Are Water-Based Pomades Bad for Your Hair?




What Is The Best Water-Based Pomade

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Pomades are great for styling hair and if you happen one that suits you, stick with it because many pomades affect the scalp.

There are so many types of pomades each one has different ingredients and works in a different manner.

It could be tough to choose pomade that gives you a perfect look, but after reading these articles, you will be able to pick pomades without hesitation.

Never be afraid to try styling your hair, pomades do great and you should try them out, after the first use, you will never stop using them.

Are Water-Based Pomades Bad for Your Hair

Are Water-Based Pomades Bad For Your Hair?

Pomades are of two types, water-based and oil-based pomades and both are not harmful to your hair. Water-based pomade can be used by both men and women.

If you have difficulty telling the two apart, worry no more, water-based pomade has an ingredient indicated as aqua and that is the most important thing to check if you need a water-based pomade.


Easy to apply

Application of this pomade is smooth and simple, it has a gel-like feel and that is why it can break down easily.

When applying to the hair, it distributes itself easily and you will have an easy time doing your hair.

It is slick and shiny

This is great for men who love slicked, glossy and classic hairstyles, earlier in the days, men used traditional oil-based product to get a shiny appearance, but they now use water-based pomade.

Has a stronghold

Water-based pomades are of various types but each one has a medium to heavy hold. This kind of pomade dries faster and when you style your hair, it becomes stuff within a short time.

Can be washed out easily

Unlike oil-based pomade, water-based can be washed out easily. You can wash out a water-based pomade without even using shampoos.

This is a great option for men who don’t want product build-up on their hair.


It is not rainproof

If it happens to rain on your hair, the style will be damaged because the pomade is not in a position to protect your hair.

It cannot be restyled

Once you have styled your hair, you cannot restyle it again because of the strength this pomade has.

Those people who love restyling hair every now and then can try another pomade because water-based pomade will not work well.

Has a temporary shine

Its shine does not last long it fades away after some time.

It can easily flake

If you happen to use cheap water-based pomades, be ready to get unsatisfying hair results. It can be crunchy and very unnatural and it can also flake.

What Are The Ingredients In Pomade

What Is The Best Water-Based Pomade?

There are several types of water-based pomades and some are of good quality while others are not.

If you want to get desired results on your hair, you have to choose the best pomade below are some water-based pomades that you will love.

Uppercut Deluxe

It works best for men with medium hair and has a great smell and lasts up for quite long.


  • Can easily restyle hair
  • Keeps hair in place
  • Has a pleasant smell
  • Does not leave any after-door
  • It lasts long
  • There is no heaviness, you only use a small amount of the product


  • Gives a duller shine
  • Hair might feel wiry
  • Joggers and bikers might get dust caught on their hair
  • Sticky and gives you a tough time washing off hands

Woody’s pomade

The ingredients of these products are hemp seed oil, ginger root and yucca Vera. It has a medium hold and a great shine.


  • String hold
  • Smells good
  • Last long


  • Difficult to wash out
  • Very greasy
  • Adds too much body/volume

What Are The Ingredients In Pomade?

Pomades are made of various ingredients and each ingredient is beneficial. Below are some pomade ingredients and their uses.

Aloe – it is a natural product that does a great job for the scalp and helps brittle hair.

Aloe Vera- helps fight dandruff and hair loss and is also a healing and relaxing product.

Beeswax- it is common wax secreted by bees and helps give the hair the grip it needs.

Avocado oil– protects your scalp against sun as its rich in vitamin E as well as regenerating the skin.

Thistle oil– has linoleic acid that prevents skin from irritation and works well against acne and on oily skin.

BHT– it is simply an antioxidant

Jojoba oil– is a liquid oil used on all types of skin.

Peanut Oil– Good for scaly and dry scalps and is known to calm and sooth.

Lanolin– it’s made from sheep wool and gives hair shine and volume it requires.

Lecithin- is an emulsifier that makes hair easy to comb and antistatic.

Micro wax– is an odorless water-resistant product.

Olive oil – has warming properties that help mature and dry scalps.

Does Water-Based Pomade Cause Acne?

Water-based pomade is not likely to cause acne when compared to other products. People who develop acne are advised to use water-based pomade.

Some pomades are thick and can block the skin pores causing acne but as for the case of water-based pomade, they have less oil and thus no pores clogged and no acne.

Acne pomade develops in the hairline, forehead and temples because of regular use of pomades. In case you develop this kind of pomade, just learn how to get rid of them.

In order to get rid of acne, identify the type of pomade you are using and try to change it. Some pomades have a petroleum jelly base, which can be the main cause of acne as it prevents the skin from releasing sebum.

If the acne persists, use water-based pomade because they are less likely going to cause acne. If it doesn’t work, consider the following options.

What Is The Best Water-Based Pomade

Wash your face regularly

Clean your face every time after applying pomade, ensure to repeat the process morning and night. Washing your face can help get rid of excess products.

Stop using pomade

If the acne doesn’t go away, stop using the pomade that is the perfect idea.

Don’t touch your hair, then touch your face

Doing so means you are applying the pomade on the face and that is the major cause of your acne.

Minimize pomade contact with your skin

When using pomade, you should be very keen, just apply it behind the hairline.

Is It Bad To Put Pomade In Your Hair Every Day?

Do not use pomade to style your hair every day because the scalp is not used to it, chances are you might end up damaging your hair.

Use pomade for 1 to 3 days, then give it a break, using pomade daily can block pores on your scalp and forehead this causing them to break and that is what causes pomade acne.

In addition to that, don’t use it also on waves every day find a moisturizer that still has hold like Shea moisture pomade and wave builder pomade. Apply pomade once or twice per week.

What Pomade Is Good For Hair Growth?

Pomades are available in several types, but a few of them can stimulate hair growth below are some of the best pomades for hair growth.

Organic pomade

Can be used by men, women and even children and it is made up of the following ingredients lavender oil, tea tree and rosemary.

Organic pomade can be used to style any type of hair, whether thick, wavy, curly, or straight.


  • Light on the scalp
  • Moisturizes hair follicles
  • Adds shine and softness to your hair
  • Promotes healthy scalp


  • Has a bad smell

NJoy’s Growth pomade

This is a cream applied on the scalp and is well absorbed, it has great ingredients and is perfect for hair growth.


  • Reverses hair lost before
  • Boosts the normal growth rate to faster one
  • Enhances new thicker growth
  • Awakens dormant follicles
  • Ensures your hair is longer, healthier and stronger

Do You Put Pomade on Wet or Dry Hair?

Pomade is good when applied on damp hair because it is activated by water, too much water will dilute the product. You can’t also apply pomade on totally dry hair because dry hair will make it hard and tough to distribute.

Those people with curly or wavy hair should apply pomade when the hair is damp. Some people prefer applying pomade on dry or damp hair because you can get a shinier finish when applied on damp hair and a matte finish on dry hair.

Should I Wash My Hair After Using Pomade?

Wash your hair with shampoo after every three days and if you style your hair every day, washing 1 to 3 days is okay.

Degreasing hair regularly is not okay because you are going to damage your hair, as for water-based pomades, you can wash it out every with warm water and shampoo.

People who use oil-based pomades do not wash them out well because they are in a hurry to apply another pomade but keep in mind that the build-up of products will harm your scalp.

Can You Use Vaseline As Pomade?

Vaseline is not a styling product and you should never use it, it sticks in your hair and can also plaster hair on your scalp.

If you have no pomade, it is better to leave your hair unstyled instead of using Vaseline. Look for other pomades of alternatives like coconut oil, macadamia, or Argan oils.

Vaseline sticks on hair and does its best not to come out, it works on the skin by trapping moisture, hair has no moisture and that is why you should avoid using Vaseline on your hair.

How Do You Make Vaseline Pomade?

Vaseline is not a pomade and it should not be used on hair no matter what happens, not unless you want your hair to look funny.

Some people use it as a hair styling product and yes, it might give your hair a good shine but has no good hold as pomade, it really doesn’t make sense applying Vaseline on your hair.

The decision is all yours, use Vaseline at your own risk because you might not like the outcome thereafter, it will give you the worst results ever.

Is Sleeping With Pomade Bad?

Sleeping with pomade is not good because it may ruin your pillows not unless you are ready to change them every morning you wake up.

Apart from that, it is good to sleep when your scalp is fresh, build-up can cause itching of the scalp and you won’t like it, after all, washing out pomade is not tough so long as you the right type of shampoo.

Some people can sleep without washing pomade out but that is not recommended. It has various side effects on your hair.

Effects of sleeping with pomade

What Can I Use Instead Of Pomade?

If you can’t use pomade on your hair and you have been wondering what alternatives to use, here they are, get them and style your hair in the best way possible.

The alternatives are as follows;

Argan leave-in conditioner, molasses pomade, Olive Oil treatment, Shea Butter and Natural lemon spray.

They work as well as pomades the only difference is the ingredients used in both of them, pick one product that gets along with your scalp and gives you desired results.

In order to come out with great hairstyles, ensure that you know the types of pomades good for hair growth, pomade alternatives, if you should sleep with pomade or not, is pomade applied on dry or wet hair, is it right to put pomade on your hair every day and the various ingredients in pomade

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