How To Get Him To Commit To Dating Exclusively




How to get him to commit to dating exclusively

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Women love it when they are claimed by the man that they are with. When you have been going out for months without any signs of him opting to commit to dating exclusively, it stirs up lots of questions-does he like me? What are we doing here? Where is this headed, and the likes? On the other hand, there are lots of dating options on the market that it gets hard for men to settle. To catch his attention, you have to stand out from the crowd and be what he really needs.

How to get him to commit to dating exclusively

How to Get Him to Commit to Dating Exclusively

For men, their freedom is key even as they chose to commit to a relationship. They want to still have time to hang out with their boys and work towards their life goals. Being that type of a woman will make it easier for him to make it exclusive as they see someone that will make their life peaceful. However, there are things that you can do as a woman that can make him commit.

First, don’t start playing wife duties when you don’t have the ring yet. This entails things like readily offering sex whenever he deems it right, cooking, washing, and being available anytime he seeks your presence. I mean, why he would go an extra mile to want to be exclusive when he’s already getting all the attention without so much effort.

Second, being honest from the beginning can help build trust, which can get him to commit to dating exclusively. Simple lies about your life may leave him wondering what other things you are hiding from him. In addition, you can be honest about what you are really expecting from the relationship.

Third, have your own life. Don’t make your life to be all miserable without him. Have a job that you work hard at and make your own money. Also, have friends that you hang out with he’s not around. That will remind him that your life doesn’t revolve around him. Being around him all the time may make the guy feel like you are sucking the life out of him and that with his absence, you are miserable. You don’t want that.

You should also support him with his goals and show him that you are present. Importantly, be yourself and let what he sees be what he gets.

How Long Should You Date a Guy Before Becoming Exclusive?

There is no clear timeline of when you should decide to get exclusive as a couple. While it may be easy for some, others have it rough trying to find a footing on where the relationship is headed. As per research done by Ipsos, 39 percent of the 1000 people interviewed thought that three months was a good window period to get exclusive as a couple. This means that you’ll have gone on a number of dates to be able to establish that.

However, the dynamics of dating have changed brought about by technology. Dating sites like Tinder and Bumble are making it hard for people to commit because of many options to choose from, which makes it hard to commit to one relationship. While others can commit as early as after the first date, a few months is ideal for both parties to know if they find it appropriate to take it to the next level.

What to Do When He Doesn’t Want to Commit

It can be devastating if you are into a guy who doesn’t want to commit. Especially after you’ve gone on a couple of adventures together and you have an image of how the future will look like if you became a couple. However, don’t fret if that happens. You never get what you want at all times, but that doesn’t mean that your life is over.

When he gives you signs that he’s not ready to commit, it’s time to give the guy some space. He may be dealing with his own issues that make it hard to fully have someone else in the picture at the moment, and giving him time may help clear his head.

This is also a time to focus on your wellness and personal goals. Just because he doesn’t want to commit does not mean that your life should stop. It also doesn’t mean that you aren’t good enough or he doesn’t love you. Go out with your friends, attend those music lessons, learn a new language and meet new people. You never know.

Also, this is not the time to pressure him to be with you. You deserve to be loved the right way, and a forced relationship is not it. Feelings need to be pure and genuine, and forcing may just show how desperate you are.
Lastly, don’t give any ultimatums as they don’t always work. Remind yourself of how worthy you are, and just because he didn’t commit doesn’t mean that you are undeserving.

How long should you date a guy before becoming exclusive

Can Walking Away Make Him Commit

Walking away doesn’t necessarily mean that your man will run after you and decide to put a ring on it. The good side of it is that it will help the woman to understand the level of seriousness the guy bestows in the relationship. If he really values you and the relationship that you both share, walking away will make him see what he really misses and the value that you have in his life. If he was only taking you for a ride, his intentions would be in the open as well.

After being with someone for some time, it’s important that you are all on the same page of where the relationship should be heading. Unwillingness to commit by the man is simply wasting your time that you could spend meeting new people or bettering your life. Test his seriousness by taking the road, and whether he comes after you or not, it’s still a win as his real intentions will have been uncovered.

How Do You Know If He is Exclusive?

There are ways to tell if the guy that you are going out with is more than just a date. The first sign is that they don’t hide anything from you. From their working schedules to talk about their previous relationships. Sharing information is an indication that they are welcoming you into their lives and that you’re earning your trust is key.

Second, you know he is exclusive when he introduces you to his friends and family. This is the most important people in his life. Letting them know who you are to him shows that he is willing to have you become part of that circle as well.

Third, he wants to know you on a deeper level. Not just your name and favorite color. He wants to know what you think about what you can’t sleep and what traumas you have. The more they know about you, the better they’ll understand how to treat and handle you. A man curious about you may be a keeper.

Fourth, a man that wants to be exclusive is consistent. He doesn’t back down when it comes to checking up on you, from making phone calls, sending messages, and planning for dates. He never breaks the cycle, and when he does, he gives you a proper reason.

Also, a man that wants to be exclusive will tell you their intentions. He knows what he wants from the word go and makes you aware. Also, with the social media age, he will post you on his social platforms and make it public knowledge that you are together.

How Do I Talk to Him about Being Exclusive?

Asking a guy about being in an exclusive relationship is no child’s play. It takes courage and tones of thinking to know how to go about it. In most cases, women wait for the men to make a move, and that’s why it’s tough when the lady has to do the weight lifting on the issue.

However, it can be done. And the starting point knows why you are doing it. At times, it’s not asking for the guy to say yes but just to have an idea of what’s really going on. You see, it gets weird when all you do is go out, make out and do a house with no clear understanding of your standing.

Another thing is that ask the question in person. That way, you will not only get the answer but read their body language and facial expressions as well. While at it, the question doesn’t have to be as direct as “are we in a serious relationship?”. You can twist it to look like your friends are trying to set you up on a date, and you are wondering if that’s appropriate? Or that your parents are pressuring you to meet your partner and you have no idea what to tell them.

While at it, it should not escape your mind that the guy may decide to go silent on you after you pop the question. Being in committed relationships scares some, and being ready for them not even talking to you is paramount. You should, however, not be scared of the process because we all deserve the answers that we seek to find. Whether they respond positively or decide to go mute on you, be reminded that you were only looking out for yourself, and it’s okay.

How Do You Tell If a Guy Wants a Relationship or Just a Hookup?

You see, a man that doesn’t want to be with you on a long-term basis can be easily detected. Unlike a serious one who wants to get to know you deeply, this one will only be interested in your looks and how much pleasure you can experience.

Also, a man who only wants hookups will not take you on actual dates. This is different with one who wants a serious relationship as their intention is to win you over.

Besides, one here for the pleasure will never have plans of introducing you to his friends and family. A serious man, on the other hand, will want those closest to him to know that you are an item.

Moreover, a hookup guy will constantly remind you that they have no plans of being in a relationship at the moment. He will also never let go of those dating sites as they are platforms for him to get more dates.
How Do You Test a Man’s Commitment?

Here are parameters that can be used to test a man’s commitment:

Honesty: All the questions you ask him about his past life, present, and future are answered in honesty. He doesn’t hide even his phone from you.

Patience: The guy is willing to wait for when you are ready to be with him. No being forced, no judging, just pure patience.

His plans: When asked about his plans, if he includes you in them, then he has passed the test. You’ll note that if he talks of “we” and “us” when talking of the future.

Completely devoted: You can use a strange number to try and flirt with him. If he flirts back, run for your life. But if he doesn’t entertain that, then he’s a devoted man and has passed the test.

Responsible for you: He takes care of you and makes sure that you are safe even in his absence. A man that doesn’t worry about you going out at night alone doesn’t mind your safety.

Going out on dates, sharing experiences, and playing house can be fun for a couple. Despite some people loving it just that way, being exclusive is the icing on the cake for others. It shows that they are deeply cared for and that there’s a future for both of them together. This article has shed light on everything about getting a man to commit to how to ask the important question. If you follow the tips given above, you may just have your dream man commit to dating you exclusively.

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