How Long Does It Take To Get A Suit Tailored




How Long Does It Take To Get A Suit Tailored

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Buying suits has always been a challenging task for many people, it is not easy to know the difference between the best and the worst suit, but with the following information, you will not have any problems when buying suits.

How Can You Tell If a Suit is Bespoke

How Long Does It Take To Get A Suit Tailored?

The answer to this question varies, for a simple suit can take about a week because it doesn’t consist of too much job. A simple suit only requires taking in the sides and hemming sleeves; more complicated suits require much time.

Complicated suits require hemming the bodysuit, tailoring the shoulders, and redoing the sides. It is a lot of a job, and you will have to pay a rush fee if you need the suit earlier.

Any suit can be rushed so long as you pay the rush fee. Keep in mind at the price is 50% of the tailoring cost. It is important to tell your tailor in advance if you are in a hurry so that they can fix you somewhere.

However, if you are not in a hurry, you can wait for six to 8 weeks; by the time you pick your suit, it will be perfectly done because the tailor took enough time and attention when sewing your suits.

A good suit should last for at least six weeks, don’t be in a hurry not unless you are attending an event. It is understandable.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Suit Tailored?

This is a question that all tailors are asked all the time; the cost of a suit depends on tailoring and alteration services; these two vary depending on the tailor who does the job, his or her location, and the quality of service they provide.

To understand the prices well, you have to look at the general list for a common suit jacket, shirt, and pants. This will help you decide whether you are buying a ready-made suit or if you are visiting a tailor for a tailored suit.

The average cost of tailoring a new suit is around $75 to $100, affordable, right? This kind of suit doesn’t usually take much time to be tailored because it has few complications compared to the expensive suit.

The exact price depends on the type of suit you are about to get and the tailor’s location; before you tailor a suit, ensure that you talk with your tailor about the general price and the time needed before the suit is ready.

A tailored suit could be expensive but lasts long and will serve you for a year or so depending on its quality; just learn how to clean suits. Proper maintenance is the most important thing when it comes to owning suits.

Is It Worth Getting A Tailored Suit?

Yes, tailor-made suits are worried it, they are great. Men tend to look more perfect in those suits, and sometimes it can look bad on some people because of how the suit was made. You might pay for your suit, but the tailor disappoints you, but then that is life.

Pros of Tailor-Made Suits

  • Made of a quality material that can last long
  • The fit of these suits is exact.
  • Custom-tailored suits are long-lasting.

Cons of Tailor-Made Suits

  • Tailored suits are expensive.
  • It takes too much time before the suits are completed.

It is impossible to find a quality men’s suit at a random store, but for tailor-made, the chances of getting a quality suit are 99%. If you want a good suit, visit a tailor, it is costly, yes, but you will at least get something worth it.

Remember that cheap is expensive, so if you have never had a tailor-made suit before, it’s high time that you save some cash to get one.

How Many Sizes Can You Take In A Suit?

A suit consists of a jacket and pants, and sometimes a vest can be worn over the shirt. The suit material is made of elastane, cotton, and polyester.

To know the correct size of a suit, you should measure your hip circumference, height, waistband, and chest circumference. Something else you need to know is your side length and step length.

Large men can wear two-button jackets. It helps them look slimmer, do not wear trousers that have wide legs it is even better if you wear one with wrinkles at the waist.

Large and slim individuals should wear a suit whose jacket has a narrow panel with three buttons. The most important dimensions to determine the size of your new suit are height, waistband, hip, and chest circumference.

The rule is you can go for at least two sizes maximum, as for blazers and suit jackets, one large size is enough. The problem is if the shoulders become too large, yet it is one of the toughest things to alter.

A suit doesn’t require much so long as you have material; you can either buy one somewhere else or pay for everything at the tailors’ place. It is cheaper if you buy a material somewhere else.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Suit Tailored

Is It Worth Tailoring A Cheap Suit?

Yes, that is what you can afford, and tailor it is a good idea. It will make the suit look at least expensive and neat than ready-made suits. Do not fear to tailor cheap suits, and they might last longer because of some details that a tailor might add.

Cheap suits are not bad, and it is worth tailoring; if you cannot afford to buy expensive suits, that are okay; go as per what is okay with you, never strain your budget. After all, a suit is worn once in a while, and if you tailor it, it will be long-lasting.

To make your suit look expensive, you can as well do some of these tricks. Cuff at the ankle, take in the sleeves, try monochromatic styling, replace the buttons and complete the look with expensive shoes. By doing so, no one will even realize that your suit is cheap or not.

Cheap suits are good; the problem is the material used to make them, expensive suits are made of the quality and vice versa, and that is why you should always opt for expensive suits if possible.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Suit Altered?

It depends on where your tailor is located; as for the men’s warehouse, it takes a few minutes. You can wait as their tailors hem your suit while other basic alterations can be handled within twenty-four hours.

Clothing alterations should not take long, especially for tailors who are not busy; some tailors can take two to four weeks to complete suit alterations. Some suits can be complicated and can require too much time.

Reasons to Altering Clothes

It saves the cost of clothing

One main reason you should opt for suit alterations is that you can wear the same clothes over and over again without it being noticed. You only spend a little money on alterations of your old clothes and spend nothing on buying new clothing.

Improves appearance

Clothes should fit you perfectly if you want a classy personal style, the clothes you wear should suit you appropriately. Even if you have oversized clothing, a few alterations will improve their appearance, and they will look perfect.

It turns old into new

Alterations can improve your wardrobe. It could be bad to part with your favorite cloth simply because it’s old. Your clothes can be made new again, a tailor can simply add decorative pieces to it, and your new dress becomes beautiful again.

Improves self-confidence

You could be having fine garments, but if they are oversized, you won’t have enough confidence to work around people. Poorly fitted clothes generally affect the entire appearance of your body shape.

How Can You Tell If a Suit is Bespoke?

You can easily tell a bespoke suit by looking at some of its features; here are some of the things you should look at.

Fully canvased

A bespoke suit comes with a canvas later in the jacket, and this layer gives the suit a good shape. The canvas later is located between the inner lining and the outer jacket. To know if your jacket has a canvas later, simply feel for three layers in between the buttonholes.

It fits well around the shoulders.

You can easily know a bespoke suit by the shoulders; bespoke suit shoulders are fitting. Make sure that the seam is extended to where the shoulders end, and it should not fit baggy.

Uniform stitching

It is another feature of a bespoke suit; the stitching should be the same from your pants to the suit. The stitches should be evenly distributed, the threads should be of the same color and should be in a straight line; this is to ensure quality.

What Is The Difference Between Custom Made And Bespoke?

Bespoke – is a type of garment that has been made by an expert, and the job is mostly done by hand. One example of a bespoke garment is Oxford clothes, these clothes have a lot of stitches, and the lapels are perfectly done by hand.

These bespoke garments are expensive because the entire process requires the highest level of skill and attention. It takes a lot of time to complete making bespoke garments. At least you know what bespoke; you understand not only the meaning but also its uses.

Custom made

Are garments that are simply made for you, you visit a tailor, and he takes measurements of you, the measurements will help when making your suit, and these suits are normally expensive because of the fabric used.

What The Difference Is Between Made To Measure And Bespoke Suits?

People have been confusing these two terms for a while now, and it is understandable because they are both tailoring methods. The real thing is these two have major differences, but you will know them by going through this article.

Made to measure

With this method, a standard/ pre-set pattern is needed, and to get them; you should buy them off the rack. When buying made-to-wear garments, they are already made to fit any average person of a particular size.

Some of this clothes do not fit oversized guys, and some of the reasons why they do not fitting could be because the trousers are too long, the sleeves cover your hands, you want your trousers to have no break, or if it has, it should be half or a quarter and the sleeves cover your hands.


This is whereby a client visits a tailor who then takes measurements and makes a desirable suit for home or her. This is tailoring of choice for clients with deformities, for instance, those who have bowed legs and so many other problems. Bespoke is in a position to make clothes to mask their features.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Suit Tailored at a Men’s Warehouse?

This is a place you should visit when you are in a rush and want your suit completed on time; the men’s warehouse makes good suits within a very short period of time. It takes a couple of weeks before your suit is ready, for instance, two to three weeks.

You should always be patient if you want your suit to be perfect, a tailor is human and needs rest sometimes, and if you keep on pressuring them, they might end up doing the wrong thing for you.

How Much Does A Suit From Savile Row Cost?

Suits from Savile are expensive but of good quality; bespoke suits (2 pieces) cost $5400. This is not much for a good quality suit. People rush to buy cheap things without knowing that expensive is better in many ways.

If you have enough money and happen to come across a cheap suit, don’t hesitate. In fact, don’t take a look at the cheap suits or else you will change your mind. When you buy cheap suits, you will tend to replace them more often, and that is costly.

Suits are of different types and qualities; however, you need to know a bespoke suit, the sizes a suit can take, the difference between bespoke, custom, and made-to-wear types of suits—this helps you chose the best type when you are buying one.

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