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Are Womanizers narcissistic

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There are many ways to define weakness. In battle, a weak warrior is not necessarily one who cannot fight but maybe someone who loses morale first. A womanizer can be a man who loves women or likes sex with different women. To measure his success in love, he may have a lot of female friends and lovers or even have a chain of lovers. But have you ever wondered what the real reason is behind his actions? There are many different reasons why he can’t give up womanizing, but here we will reveal some of the big secrets that may answer your questions.

What is a Womaniser Weakness

What Is A Womanizer’s Weakness? 

Loss of self-esteem 

A Womanizer has extremely fragile self-esteem, which never allows them to be proud and confident in their success and achievements. One of the main weaknesses of a womanizing personality is that they do not believe in themselves and always feel like failures when they don’t achieve everything mentioned above. A womanizing personality will always exhibit a sense of insecurity and low self-esteem if you try to understand it deeply. They generally tend to believe that women can be used as trophies or objects for their pleasure but do not consider them to be their worthy partners.

Doubts creeping up

One of the key weaknesses is that a womanizer is always worried about being caught. It’s no less challenging to be a player in the relationship arena than a business one. A successful business person can feel incredibly proud of his achievements, but an eminent womanizing personality will never feel satisfied with himself or herself, as they know that they have not achieved anything valuable in life

Emotional trauma

One of the other vital weaknesses is that a womanizer can have many emotional issues, and they just want to fill some void in their lives with sex, females, and female attention. When a womanizer cannot get any of these things from a girl he loves, there is a huge chance that he will grab an opportunity to have it from another girl. In this case, his jealousy will destroy him from within.

Loss of self-respect

Womanizers never respect themselves, which means that they cannot respect others, especially the women towards whom they behave like this. The reason behind such behavior is that most womanizer personalities never view women as pure and divine beings and always consider them mere toys for their satisfaction. Such individuals generally lack moral values and principles; therefore, they fall in love with many other women, which is another one of their weaknesses.

Inability to be a good parent

Women generally have children from multiple relationships, but they never have an emotional or psychological bond with them because women are just toys for them and not worthy of being considered their partners. A womanizing personality cannot provide the right kind of parenting that a child should receive. A womanizer doesn’t think before he acts due to his highly impulsive behavior; this also means that the child will learn all these bad habits from his father. Also, it can lead to insecurity if the other partner takes away the custody rights of the child from such individuals. Inability to be a good parent is also one of the weaknesses of a womanizing personality.

No sense of responsibility 

Most womanizers generally lack responsibility and tend to leave their partners in trouble because they do not consider them worthy enough and focus only on themselves all the time. They never take any responsibility in life and always believe that everything should be sorted out by themselves instead of depending on others for help. This is mainly due to the lower self-esteem, which makes such individuals feel like failures when asked for help or support from anyone else.

Low emotional quotient 

Womanizer personalities generally lack emotional quotients since they are more interested in women than anything else. This means that they cannot understand or even relate to other people and their emotions and thus cannot satisfy them.

Trust is not easily earned 

Womanizers never trust people easily and always think that others are trying to take away their money, which is another one of the weaknesses of a womanizing personality. Womanizers never seek advice from anyone regarding relationships, which makes them lose a lot in their love life.

Loss of respect from other members 

Since most womanizer personalities have affairs with multiple women, they do not consider anyone else’s feelings and emotions while getting involved with other women. They mostly tend to develop an aura around themselves which makes people hate them for their behavior towards women because no one likes being cheated or betrayed. This means that such individuals will have fewer friends who will support them in every aspect of life, especially in times of need.

Inability to understand the opposite gender

Womanizer personalities are generally unable to understand the opposite gender, which is another one of their weaknesses; this means that they do not know how to react towards women and can make a lot of blunders in front of them. This particular personality trait makes it very difficult for an individual who has such a personality to develop a long-term relationship. Not understanding opposite genders is also one of the weaknesses associated with womanizing personality types.

How Do You Know You Are With A Womanizer?

You are in a relationship with someone who does not seem to consider you as his partner, but only as another toy, he can play around with. You are not well treated by your partner even though he still pretends to love you in front of others. Your partner still has many other partners and seems relatively unconcerned about losing them or hurting them. Your partner cannot provide you with proper security, and you feel insecure all the time. Your partner never takes responsibilities of any kind and always tries to escape from such situations by taking help from others.

Are Womanizers narcissistic

Womanizers and Casanovas: Are they the same?

There exists a thin line between Casanovas and Womanizers; these two terms are associated with each other since they fall under the same category of personality types. These individuals like spending time with multiple women, flirting with them, and gaining their attention to boost their self-esteem. The only difference between casanova and womanizer is that casanova is often referred to as a person who has an excellent ability to charm women and whom women love to be with while womanizers are ones who constantly go out looking for new relationships.

Signs You In A Relationship With A Womanizer

He knows his way around women

A sign of being in a relationship with a womanizer is that he knows every minute detail about women and how to attract them.

He has an aura of mystery around him which attracts women

Womanizers have an aura of mystery around themselves which automatically makes the opposite gender want to be with them. No one can ever figure out what is going through his mind as he always appears to be thinking something different from all those who surround him.

He loves exploring new places with you

He never has any kind of problem or hesitation in exploring new places with you or your friends. However, he often shows reluctance when it comes to going out to a particular place.

He is charming in his clothes and his ways of talking

He is very charming in his way of dressing himself and the way he talks; this means that even when he wears simple clothes or speaks in a normal tone, you are still attracted to him.

He’s good at seducing a variety of women

He is good at seducing multiple women; whether they are your best friends or someone you just met for a few minutes, he can charm them into getting into bed with him.

His male ego is high and he often uses women

He is the type of man who has a very high ego about himself, especially where his male ego is concerned; he will always use women for his purpose and never care about their feelings.

He’s good at emotional manipulation

He is very good at emotional manipulation, and he does this regularly to get out of any trouble that comes his way. He is not even apologetic about using others for his gain and will always make you feel like you are the one who is wrong for trying to make him accountable.

Does Womanizer Ever Fall in Love

How To Deal With A Womanizer?

Have no expectations

One of the most important lessons you need to learn about dealing with a womanizer is that there should be no expectations at all of him. He will never stop his ways, and if he does, it is just for a brief period when he gets bored with someone or something else catches his fancy.

Be consistent in your communication

You need to be very clear with the signals you are sending out; if you want to let him know that your relationship is over, consistently do this without any fluctuations. If he continues to call, send out some clear signs that would make it evident that you are not interested in getting back with him.

Deal head-on with embarrassing situations

If you have to deal with some embarrassing situations because of him, do not hesitate to do so and make sure that you directly answer him. He will try to draw you back into the relationship by making it seem like he is struggling more than you are about breaking up, giving him a taste of his own medicine, and showing him who the boss is.

Keep your distance

One of the best ways to deal with a womanizer is by keeping your distance from him; this will ensure that he realizes his wrongdoings and gives up on his usual tricks. As much as it may be difficult for you, you need to keep in mind that constantly trying to get close to him will only lead you to get hurt over and over again.

Give the womanizer the silent treatment

The best way to deal with a womanizer is by giving him the silent treatment; this will make it very clear that you are not interested in getting back with him and that he has to figure out another way of attracting women. He might think otherwise at first, but eventually, he will realize his mistakes.

Give him a taste of his ways

If you find out that he is fooling around with another woman, then give him a taste of his own medicine and let him know how it feels when someone is using him in the same way. However, do not go overboard because he might never change if you trap him in false felony charges. ## Break up with him for good

Seek professional help

If you cannot deal with him all by yourself, then the best way to go about this is by seeking professional help; they can show you some proven techniques to deal with a womanizer in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a womanizer have feelings?

Womanizers may seem like they have feelings for you, but that is just an act to fool you into thinking he has changed. No matter how hard you try, the cycle of being with a womanizer will never change; it’s because they are born this way, and no one can change them.

What are the traits of a womanizer? 

A womanizer is someone who can’t be loyal to one person because he keeps chasing after other women. He is always in relationships just for its sake, and his main focus is to fool around with different people.

Can men change once they become womanizers?

No, men cannot change their ways no matter how hard you try to push them to do so. If they cannot give in this time, then there is no chance they will change in the future; it’s just their nature.

Can womanizers be good partners?

Womanizers will never make good partners because they can’t be loyal to one person at a time. They will only disappoint you repeatedly, so it’s best to get out of such a relationship before it gets too late.

Does a womanizer ever fall in love?

A womanizer knows how to play with the emotions of people around him, especially women. He will make you feel special until he has what he needs from you. When someone falls in love, they value that person’s presence more than anything else, this is something that womanizers don’t do, so it’s best not to fall for them because the fall will be very painful.

What Does a Womanizer Think

Can a womanizer be faithful?

No, a womanizer will never be faithful to one person because his main focus is on getting more women in his life. As much as you might want him to change, it’s just not possible for him to do so.

What causes someone to be a womanizer?

A womanizer is someone who has low self-esteem, they are not able to get women on their own, so they always fall back on other ways to get what they want. If you manage to make him feel good about himself, he might change for the better, but that is very unlikely.

What Does a Womanizer Think?

A womanizer thinks that he is the best thing out there and that every woman wants to be with him. He doesn’t think about anyone else but himself and his needs. He is also very charming and knows how to say the right things to get what he wants from a woman.

How Do I Stop Womanizing?

If you want to stop womanizing, the best way to go about this is by seeking professional help. They can show you some proven techniques for dealing with a womanizer in your life.


A womanizer is a person who falls for women easily, but once they get what they want from them, they will lose interest in you. You can’t keep hoping that he will change, so the best thing to do would be to get out of this relationship before it gets too late.

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