Benefits of Feminizing Your Husband




benefits of feminizing your husband

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This blog post is about feminizing your husband. This is a new trend that has been sweeping the nation and it’s pretty easy to do! The benefits of feminizing your husband are many, including an increase in self esteem, better communication skills, and more money in the bank. Of course there are some cons as well but they’re much easier than the pros so we’ll focus on those later. For now let’s just look at what you can gain from feminizing your man today!

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Benefits of Feminizing Your Husband

Makes males more gentle and caring

Feminizing your husband will make him care more about you and even other people. This is pretty awesome because as women we all want to feel like we matter most of all to our significant others. It’s a great feeling when you know that he wants to put you first!

Feminizing your husband will also make him more gentle and patient. You won’t have to deal with a lot of the stuff you normally would when he’s not in touch with his feminine side. I think that all women love a gentle man. It feels really good to know that your husband isn’t going to yell at you or anything like that just because he’s frustrated or angry!

He will understand women better

You’ll find that feminizing your husband will give him the upper hand in communication. He will understand what women want and he will be able to provide for your needs more effectively than before.

This is a really great benefit of feminizing your husband because you no longer have to worry about certain things (like if he knows how to properly communicate with you). He’ll be able to talk to you about whatever is on your mind and provide a solution. It’s awesome knowing that not only do you have his attention, but he knows how to give it!

It reduces male aggression

Feminizing your husband will make him more gentle and caring but it also reduces his aggression. This is ideal for anyone who has a history of domestic violence or violent encounters with males.

Due to the fact that you are feminizing your husband, he will be less intense and aggressive than he was before. His emotional outbursts won’t be as intense so you’ll be able to handle them better than ever before. This is particularly awesome for women who have been abused by a male in the past!

Increases the sexual energy

When you feminize your husband, his sexual energy will increase. This isn’t always a great thing because he may want to have sex more often than what you are used to but it’s definitely a benefit!

This is one of the greatest benefits of feminizing your husband because we all know that men sometimes need to be controlled in various areas of their lives. Because feminizing him will improve his communication skills and make him more gentle we know that he’ll be a whole lot easier to control in the bedroom!

Improves a male’s hygiene habits

Pre-feminization, many males are unacquainted with the concept of washing daily or even flossing their teeth every day. Once turned into a woman, your husband will be more in tune with his feminine body; and he will take care to clean it properly a minimum of twice per day (morning and night). The frequent washing will result in better overall hygiene for your husband. He may also be more inclined to use deodorant daily, wear clean clothes and perhaps even shave his legs or armpits.

It is suitable for him to participate in activities that are female-exclusive

While it is possible for a male to do anything that females can do, some activities are not so suitable for use by males. If your husband turns into a woman, he won’t feel like doing macho things as they will be an alien concept to his new identity as a woman. So, there is no reason for him to take part in such activities. It would be better he stick to doing feminine things as a woman instead.

It will make him more attractive to you

Feminizing your husband will make him more appealing to you as a sexual partner and it could also improve your romantic relationship in general with one another. If he makes an effort to look good as a woman, it would be easier for both of you to connect on that emotional level by seeing his new female side come out in the physical changes he makes.

Makes him respect his wife’s authority

Once feminizing your husband has been completed, it will not be long before he accepts his role as being submissive to you. As the wife, you have the power within your relationship; and once he turns into a woman, he will no longer fight that fact. Therefore, allowing him to understand that there is nothing wrong with submitting to you because that is his role.

Ensures he does the household chores without questioning you

When your husband is feminized, he will be wearing women’s clothes and makeup; both of which are things that can get dirty very easily. Hence, it makes sense for him to clean the house on a regular basis so as to minimise any chance of messing up his outfits. Furthermore, when he understands that you truly are the authority in your marriage, he will do his household chores without questioning you. This means that no matter how long the list of chores is for him to complete, he will be happy doing them.

benefits of feminizing your husband

Feminization ensures faithfulness

When your husband is feminized, he will be a completely different person than he once was. This means that everyone new in his life is going to find it difficult to identify him as the man who used to live there. Furthermore, because of how happy you two are with this change, your husband will always want to stay faithful. In addition to this, his new feminine persona will make it difficult for other people to have any interest in him.

It cuts off bad habits

By feminizing your husband, he will be changed in many ways including his outlook on life and the way that he does things. This means that bad habits such as gambling or smoking can be cut off completely by encouraging him to do the right thing; for instance, instead of staying up late at night watching television, he should go to sleep.

Cons of Feminizing Your Husband

There can be a lot of cons of feminizing your husband depending on the person, some men may not like being feminized while others will love it. Here are some cons to consider:

Uncooperative – Some men can be very unwilling to do anything that you want them to do. It is possible that they could use your feminization against you and not do anything that you want them to so they can have the upper hand.

Femininity – Some men will only be comfortable being turned into a feminine version of themselves for short periods of time, this may be difficult if you enjoy it when your husband is more feminine than before.

Allowing Him to Feminize You – If you allow your husband to feminize you, this could cause a lot of tension in your marriage if you are not ready for it.

Creates Competition Between Couples – It can be very hard when your husband begins turning you into a feminized version of yourself because there will become an unspoken competition between the two of you to see who can feminize the other one more. Being a feminine version of yourself with your partner will cause tension in your relationship if not handled correctly.

Loss of Roles – There can be some loss of roles in a marriage once your husband begins feminizing you, if you are not prepared for this it could cause problems.

FAQs about the Benefits of Feminizing Your Husband

Is feminizing your husband cheating?

No, there is no real definition of what can be considered cheating. Feminizing your husband could be cheating if you have an understanding with him that it will not happen but if this is something that he likes then it would not be cheating as long as you are both on the same page about it.

Can I feminize my husband and then leave him?

You can do whatever you want with your husband, he is your property. His feelings about being feminized are not an issue if you feel that it needs to be done. You may want to discuss this with him before you start so there are no hard feelings later on in the marriage.

When does feminizing your husband lead to divorce in relationships?

Feminizing your partner can cause a lot of problems and tension within the relationship if it is not discussed with him before hand. His feelings about you feminizing him are very important because if he is not okay with it, this will have negative impacts on your relationship. Some of the effects that feminizing him can have is causing him to not do anything in the house, being more feminine than you, and an overall negative attitude towards you.

How does my feminizing my husband affect me and our relationship?

Feminizing your husband will require effort if it is something that he likes, depending on how much effort you want to put into it will determine if you have positive or negative effects from it. If feminizing your husband is something that he enjoys, then he may become more willing to do anything you ask of him as a result of the feminization.

What should I consider before starting to feminize my husband?

Before beginning to feminize your husband you should consider how he will feel about it and whether or not you are okay with allowing him to feminize you. Make sure that the two of you discuss this before beginning so there are no hard feelings later on in your marriage.

What is the most effective way to make my husband a feminine version of himself?

There are many different ways to make your husband a more feminine version of himself, each of them is effective in their own different ways. You can choose the one that you feel is most appropriate for yourself and your husband.


These are just a few of the benefits that feminizing your husband can have. You may not know about them all, but it’s worth exploring this topic further to see if there is something that would help you and your spouse in some way. It could be that doing so will lead to an increased sense of closeness between the two of you or even offer emotional support for one another as time goes on. This list was only meant to give you a quick overview – take the time now to explore more into what these benefits might mean for your marriage!

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