Dangers of Dating a Married Woman




dangers of dating a married woman

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Dating a married woman is a risky business. People who go out with someone who is already taken seldom realize the many traumas and dangers that come along with it. You have to deal with guilt, lies, mistrust and God forbid you actually fall in love with an attached person, you’ll be dealing with all of those as well as jealously, rage, revenge and divorce.

Being the other man or woman in a relationship comes with many dangers that are unlike dating someone who is single. Some of these risks are not well known while others are more obvious when taking the situation into perspective. It is important for people to consider all aspects of dating a married person. Some will be pleased with the outcome while others will find themselves at a crossroads. Either way, it is important to know and understand all of the dangers before getting involved with someone who is attached.

dangers of dating a married woman

Dangers of Dating a Married Woman

Your lover’s spouse may learn of your affair at any moment.

One of the most difficult situations to be in when dating a married woman is not knowing when her husband might find out about you. It could happen right away after she tells him or it could take months. This means you have to live a life of lies and betrayal as well as trying to hide from the person’s partner for however long this goes on. It is not an easy thing to keep a secret and when it all comes down to it, the guilt will never go away.

You aren’t the only guy in her life.

Another dangerous aspect that comes with dating a married woman is the fact that she will never leave her husband. She might tell you lies about filing for divorce but it does not take long before you find out they are all lies to make you feel better. Most likely, she has already told other men similar lies or hopes one day to do so. You will have to deal with the fact that she has a husband and most likely, there are other men in her life too. This is a very difficult thing for a man to handle because it can feel like he isn’t good enough or not attractive enough compared to the husband.

Your self-esteem will take a beating.

As you can imagine, dating a married woman can be one of the most difficult experiences to come by. There is always an ocean of guilt within your mind and it is important for you to find ways to cope with this. However, dating someone who has made vows with another usually means that they are not all that happy in their marriage or they wouldn’t be cheating. This can cause tremendous damage to your self-worth and self-esteem. A married woman might tell you that she didn’t want to fall in love with anyone or get involved with anyone but was unable to help it because of chemistry or some other term used by women who are cheating on their husbands. However, women who are seeing another man has nothing to do with her husband and everything to do with her.

She is unlikely to break up her family for you.

When a woman is involved in an affair with another man, most likely she has thought about leaving her husband. However, most women don’t do this because they are afraid of the changes it will bring to their families life. If she does decide to leave her husband, she might tell you that he forced her into the divorce but that is rarely the case. The truth is she probably asked for a divorce and makes an attempt to convince you that it was her husband’s decision when in reality, the only thing he forced her to do was stay married to him.

If they find out, your family may be upset.

If you have a family, they most likely will be disappointed if they ever find out about your affair. This is not something to take lightly because when someone finds out you are involved in an affair with another man or woman’s wife, it can cause a great deal of problems. Your family might look down on you and treat you differently and you will have to deal with this for the rest of your life.

She may simply want to get back at someone and is using you as a pawn.

When a woman cheats on her husband, it is not uncommon for some of them to have revenge as their goal. This means she might be using you just to get back at him and this can be detrimental to your relationship with him. In addition, if he does find out about the affair, it could cause big issues between him and you.

She may be using you to liven up her life and spice up her relationship.

In some cases, a woman will choose someone else to have an affair with in order to bring back some excitement into her life. In most cases, this is done with men who are not worth their time but married women sometimes do it just for the sake of it. If she is willing to leave her husband and family for you, you are probably looking at a woman who is not happy in her current relationship.

Perhaps she feels comforted by you.

Some women choose to have an affair because they feel uncomfortable with themselves. By being in an affair, it can give them a temporary escape from their problems but this is only a temporary solution. The truth is that she might be looking for comfort, attention or even love and she doesn’t want to wait until the next time her husband comes home to get it.

why you should not date a married woman

There’s always a chance that she’ll cheat on you as well.

Although you might think that a woman is only interested in cheating on her husband, this is not always the case. If she has had enough of him and wants to get rid of him once and for all, there’s always a chance that she will cheat on you too if it means that he will be jealous and more willing to leave her.

She might break up with you soon.

In some cases, a woman might break up with you because she doesn’t find your relationship as exciting as she would like it to be. Even though other men love the fact that they are involved with a married woman who might leave her husband for them at any given minute, sometimes this is enough for them and other times it isn’t. If you are planning to continue the affair, remember she might break it off soon because her husband has found out about your relationship or because she doesn’t want to leave him anymore.

The risk of violence can be high

When men find out that their wives are cheating on them with another man, they often resort to violence. If you are planning on continuing with the affair, make sure that you know the risks involved because most relationships like this end up badly for one party or another. For example, if your relationship with her husband is not good, he might come after you physically and cause some accidents that will lead to injuries.

Advantages of Having an Affair With a Married Woman

There are some positive sides to having an affair with a married woman and it is important that you know about them before you continue with the relationship. Remember, as long as your goal is to have sex or some sort of romantic feelings, you need to consider these positives.

She has no expectations of you.

A woman who is married does not expect anything from you because she has everything that she needs at home. It doesn’t matter what your goal is, if she is already satisfied then it might be easier for her to agree to whatever you need.

She understands the importance of discretion.

It can be easy for women to keep secrets, especially if they are doing it for their own satisfaction. If you are having an affair with a married woman there is nothing to worry about because she won’t tell anyone about your relationship or make any attempts to break up her marriage. This means that you can focus on other things but still have the benefit of being in an affair without having to worry.

She does not expect you to alter your life for her.

Some women will expect a man that they love or have feelings for to change their whole life for them but a married woman doesn’t have this problem. This means that she is likely to let you carry on with your normal daily routine unless you want to do something for her.

You will always know where you stand.

When a woman is married, she keeps the same relationship with every guy she knows so it’s not clear how they really feel about one another. In some cases, a married woman might tell a man that she loves him and promises to leave her husband but it never happens, especially if she has a high sex drive and finds it very hard to resist temptation. If you date a woman who is married you will always know where you stand, what her intentions are and how things will progress between the two of you.

She’s not demanding at all.

When you are in an affair with a married woman, it means that she isn’t demanding at all. She doesn’t expect your attention, care or love because she gets them at home.

This is why it also makes no difference if you can’t give her what she wants because there is nothing for her to win or lose.

She is also very different from her single or divorced counterparts that seek men’s attention either because they are insecure, desperate for marriage or just need some excitement in their lives.

She understands your situation better than you do

A married woman knows how difficult it can be to date someone who is attached so she is always willing to help you get through it. She also understands how pushing things too far can lead to problems so she is always careful not to cross the line.

This doesn’t mean that she won’t ever push but her motive for doing so is because she needs your attention and love rather than just the thrill of having an affair.

There are fewer risks of sexually transmitted diseases.

Although there are no guarantees even in a marriage, married women who have been with their husbands for a couple of years aren’t as likely to pick up venereal diseases as singles and divorced women.

One reason is because most married couples opt for safer sex measures for a variety of reasons including the risk of getting pregnant. Another reason is that women tend to get tested more regularly than men because they can actually detect the disease while it is still curable.

It’s over when you want it to be.

You have the power to end an affair with a married woman anytime you want.

However, this isn’t so if you are dating a single or divorced woman because they will often hold on to you even when they know that it is going nowhere just so they can say that their list of sexual partners wasn’t short.

You’ll have a fantastic intimate relationship.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to dating a married woman is that you’ll be able to share an intimate relationship with her. Married women are ready and willing to cater to your needs as well as open up sexually because they already have somebody satisfying those needs at home.

FAQs About the Risks of Dating a Married Woman

Q: What is the difference between a woman who is in an unhappy or abusive marriage and a married woman?

A: There may be many reasons why a woman is [still] in [an unhappy/abusive] marriage.  Many women stay because they fear what will happen if they leave.  These women often suffer from low self-esteem and are more vulnerable to the charms of a man who expresses an interest in them.

This is not true of all women in unhappy/abusive marriages, however.  Some women may have tried unsuccessfully to leave their husbands or their marriages may be beyond repair.  No matter how the marriage came about, a married woman is generally more vulnerable than a single woman and can be emotionally entangled with her husband.

Q: What are the signs that I’m dating a married woman?

A: There usually aren’t any outward signs of infidelity, such as wearing lipstick or carrying on conversations in restaurants.  Most women who cheat try to keep their lives as private as possible.  The majority of their time with you may be spent in your home or in the woman’s home when her husband is not there.

Q: Aren’t women who are married still entitled to love and affection?

A: Of course, but you need to know that this woman might be emotionally involved with her husband, even though she is physically involved with you.  Be aware that your relationship may not last and leave you heartbroken when the time comes for her to make a choice between her husband and you.


A woman in an unhappy or abusive marriage is especially vulnerable to the charms of another man.  It’s important for men who are dating—or thinking about dating—a married woman to consider what they’re getting themselves into.

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