Signs You are Dating a Married Woman




signs you are dating a married woman

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Dating a married woman is not something most men would like to do. However, there are some who know they can make the relationship work and want to be with this kind of woman for reasons that you will discover in this article.

First off, what is a married woman? A married woman is someone who has taken vows of marriage and is married to another person (normally a man). She is still legally bound to her husband and should only be having a relationship with him.

Why men date or have a relationship with a married woman If they are happy, then nothing can push them apart. However, the most common reason why most men fall for these kinds of women is because they are in a position to make the relationship happen.

how to deal with dating a married woman

Signs You are Dating a Married Woman

When you go out on a date with her, pay close attention to these signs and see if they are present. Trust is the key to any successful relationship and if most of these signs are happening, it can be a sign that she will never stop loving him:

She never talks about her family life

If she does not want to talk about her family life, it is possible that she is married. She might also have children with him and wants you to respect their privacy as much as possible.

She has no pictures of her family

You might find that when you go into her apartment or house, there are no photos of the husband and children. Most women even put on the walls pictures of themselves and their family, like it or not. This is a sign that she wants to avoid any confrontation with you on this issue and for that reason, she might consider ending the relationship if pushed on it.

She avoids kissing in public

Even though some married women will be more comfortable kissing in public, most of them will try to avoid it. The only time you may see a married woman kiss another person in public is if she is a low ranking official and her superiors are around.

She does not talk about her past relationships

When dating someone, especially when things get serious, the relationship tends to come up in conversation. However, if the person you are dating avoids talking about her past relationships and instead focuses more on what she wants in the future, it is possible that she is married.

Her place is off-limits

A married woman will normally not invite her boyfriend to her house. She might be living with her children and husband, but due to the fact that she is having an affair with you, she will try as much as possible to keep you out of their way.

Her friends are all married

When meeting new people, it is normal for a woman to be with her friends. However, if she is always with married people and never has any single friends like herself, then there’s a chance that she is married.

She will not introduce you to the children

If she does not want you meeting her children or being introduced as their father from another woman, it means they are her main priority and she is not willing to risk anything that could separate them.

She does not talk about her husband

When you ask her what the relationship with her husband is like, she might dodge the question or say that they are normal even if there is nothing like that in reality. If she avoids talking about him at all costs, it is a sign that she will never love you as much as she loves him and if anything happens to them, it means the end of your relationship.

She tells lies about where she lives

If you start noticing that this person goes through great lengths to avoid talking about her family life then there is a high chance that she wants more than what she currently has in her life. If she tells you that she lives alone or when asked about where she lives, this person makes up a random address without even knowing the area, then it is possible that there is a problem in her family and she will not be able to introduce you to them.

She does not like spending time with your friends

When you introduce your new lover to your friends, it is a sign that things are reaching the next level of commitment. However, if the new woman avoids spending time with your friends or coming out with you when you are all together, then there might be problems in her life currently which she does not want to share with anyone else.

She can never spend the whole night with you

If you find that the person you are dating always goes home at a specific time and there is no way she can spend the night with you, unless of course if things get serious and it becomes clear to her that your relationship will last, then you might be dealing with someone who has other priorities in life.

She avoids the topic of making your relationship public

If she does not want to introduce you to her children and family members and this woman tries as much as possible to avoid the topic of making your relationship public , then it is a sign that she will never start a new family with you.

She avoids talking about future plans

When people are dating, they tend to know each other’s hobbies and interest. If this person is always trying to avoid talking about her future plans, then it means that she has no thoughts of taking the relationship past a certain level.

She will never introduce you to her friends

If your new lover avoids introducing you to her friends or when given time with them, she makes up an excuse not to introduce you, then it is a sign that she does not want her friends meddling in her love affairs.

You can’t call or text her when you want

If your cell phone exchange with this woman is very limited, then there is a chance that she might be avoiding calling or texting you when she has the time because of other priorities in life.

She will always cancel plans with you at the last minute

There are times when your new lover will not show up on planned dates even if they are not busy, this might be because she is avoiding spending time with you or something else.

signs you are dating a married woman

She never shows interest in your likes and dislikes

How can someone fall in love with another person if they don’t know their likes and dislikes? If your new lover does not show any interest in what you like, do not think that this is because she does not care, there might be something that she wants to keep away from you.

She never asks about your family and friends

If this woman is with you, then she will always prefer spending time with you rather than meeting your friends or family members. If her life revolves around yours, it means that she has no life outside of you and is therefore trying to avoid having a life outside of the relationship.

She never allows you to post anything about your relationship on social media

If you are in a relationship but every time you post something about her on social media, she makes up an excuse that it is not convenient to talk about your relationship or says that you shouldn’t do what other people will think, then this means that she does not want anyone knowing about the relationship.

Always avoids talking about love

There are times when your new lover always tries to avoid talking about love and asks you why it is so important to talk about such things. If she does not want you to fall in love with her, then you might as well forget that there will be a happy end for this relationship.

You never spend a holiday or some other special occasion together

If you have been dating a new lover for a period of time and during the holidays, she always has other plans or when you ask her to take leave from work to spend your special days together, she will be quick to say that she already made plans. If this woman does not want to open herself up completely, then there is a high chance that the relationship will not stand the test of time.

She never invites you to any family gatherings

When someone is in a serious relationship and they enjoy spending holidays and other special occasions with their significant other, then inviting this person to various family gatherings including weddings and birthday parties shows how much she cares about the relationship. If this woman does not show any interest in doing so, then this might be a sign that she is not ready for a serious relationship or does not want to have her family get into her personal life.

It’s all about sex

If your relationship is all about sex, then it is possible that the person you are dating might just be using you for that one reason. If she can never introduce you to her family or friends and when planning to see each other makes sure there isn’t anyone else around, then this woman might not want anything serious in life at the moment.


If you notice that your new lover has one or more of the above mentioned behavior patterns, then there might be other priorities in her life than having a serious relationship. If she can’t even call you when she has time, it means that something else is taking up all her time and does not want you to know about it.

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