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signs he wants to get closer to you

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Getting attached or falling in love is another milestone on the path of dating. Many men feel it’s something to avoid because it “takes control” away from them. But actually, getting attached doesn’t have to be a bad thing at all! This article will explore how you can use that feeling for your benefit and enjoy your relationship even more.

Signs He's Getting Attached

What Is Emotional Attachment?

Attachment is when you start to care about someone else more than yourself. You trust them, rely on them, and want to support their goals as well as your own. It’s not just a feeling but also an action. It’s the thing that keeps you sane in long-term relationships – if you’re attached, then you can forgive them their minor flaws.

Signs He’s Getting Attached

He Goes Above and Beyond For You

A man who’s getting attached to you is going out of his way to make sure that you’re happy. He may start doing things he doesn’t usually do, like buying your favorite ice cream or making breakfast in the morning.

He suddenly realizes that what makes you happy makes him happy. He knows how much better he feels when you are around, and he wants more of that feeling. He is no longer the selfish boy who only looks out for himself!

He’s Protective of You

When a man is attached to you, he feels protective over you. If others threaten you, whether physically or emotionally, he will step in and try to defend your honor.

He Listens to You

If a man listens to what you have to say, he’s attached. In relationships, we’re usually just waiting for our turn to talk! When a man is genuinely interested in what you have to say about various topics, it means he’s more devoted and invested in this relationship than he is in any other.

He Feels Duty-bound to You

Some people want independence and freedom, but when you’re with someone who has a sense of duty, he feels like he owes it to you to make this relationship work. His sense of honor will drive him to choose you over something more pleasurable or exciting.

He Contacts You Every Chance He Gets

Some people are just busy, so you have to wonder if he’s attached to you or not. If he’s eager to keep in touch with every chance he gets, it means that he’s dedicating his time and energy to you instead of putting all his effort into other things.

He’ll Do Anything to Avoid “Losing You”

When you’re afraid of losing something, it gives you a sense of urgency. If he’s scared of losing you, then he will go to great lengths to stay by your side. And this makes him see the world in a whole new light! Suddenly, nothing is more important than you!

He Wants You To Meet His Friends And Family

This isn’t a guarantee, but it is a vital sign. When a man starts to introduce you to his social circle and family members- especially when they’ve been around for a while- he begins to think of you as “the one” that he wants around forever.

He’s More Opinionated Than Ever

In most cases, men aren’t as vocal as women. But when a man likes you, he’s going to chime in on all those pesky dating topics like kids and marriage and religion and politics (and don’t pretend like you’re not interested). He doesn’t want any grey areas between the two of you; he wants everything to be precise!

He’s More Intimate Than Before

And we don’t mean the “intimate” that only comes from sex (although that is a pretty strong attachment indicator). We’re talking about kissing and hugging and holding hands and saying, “I love you.” A man who’s attached to you wants to share his whole world with you; he wants to make you a priority.

He Became Jealous When You Were Around Other Guys

Some people don’t mind if their boyfriend or girlfriend hangs out with members of the opposite sex, but true commitment-seekers don’t feel that way. If your man gets a little green when you’re with another guy, it’s because he finds this other person to be a threat! He doesn’t want anything or anyone but you.

You Are a Priority

If a man cares about you, he will make you his priority. He won’t let the TV guide or an endless to-do list stand in your way of spending quality time together! When a man is attached to you, life is all about you!

He Calls You “The One” 

This isn’t a sign, per se, but it is a powerful statement. If your man utters these words while cluing you in on his emotions, he thinks that you are the love of his life! It’s an incredibly positive thing to hear- significantly if you’ve grown attached yourself!

He is Interested in Your Hobbies

Some men aren’t into the artsy stuff, but a man who is passionate about you will be happy to tag along. If he asks questions and plans activities based on what you like to do, it means that he’s trying to make your relationship work!

He Gets Defensive When Anyone Criticizes You

When you find yourself in a healthy relationship, you can’t help but feel like an equal. Your man will be *so* protective of you; he’ll get all riled up if anyone tries to speak negatively about his #1 lady! He’s fiercely loyal and dedicated to this special bond that the two of you share.

He Remembers The Important Things

Everyone has a bad memory, but if your man remembers birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events that you’ve shared- it’s an indicator of how close he feels to you. And that’s a sign of attachment!

He Opens Up And Lets His Guard Down

Men aren’t always keen on sharing their feelings; it’s just not in their blood. But if your man finds the courage to open up and let his guard down, he is head-over-heels for you! This kind of vulnerability isn’t familiar to every guy, so cherish it while you can!

He Respects You

A man who cares about you will respect your opinions, support your goals, and make choices in your best interest. He’ll treat you like a true partner- always!

He Doesn’t Leave You When Things Go Sour

In a healthy relationship, two people will walk away from an argument knowing that they’re going to come back together. Your man is attached to you when he doesn’t leave during the rough times when there’s plenty of room for improvement. Instead, you’ll both work together and strengthen your bond!

signs he wants to get closer to you

Warning Signs Of Unhealthy Emotional Attachment

When you’re apart, it feels like something is missing

You obsess about what that might be and try to get back together as quickly as possible for fear of never feeling complete again.

You feel like you can’t live without the other person

You realize that you need the other person to carry on with your organized, well-thought-out life because it’s too much for you.

You are afraid of being alone

Everything is stressful if you’re alone and you seek out the company of others often. If this sounds like you?STOP! It’s time to getaway.

You’ve tried to end the relationship but you always come back

You take a step back and decide you need to not be in this relationship for your sake, but then you always come back.

You don’t remember what life was like before this person came into it

It’s like you’ve known this person since the beginning of time and can’t remember what life was like before they were in it.

You are so close that some things have become secrets between you two

Lying about some facets of your life is taking a toll on your integrity- please stop!

You fell in “love” within a couple of weeks of meeting

It’s amazing how fast your love can develop but is it healthy? If the answer isn’t a resounding yes, this bond may not last. Slow things down and take a step back for self-reflection!

You feel they are “the one”

You’ve already decided that you want to spend your life with them, and you feel that this person is your soulmate. This is a huge red flag! It won’t be long before they let you down, and you’re going to have a hard time replacing them in this belief.

You don’t know the other person very well

You’ve gone on dates, see each other’s families, and he seems to be on the same page as you- but do you know him?

You may experience some anxiety if you do not receive a text or a callback on time

You may feel possessive, territorial, and upset if they do not text you back on the same day! Is this healthy? Of course not. This is another huge red flag that you are emotionally attached to this person.

You have no personal space

This person is always around you- at work, in your apartment, or even your phone- and you don’t mind it!

You’re constantly checking up on each other

You keep tabs on their whereabouts at all times. If they are not answering their phone or replying to texts, you may feel the need to “check in” with them…ALARMING!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Know If A Guy Is Emotionally Attached?

He will be in awe of you and tell you so. His friends will know about you, he’ll introduce you to his family, and he’ll always make an extra effort to keep in contact with you!

How Do You Tell If He Is Invested In You?

He will always make time for you, even if it’s just a call at the end of his workday. He’ll also text instead of calling to save you both some time- and he won’t be upset if he misses your call!

How Do You Know If Your Man Wants An Exclusive Relationship?

If this person is interested in only committing to you, they’ll indicate it by their actions. This means no secret or flirty contact with other people. You will be on his mind at all times, and he’ll always make time for you!

How Do You Know If He’s Getting Close To You?

He will invite you to his home without hesitation. His friends will know you, he’ll introduce you to his family (with permission), and he won’t keep secrets from you!

How Do You Know If He’s Emotionally Unavailable?

This person is not comfortable sharing too much information about themselves- even on a date. They don’t like talking about their personal life or history and may even try to change the subject!


If these signs sound familiar, it may be time to reevaluate your relationship! He may not know how close he is with you and needs some time away.

Take a step back for yourself and end things- then take another look at what this person means to you once the dust settles.

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