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Is it OK to date your boss

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Bosses and employees should respect each other; avoid having relationships at work if they want peace of mind. As an employee, you need to focus on what took you to that particular office, not just following bosses up and down. Respect yourself and behave.

Is it OK to date your boss

Signs Your Boss Like You Romantically

There are instances that your boss just likes you because of the great work you are doing. However, sometimes he might like you because he has feelings for you, but you fail to understand because he is your boss, and you might not expect something like that to happen. So if you are having a problem knowing whether your boss likes you or not, here are ten flags that show he likes you romantically.

They flirt

Is your boss treating you differently from your colleagues, or does he treat all of you the same way? There are people who treat everyone equally, and you might really think they have a crush on you. So if your boss is flirting with you all the time, make sure you observe if he does the same to other colleagues.

You should be very keen when it comes to interpreting someone’s intentions, and if you come to a conclusion that he only flirts with you, then this is a sign that he’s crushing on you or has feelings for you.

You have a gut feeling

Telling whether your boss has feelings for you is hard, but there is that inner instinct that keeps pushing you and feels like things are a bit awkward. You might be right, but you can’t prove it, but with time, you will know the truth. It won’t take long before he talks.

Regularly schedules late-night meetings

If your boss asks you to remain behind after a job so that you can work on a particular project that is one thing to show that he want to spend some time with you. If he invited you for late-night meetings, then your boss is trying to tell you something, and if you are not comfy about it, tell him before things get worse, not unless you also like him.

Playful or sensual body language

Body language speaks a lot about someone; you can easily tell what someone is up to by observing their body language and eye contact. If you happen to catch him stealing glances at you or looking at you more than is comfortable for you, then it could be a sign he romantically likes you.

Calls or texts you for no reason

Most managers or bosses are busy, and they rarely have time to even call or text someone because of their tight schedule. So if your manager takes his time to call it to text you, then he is thinking about you and wishes to talk to you even when there is nothing to talk about.

It gives you preferential treatment

This can happen just to show you respect and trust, but if it happens regularly or if you realize that he favors you by offering you positions you know you don’t deserve, then that’s clear that he likes you a lot. When a boss falls in love with you, he can start giving you better projects; take you to lunch mad giving you special treatment.

Invites you to spend time outside work

He might invite you just for a cup of coffee, and you might think it means nothing but to him, it does, so if it happens more than once and is accompanied by other signs, then that is a red flag.

Value your opinion more than anyone else’s

This indicates that your boss trust and values you as his employee, but if he goes to the extent of asking you about your personal issues, such as whether you are dating or even the kind of clothes you love. If he comes to you for advices about his love life, then he might just want to know if you have feelings for him.

Is it OK to Date Your Boss?

Dating a boss is not bad but keeps in mind that you will go through a lot of complications compared to dating your fellow colleague. It happens, and most people have dated their bosses and ended up getting married.

This happens because you spend most of the time together, and your bonding starts to get strong, and in no time, feelings develop. It might not be okay to date your boss, but love has no limits, so if you are thinking of dating your boss, first of all, know the pros and cons.

Pros of Dating Your Boss

Good for your career

Even if this is not what you are planning, other people feel that having a relationship with their boss gives their career hope. If the relationship works out, your career will be good because now he is not only your boss but also your lover.

You already have a strong shared interest

This is one of the reasons to why pet develop feelings for their boss, teamwork and unity brings people together and hence leading to a high level of production in the company. Apart from that, it creates strong feelings of love, especially if the environment you work in is challenging.

You will get plenty of time together

This one does not suit everyone; some people cannot maintain a professional relationship during work and later on switch to a personal relationship.

Cons of Dating Your Boss

Company policy

Some companies have policies, relationships between bosses and workers are not allowed, and if you have to try this and your relationship comes to light, you might end up facing disciplinary. So before getting in a relationship, first know the company’s policy so that if there is such policy, focus on your career and leave feelings aside.

Bad reference

If you happen to have a relationship with your boss and then it fails, you might find it hard to ask him for a reference. And if your break up was wild and almost everyone knew another manager could use you as a reference to warm other workers, which is not a good picture.

Damages your prospects

This happens whether you are still in a relationship. Pay rises in the company might not come your way, and if you happen to break up, you might be uncomfortable, and your boss can end up firing you.

Signs your boss likes you romantically

Can I Get Fired For Having A Relationship With My Boss?

Yes, you might get fired, especially if the company’s policy states that no relationship between bosses and employees is allowed. Most of the time, choose your career over relationships, go and do what is required of you.

You are there because of your career. Let your boss be your boss, not unless you want to lose your job. Some people can still be in a relationship with their bosses, but they are honest and maintain discipline, and they rarely get fired.

It’s normal for bosses to develop feelings with coworkers; they are human too, some relationships can get serious to the point of marriage and that is okay. As a boss, you may want to know much about a particular co-worker, and in the process, you realize that you share similar interests, and in no time, you fall in love.

Dating your boss is not a bad idea, but keep it low and be disciplined; remember to maintain the respect of the highest level when it comes to working. You don’t want the entire world to know your relationship.

What Do You Do When Your Boss Flirts With You?

When a boss is interested in you, you can likely notice from some of the things he, not all men who show these signs, intend to have a relationship. Some are just being friendly with everyone. So if your boss is flirting with you and you are uncomfortable with it, be straightforward and tell him how you feel about it.

If you don’t talk, this habit will continue; in fact, it can increase because he is trying to know what you are going to say. It is hard to face your boss about such behavior but not telling him will only worsen your situation.

Most women would prefer to ignore thinking that the flirting will stop; it can sometimes work, ignore everything he does so long as it’s not about work and he might get tired and end up leaving you alone.

When it’s your off day or a weekend, don’t fail to say how wager you are to spend time with your man even if you don’t have one.

Keep talking about the birthday plans of your partner, you can even ask him for opinions, and by doing so, he will be afraid to flirt, thinking that you have someone.

Try as much as possible to reduce any flirting opportunity, make sure all meetings are done in the office, and try to avoid a situation where your boss can get a chance to flirt. Make a rule of never mixing business with pleasure, and you will be successful.

Can You Be Fired For Flirting At Work?

You can flirt at work, but if you happen to land in the wrong hands, you could be in trouble. Imagine flirting with someone who is not interested in you; that person might report you and get you fired for harassment. That is why it is good to mean business has been at work.

However, some people can flirt at work without being seen; you need to be keen so that no other person notices. Below are some ways of flirting safely at the office.

Don’t flirt with the wrong people

The first flirting rile is to never flirt with someone who is not interested in you. If you flirt and the person doesn’t seem interested, you need to stop immediately. This will land you in the wrong place. You don’t want people to start raising harassment complaints.

Stay on your level

If you are a manager, it’s not good to flirt with your employees or those higher in ranks than you. Stick to coworkers on your level to help you avoid trouble and lower your chances of being fired.

Don’t try too hard

If you are interested in someone working at the same office as you, it is good not to start flirting as soon as possible, don’t make rewards that will make your fellow workmate uncomfortable. Have a kind and respectful conversation with her, and make sure you maintain eye contact.

After one or two conversations, you will be able to tell if that person likes you. Don’t push things too hard; let them happen naturally.

Why Do Bosses Sleep With Employees?

Employees are vulnerable

The employee gives themselves to bosses so that they can be employed, bosses love the fact that they are powerful, and ladies need their approval and acceptance. So when an employee is willing, the bosses would love to test their loyalty by sleeping with them.

Boss loves a challenge

The boss would want to make that beautiful employee want her and tries every way possible to sleep with her.

Forbidden fruit

He can’t resist sex because it tastes sweet. There is nothing sweet like doing something that is forbidden. A boss does not care about consequences because no one is going to report him after all. Employees are wrong. They throw themselves at him.

Of course, heist a human and can’t resist the temptation for long; he knows his employees well and knows they are not sick, so the option remaining is to sleep with them so that they can stop the habit.

As an employee, you need to focus on your job, leave alone relationships and some other things that are not associated with work. Remember that you are working to change your future life, so don’t let temptations come your way.

Some of thy employees should know they are whether they can be fired for flirting at work, signs your boss is in love with you, why bosses sleep with employees, what to do when your boss flirts with you, and if it is okay to date your boss.

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