiate the conversation as the parent in a subtle way let her know that shaving is optional and if they want to shave teach them how to go about it.

Does Your Kid Feel Awkward About Shaving Their Leg Hair?

In some cases, kids and most especially girls, shaving legs is more of a grown-up thing while with others, it has something to do with self-esteem in regards to changing their body, and thus, they intend to avoid shaving. It’s normal for girls to feel awkward about shaving their leg hair, and it can happen from two perspectives. For starters, your daughter might find it awkward to have leg hair, and since they want to maintain their feminine look, they invite the idea of shaving their leg hair, if this is the case with your daughter, you need to take your time and explain to them how to go about it, what direction they should shave towards as well what products as well razors should they use to have a perfect shave. Alternatively, your daughter might find it extremely awkward to shave their leg hair since they might find it been a way of changing their bodies and if this happens to be the case with your daughter, take your time as the parent and explain to them that not shaving is okay and that they can still look beautiful with their leg hair.

Is their Leg Hair Often on Display?

It’s important to note that lifestyle is a rather crucial factor to put into consideration when deciding what’s the time to start shaving for your kids. For instance, if your kid is involved in any kind of sports, then their leg hair will be more than often noticeable. Again, if your kid wears clothes that do not entirely cover their legs, then their leg hair will often be on display. Again, if you live in areas where the climate is warm, then the leg hair will be highly noticeable. To this effect, its upon the kid to decide if they want to shave or not depending on how they perceive leg hair, and it’s the responsibility of the parent to explain the options the kids have and let them make the decision on shaving.

Is Shaving Their Best Option?

Basically, shaving is but not the only option that kids have. For starters, for those kids who are not of the shaving idea, they can opt not to shave but embrace their leg hair. Again, if your daughter wants to get rid of their leg hair, they can shave. Alternatively, they can opt on waxing, which is much recommendable given the fact that it requires less upkeep, and it saves on time compared to shaving, which requires regular attendance.

Does Your Kid Know How to Shave Properly?

Regardless of the age in question, lots of kids need to be shown how to shave using either razors or any other products. Again, it’s important for kids to be aware of the appropriate skincare products to use during and after shaving or even waxing. Again, introducing your kids to shaving is also crucial since it helps them to know how to shave towards the right direction that way, ensuring better exfoliation to prevent the occurrence of ingrown hair. To this end, it’s important that parents introduce their kids to shaving as well as teach them how to do it perfectly.

Does Your Kid Know that Not Shaving is Still an Option?

As stated in the text above, some kids might have some self-esteem issues where they have a problem with shaving as they might perceive it as a way of changing their bodies. Again, other kids might find leg hair beautiful on them, and that way, they might not be of the idea of shaving. To this effect, it’s important for parents to ensure they explain to their kids that not shaving is still an option. Not shaving is an option considering that the kid likes body hair; their interests should be respected.

To this end, it’s rather apparent that the question about “what age should you start shaving” is but a complex question, and the answer this question is quite undecided since the answers are varied, and none of them are incorrect. Again, shaving body hair is more of an individualistic thing since some kids might be interested in shaving while others might disregard the idea. As for the parents, they have the responsibility of introducing the idea to their kids as well as explaining the different options of getting rid of it and living the decision-making part of it to the kids. Lastly, its also important that parents introduce shaving to their kid’s way before puberty and that way as they get to witness these changes, they will be with the right information on how to go about it, what skincare products they can use, what direction should they shave towards, how to use razors as well the various available techniques for getting rid of body hair.

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