Signs of a Dominant Man




Signs of a Dominant Man

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The act of dominating someone is exciting for many people, but what distinguishes men who dominate their partners from those who do so merely for sexual gratification?

Dominating someone requires strength and power, both physical and emotional. It isn’t easy to convince others to follow your lead or give up control over themselves. But as a man, you know that you must use your strength and power not to manipulate or control, but rather to protect and guide – like a shepherd his flock.

Signs of a Dominant Man

What Is Dominant Behavior? 

Dominant behavior is those actions and reactions that communicate the type of power, stature, and authority you hold to someone else. This differs from aggression in that dominant behavior isn’t meant to intimidate or threaten another person to establish superiority – instead, it’s designed to convey your very nature as a man.

Typically, dominant behavior comes naturally as the natural flow of masculine energy as a man expresses his masculinity. How can you tell if your dominant behavior is coming from a position of strength and not simply to put others in their place?

Signs of a Dominant Man

He exhibits self-control and self-discipline

He is the master of his own emotions and doesn’t allow them to control him. Others don’t anger a truly dominant man. If he feels angry, he takes steps beforehand to ensure that his response is logical and controlled. He never acts out of anger or rage but instead responds rationally with an idea of how he wants things to play out. He is capable of calming himself down when he’s angered, no matter how much others try to agitate him.

He exudes confidence 

He knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to say it or ask for it. At the same time, a dominant man doesn’t need everyone’s approval for his actions or decisions. He’s sure of himself and doesn’t look to others for validation or support. He knows that he can do great things without anyone else’s help, so he goes out and gets what he needs on his terms.

He respects women 

Yes, this even applies to the one he loves. You can tell that a man truly respects women by demonstrating courtesy, kindness, and empathy. He doesn’t see women as being weak or inferior to men in any way. A dominant man loves his mother, sisters, daughters, and female friends without pitying them for being female. He fully understands the challenges they face because of their gender and does everything to help them.

He values responsibility 

Being dominant doesn’t mean that he’s controlling or overly aggressive with women, and it simply means that he’s someone who others can look up to and admire. Women are naturally attracted to men who have a sense of responsibility because they know they won’t be let down or taken advantage of. A man who is dominant at his core treats others with fairness and doesn’t play games to get what he wants.

He has a code of honor 

A dominant man believes in honoring his commitments and keeping his word. He will never under-deliver on the expectations that others have for him and holds himself accountable to them even if they don’t know he’s doing so. He doesn’t expect praise or accolades for living up to his principles but instead accepts it as part of who he is.

He has standards 

He knows what he wants in life and will never compromise to appease someone else. A dominant man won’t be swayed by others when making decisions about his life. He might seek advice from others, but in the end, it’s his own experiences that influence his decisions. He doesn’t judge others for having different preferences. Still, he will have high standards when choosing a partner because he knows what qualities are necessary to fulfill his needs and desires.

He takes responsibility for himself 

A dominant man is constantly improving himself and seeking ways to improve his abilities. He doesn’t wait for others to come along and save him but instead has the drive to succeed on his terms. He knows that being dominant isn’t just about being physically strong – it’s also about mastering yourself, your thoughts, and your emotions.

He takes responsibility for his relationships 

He doesn’t play the blame game or expects others to fix him. He takes responsibility for how he treats people and understands that the only person with the power to change is himself. When something goes wrong in a relationship, he won’t blame his partner because he knows it takes two to tango. Instead, he will take responsibility for his actions/inactions and will work towards being a better man.

He isn’t easily intimidated 

A dominant man is not someone who can be bullied or pushed around by others, including his woman. He’s confident in who he is and doesn’t allow anyone to control him through fear or intimidation. Even when faced with danger, he will not back down or show signs of weakness. A dominant man is someone who others can depend on to have their backs just as much as he depends on them for theirs.

He respects himself 

He knows that respect begins with self-respect and isn’t afraid to speak his mind when he knows it’s needed. While some men might shy away from confrontation, he embraces it and has no problem telling someone off. He also doesn’t laugh at his jokes or belittle himself because of his mistakes. A dominant man is not only confident and sure about himself, but he’s also comfortable enough to admit when he’s wrong and apologize for his actions.

What does a dominant man do

He is decisive 

He knows what he wants and doesn’t let others sway him to take another course of action. He’s not afraid to ask for advice or seek help, but at the end of the day, it’s his mind that will guide him towards success. When making decisions regarding relationships, business, or personal matters, a dominant man won’t allow fear or doubt to cloud his judgment or prevent him from making the best choice.

He is self-reliant 

A dominant man doesn’t need others to take care of him, but instead, he realizes life is better when shared with people you love and trust. While he might seek help occasionally, he also knows that relationships are built on a strong foundation of support and love. He’s not someone who will stand on the sidelines and expect others to take care of him, but he also won’t abandon his friends or family because they need him.

He has a plan

A dominant man doesn’t wander through life but rather has goals and plans to achieve them. He knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to do the work necessary to succeed. No matter how big or small his goal, he will see it through without losing sight of his end-game. A dominant man has a purpose and plans to fulfill that purpose no matter what gets thrown his way.

He takes care of himself 

A dominant man doesn’t eat junk food or watch his health deteriorate. He makes sure to get enough rest and avoids putting undue stress on his body. While he might choose not to eat healthy all the time, he realizes that a balanced diet is necessary for optimal performance in both work and play.

He knows (and uses) the power of body language 

While voice tone and word choice can demonstrate dominance, body language plays a significant role in the nonverbal realm. A dominant man knows how to use his body language – even when standing alone – to send the message that he isn’t someone you want to mess with. He stands tall without slouching or hunching his shoulders and takes up space so that he isn’t seen as weak or submissive. He walks with purpose, not just for the sake of walking but also to show others around him that he has the main goal in mind.

He knows he’s a work in progress, and he does the work 

A dominant man doesn’t set out to be perfect, but he wants to improve himself. Rather than sitting back and expecting others to do the work for him, he’s willing to put in the time and increased effort necessary to accomplish his goals. This means that he never takes shortcuts because he understands that it takes hard work and dedication to achieve his dreams.

He doesn’t put others down 

As mentioned above, a dominant man knows he can’t accomplish anything alone, so he never belittles the people around him. When talking with friends or family, he might tease them for fun but isn’t cruel or intentionally hurtful because he realizes that people make life worth living. He treats everyone as equals and doesn’t try to convince anyone that he is better or more important than them because of his successes, wealth, or social standing.

He doesn’t waste time or energy complaining 

A dominant man doesn’t have time to waste on things that can’t be changed. Whether it’s an annoying habit someone has, a project going over budget, or a mistake he made, he realizes that complaining about these things won’t solve anything and will instead cause negative feelings. He takes the energy expended on complaining and finds a solution.

He isn’t quick to anger 

While a dominant man knows how to stand up for himself, he’s also willing to listen to the viewpoints of others, even if they are different from his own. While he might argue or debate with someone, he avoids getting angry or frustrated because this behavior will only serve to make him look weak and uninterested in hearing another person’s opinion.

He speaks his mind 

A dominant man isn’t afraid of speaking his mind because he knows that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. By putting everything on the table right from the start, he ensures that both people know exactly where they stand and can make plans for the future.

He understands that actions speak louder than words 

Don’t listen to what they say if you want to know what someone’s like. Instead, watch their actions because this is how you truly get a sense of who they are as a person. A dominant man isn’t shy about letting his actions do the talking for him because he is confident enough to realize that they speak volumes about who he is.

He understands the power of foreplay

In any romantic relationship, a dominant man will take the time to build up his partner’s arousal before taking things to the next level. He doesn’t just go straight for what he wants because he knows that patience is vital if he wants his relationship to last. Whether through gentle kisses or passionate touches, a dominant man will take his time to make sure his partner is fully aroused before taking any action that could potentially lead to sex.

He makes others feel comfortable around him 

A dominant man isn’t afraid of putting people at ease or letting them know that everything will be okay. When someone comes to him with a problem, he listens attentively and offers advice when asked. Rather than trying to compete with others or make them feel inferior, a dominant man goes out of his way to help those around him and make them feel important.


A dominant man is the kind of person who everyone around him admires. He may not always be easy to get along with and doesn’t expect things from anyone, but he also goes out of his way to help people when they need it most. Understanding that true happiness comes from self-improvement and respectful relationships with others, a dominant man is willing to put in the time and effort necessary to create a better life for himself.

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