How Does a Pisces Man Test You




How Does a Pisces Man Test You

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Are you interested in a Pisces man? Do you want to know how he tests his potential mates? If you are serious about this zodiac sign, read on and find out.

The Pisces male is probably one of the most interesting signs of the entire zodiac. They seem mellow and gentle, and they tend to be so. But they have a dark side which you must be aware of if you want to date one.

How Does a Pisces Man Test You

How Does a Pisces Man Test You

He Closes Off

He will be very open with you and talk about himself very easily when you first meet him. Then he may close off into his shell without saying a word. You’ll know that this is happening when he answers your phone calls after only one ring or seems uninterested in talking to you on the phone. He’ll also shut down if you try to get into an argument with him.

He is Suspicious

The zodiac sign Taurus is the polar opposite of the Pisces male. When they like you, they like you. But when he feels something wrong, he’ll become suspicious and won’t trust you. He’ll become overly concerned about your past relationships and ask you many questions about your dating history.

He is Moody

Pisces men are notoriously moody and very sensitive, which means that they are more prone to mood swings than any other sign. You may notice that he gets depressed or angry with no clear explanation. If you are in a relationship with him, it is best not to argue about this or try to reason with him. Instead, be there for him until the mood passes.

He Needs Alone Time

The Pisces man needs alone time because he gets easily drained by socializing. He loves quiet nights at home and will come home with a headache if he spends too much time in noisy bars. If you’re dating him, it is best to give him his space every while.

He Tests Your Availability As A Companion

The key to a successful relationship is good communication. But the Pisces man will test you by withdrawing from you and not talking to you. He will make plans with other people, come home late, or disappear altogether. You need to show him that your company is the most enjoyable thing in his life so that he stops doing this.

He Ensures Your Intention

Pisces men are very intuitive and can tell if you’re using them. They want to be sure that you like them as a person, not just their bodies or looks. The best way to make him feel special is by showing him your attention and affection all the time.

He Doesn’t Reach Out First After Conflict

Pisces men are very passive, and they will never deal with issues head-on or try to resolve them. This can be especially frustrating if there is a conflict between you because he will assume that you should take the first step and reach out to him.

He Tests Boundaries

The zodiac sign Gemini gets along very well with the Pisces man. Gemini men are also very intuitive, and they love to test boundaries. If you’re dating a Pisces male, do not let your Gemini partner get too physical with him, or he’ll become jealous and moody.

He Is Clingy

The Pisces man gets attached very quickly, which means he can get clingy and demanding. If you like his company, make sure you tell him so often, or he may try to cut off your other friends and family members from your life.

He Is Jealous

Pisces men are very possessive and expect their partners to remain faithful at all times. They don’t take an unfaithful partner lightly and will not be a forgiving person.

What do Pisces do when they like someone

He Is A Day Dreamer

The Pisces male has an active imagination, so he spends the majority of his time in his head, thinking about anything from imaginary beings to real people. He can also get very lost in thought, so you should always get his attention before beginning a

He Checks How You Fit Into His Social Circle

The Pisces male may try to use you to climb the social ladder just so that he can brag about it later. He is very spiteful and will do anything to get back at someone who has hurt him.

He Changes His Mind At The Last Minute

Pisces men are indecisive individuals. They make decisions quickly but will change their minds at the last minute if they find something new about someone or something. If you’re dating him, listen to his opinions faithfully but don’t always follow them.

He Plays It Hot And Cold

The zodiac sign Leo and Pisces man do not mix well. If you’re dating the Pisces male, keep your distance from a Leo man because he hates to be snubbed or ignored.

He Doesn’t Like Talking About Feelings

If you are in a relationship with him, you must understand that he won’t be ready to talk about his feelings. Pisces men are very guarded, and they don’t open up easily.

He Evaluates Your Social Circle

Did you know that the Pisces male’s idea of love is all-encompassing? They love their partners and will go to great lengths to keep them happy. You need to prove that you’re worthy of his dedication by surrounding yourself with kind people who will treat him well and boost your self-esteem.

He Pushes Your Buttons Expertly

Pisces men can be very frustrating because they like to play games and manipulate the situation to their advantage. When you want to discuss something serious with your partner, he will change the subject or pretend not to hear you. He knows how to push your buttons, so if you spot signs of manipulation early on, break up with him immediately and do not look back.

He Prioritizes His Friends Over You

The Pisces male is a very loyal person, and he will always stand by his friends. If you try to make him choose between you and his best friend, he’ll pick the latter. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone, so he will keep both of you in his life even if it means giving up on love with someone else.

He As A Childlike Tendency

Pisces men can be very childish, and they like to play pranks on those around them. If you’re dating him, expect your friends to get pranked by him from time to time because he’s likely going to do it even if you ask him not to. However, he should stop poking fun when you are angry because it’s immature behavior.

He Ignores Your Calls And Messages

Pisces men are very hard to hold because they always turn off their cell phones or ignore your calls and messages. This is his way of controlling the situation, so you have to fight back by being tenacious and standing up for yourself.

He Gives You the Silent Treatment

The Pisces male is guilty of giving you the silent treatment because he wants to make you feel guilty about getting upset with him. This strategy is very common in most people who are not open with their emotions, but it’s still unacceptable behavior.

He Is Obsessed With Finances

Pisces men are known to be obsessed with their finances because they are worried that they’ll end up penniless someday. He is stingy with money, and he doesn’t want to take risks unless he has a backup plan.

He Starts Pulling Away from You

Watch out if you notice that your Pisces man is pulling away from you. He might be starting to lose interest, so try to set some boundaries between yourself and him before it’s too late.

He Questions Your Loyalty

Pisces guys are suspicious of people who claim to be their friends. They always think that everyone is trying to take advantage of them, so if you’re dating him, try not to act like a busybody around his family and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m in a relationship with my Pisces man and he keeps accusing me of cheating on him. What should I do?

Pisces men are very jealous, so you have to prove that you’re loyal by being supportive, kind, and compassionate towards him. Give him some time to open up about his emotions because this will help him understand that he can trust you.

I just found out that my Pisces man has an STD and I’m not sure what to do. What should I do?

Pisces men can be very irresponsible when it comes to their sexual health, so you have to confront him about the matter immediately and show him how serious this is. If he doesn’t apologize, dump him and find a new partner who will protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.

I noticed that my Pisces man keeps going back to his ex-girlfriend after we broke up for a month. I still love him so what should I do?

Pisces guys are indecisive, so you have to show him that you can be trusted. If he still loves his ex, let him go so he can fix things with her for good.

I am a Pisces man and I have been single for several months now because my last girlfriend broke up with me. What should I do?

If your recent girlfriend left you, then she wasn’t the right person for you. Don’t wallow in your pain because it’s a sign of weakness, and it will only make you more miserable. Instead, look for new love interests who have similar traits as the last girl so you can avoid making the same mistake twice.


Pisces men are very difficult to understand because they rarely open up about their feelings. If you want to know how he feels about you, look at his actions instead of listening to what he says. If you don’t like the way, he treats you, dump him immediately so you can find someone better suited for your needs.

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