How to Be the Perfect Mistress to a Married Man

Are you a woman who can’t seem to keep your relationship with a married man from going too far? Have you been able to maintain an intimate relationship with a married man for years now and still don’t feel like things are getting out of hand? Find out how other mistresses have successfully kept their relationships as something on the side without any issues in this guide.

There are many common mistakes that young women will often make in their relationship with a married man. These mistakes can be avoided by doing what is outlined in this article, so you wouldn’t need to worry about the consequences of your actions affecting yourself and the people around you.

How to Be the Perfect Mistress to a Married Man

How to Be the Perfect Mistress to a Married Man

On a Friday Night, Embrace Netflix and Chill

Some mistresses will end up plotting something on the side with their married man whenever they get together. They would plan out all sorts of naughty adventures that would end up affecting their lives significantly. The solution to this is simple. Just embrace Netflix and chill on a Friday night like any other couple without expecting anything long-term.

Pay Attention to Your Looks

A man will not want a woman who isn’t attractive enough for the public eye to see her in a less than flattering light. Men love their mistresses, but they secretly desire their wives too. Most women think that men will be okay with settling for women who aren’t as attractive as them, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Nothing should be left behind.

A lot of women make the mistake of leaving something behind when they visit a married man. This might be an item, a piece of clothing, or some other trinket that first belonged to you and ended up on his bedside table. Don’t ever leave anything behind because it’s going to give him more incentive to see you regularly.

Be Reasonable with Your Expectations

If the man you are dating is married to another woman, don’t expect him to leave here anytime soon. If you wish him to leave her for your sake, you will only end up getting hurt in the end when he doesn’t do it after months or even years of being together. Instead, embrace the fact that he is married and enjoys the time you get to spend together without having him end up leaving his wife or, better yet, discussing marriage with you.

Be Vigilant with Your Social Media Use

If you’re dating someone married, it’s pretty easy for his wife to find out what is going on if you aren’t careful with your social media profiles. If his wife is on Facebook, there’s a chance that she will end up seeing pictures of her husband attending events with you or even see posts about how much fun you are having together. Don’t take this lightly because it could be the reason why he ends up disappearing from your life quickly after months or even years of dating.

Stay Away from His Children

If you see a man who has kids, you need to avoid getting too close to them. He will always wonder if you’re going away with his family just for the weekend if he ever asked himself what would happen if they ended up calling one day and asking him where your voice is on the answering machine. He doesn’t want his kids getting too attached to you, so don’t even bother trying.

Don’t Make it Weird with His Friends.

Try to avoid making your relationship with a married man weird when he does get together with his friends. You may think that this is one way of appearing like nothing is going on between you, but that isn’t the case. His friends will always know that something is up if they start sensing things are off too much when they get together as a group.

How do you attract a married man emotionally

Get Professional Help

If you’re having a tough time deciding whether or not your relationship with a married man can work out long term, consider speaking with a licensed therapist. Not only will you figure out if this is the type of relationship that can last for years, but you will also come up with a strategy on how things can work out between the two of you and his marriage.

Be Open with Your Feelings

If you genuinely love your married lover, then don’t let other women ruin that relationship for you. If you’re using the married man as a rebound, let him know you’re not serious about anything long-term and avoid getting too attached to someone who is only going to hurt your feelings in the end.

Make Him Climb a Few Hills

If you want to keep your married man around for months or even years, then you’re going to have to make his life a little more complicated. Keep in mind that most men are always looking for ways to prove their manliness, and it’s time for them to do so by doing something daring. If you know he’s afraid of heights, I suggest he go skydiving on his next birthday. If he’s never been camping, then take him on an overnight excursion into the wilderness. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you’re pushing his boundaries.

Prepare To Spend Holidays Alone

If you’re serious about making your relationship with a married man work, then prepare not to see him on some of the most important holidays. If he’s working on Christmas Eve or even if he is simply busy spending time with his family, don’t expect him to contact you for any reason. If this isn’t something you can handle emotionally, then it’s probably best to avoid getting involved with someone married.

Make Him Long for You

Another way of making sure your relationship with a married man works out to your advantage is by being someone he can’t easily forget about. If you’re too friendly and loving, he’ll always know that there are plenty of fish in the sea. However, if you’re a bit rougher around the edges with your words and actions, he’ll be thinking about you long after you have left his side.

Be His “Go-To” Girl for Fun

If you want to keep your married man coming back for more fun and excitement with no strings attached, then it’s up to you to make sure that he doesn’t have any other women in his life who can compete with your fun and sex appeal.

Keep Your Lips Sealed

If you’re going to be a mistress for a married man, then you need to remember that everything he tells you is a secret. You have to commit to this role and avoid being the type of person who can’t keep her mouth shut when she should.

Don’t Turn Him Into Your Boyfriend.

Your relationship with a married man mustn’t turn into this type of thing where you’re trying to make him your boyfriend. You have to remember that he still has a wife and if the two of you are ever going to be happy in any way, she’s got to go.

Don’t Stalk His Main Girl.

One way for your relationship with a married man to fail is if you’re constantly stalking his main girl. You have to remember that there is plenty of fish in the sea, and even though he’s your guy, you have no idea what type of woman he might be seeing behind closed doors. If this happens, keep reminding yourself that it would be nice to have him as a friend if he ever needs someone to talk to, but don’t become the type of person who is anxious every time you see his number pop up on your phone.

Never Call His House

The best way for you to gain the upper hand with a married man is by making it clear from the beginning that you will never call his house or try to visit him there. He may be able to fool some women, but he knows that if he does anything against his wife’s wishes, it could mean the end of their marriage and possibly even his life. If you’re not willing to accept these terms, then walking away is probably your best option.

Avoid Showing Your Feelings

If you want to keep a married man around for years, don’t make it easy on him by showing your true feelings all the time. Remember that he still has another woman in his life, and showing him how much you care emotionally could cause him to jump ship.

Show Him You Care About His Needs

If you want your relationship with a married man to stand the test of time, then show him that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make sure he’s happy in every way. Keep this in mind, and you can avoid regretting your involvement at any point during things.

Don’t Expect Him to Leave His Main Girl.

If you’re thinking about getting involved with a married man, then you mustn’t continuously expect him to leave his wife and family for you. He may be tempted to do this if he’s completely smitten with you, but he knows how hurtful this would be to his family and kids. You can bet that there’s a part of him fighting the urge to give up everything for you. If he ever does make this move, it will be nothing short of a miracle.

Don’t Contact Him First.

A married man will be attracted to a woman who doesn’t make it easy for him to reach out and contact her. If a married man wants a mistress, he should work in every aspect of the relationship.

Don’t Uphold His Secrets.

One of the most important things you can do in your relationship with a married man is to keep his secrets. Making this promise upfront will make it easier for him to trust you and enjoy the time you spend together.

Never Question Him

When you’re involved with a married man, you must never question him or try to change anything about his life. If he feels like someone cares enough to make changes in the things he enjoys most, he might start thinking about making sacrifices for this person.

Handle His Lifestyle with Respect

Don’t take anything away from a married man’s lifestyle, and make sure you always handle his responsibilities with respect. He may be interested in having a fling, but there’s no telling what could happen should you ever cross the line or cross him. Respect is key to your success in this type of relationship, and if you can’t let go of how this would look to your family and friends, then it’s best to turn away before you get in over your head.

Let Him Lead

When you’re trying to keep a married man interested, you must never lead him on or try to take the relationship further than he’s willing to go. Of course, this means making compromises along the way, but it can be worth it if you want to keep him around for many years.

Don’t Let Your Emotions Take Over.

There will be times when you feel like making a big deal of certain situations or that your emotions are running wild. Never do this because it could hurt your reputation and even alert the wrong person that you’re involved with a married man.

Avoid Getting Jealous

Getting jealous over everything could cause you to lose your mind, but you mustn’t stand for this type of reaction ever taking place. If you feel yourself starting to get jealous, try not to let this happen because it can ruin your relationship with a married man.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best way to let him know I want more than sex?

A: There are lots of ways you can make this clear without actually spelling out what it is that you’re hinting towards. One thing you can do to prove that you’re ready for something more is to frequently reach out and touch his hand during meetings and other activities. You can also try to find opportunities where you’ll be alone together to make your intentions clear.

Q: What is the best way I can get him to want to leave his wife?

A: If you’re looking for a guy who will completely put this life behind him and start over with you, you might be setting yourself up for disappointment. Marrying a woman or being with her is not easy, so guys who are willing to go through this have strong feelings for their partner. Asking him to leave his family could push him away and upset your chances of having a future together.

Q: What’s the best way to keep him satisfied with the relationship?

A: Keeping a married man interested in all about avoiding inevitable mistakes. First of all, he has to feel like you’re not trying too hard or putting pressure on him. Second, make sure that your schedule works well for his needs and necessities. Third, don’t question anything he does or try to change how he lives his life.


Being the perfect mistress for a married man is not easy, but if you know how to handle him and his lifestyle, you can have success. Just remember that it takes time, patience, and keeping yourself in check by not getting too carried away with your emotions.

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