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best food for beard growth

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There are many solutions that you can select to use if you don’t have facial hair growth, but none of them are as helpful as being nutritionally informed. Problems such as slow beard growth, patchy, and thin beards affect even the biggest men, but a proper diet can make a huge difference. Many foods stimulate beard growth. Some of these foods provide vital nutrients to your follicles while others impact your hormone levels to promote facial hair growth.

Since beard growth is mostly regulated by some male hormones like dihydrotestosterone and testosterone, eating specific foods that boost the levels of the two hormones as well as increase the utilization of the androgens in the body, is one of the best methods of growing a beard naturally and fast. The right amounts of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals can easily help your facial hair grow much thicker and faster. Besides, these foods can also assist in eliminating beard itch, although using good beard oil is the best method.

Selecting foods that are suitable for beard growth can be a bit challenging. However, once you understand the specific vitamins that support beard health and growth, it simply becomes a matter of including these vital nutrients into your everyday diet.

best food for beard growth

Why Do Certain Foods Promote Beard Growth?

Facial hair growth is typically controlled by dihydrotestosterone (DHT), one of the byproducts of testosterone. However, you should regulate the DHT level because a lot of inactive DHT will attack your head’s hair follicles resulting in male baldness. If you have a low testosterone level, you don’t generate enough DHT to control your hair growth properly. There are many products available in the market in pill form that are pure DHT or, can help increase the production of DHT. Nonetheless, you should have the right amounts of essential minerals and vitamins to force DHT through your hair follicles and also out of your body; otherwise, it will do you more harm than good.

One of the leading vitamins that remove DHT from human bodies is biotins. You should have proper and natural thyroid production to have biotin. Testosterone and DHT are natural hormones in the human body. Your thyroid assists in regulating the testosterone level released in the body as well as the production of DHT from the testosterone.

Moreover, you should also reduce the sex hormones binding SHBG or globulin. SHBG refers to a binding agent that generally makes testosterone and DHT inactive. Finally, you should ensure that you have adequate micro-nutrients with a high rate of fatty acids. That means they should be low in polyunsaturated fats and high in mono-saturated fats and saturated fats.

Foods That Promote Beard Growth


Eggs are usually high in good protein, making it one of the main building blocks of healthy hair. Eggs also contain some cholesterol which is essential for the healthy production of testosterone, the hormone required for the growth of facial hair. Biotin is also good for hair growth, and it happens that eggs are among the best sources of biotin.

Eggs contain vitamin D as well, which is essential for you’re the production of testosterone and there’s evidence indicating that it plays a significant role in nurturing hair follicles to maturity. That assists in converting thin vellus hairs in beards into thicker hairs.  Finally, eggs are also loaded with almost all the essential vitamins and minerals as well as relatively good ratios of fatty-acids for testosterone and DHT production.

foods for beard growth


Taking red meat is usually a delicious and great way to promote facial hair growth. Beef is extremely rich in saturated fatty acids, which are important fats for the production of testosterone. It also provides lots of iron, which assists in producing hemoglobin, an essential protein that transmits oxygen in your blood. One of the important things you should know is that healthy blood is vital for hair growth. Having good amounts of iron in the blood will help you grow a thicker and fuller beard.

Red meat is also one of the greatest sources of natural saturated fats, and these fatty acids enhance testosterone production, which later breaks down to create DHT. When active, DHT promotes healthy growth of facial hair. However, you will have to supplement your red meats intake with some other foods which are high in micro-nutrients and essential minerals like eggs. By doing that, you will ensure that you get adequate biotin to keep your DHT active and to keep the SHBG level to a minimum as well. Last but not least, your beef must be grain or grass feed to prevent any absorption of other unnecessary chemicals that you do not need.


Potatoes are generally a gluten-free and clean source of high-quality carbohydrates. And your body needs carbohydrates in good amounts to promote the production of DHT and testosterone, the main hormones responsible for facial hair growth. According to research, when you consume twice as many carbohydrates as the proteins, your levels of testosterone will increase drastically. Therefore, you can peel some potatoes to include in your breakfast meal and then bake a few potatoes to have with your steak during dinner.

High levels of carbs force the body to generate more testosterone, which leads to high production of DHT, and once you keep it active, it will accelerate the growth of your beard. When consuming potatoes, you should regulate the toppings you use such as butter, sour cream, or salt. Pepper is good, and you can add other starches as well. However, you should avoid french fries and potato chips, unless you are making them for yourself.

When incorporating potatoes to your meals for facial hair growth, they should be at least twice your normal intake of proteins you get from beef. If you are consuming 12 ounces of beef each week, you should then take at least two pounds of potatoes.

Orange juice

Oranges may not be among the first things that come to the mind of many men when thinking about the foods that promote the growth of facial hair, but that does not mean it doesn’t work. It is probably one of the rich fruits that enhance beard growth. The reason for beard boosting ability in orange juice is in the fruit’s sugar fructose. Although it is demonized a lot in the media, fructose has been shown to reduce the amount of SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin), an essential hormone which binds DHT and testosterone, making them less active in your body.

Generally, orange juice is one of the main catalysts behind your beard diet because it is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is one of the important micro-nutrients and minerals you require to keep DHT pretty active. But there’s more. Generally, 8-ounce glass of orange juice has a high level of natural fructose. You will not only feel more alert than taking a cup of coffee, but you will also slow the production of SHBG by your liver, keeping DHT and testosterone active to work their special magic on your hair follicles.

Orange juice is not only beneficial for the male hormones, but the juice also increases the activity of your thyroid, which speeds up the growth of nails, beard, and hairs. Besides, the naturally occurring vitamin C is a necessary micronutrient for the growth of facial hair.


Most nuts are high in selenium, and selenium is mainly found in the skin of most nuts removed during processing and shelling. However, there’s one nut type that stands above all the others, and that is the Brazilian nuts. These nuts contain the highest amount of selenium when compared to all affordable and edible nuts. Selenium is important for the production of testosterone, and the development of DHT from testosterone. On average, one Brazil nut contains around 50 grams of selenium and if you get the raw variety or the organic variety that have skins on the nuts; you will be getting more than 2300 percent of the daily amount of selenium.


Raisins are perhaps one of the big secrets for growing a thick beard naturally and fast. That is because they are among the greatest natural sources of boron, which is a trace mineral essential for facial hair growth, but not most men do not know about it. Again boron increases free-testosterone and DHT levels.

According to a recent research study, 28% of people showed an increase in testosterone levels, and 10% of them recorded a boost in DHT production with 10mg’s of boron each day. The best thing is that 100 grams of raisins have 3mgs of boron, which makes them one of the best and unpopular beard growth-enhancing foods. If you don’t like taking raisins, you can use boron to supplement your diet to enjoy the same effect.


Kale is a rich source of vitamin, which the body utilizes to repair your skin tissues. That is an essential vitamin for beard growth because your skin should be healthy to minimize beard brittleness and patchiness.

Vitamins for Beard Hair Growth

You can easily speed up the growth of your facial hair if you follow a healthy diet. Various vitamins can help you grow your beard naturally and faster. Here are a few of the essential vitamins you need for beard growth.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is vital for the healthy structure and proper functioning of the epithelial tissues of your body. Also, this vitamin assists in the production of sebum, which assists in keeping hairs lustrous and properly moisturized. Various beard vitamins products have Vitamin A as a major ingredient. Foods like carrots, liver, milk, egg yolk, broccoli, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, papaya, mango, and cabbage are all full of vitamin A.

Vitamin B3 or Niacin

Niacin is a vitamin B that enhances blood circulation to your hair follicles and promotes beard growth. It also assists in the production of many hormones in your body. Foods that contain vitamin B3 include oily fish, chicken, liver, pork, strawberry, and peanuts.

Vitamin C

Besides being a strong antioxidant, vitamin C also assists in boosting immunity and strengthening the body against a variety of common illnesses. It also helps to eliminate free radicals from your body. In general, free radicals can damage your hair follicles, and since vitamin C works as a free radical forager, it can assist you in getting a fuller and thicker beard. You can obtain vitamin C from different foods such as chili peppers, oranges, strawberries, kale, green bell pepper, cauliflower, papaya, pineapple, guava, and kiwi.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is incredibly important when it comes to maintaining the health of your hair and skin. It increases circulation of blood, which ensures that your hair follicles receive all the nutrients, minerals, and oxygen they need for proper growth. Wheat germ oil, dried beans, soybeans, leafy green vegetables, raw seeds, and nuts are some of the best sources of vitamin E.

If you wish to grow your facial hair faster, you will have to provide your body with all the necessary nutrients it requires to promote hair growth. As we have seen earlier, various vitamins can lead to greater production of facial hair. Therefore, ensure that you get your diet in check and also consider stepping up when it comes to your supplement game. Having a well-balanced diet will work well, but you should also supplement your meals.

A well-balanced diet, including fish, eggs, nuts, and meat, will work to boost the growth potential of your facial hair. A couple of vitamins, including vitamin E and several B vitamins, which can find in most meats, leafy greens, and dairy, will also promote beard growth. You can also get a multi-vitamin supplement in the mix to boost your vitamin intake as well. If you are considering growing a beard, you can use the above tips to check what works for you and you will be a step closer to getting the length of beard you want.


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