Signs a Cancer Man Likes You More Than a Friend




Signs a cancer man likes you more than a friend

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In order to date cancer men or women, you simply know how to handle them, their likes and dislikes, as well as how to handle them. They are great people to be with if only they find the right person. Keep in mind that to have a successful relationship with them, you need to be loyal and romantic.

It’s okay to date them but be very cautious whenever you are addressing them; otherwise, they are great people, and you have nothing to worry about—all the best as you look forward to a new relationship.

Signs a cancer man likes you more than a friend

Signs a Cancer Man Likes You More Than A Friend

If a cancer man likes you, you will barely realize because he won’t tell you. Not unless he starts to act differently, it’s good to know if he likes you so that you get through the confusing stage. The following things will help you figure out if this man likes you or not.

He’s interested in knowing your personal life

When a cancer man is interested in you, he will try all the best to know everything concerning you. He will always pay attention to you and ready to know who you really are.

So if he asks you questions about your wishes, childhood life, likes, and dislikes and generally everything about you, then he is trying to make you open up because he likes you.

He tells you how he feels

Most of these men keep things secret, but as for cancer men, it’s the opposite because they are easily open. So always remember that if this man likes, he must at least have told you how he likes spending time with you or about your future together.

So if you doubt whether he is just friendly or not, right now, you have an idea of how he behaves around you. Sometimes he chooses to be with you all the time, and even if you happen to separate, he will always find a way of meeting you.

He invited you over

Cancers are shy, and they prefer doing their things at home where there is comfort, so if he invited you over, he needs some peace of mind with someone he likes. And keep in mind that cancer men don’t always invite people to their homes not unless you are special to them.

When he invited you over, it means that he trusts you and is comfortable around you, and he definitely sees you in his future.

Gets comfortable with Public affection

This is another big sign a cancer man likes if he is comfortable displaying affection in public. Cancer men are shy, but if they are in love, they won’t fear showing affection, and this is by hugging or holding hands in public.

He wants to connect spiritually

Their sign is spiritual, and a particular person could be deep in religion; he may be trying to find someone spiritual they can connect well, and in this case, the person he needs in life should be spiritual. So if his sign is cancer and more religious, that’s a sign he wants you in his life.

He introduces you to his family and friends

Someone who loves you and is proud of you will always want to show you off to all his friends and family members; cancer men rarely do so, but if he does, then he really likes you. They might be careful introducing someone because they might have done it in the past, and it didn’t go well.

If he does this to you, just know he is sure of letting you into his life, and it will be good if you don’t disappoint him at all costs.

What a cancer male is attracted to

What is a Cancer Male Attracted to?

If you are the kind of person who loves signs, then it’s good to learn a lot about them in the zodiac chart. It feels what they like and what they don’t, and you should always know these charts if you are yet to date a cancer man. Below are some of the things cancer men are attracted to.

The woman that freely expresses opinions

They do like straightforward women who’d rather speak out than hold their opinion, a woman that is ready to prove that she is indeed strong and not one that is always fragile. He gets impressed by someone that can stand for herself and not afraid to reveal what’s on their mind.

Financially independent

If you want to be the perfect or best woman for a cancer man, then you got to be financially stable and not planning to depend on him. He prefers someone he can split the bill with while hanging out instead of paying for everything alone. Being this kind of woman makes him believe that you love him not just for his money but for who he is.


Men with this sign love childlike or rather innocent women, they can easily fall for this kind of people because they hate expressing themselves, and an innocent person will not be in much trouble.


To make a cancer man fall in love with you, you have to be sincere with him. Cancer men are sensitive and prefer someone sincere and totally loyal, and he wants his partner to have this quality.


As discussed above, cancer men are the most sensitive, and that means you have to treat them cautiously; when this man has special feelings for you, that means you are so, and if you treat him well, he might end up loving you a lot.

What Do Cancer Men Find Physically Attractive?

Just like other men, this type of man has different opinions when it comes to a woman’s physical appearance; every man has a different test, and below are some of the major things they are physically attracted to.

Some love a simple woman, not short or tall, not even long or short hair, so long as she has enough confidence in herself that means a lot to a Cancerian man. Other men prefer smart and aggressive women, feminine and a bit kooky, women that take ownership of him and one who cares.

Cancer men are not so different from other men; they are a bit choosy when getting a woman; that is not a problem because everyone goes for what pleases their eyes. That doesn’t mean women should fear dating then in fact; they are the best when loved and cared for unconditionally.

Other cancer men would prefer curvy women while others may not, so don’t hate yourself thinking that he might not like you; you could be just what he has been looking for all along.

Generally, a cancer man loves a woman who makes him feel comfortable, secure, and safe, not only that but also one that is funny, honest, and passionate. Cancer men don’t like playing games when it comes to relationships, so when he finds the right person, he sticks around.

Now that you know what a cancer man is physically attracted to, it’s also good if you know the various qualities of a cancer man so as to know how to handle him. Knowing it is a great idea because you won’t have trouble all the time.

Qualities of Cancer Men


They are known to be caring and also kind; if you’ve met one, you definitely know how they are protective and loyal, but they also expect the same done for them.


Cancer men are very loyal, they can be tough to handle in the beginning, but once they are into you, they will always be committed. It might take time before gaining their trust, so you need to be patient.


Aside from loyalty, they can be extra protective of whoever they love. They truly love their families and close friends and will always do anything to offer them protection.

What Type Of Woman Cancer Man Is Attracted To?

If you are looking forward to dating a cancer man, then you need to know what he looks for in a woman. First of all, he likes a sweet, sensitive, and thoughtful woman; he also prefers a feminine lady who is faithful and romantic. He wants a woman he can settle with, one that can create a wonderful home and raise a beautiful family.

Not only that, he looks at a lot of features before finally settling with a woman. Below are other various things that a cancer man needs in a woman.


Cancer men prefer innovative and creative women, unlike other signs who would go for realism. He loves a woman who can think and come up with a good idea about something; if you want to attract this guy, you have to be creative and don’t be afraid of showing it. He loves someone who is able to express herself.


Cancer is a romantic sign, and this guy would want to be in a relationship that has a lot of passion and if you happen to date this man expect a lot of romance and don’t shy away learn to also be romantic by doing some small things which add up at the end of the day like surprising him with flowers or any other thing that melts his heart.


Most cancer men don’t just for fun, and they are serious and ready to start a family; they love their friends and family and are always ready to have a family of their own. That is why you need to be a family-oriented woman in order to date a cancer man.

If you are about to date a cancer man, you will have to know what he likes in a woman, and he likes a woman who is romantic because he also is a sweet and passionate woman in that case.

What Do Cancer Women Find Attractive?

Just like cancer men, women are also romantic c and outgoing. She loves surprises, slow kisses, flowers holding hands while walking, wine, and dinner. She loves romance and loves someone who takes it slow. She is kind of sensitive and shy, she gets heart easily, and you might not even have an idea that you hurt her. There are a few things that a cancer woman finds attractive.

Sensual and slow

She doesn’t like to be rushed in terms of romance; this needs patience as you will have to prepare for a slow courtship. If you rush her, you will definitely lose her because that’s not her thing.

Loves children

They love children a lot, and she will always choose a man who loves children too and ready to get his own. She is known to make a good mother, and to her, a man who loves children comes first.

Traditionally romantic

What romance is as for cancer women is watching a movie together while sipping a glass of wine, she loves a man who is also into traditional romance.

Courtesy and kindness

This girl loves a guy who is kind and cautious since cancer women are known to be sensitive. They are attracted to men who are generally not just kind to her but other people too, for instance, animals, children, and senior people.

Good sense of humor

This woman wants a man who is just like her, one who loves to love or make her laugh. Keep in mind that even though she laughs a lot, she still is sensitive, and anything you say should not hurt her in any way.

In bed, she also likes to take things slow, but she is romantic and always ready. When you are about to date a cancer man or woman, some of the things you should know are; what cancer women find attractive, signs a cancer man likes you more than a friend, the type of woman a cancer man is attracted to, what a cancer male is attracted to and what they find physically attractive.

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