Sagittarius Woman Likes and Dislikes




Sagittarius Woman Likes and Dislikes

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The Sagittarius woman is a free and easy individual who likes everything without hesitation. The symbol of the Sagittarius woman is an animal with a bow and arrow, which shows that she dares to fight against everything to get what she wants from life.

Sagittarius Woman Likes and Dislikes

Sagittarius Woman Likes and Dislikes

Adventurous spirit

The Sagittarius woman loves traveling and exploring new places. The Sagittarius woman always tries to see the world by visiting different countries, cultures, people, religions, etc. She has a sense of curiosity that attracts her into thinking about everything with an adventurous spirit.

Freedom is the best way

A Sagittarius woman likes freedom in all aspects of life. She will never be bound to anything or anyone, especially at the workplace where she wants complete freedom without restriction or regulation. And also, she doesn’t like to be controlled by somebody else, especially men, because they cannot make their own decisions without depending on someone else’s opinion.

She trusts easily

She is an open-minded person who does not believe in judging someone’s character from appearance. She likes to get things done straightforwardly and believes that any decision/work will be completed successfully if it is made with pure intention.

Fickle minded

A Sagittarius woman always wants what she cannot have at the moment. Her fickle-minded nature makes her want to go for something wholeheartedly, but when she gets it, she starts losing her interest and becomes bored with it.

Diligent worker

A Sagittarius woman has lots of energy and power, making her a diligent worker in whatever profession she has chosen. Because she doesn’t like to live life without feeling active all the time, work is one of the best places to try to implement her skills, hobbies, and all the knowledge gained throughout life.

Good friends

A Sagittarius woman is a great friend who never lets anyone down in times of difficulty; she always shows her full support and does everything possible to make them feel better. She trusts her friends completely and never tries to judge or control their personal lives without knowing anything about it.

Craving for change

A Sagittarius woman feels bored and unhappy very fast if she stays in one place long. This is why even if she has a good job, great friends and family, etc., she still wants to move out of that place after some time because of this craving for change.


A Sagittarius woman is brilliant, but sometimes she needs someone’s help, especially in practical aspects of life. She always follows her intuition/intellect while making any decision which makes things a little difficult. Working with feelings is never easy because it does not give you complete information about something or someone.

Education means everything

An educated Sagittarius woman can get any job quickly because her intelligence and skills are valued everywhere. She likes to read a lot and know about different cultures, religions, people from all over the world, etc.

Interested in science

A Sagittarius woman is curious about everything that comes into her mind, which makes her interested in science or anything related to it. This curiosity often gets her into trouble, but she never learns from mistakes because of this strong belief that “if you want something badly then nothing can stop you”.

What are Sagittarius woman attracted to

Freedom at workplace is the key

The Sagittarius woman hates authority; she cannot follow any rule or regulation restricting her freedom. A Sagittarius woman wants complete control over everything wherever she works, even if that place is a well-established and renowned company.

Travel, travel, and more travel

A Sagittarius woman cannot stay in one place for a long time because the only thing she wants to do throughout her life is travel. She loves seeing different places and trying new food items from other parts of the world, making her an adventurous person by nature.

Does not mind sleeping alone

Not all Sagittarius women might share this quality, but most want to sleep alone during the night. They hardly get satisfied with anyone’s physical presence; therefore, they prefer sleeping alone instead of sharing their bed with someone else. It also saves them from getting cheated or hurt by someone due to the fickle-mindedness mentioned earlier in this article.

Sagittarius Woman Dislikes

A Sagittarius woman hates all kinds of restrictions imposed on her freedom. She is happy if she gets complete authority over something or someone, but if that thing/person limits her independence in any way, she will try to get rid of it by hook or crook.

Disappointed very fast

The quality mentioned above makes a Sagittarius woman disappointed very fast; only because the person who claimed to love her truly cheated her, therefore she has lost faith in the concept of love and relationships. This also makes them come across as mean sometimes when they break up with someone just because that person was controlling them in some form or other.

Dishonest people

An honest Sagittarius woman cannot tolerate dishonesty even for once; she hates liars and cheaters who try to get close to her because she knows how it feels when someone tries to cheat her.

Tough time in finding love

Most Sagittarius women spend their lives single because they take a long time before making decisions and want complete control over everything, especially their personal lives. They need an understanding and supportive partner.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Woman

A Sagittarius woman finds it difficult to make relationships because of her nature; therefore, men should understand all her qualities before making any move towards them. They like practical and well-established men who can spend their life with them by supporting their complimentary nature.

How to Keep a Sagittarius Woman Happy

Keeping a Sagittarius woman happy is very difficult but not impossible; you need to give complete freedom in every aspect of your relationship, especially when it comes to sharing feelings and showing emotions. Furthermore, she wants an understanding partner during bad times because she never stays sad for a long while the music helps her overcome depression quickly. These points will surely help you win the heart of a Sagittarius woman.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is a Sagittarius woman attracted to bad boys?

A Sagittarius woman tends to attract bad boys because of their free nature; she also likes to control everything for which a normal relationship might not work.

How long does a Sagittarius woman take before falling in love?

It takes a long time for a Sagittarius woman to fall in love; therefore, you should know about her feelings after being her friend for some time. However, if you fail, then do not lose hope because she will surely come back into your life when the right moment comes.

Does every Sagittarius woman want complete freedom? 

Not all Sagittarius women want complete freedom because they want a partner who can support them during bad times.

How does a Sagittarius woman express her love? 

A Sagittarius woman expresses her love by being a loyal and understanding friend for her entire life.

What should you do to attract a Sagittarius woman?

To attract a Sagittarius woman, you need to understand her nature and give her complete freedom during the relationship because she hates restrictions of any sort.


Above mentioned are the qualities of a Sagittarius woman, which makes her detestable in some cases because she tends to end up breaking relationships due to her harsh words and actions. To attract a Sagittarius woman, you should give complete freedom during the relationship. Otherwise, she will try to end it as soon as possible. Furthermore, she is honest and does not like people who avoid telling the truth, and she hates liars and cheaters.

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