How To Tell If A Guy Is Confused About His Feelings For You




What Do You Do When A Guy Is Confused About His Feelings

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Men sometimes find it hard to deal with their feelings, especially romantic ones, they rarely talk about their emotions, and they find it difficult to talk about what they feel or their intentions towards someone.

Men can decide not to tell you what they feel even if they have developed feelings for a long time. He will behave in a funny behavior that leaves you wondering whether he is into you or not. There are possible ways you can know when a guy likes you but doesn’t make a move.

How To Tell If A Guy Is Confused About His Feelings For You

How To Tell If A Guy Is Confused About His Feelings For You

Feels protective towards you

If a man cares about you, he will always want to protect you. They can pick you from work and drop you home to protect you from bad situations. And in case you are upset, he will try to understand why and calm you down. He will be the first person always to help you when you are in trouble.

A man who likes you can also defend you against negative words, and he does that only when you are not there because he does not want you to know that he cares for you since the next thing will be you asking why he cares.

If you notice that he does the same thing to your other friends, it means that he is just friendly, but if the favors are only done for you, that guy likes you.

Always stare at you

Most women find men who gaze or stare sometimes, some like how you look and the kind of thing you are doing at that particular time. If you notice one who creepily looks at you, there are two chances it’s either the guy is interested in you, or he likes the way you dress.

You can easily know when someone likes you from the way they look at you, their eyes are full of sweetness and affection. There are high chances you won’t catch him looking at you, every time you turn around, he stares away because he doesn’t want you to realize that he was staring at you.

Body language is important if you want to know what someone is after, people do not know that how they carry themselves matter, even those who try to act cool can’t control the way their bodies are drawn to you naturally.

Inconsistent behavior

A guy who likes you but doesn’t want to show will have two moods, and this is by being friendly and treats you well, this person will not talk about other girls when you are together, spends a lot of time with you but he will become cold in no time and can even cut off communication for a week or so.

Of course, the behavior is confusing, but you have to understand, you sometimes even think that you might have done something wrong but don’t worry, the behavior is a sign that the person is confused about his feelings.

Gets jealous of other guys

Jealousy is a great sign that someone is interested in you romantically, even if the guy tries to hide his feelings, he can’t control himself when he sees you with other guys. He has no right to feel jealous, but he is insecure and can’t control himself.

He can’t stand seeing you with someone else, and at the same time, he can’t express himself, if you have come across such people, understand them. Some signs of jealousy you may notice in him are:

Warns you off a guy and might tell you that you deserve better

Acts like you two date when another guy approaches

Becomes rude to another guy even if he is usually polite

He can feel frustrated when you mention another guy in front of him

Makes excuses to speak to you

When a guy calls or texts, it doesn’t mean he’s interested in you, but those who approach you and try to you might be interested. If the guy is your workmate, he might come up with questions about the office, but he wants to be close to you in real sense.

He can also be close through social media, he might like and comment on your post all the time, he wants to have a conversation in any way possible.

Prefers to hang out with you in a group

Someone who likes you will want to spend most of his time with you, he’s going to stay by your side whenever a chance is there, and the reason he wants to be near you is that he wants to see if you can make a good couple.

However, he limits the time to spend with you because he’s afraid about having too much feelings for you, but he prefers spending time in a group rather than the two of you, of course, he’s not afraid to ask you out on a date, but he wants to keep it low.

Always helpful

This can be tricky to understand because even friends are willing to help, so you should know when’s guy likes you and offers to be helpful all the time. Your friends can do you favors, but they can’t go to an extend of even washing your car when you are busy, the things a guy does without your consent show how he thinks of you.

Acts nervous and Awkward sometimes

When a man develops feelings for you, he will act nervous and awkward the next time you meet, he tries to act normally, but his feelings towards you are getting too much, and the awkwardness comes in because he is struggling.

What Do You Do When A Guy Is Confused About His Feelings

Signs of Nervousness

  • Fiddles with his hands
  • Can’t look at you in the eyes
  • Touches his face
  • Stumbles over his words
  • Playing with objects like buttons, pens, and his hair
  • Tends to sweat a lot
  • Speaks in high -pitched voice
  • Bounces legs

What Do You Do When A Guy Is Confused About His Feelings?

Suppose you have dated before the answer is different from eyeing you, and you haven’t dated before. So to answer the above question, you should do the following things.

Ask him what he needs

If he looks confused, be straightforward and ask him what he wants, listen to him and if he can express himself well and you happen to like him, give the relationship a chance.

Do not be defensive

Sometimes when we get rejected, we tend to be defensive in our attitude and responses. It is understandable because the defenses are usually feelings of hurt, fear, and sadness. Do not be defensive; instead, try to talk by using the right manner, this decreases the chances of ruining the relationship.

Know that you are worthy

This is important of having a good relationship, if you have been disappointed before and you realize that the guy is trying to get back to you, choose your life and move on do not go back to what you do not feel comfortable about.

Avoid the temptation to fix him

You might be tempted to fix convince, help or even fix him that you are his best choice, but keep in mind that its none of your business do not focus on him, his behavior, his choices, so leave him alone.

Know what you want in a relationship

This is the time for you to make a perfect decision of what you truly want, make a wise decision, and write it down to guide you the next time.

Mind your own business

Your business is your state of mind, your choices, and your behavior, you can choose to ignore that person or chose to invest more in the relationship, at this time, make your own decisions, your job is to look at the important things that add value into your life.

Be open to possibility

When enjoying life, look at your future and imagine enjoying life with similar desires, values, and needs. You need to be with someone who is focused about life and wants the same future as you.

If this person is not the kind of partner you want to date, don’t cut him out be open to possibilities you never know.

Check-in with him and talk about his process

If you realize that he wants to talk, ask him about his feelings, experience, and how the entire thing is affecting you.

Be patient

Do not rush to asking him what he wants, keep the communication genuine, open, and honest. Be supportive and don’t push him away, check on him, listen and be friendly. If you are interested in that person, you have to be nice, allow him to express his feelings without forcing him to do so.

How Do You Test Him To See If He Cares?

Testing is important when you are dating a man or when you are about to date one. At early stages, testing is important for both a man and a woman, the reason being, a partner has to prove to be worthy of your energy, time, and effort.

So if you want to test him and see if he cares, go on as it is a good thing as it tests whether he loves you as well. You can test him even if he is your boyfriend.

Execute the bad day test

A guy who is not serious will fail this test if you are having a bad day because something bad happened, and your guy is not willing to help cut the links because he’s doesn’t care. If he is willing to help you or shows sympathy, then that is the guy.

A man who cares about you will sympathize with you, while the one who doesn’t care will not be moved a bit. He can avoid you when you have a problem, or he can fake everything.

To accomplish this test, tell him you are not feeling well, and you need to see him to share whatever happened, make sure he knows why you need to see him, make sure it’s clear that you are yet to talk about your bad day and not sex.

Ensure you take sex out of the picture, and if he is willing to come over, that guy cares, while if he comes up with excuses, just forget about him because what he needs from you is not love but sex.

How Does a Man Act When He’s Falling in Love?

There are some things you should do when learning how a man that’s falling in love with you behaves. Body language features, and psychological signs tell you how a man feels about you.

The most important signs are physiological and body language signs, most women don’t observe this sign, yet it’s important. When it comes to body language, a man who loves you will do the following.

  • He smiles at you more, and for long
  • Laughs at your jokes and anything funny that you say
  • Touches you when you are together
  • He stands very close to you when you are face to face
  • Maintains a deep eye contact with you
  • Mirrors your body language
  • Plays with your hair
  • Tilts his head
  • Takes a deep breath when he sees you
  • Keeps his arm around you in public
  • Kisses you on the forehead

Men do so many things to show that they care and love, but they can’t tell, so if you once realize that a guy loves you without telling you, do the necessary try asking them you never know they can be open.

Men should be courageous enough to approach ladies there is no problem with it, do not fear rejection just try your luck you never know, maybe the woman you like likes you too and is waiting for you to make a move.

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