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What causes leather shoes to peel

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A lot of people would love to own leather products, but the only problem is, they do not know how to take good care of them. Leather is long-lasting and, at the same time, very fragile. But that doesn’t mean you can rock leather products; there is always a way of protecting them.

Leather just needs good care, and you are good to go, buy quality leather products, and you won’t regret the experience you will have—all the best as you try new products with leather.

What causes leather shoes to peel

How to Fix Leather Peeling Shoes

It can be so bad to get prepared, and then you are about to leave for work or so e event you just realize that your shoes are peeling. You need to learn how to fix the shoes in case you have no idea so that you don’t wake up and rush to someone to help you. You can fix them yourself.

Leather shoes are a perfect choice for interviews and should never miss in your closet; you should be in a position to provide your shoes with great care. For anything to last longer, you should take good care of it.

If these shoes are not properly taken care of, they can peel, crack and even discolor. Below is an article on how to take care of leather peeling shoes.

Leather rarely peels, and if you notice yours peeling, then it’s just because it’s made of faux or bonded leather. This is because the quality of this leather is low, thus easily drying out hence peeling within a very short period of time.

The best quality leather shoes are always; however, if you have one that is already peeled, you can try the following methods.

  • Materials
  • Shoe Goo
  • Sandpaper
  • Paintbrush
  • Permanent marker
  • Shoe polish


Rub with Sandpaper

Use the sandpaper by rubbing the shoe surface to remove the remaining pieces of peeling leather. Make sure the shoe surface is as smooth as possible.

Color the Cracks

Make sure you have a permanent color that is the same color as your shoes; use the marker to cover up any cracks in your; the cracks appear when leather is removed.

Polish Your Shoes

Polish your shoes thoroughly using a high-quality polish, and when applying, you can use a cloth.

Use Shoe Goo to Cover

The surface of the entire shoe should be covered with Shoe goo, and make sure you use a paintbrush. Shoe Goo can be bought anywhere, and if you don’t find them at nearby stores, you can order them online.

Give your shoes time to dry for about 24 to 36 hours, and you can easily wear them when completely dry.

So if you’ve been wondering whether peeling leather shoes can be repaired, then yes, you can. Always keep in mind that real leather can never peel. But if it happens to peel, just use a permanent marker or dye to repair your shoes.

The only way to fix peeling leather is by using shoe go, sandpaper, leather dye, and shoe polish. The main reason why leather peels are because you don’t take care of them properly.

What Causes Leather Shoes to Peel?

Leather is a luxurious shoe; it is long-lasting. Unluckily, not all leather shoes are durable since all are made of different materials. Your leather shoes might peel within a short period of time because of the following reasons.

Using Wrong Products

If you use products that are not suitable for leather, you might end up damaging your shoes because you are using what you are not supposed to be using. Always ensure that when it comes to leather, know the kind of products you should use.

Low Quality

If the leather is of low quality, it might peel. High w leather rarely peels. So when purchasing shoes, you should be careful. The number one feature of a quality shoe is the price; good products are always expensive. So if you want something long-lasting, go for the expensive types.

Keep in mind that most leather products aren’t real leather, don’t be fooled by their labels; the reason why most leather shoes peel is that it’s a fake product, and you might not realize it because its surface is made of leather coating.

However, it’s nothing to worry about. If your leather happens to peel or damage, there are various ways of fixing them. The above-discussed methods help you fix your leather shoes without any problem.

You can also get ideas from YouTube; there are a lot of videos on YouTube that are well illustrated. People are creative, and they just made wonderful videos for their viewers. Look for tutorials that suit you.

How to fix peeling leather shoes

How Do I Stop My Leather Shoes from Peeling?

It is sad to see your favorite leather shoes peeling, yet you might have spent a lot of money purchasing them. It’s good that you know that leather can peel, and before it reaches this point, you should actually know how to prevent them from peeling.

This saves you time and money because when your shoes are in good condition, you do not have to buy all those materials needed to fix them.

But before you start investing in how to take care of your shoes, it is good to know that shoes are made of different materials. The kind of materials used hos to determine the durability of your shoes.

Preventive Methods

Keep Your Shoes Clean and Polish Them Regularly

It is simple; always make sure your shoes are clean and well-polished. Cleaning doesn’t mean that you actually have to scrub the shoes every day but just clean them after every wear and at least let them air.

Apart from cleaning them, polishing is also very necessary and makes sure your polish with the right products. These products are leather conditioner, wax polish, horsehair brushes, leather cleaner, and cloth rag.

Keep Your Shoes Away from Direct Sunlight and Heat

It’s wrong to expose your shoes under direct sunlight, and this is because when they are exposed to too much heat, they will start stretching, and in no time, they will start peeling. The reason why it starts peeling is that the material has become loose, so to be on the safe side, make sure you store them in a cool place when not wearing them.

Let Your Shoes Dry Naturally Before Storing Them

When the interior of your shoes is not dry, don’t put them on until they are. Do not blow-dry your shoes because that heat produced by the hair drier stretches the shoe material; hence it will start peeling.

Avoid Using Harsh Substances on Your Shoes

Do not be tempted in any way to use harsh substances on your shoes; they are sold everywhere. Just make sure you know the right products to use on your shoes. Some of the substances you need to avoid are spirit, nail polish remover, and turpentine.

Shoes are expensive, and they should be protected. Well I, imagine spending a lot of money on shoes just for them to start peeling. In order to stop it from happening, just take good care of them, and Incase you notice them fading, cracking, and scratching, just repair them.

Does Real Leather Flake?

Yes, leather rarely flakes, and if it does, it could be because you don’t take good care of them. No matter how long-lasting a product is, if not taken care of, it will definitely damage.

If you don’t want your real leather to flake, make sure it doesn’t get wet, clean with a soft brush or towel, never machine wash them, do not dry them with artificial heat, and make sure you moisturize them with an appropriate leather conditioner.

When purchasing leather shoes, just make sure they are of good quality because there are various types. Some are real leather, while others are not. So if you realize that your new leather is flaking, then there is a possibility it wasn’t real and is of a low quality.

The bit in a real sense, if your leather is of good quality, there is no way it’s going to flake not unless it’s stored under bad conditions; leather is one of the best materials known to last longer. Whether, shoes, jackets, or even watches, so long as it’s leather, then it is an awesome product.

Nowadays, you might not be able to differentiate which is real leather and which are fake, people need cheap money, and they can do everything to come up with something similar to what you want.

What is a Leather Sealer?

It’s a material used to protect leather after applying colorant. It is simply used to seal the leather. There are various types of leather sneakers. The sealers help protect your shoes by waterproofing, providing a colorfast finish, and gives a high gloss look.

Types of Leather Sealers

Clear Sealer

This does the following; provides waterproof for your shoes by sealing chrome and veg leather, provides a coating for leather shoes. You just spray and then apply using a sponge or a soft cloth.


It is in liquid form and makes your leather always look new and never changes its finish. Most leather sealers are waterproof sprays, but Guardsman is on another level.

You can use this product in any leather prod just to protect them from wear and tear. The best part about this product is that it doesn’t affect the finish of your leather products.

Does All Faux Leather Peel?

Faux leather is a very long-lasting and durable pair of shoes, and it is in a position to resist scrapes and. Unlike other leather types, faux is resistant to but does not retain moisture. That is why they never get cracked.

If you are planning to buy faux leather, make sure it’s real leather, you should at least have an idea of what faux leather are—the types and features, and how to take good care of them.

Benefits of Faux Leather

Low Maintenance – Managing faux leather is easy because it’s can be wiped easily, unlike when doing with real leather, which rarely retains moisture that is why faux leather does not crack.

Real Quality – Faux leather, unlike other types, has been modified, especially the texture, grain, and color, but still is the quality leather.

Durability – It is known to be durable, it resists scratches, and it doesn’t fade. Faux does not peel easily, and even if under UV rays, it does not fade.

Easy to Work With – In case it’s damaged, it can be easy to work with us. You can simply cut and sew. After cutting, the needle marks are barely noticeable since they blend well with the material.

Fashion- Faux is available in various textures, and this is because the material is synthetic and can be dyed in various colors. This fashion is what has made faux famous.

Cons of Faux Leather

They have fewer cons compared to real leather; faux does not stretch nor wear out as leather does. That is why we say faux gas a few cons and more pros. One of its major cons is that it can’t resist puncture.

Leather is one of the best shoes, but that doesn’t mean it cannot have its own cons, so before purchasing a certain type of leather, you should at least know what causes leather shoes to peel, Whether all faux let peel, how to stop the leather from peeling and what causes leather to peel.

Once you know the above things, you can now purchase your shoes and know how to handle your new pair of shoes. Handling leather is not difficult, so long as you know what is required of you and the appropriate leather products needed.

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