Signs a Woman is Attracted to Another Woman




how to tell if a woman is attracted to another woman sexually

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The signs that a woman is attracted to another woman can be subtle. This guide will help you understand some of the more common body language signs, touching signals and flirting signals that indicate interest. Even if you are already with her or in love with her, some of these tips might come in handy when trying to tap into the chemistry you both have together.

how to tell if a woman is attracted to another woman sexually

Signs a Woman is Attracted to Another Woman

Heavy Gazing

When a woman stares intensely into the eyes of another woman, it is because she feels a sense of connection and attraction. She might be trying to assess if the other party feels the same way. If you notice her pausing to gaze over your face but trying not to do so in an obvious manner, you should take it as a sign that she is interested.

Grooming and Admiring the Appearance of Another Woman

Body language experts say women flirt with other women when they touch them in an affectionate way. They might even want to make themselves more attractive to the woman who has captured their attention in an effort to arouse a sense of attraction. A woman might also stroke the hair of another woman and tell her how lovely it is or how much she likes her new hairdo.

Submissive Posture

Women who are attracted to each other often exhibit submissive body language signs that they are interested in having more intimate relations with their female counterpart. When a woman shifts to expose her stomach or the side of her torso, it is another submissive body language sign. This can be seen when she leans forward against another woman with one hand pressing on the surface behind her.

Eye Contact

When a woman locks eyes with another woman, there is no mistaking that she feels attraction. This need not be mutual. However, if the woman who is being looked at also returns the gaze or smiles at her, this should send a clear sign that she feels the same way toward the other party.

Standing Close Together

When two women feel comfortable enough to stand close together in public without feeling self-conscious about it, it is often that they feel attracted to each other. It can be an indicator of sexual interest that could lead into something more serious.

Playing with Hair

Playing with hair is usually a sign of flirtation and attraction in them, whether it’s twirling her finger around one lock of hair or brushing a woman’s locks out of her face. But this sign can also be an unconscious attempt to cover something up or anxiously ingratiate herself with the other party when she feels uncomfortable under her gaze.

Interlocking Arms

When a woman links arms with another woman, it is often seen as her way to show support and comfort. However, in the case of women who are attracted to each other, it is a sign of intimacy and comfort. It can be an attempt by the more submissive party of the two to get closer physically with her lesbian counterpart or simply to feel protected at that moment.


Flirting is obvious when you’re being looked at, smiled at and spoken to in a certain manner by another woman. If you are not the jealous type, then flirting might be something that can be done innocently without any sexual connotations when she is in the company of another female. But if you do notice her looking at you from afar with a pouty look on her face or giving off inviting looks to make you feel that she is interested in you, then this could be a sign of her physical attraction.

Misinterpreting Non-Verbal Cues

A woman can also misinterpreting the signs another woman might give off when they are not giving out flirting signals. They still think that there might be some sort of sexual tension between them when there is nothing at all. Their interaction could have been a simple case of being cordial to one another and nothing more.

Reading Sexual Cues Incorrectly

A woman can misinterpret other women’s body language when there are no clear signs given off that indicate their feelings towards her. She might even be in the presence of another woman and still think that there is no implication at all that she might feel attracted to her. If you are not sure what a woman’s body language signs indicate, then it might be a good idea to ask her directly to find out if she likes you or not.

signs a woman is attracted to another woman

FAQs About  a Woman Been to Another Woman

1. What is the correct body language when a woman is attracted to another?

It should be easy to tell if a woman is attracted to you. If she’s laughing at your jokes, touching you and looking deep into your eyes, then it may very well be that she wishes for more than just friendship with you.

2. How do you know if a woman is flirting with another woman?

Flirting can be subtle. If she giggles, touches her hair and leans towards you as she speaks, this could easily signal attraction to you.

3. How do you know when a woman has feelings for another girl even if they haven’t had sex?

If she stares at the woman in question, tries to get her attention or even follows her around, she probably has feelings for her.

4. What does it mean when a woman stares at other women?

When a woman looks intently at another woman, it can mean many things. She could be judging what she sees or comparing herself to the other girl to decide where she stands. She could also have feelings for the other girl and is checking her out.

5. What makes a woman attracted to another?

As women, we can be attracted to others in many ways: their smile, their walk, funny anecdotes and even their clothes.

6. When a woman is bisexual, how do you know when she is attracted to another woman?

When a bisexual is attracted to another woman, she will stare at her with longing. She may also try to get closer to her by touching her arm or resting her head on her shoulder.


There are many signs a woman shows when she is attracted to another. If you want to know if she is into you or not, then it is best to ask her out and spend more time with her in different situations. Perhaps then, you can learn more about what attracts her toward you and vice versa.

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