Signs She Is Infatuated With You




Signs She Is Infatuated With You

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Infatuation is an exciting state of mind. It’s one thing to like someone and another to be obsessed with them, I know that it may sound crazy, but there are several signs she is infatuated with you. Some women play hard to get; however, others show their affection openly but don’t adequately express themselves. Here are some signs she is infatuated with you.

Signs She Is Infatuated With You

Signs She is Infatuated with You

She’s always trying to impress you. 

A woman interested in a man always tries to look her best when he is around, even if it means spending more time than usual fixing herself up before his arrival.

She’s trying to get your attention. 

Even if it’s just a glance while she passes by or completely turning around and staring at you when you’re in a group, nothing escapes her eyes. She likes the way you look and enjoy watching your moves.

She compliments you often. 

Compliments don’t necessarily mean flattery; they can be statements of the truth, like “I love your smile.”

She tries to impress you by cooking lavish meals. 

She wants to show you that she’s good in the kitchen and pampers you at dinner. She also likes pleasing her man with food; it makes her feel valuable and supportive.

She constantly repeats what you’ve just finished saying. 

That’s the best way to get your attention, so she repeats it over and over again.

She is always there when you are. 

She takes any excuse to be with you, even if you don’t need her for anything in particular. You will start noticing that she follows you everywhere, even if it’s just walking into the same shop.

She follows your lead. 

As soon as you decide to do something, she’s there too. If you’re going for a ride in the car, she asks if she can come with you; this is how she expresses her wish to be by your side and spend time with you. She feels safe around you and knows that nothing would ever harm her.

She gets upset if you’re not around. 

She hates being alone and hates seeing other people near you even more. When you leave, she ultimately falls apart and stops taking care of herself.

She’s always talking to her friends about you. 

She shares your stories with them, asking for advice on talking to you or how to behave around you. She discloses intimate details about your relationship, even if she knows it’s not right.

She tries to make herself look pretty for you. 

Many women don’t care about their looks until they meet someone special; this woman does her best to look sexy for you all the time, hoping that one day soon, things will get intimate between the two of you.

She is always available for a date. 

She never says no to a drink or a dinner with you, even if she’s too busy. She wants to spend every second with you and makes sure your dates are memorable by planning them personally.

She avoids talking about other men in your presence. 

She knows she needs to behave around you if she doesn’t want to lose your attention. She’ll never mention other men in your presence, even if they are her friends or family members.

She dresses up for you. 

When it comes to looking sexy, dressing provocatively is not enough; this woman tries different outfits when entering the room, always wearing the sexiest dress she has.

She is not “just friends” with any of your friends. 

If she’s showing interest in one of your friends, it means that he might be the man you’ve been looking for. She may even pursue him to make you jealous and give her a reason to get closer to you.

She asks your opinion on her outfit. 

She knows you have good taste and likes the way you look at her. If she feels comfortable around you, she’ll ask for a second opinion to ensure her initial judgment is correct.

She looks gorgeous when going out with you. 

No matter where you go or what time it is, this woman always makes sure to wear her finest clothes when going out with you. She wants to look beautiful for you and enjoys seeing your reaction when you enter a room together.

She’s always thinking. 

She spends a lot of time wondering what it would be like to have a real relationship with you and how things would work out if she starts spending more time with you.

She tells you all about her problems. 

She knows she can trust you and count on you to listen and give her advice. If she opens up to you, it means that your relationship is growing stronger every day; the essential thing in a romantic relationship is trust.

She falls asleep next to you but not in your bed. 

This means she spends the night with you, but only in the living room or on the couch. She likes to be close to you but doesn’t want to pressure you into taking things more seriously than you are ready for.

She makes sex jokes right after meeting you. 

Only a woman who is truly comfortable around someone will casually talk about her exes. If she starts doing it the first time you meet her, it means that she’s into you and feels safe being herself around you.

She tries to understand your interests. 

She likes spending time with you but is open-minded enough to try new things as well (such as playing sports or watching movies you enjoy). She wants to get closer to you and will do anything it takes to be the right woman for your heart.

She tells her friends about how great you are.

She’s proud of having a man like you in her life and wants everyone she knows to know that you’re the best thing that ever happened to her.

How long does infatuation last for a woman

How Long Does Infatuation Last?

The infatuation stage can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Once the infatuation phase ends, it is replaced by an even stronger emotion: love. Love is much more profound, but love doesn’t leave you with intense feelings of insecurity or fear of loss, unlike infatuation.

Infatuation is a stage when you can’t stop thinking about the other person. You’re constantly checking your phone, hoping to receive a message from them. At this point, your thoughts are filled with fantasies of how great it would be if they loved you too.

Infatuation is hard to control and hard to mask. Other people will notice that you are different around this person. You’ll be less talkative and more nervous, which will make it harder for you to focus on other tasks.

Infatuation is the first step when you’re thinking about starting a relationship. It’s exciting when someone likes you back, but it shouldn’t interfere with your daily life or professional goals. If it does, you are not in the infatuation phase yet; you are still in the neediness stage.

Both love and infatuation come with strong emotions, but only one of them makes you feel secure about the future of your relationship.

There is a big difference between infatuated and love. One lasts for a couple of weeks and is based on fantasies and unrealistic expectations; the other lasts for a lifetime and is grounded in reality.

One of them is full of fear and insecurity; the other makes you feel safe when you’re together. One comes with high highs and lows (because it’s fleeting), while the other fills you with warmth every time you look at each end up together.

Love is about acceptance and commitment. Infatuation is about gaining reassurance that you won’t lose the other person. Love makes you feel like there’s no better match for you, while infatuation makes you think this person would be impossible to find again.


Will infatuation lead to love?

On average, after a few weeks or months, the infatuation stage is replaced by the next step: love. Love allows you to start thinking about building your future together with your partner; it’s the feeling that makes you want to be with this specific person forever.

How can you tell the difference between infatuation and love?

Infatuation is about thinking, “I want this person to be my boyfriend or girlfriend”, while love is thinking “, I want this person to be my husband or wife”. In other words, if it’s hard for you to imagine a life without your partner, chances are you love them.

How do you know if someone is infatuated with you?

Infatuation is easy to recognize: it comes and goes, and the most important thing for this person is their feelings. They are not concerned about how you feel, your needs, or whether their relationship makes you happy. Love is the exact opposite: the most important thing for this person is how you feel. They want you to be happy, they want your relationship to work, and they are willing to do anything for that to happen.

How can you get out of infatuation?

The only way to get out of the infatuation stage is by finding someone else who will make you feel loved and appreciated. If you’re not willing to do that, chances are your feelings will last for a very long time.


It is challenging for a woman to be open with her infatuation. She might need time before she can show her feelings. If you wonder whether she is infatuated with you, most likely, the answer will only appear in front of your eyes when all the signs mentioned above happen simultaneously.

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