Dating A Divorced Man In His 40s




Dating a Divorced Man In His 40s

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Divorce is never an easy experience. It takes courage to finally separate from your spouse, and you arrive at the place of closure. Yet dating again is not as simple as getting out there and finding someone new. You need to be aware of how your divorce may affect your next relationship.

Don’t let your past define you or limit who you can love. Remember that you can move on with your life free of resentment and heartache, finding happiness living single once again.

Whether you are divorced or separated, it is essential to note that dating a man in his 40s who has been down this road before can be highly beneficial! There are things he knows about the process and what to expect. If you are ready, let’s check out some tips on dating a divorced man in his 40s!

Dating a Divorced Man In His 40s

Tips for Dating a Divorced Man in his 40s

1. A new beginning can be scary, especially when you have children. Be patient with him if he needs time alone or is not very affectionate. He is re-learning how to love and may need time alone to heal from his past relationship.

2. Take it slow! Do not expect him to fall into your arms immediately or become super affectionate with you. Give him the space he needs at this time in his life. Be patient as you try to build a friendship with him.

3. Do not pressure him about his kids! Make sure you get along well with his children. They are a vital part of his life, and only you will be able to integrate yourself into it if he allows you to. Try your best to get along with them for the sake of your relationship.

4. Be ready for a lot of “emergencies.” He may have a habit of calling you in the middle of the night or when he is at work. This will most likely be because he has been programmed to expect his ex-wife always to be there. Do not take it personally, and understand that this behavior will stop once he fully adjusts and learns to love and trust you.

5. Do not feel like you have to be perfect! His negative comments about his ex-wife do not mean he will be challenging to please. He may pick on your imperfections as a way of trying to bring them out, so they become less apparent. This does not mean he is criticizing you.

6. Expect to feel uncomfortable in the relationship at times due to his insecurities and trust issues. He may say hurtful things because he has been hurt in the past, but this does not mean he will be challenging to love. Take it slow, let him know he is loved, and everything should fall into place eventually.

Can a divorced man ever love again

Common Things You Might Encounter When Dating a Divorced Man In His 40s

He’s still responsible for his kids. 

This means he may have to take them on dates with you or pay for their expenses. Be patient and understanding of his limited finances until things pick up for him professionally.

His ex-wife has taken everything from him. 

This is an unfortunate reality, but do not let it make you feel insecure about your relationship. He will feel this insecurity, and it will become a large issue in your relationship.

He’s jealous of other guys you associate with. 

He may have trust issues, so do not take it personally if he gets jealous of your male friends or coworkers. Make sure to establish boundaries in the relationship by letting him know when you are out with other men.

There may be emotional baggage. 

He may be very closed off and not open to sharing his emotions. This is a sign that he has been hurt in the past, so do not push it. Take things slow and if he does open up, make sure you are supportive of him during this time!

He wants you to move in straight away. 

This is a classic sign that he is used to being in a relationship. Do not rush into moving in together if you are not ready. Take it slow, and give him time to adjust before taking this big step in your relationship.

He brings up the ex-wife too often. 

Do not let him bring up his past relationships constantly. If he does bring up the ex-wife, it’s because deep down…he misses her. This is his way of dealing with this loss, so do not take it personally.

There might be remnants of his marriage in the way he acts now. 

He may expect you to act the same way his ex-wife did. If this is the case, let him know by communicating with him. Tell him that he can be comfortable with you instead of constantly comparing you to his ex-wife.

It’ll be harder for you to meet the family. 

He has children, so always be nice to them! Try your best to get along with them for the sake of your relationship. If he expects you to meet his children or family members, make sure you are ready.

He is still financially tied to his ex-wife. 

He may have joint accounts with her or provide for their children, so be patient and understand his limited finances until things pick up for him professionally.

Your own family might have a lot of questions. 

Your family may have a lot of questions about his divorce or children. If this is the case, it probably means that they disapprove. Let them know that your relationship with him will be long-lasting and full of love!

You may be tempted to look her up on social media. 

Do not go looking for his ex-wife on social media! That will only make things more complicated and more awkward. If curiosity gets the best of you, ask him about it instead.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I still date him if he is not divorced yet? 

A: Dating somebody that isn’t divorced yet can be just as hard. You may feel insecure about the relationship or his motivation towards you, so tread carefully!

Q: Is it weird to use his kids as an excuse to meet the parents? 

A: Not at all! As long as you are respectful to his children, then it should not be an issue. If he introduces you to his kids, then it means that the parents approve of you.

Q: What if I end up liking his ex more? 

A: This is a tricky situation! You might start liking her more than him. If this is the case, talk to him about it and make sure he knows how you feel!

Q: What if I don’t like his kids? 

A: Kids can be tricky sometimes. If you do not like his kids, be honest with him! Talk to your significant other about what you think of his children and see how he feels about it.

Q: What if I wanted to get married and he doesn’t? 

A: If you want to get married and he is unsure, that might affect the relationship over time. Try your best to convince him or let go if you cannot change his mind!

Q: What if I am getting married soon? 

A: You can still date him but make sure he is okay with you being engaged. If he is uncomfortable, then it might be time to let go.

Q: Is it weird to compare me to his ex-wife? 

A: It’s completely normal to compare yourself to his ex-wife! You may wonder why he is with you if he misses her. Don’t worry, it’s understandable! Just be patient and supportive of him during this time.


Dating a divorced man can be beneficial for you if you are willing to work with him. If it’s meant to be, then everything will work out over time! Keep in mind that he has emotions, too, so be patient and supportive.

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