Signs You Are Unattractive




Signs You Are Unattractive

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This article will focus on the common signs one shows when unattractive. I will be using “they” as a catch-all pronoun for the duration of this article, but please remember that all terms used herein apply to men and women equally unless otherwise stated.

Signs You Are Unattractive

Signs You Are Unattractive

Low self-esteem

One of the first things you will notice in someone unattractive is low self-esteem. This often comes as a result of being rejected by others due to your looks and unhealthy lifestyle choices. You might also notice that they have a hard time looking people in the eye when having conversations with them or that they tend to avoid such social situations altogether.

They dress badly

Unattractive people tend to wear clothes that do not flatter their figure at all. Bad fashion choices like baggy t-shirts and shirts with prints on them (that were obviously designed for women), worn without bras underneath, jeans too tight or too loose, and worn with unflattering shoes make up most of the “uniform” of unattractive individuals.

They don’t groom themselves

One of the quickest ways to tell if someone is unattractive is by looking at their hair and nails. Did you notice any split ends? Unkempt nails? Greasy or dry hair? If so, then you are most likely dealing with an unattractive person. Tragically, this often goes hand in hand with a lack of basic hygiene and general cleanliness issues. Just think about it: how could an individual who doesn’t even feel like taking care of themselves be willing to take care of others around them?

They make it obvious they don’t want to interact much

This one might seem like common sense, but sadly not everyone gets it. Sometimes, an unattractive person will make it known to everyone nearby that they do not want to be disturbed. This is shown by their body language and the words coming out of their mouth at any given time. If you find a group or a couple who seem to be surrounded by an invisible force-field, they’re most likely just trying to avoid engaging in social situations with others.

They have no idea how the opposite sex perceives them

Unattractive people often think they are beautiful because they never had anyone tell them otherwise. Their lack of social skills might mean having only one or two friends (primarily other unattractive males like themselves), thus making it harder for them to have outside opinions on their appearance. So please, be generous and let those around you know if they are unattractive so that they might start working towards fixing it.

Your sense of humor is terrible

If you find that most people around you don’t laugh at your jokes, then chances are they’re just not interested in whatever it is that interests you. Humor is very subjective, and people have different preferences regarding what makes them laugh. However, one common trait among unattractive people is their tendency to make every conversation a joke-telling session. They will often say something funny after a dramatic statement or before a question directed towards someone else. The only way to get away from the embarrassment caused by this behavior is by avoiding interacting with unattractive individuals altogether.

You hate going out

An unattractive person usually revolves around two activities: watching TV and surfing the internet. They might even have a “no going out” policy, which they will enforce to the bitter end. While it is understandable that someone might enjoy staying in from time to time, an unattractive person can give the impression that they are afraid of anything and everything related to social interaction.

No friends under 40

An important factor when determining whether or not someone is unattractive will be to look at their friend’s age range. If you find yourself around a group of people whose youngest member is well over 40 years old – chances are they don’t want any new friends. Just think about it: if you wished to a younger crowd around you almost all the time, wouldn’t you seek out other young people? But those who lack this social skill will remain around whoever is willing to be around them, regardless of the age difference.

They tend to look like their pets

Unattractive individuals often choose pets that are either the same species or very similar to themselves. Twice as tragic is when they dress their pet up in “cool” clothes and accessories, and one could only imagine what this does for their self-esteem.

They grew up without any siblings (or got rid of theirs)

After being raised by two parents who may have been more concerned with making ends meet than helping them develop proper social skills, an unattractive person might begin pushing away anyone who tries to get close enough for a friendship. Other times, they never had the opportunity to learn how to interact with others and chose to keep their distance at all times.

They support conspiracy theories

Every time an unattractive person talks about the moon landing being faked or that the government is keeping aliens in Area 51, there truly is no hope for them. While it’s true that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and every theory has a right to be heard, this behavior often leads many people to label these individuals as paranoid lunatics. The best course of action if you find yourself around someone like this: pretend you’re interested and then never go near them again.

You can’t take a joke (and most likely made one earlier)

An unattractive person will most likely think they’re hilarious – and they might even be right. But no matter how funny and clever they believe themselves to be, the chances are that most people probably don’t agree with them. This inability to take a joke, or become offended at almost anything said in their presence, will cause many people around to lose respect for the individual and ultimately avoid them altogether.

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You don’t get so much attention from people

If everyone avoids you for some reason or another, there is a big chance that you are unattractive. People with poor social skills usually make people around them miserable, and very few will be willing to put up with the endless cycle of drama surrounding the individual. This lack of attention can lead to them becoming even more undesirable in the eyes of others, with most wanting nothing to do with them before long.

You don’t like showing yourself off

Unattractive people rarely take pictures because they don’t see any point in it, and they would prefer to suffer through their days without giving anyone else something pretty to look at (and who could blame them?). But when they manage to snap a picture, they almost always regret it. And on more than one occasion, they will try to take it back by deleting the photo or hiding their face with a big hat or something else that would cover their identity.

You always have a bad hair day

People will notice when you look like you haven’t showered in days. Have you ever noticed how many others tend to stay away from the homeless-looking guy on the side of the street? It’s not just because they’re probably smelly, but also because their unkempt hair and sloppy clothes make them undesirable. This can be said about just about anyone who doesn’t do enough to take care of themselves physically – whether it’s due to laziness or ignorance.

You don’t obsess over your looks

While some unattractive individuals might dress up now and then to not scare small children, most likely wouldn’t think twice about getting plastic surgery if they could afford it. But even before this becomes a possibility, they will be perfectly fine going days without showering or wearing makeup to work. In reality, it is because they have already given up on ever being attractive.

You don’t own a mirror

If you never see your reflection staring back at you from a mirror as well as other reflective surfaces, the chances are that you truly don’t care about physical appearance all that much. It’s often said that those who take the time to fix themselves up before going out into public tend to do so because they feel that they might not measure up otherwise – and this can either be a good or bad thing depending on the situation. Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule; but unattractive people rarely make time for mirrors.

You don’t keep yourself clean

The word “clean” and unattractive people do not belong in the same sentence – unless, of course, we’re talking about their apartments which could use a good cleaning and some fresh paint. There is no real explanation for why they don’t care about their hygiene, but those who suffer from this disorder often wear clothes that look like they haven’t been washed in years. This might be due to hobos stealing them out of laundry rooms, or perhaps it’s just because they didn’t feel like wasting water on such an unimportant task as bathing themselves.

You seldom shower after working out

If you should happen to work up a sweat during your daily routine and decide to go for a nice long jog afterward, you might be unattractive. Not only do people who work out take the time to clean themselves off before going back into the public, but they also take the time to change their clothes to avoid leaving a trail of their unwashed scent behind them. The least that unattractive individuals could do is bring a couple of wet wipes with them instead of stinking up places where others gather.

You have bad breath

The words “breath” and “attractive” don’t mix well together either – unless your breath smells like roses or something similar, which would then make it desirable. Of course, this isn’t always the case if you happen to live somewhere that has a lot of smog or if your love life is nothing but a series of one-night stands. But for those who hope to find true love someday, they will at least take the time to brush and floss their teeth before going out on any dates.

You’re too opinionated

Are you under the impression that having an opinion is a good thing? If so, then this might be another sign that you’re unattractive. You should always try to keep your thoughts to yourself unless asked directly, and if anyone should ever tell you that no one cares what you think – take their advice. Being too opinionated can easily make others feel as though they are being neglected or disrespected – especially when it comes to those who are more attractive than average.

You lack style

While some people might use the word “style” to describe whether or not someone has on matching socks, many will instead view it as how well put together someone appears to be, even if they aren’t wearing anything expensive or fancy. This is why men and women alike will spend a great deal of money on clothing, shoes, and other accessories in the hopes that they might attract someone special with their good taste. It’s clear from those who lack style that they never learned how to dress themselves appropriately as children – otherwise, they would have continued the trend as adults as well.

Bad attitude

Those who suffer from an unattractive attitude tend to have a negative outlook on most everything and will most likely complain about anything that doesn’t go their way. They might even think that they’re entitled to certain things in life and will be quick to speak up if someone should happen to deny them. This constant complaining is just another sign that you’re not only unattractive, but it also shows how much of a troublemaker you genuinely are, which in turn can make others want nothing more than to avoid your company.

You never smile

If smiling isn’t something you often do, then there’s a great possibility that people assume this means one thing: you aren’t attractive like everyone else around here. For some strange reason, we naturally think that people who smile more are happier with their lives and might even be better looking than most, which is why they appear happy. Avoid this assumption by smiling when you can, or at least telling others goodbye when leaving them to make them wonder why you’re acting so strangely.

You never laugh

There isn’t much of a difference between what men find funny versus what women find humorous when it comes to humor. However, because society has brainwashed us into believing that men should always act serious, they will often laugh at anything to fit in. On the other hand, women tend to enjoy laughing at things that warrant laughter – whereas unattractive individuals will laugh for no real reason at all. So next time you laugh, make sure it’s because something isn’t funny instead of being called unattractive by everyone around you.

You’re too shy

Shyness is often associated with someone less attractive than others – even if it shouldn’t be taken this way. While there are plenty of good-looking people out there who are shy, many will assume that they can become more outgoing whenever they want to. In contrast, ugly people will continue to struggle with their shyness regardless of what anyone tells them. If you happen to be overweight, then lose the weight to improve your chances with others – otherwise, keep on being yourself and hope for the best at some point later on down the road.

You’re always quiet

A shy person will often be too afraid to speak up for themselves – especially when they have something important to say. This being said, it doesn’t take much effort at all to hear someone speaking loudly or just sitting there acting as though they are never going to speak again. Unfortunately, this issue tends to get worse with time, and you’ll soon find yourself not saying anything at all whenever others are around. Try taking a small step back now and then to see if any of your friends are listening since many people don’t care about what you have to say unless you happen to be the center of attention.

You lack charisma

Charisma is considered an attractive trait that can keep even the most unattractive person content with themselves. While some are just born with this trait, others will have to work at it to get better results from everyone around them. It’s clear that if you’re quiet and shy, then there is no way for anyone else to notice your personality, which might be unique once perfected.

You have bad posture

Just because someone doesn’t have money or fame doesn’t mean they won’t try looking good anyway. Unfortunately, those who lack style often find themselves slouching over on dates while trying their hardest to look cool, only to come across as unattractive instead of interesting. The next time you go out on a date, make sure that your back isn’t hunched over and that you’re standing tall with your shoulders back. If this doesn’t help, then simply take a lesson from the many celebrities out there who know how to look good while also maintaining their personalities.

You don’t enjoy yourself

Fun is one of the most important key factors to get people interested in what you might be doing for fun when it comes to being attractive. Since we can all assume that everyone has fun in different ways, one should find themselves involved in activities that others will want to watch or join them in. If not, just try relaxing and enjoying yourself without telling others about everything you’re doing each second of the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I’m unattractive?

If you’re reading this article, then chances are pretty high that you have difficulty being noticed by others. If not, then maybe you should leave the computer and call some friends to see if they want to hang out with you.

Will I always be unattractive?

Everyone has their good days, and everyone has their bad days. One minute you might be feeling good about yourself, and the next, you could feel like everyone around you is making fun of your appearance for no apparent reason at all. The sooner that you realize that this advice comes from someone who has been there before, the better chance you will have at becoming attractive to others without having to worry about what they might say to you during your challenging moments.

How can you tell if someone thinks you’re attractive?

If you have plenty of friends, then the chances are that many people have told you in the past that you’re attractive. However, there is always that one person who will never bring up your great personality traits to others if they don’t want to step on any toes.

How can I look more attractive?

It’s important that you eat right, stay clean, and keep yourself healthy by exercising often. If none of this is working, try taking different chances on your appearance each day (i.e., getting a new haircut, dying your hair blonde, etc.) to see if someone will begin noticing what you have changed about yourself.

How do you know if people think you’re attractive?

If people are taking the time to ask you out on dates repeatedly, or if they are constantly showing up at your door to spend some of their spare time with you, then you will eventually notice which traits about your character make others unable to resist getting close to you.

Do women find unattractive men sexually attractive?

In some cases, this might be true. However, plenty of other women will still think these same men are attractive from afar. After all, everyone has their taste in what they like to look at when sexual partners.


While it’s completely okay to have a quiet personality, the truth of the matter is that people on dates want to know more about who you are as a person. If you’re always so silent on Friday night when you meet up with friends, then there is no chance that anyone will ask what you’re doing outside of work or home until perhaps they get bored. Just remember that good looks are only good until someone sees what’s on the inside, so make sure you work hard to be noticed by others.

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